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Found 6 results

  1. I got about three weeks, right? Wim Hof 6-7/week - 2HEA 1CON Self-defence 2/week - 1BER 1DEX Cross-country running/uphill sprints 1-2/week - 1STA Abs 1-2/week - 1STR Wall walks and handstands prep 5/week - 1DEX
  2. Hi all a long time ago I used to be on here under another name. I learned a lot from other people but otherwise achieved little, classic case of collecting underpants. Now I feel like a bit of different person so thought I would come back under a new name and embrace my knightly inner self. from the middle of England, surrounded by castles and history It is hard to not feel a bit like a knight. I reckon knights are the ultimate hero they are strong, tough and dedicated, and also kind and with a good moral compass - not a bad thing to strive for on to the challenge Goal 1 - Eat Like a Knight A little bit like going paleo or 'only eating food your grandma would recognise', But keeping it on theme. sure knights didn't eat perfectly what with beer and cheese but they didn't eat junk food, crisps and cola so for a first step that's good enough. i will eat like a knight every week day with 1 non knightly thing a day (trying to make small changes and not shel, shock myself) Goal 2 - Pull them Home Best way to travel in winter when you have a heavy pack is by sled. Saxon must pull his kit through the blizzard to the nearest town so that he can get warm and rest. In the gym sled push 5 times a session, two sessions a week. Goal 3 - Fight the Darkness been struggling for the longest time to find exercise I enjoy, way back when I used to do western martial arts and really enjoyed it so I'm thinking something similar could be a great way to lose some weight and get active. it isn't really close but there is a kendo group the next town over that I keep thinking of going to and keep bottling out of. Challenge here is to go to a class and give it a try. Goal 4 - Scale the Fortress back in university I used to live rock climbing, now I keep hitting a strange mental block in that I don't want to go back climbing because I know I won't be as good as when I used to go regularly. logically that makes perfect sense - of course I will be rusty. Illogically though my brain doesn't want to handle going back and starting over again. but I need to get past this block to try and fall back in love with something I used to enjoy. Challenge is to go climbing 4 times over the challenge
  3. Have any of you ever thought about or implemented balance exercises as a Monk, during your strength training / fitness days? After talking to a trainer at the (fitness) gym, I've been thinking about it. It sounds like a good idea to do so as a Monk (grappling/BJJ), but I was wondering if any of you had any experience with this and maybe some good tips on specific kind of balance exercises. Balance is not something that is really explicitly trained at the dojo I used to go to, however I just moved to a new place and am still browsing new dojo options while I work on my strength/stamina.
  4. Gimeniux's: How do you mend a broken heart? Why am i here? I feel lost, once more, totally lost. I'm starting once more. I did great two challenges ago, last one not so great, actually a total failure. But here i am, because i promised i would not give up. I am here, because i need to take care of me. I'm battling depression, i just broke up with my boyfriend. I need to love myself, i come to realize this is the only way i'll be truly happy. So here i am, trying once more. Thank you in advance to those who decide to come along with me in this journey. My heart is broken you see, not just because i broke up with my boyfriend, i did that just to focuss on me, being in a relationship can drain energy from you, it's exhausting. I'm broken heart because i have let myself down, i need to be at peace with myself. GOAL 1 - No more Facebook I keep losing so much time and energy watching everyone else's lifes, but i neglect my own. I watch happy pictures from my friends and i feel a total failure, even i know that no one facebook truly reflects the happiness or sadness of their lifes. I need to concentrate in me, just me, nothing else matters now. GOAL 2 - Make a healthy choice everyday I don't want to make to many rules his time. Every time i do and fail i stop trying. I need to begin again, babysteps, each little step has to be taken as a win. GOAL 3 - Smile and love myself I'll set up a personal dairy. Everyday i'll write how i feel and one reason why i love myself. Also i'll smile to me everytime i see a mirror. Side Quest - How about some origami So i'm an origami lover. I made plans long time ago to develop my passion into a bussiness. It's not easy, specially with the depression kicking everytime, it's terribly hard to finish anything i try to start. So i'll go slowly, i want to make a goal to invest everyday at least 15 minutes to develop this passion. I wanted to say an hour, but that's a lot for the moment, 15 min will do get my motivation back. Thank you all out there who stop to read this, i've been overwhelmed with all your stories, i guess there is always a reason to keep going. I'll update regularly, promise. So i've been told
  5. “IT HAS BEGUN!†1- FOREWARD TUCK ROLL What I can do now: A sloppy sideways tuck roll To get better: Attempt 10 times a day DEX +2, STA +1 “GET OVER HERE!†2- SIDE SHOULDER ROLL What I can do now: Fall over To get better: Attempt 10 times a day with a partner or wall guide DEX +2, STA +1 "FINISH HIM!" 3- SPLITS Currently not even close To improve I need to focus on stretching DEX +2 “VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE!†4- lose another 10 lbs To do this I have to maintain my dietary habits, go to my crossfit group at least 2 times a week, and continue my MMA and BJJ classes 5 times a week. CON +2, CHA +2 "FLAWLESS VICTORY!" Life Goal: finish the backyard patio WIS +3
  6. I've been doing MMA,BJJ, and Muay Thai for a month now. I enjoy all MMA being my favorite. Most people who do MMA have a background in some other type of fighting. I'm trying to become the best that I can as fast as I can and I'm unsure how to effectively train in these 3 areas. As of right now I do MMA on Mondays and Wednesdays, Muay Thai on Tuesdays, and BJJ on Thursdays. BJJ is offered everyday and I'm thinking about taking that class more often. Thoughts?
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