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Found 5 results

  1. Just about every place I go outside for walks or runs has frozen ponds or canals which have been singing a lovely song consisting of frog-like croaks, creaking, and echoing with sounds like a large spring bouncing as the ice fluctuates with the changing weather. This challenge I expect to hear a lot of singing because I need to readjust my fitness for a bit and plan to be outside a lot. thing #1: I have the beginning signs of a developing shoulder issue which seems connected to over use of Lat Dorsi, slacking scap setting work, and questionable posture. I'm going to tackle this and hope I can do some recovery without needing to go to PT. I promise that I will see a professional if I don't have significant improvement over the next few weeks. thing #2: Why can't I bring myself to do stretching and mobility work? I know it is so helpful in preventing injury, sorta like in thing #1. Betcha if I had been more devoted to prep work before and stretching after strength work that wouldn't have developed. Argh. Ok.... So this I will do. This challenge will only receive a passing grade (yes, I do grade each and every one, with notes, in my challenge journal) if I do: task 1: stretching and mobility like I planned to last challenge, using GMB and SoC recommendations. Daily. task 2: do shoulder strength and stretch from rehab plan of other shoulder, and scapular setting techniques from GMB and SoC- must limit upper body work to minimal maintenance. E/O day. That's it for official tracking. Other stuff that will be happening: continue budget tracking and adjusting focus on outdoor cardio instead of strength (spend time with the singing ice) plan and prep garden when able repair dining room wall - learn/decide what to do about plaster vs dry wall explore meditation and mindfulness off the computer at night, so find something to do that isn't knitting or crocheting. I need to rest my hands and forearms . Puzzles, games? avoiding alcohol continues Final thought for now
  2. My last challenge was going awesome UNTIL I FELL OFF A HOOP AND SPRAINED MY WRIST. So, I have at least found out today that I'm not allowed to do heavy lifting for another month. I just tried to pump my bike tyres up, and that was impossible enough. :-( So. No more gym or callisthenics until my wrist is healed. :-( :-( :-( So that means I need to focus on other things. I've chosen weight loss, writing, and flexibility. Weight loss Track calories for a month Come under calorie goal for 5 days a week 1 2 3 4 Writing Character sketches: Dad BF/love interest Jack Boss Start blog series on obesity 1 2 Flexibility YOGA EVERY DAY Week 1 2 3 4 Hula hoop class Week 1 2 3 4 Bonus round 10k steps every day 1 2 3 4 Sedation assistant package
  3. Hi everyone! Feel free to read my intro here! I'm Sam and I'm already a year or two into my journey of getting healthy, fit and strong. I've just started ballet classes (done 4 x 45 min classes so far) as an absolute beginner (age 25) and want to use this challenge mainly to get as good as I can as soon as I can, which will make the classes more enjoyable (I'm the only beginner), too. My long term goal is basically to be a stronger, bendier, fitter, healthier version of myself who practises sport because I love it rather than just to stay healthy. I'm also still very much learning how to maintain weight and a good food/drink routine, so I need to keep an eye on that too. As such, my quests are: Quest 1: Do 3 hours of ballet a week, including the 45 minute weekly class. This will allow me to work a lot of stuff out in my own time, and should fit right into my routine. Measurement: A: 3 hours of ballet every week B: 2-3 hours of ballet every week C: 1-2 hours of ballet every week. (+3DEX, +2STR) Quest 2: Keep a battle log. I've never kept one before, so I figure properly tracking my food/drink/exercise will let me know if I need to do anything I'm not doing Measurement: A: Record all food, drink and exercise every day B: Record 6 days a week C: Record 5 days a week (+3 WIS, +1 STA) Quest 3: Stick to my recommended weekly units of alcohol. I love beer and wine and it's a big part of the socialising I do, so I'm reluctant to cut it out entirely now I'm at a healthy weight. As I'm tracking things in my battle log, it should be easy to keep within my limits. Hopefully this'll teach me to abstain in advance if I know I've got a big event, which I will have at least a couple of times during the challenge. Measurement: A: <14 units 6/6 weeks B: <14 units 5/6 weeks C: <14 units 4/6 weeks (+3 CON) Life Quest: Get house looking its best for Xmas I'm a huge procrastinator and my husband is something of a hoarder. We've been living in this house for a year and a half and we still have loads of tasks yet to do to feel properly settled. I'm gonna identify twelve of them I'd like to get through before Xmas. This will all mean I spend less time tidying/cleaning/wondering where on earth everything is: 1) paint bedside cabinets 2) paint chest of drawers 3) clear out all old clothes including underwear 4) scan wanted contents of old notebooks and recycle 5) clean, empty, organise, list items belonging in cupboard under sink 6) clean, empty, organise, list items in cupboard next to the fridge 7) organise wardrobe 8) clean, empty, organise, list items under the bed 9) scan photos from lounge bookcase 10) organise and list living room cupboard contents 11) scan and recycle the contents of a folder 12) scan and recycle the contents of a second folder. Measurement: A: 11 or 12 tasks comple B: 9 or 10 tasks complete C: 7 or 8 tasks complete (+1 WIS +1CHA +1CON)
  4. Hello all, Here I am, still searching for my dragon Grumbles so I can become an amazing dragon-riding archer! We'll work on the details of keeping said dragon from snatching the arrows out of the air later - first, I must find her. In my previous challenge, I sort of wandered aimlessly in the woods searching. This helped build my strength and stamina, but I fear I walked in circles. Tragic. Happily, I've found a guide/map thing with the name Discipline on it. I am still working on deciphering it, but it looks like to find my dragon, I will have to do some scheduled walks, some sort of strength training for my shoulders and general flexibility work. More details to come as I continue to interpret the strange yet hopeful letters and pictures on this map-guide thing. I suspect I will need the superpowers I have unlocked so far on my journey to make this work since Discipline and I haven't traveled together for awhile: 1) I know I am, I'm sure I am - Sounders FC fan! This power lets me keep going rain or shine or weariness because, truly, if I can root like a maniac in all weather for a sort I no longer play, I can get my workouts done no matter what. 2) Aw, F-IT! This is kind of like the "20 seconds of courage". Typically kicks in when I really, truly don't want to do anything and my head says "aw, F-it, nothing sounds good, so you may as well make a healthy choice". 3) Optimistic Me: voice in my head that is ridiculously good at tricking me into workouts and being silly and not taking myself too seiously
  5. Deadpool’s Challenge Of Deadpool-ness!: Rotate an MMA workout, a parkour workout, and flexibility work randomly to confuse my body. Maybe listen to music that doesn’t exist in our universe. Goal: Work strength, endurance, flexibility Reward: +4 STR, +4 DEX This challenge is to bring me to un-Earthly abilities in stamina and flexibility. My life goal for this challenge is to get a job in my field of study. As for random-ness, we shall roll a die: 1 or 6 is MMA, 2 or 5 is parkour, and 3 or 4 is flexibilty.
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