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Found 5 results

  1. ‘Agent Fox, it’s time for you to get back on the field’, Boss B says, and Fox can’t help letting out a small gasp. Finally! Action! Adventures! ‘What’s the mission about?’ Fox asks eagerly. ‘Pants.’ ‘Uh… Pants?’ ‘Yes, Fox, your mission is about collecting pants. The Bootylicious Museum of Great Butt-ain has recently been robbed. They lost their most valuable workout pants that were worn by the most victorious Squat Master of the nation, Emerald ‘Iron Glutes’ Jones.’ Fox looks at her boss suspiciously. She has trouble finding her own pants in the morning from the mess that’s her room – and now Boss B wants her to find pants? ‘Our intelligence believes that the pants are located in the town of Lilla Rumpa. The thief is a pants collector called Samantha Snakes. We believe she’s going to sell the pants, and is currently looking for a potential buyer. Your mission is to observe her, learn about her contacts, and find out where the pants are before she sells them. Once you learn the location, you are to report back to us.’ Fox is getting more and more nervous. This mission might require, oh no, socializing. ‘You will get details on your way. Any questions?’ ‘Yes, Boss. Is it true that the passports of Great Butt-ain have pictures of their buttocks instead of their faces?’ ‘Fox. This is your possibility to prove that you can handle a mission. Don’t make me regret this.’ Fox nods, and gets up. As she’s leaving the room, Boss B calls her name one more time. They share a moment of silence, and then Boss B talks for one last time. ‘Yes. The passports of Great Butt-ain have pictures of buttocks instead of faces. Now, go! The nation needs you!’ ** ~:Mission Grab the Pants:~ Main target: hit 72 kg (currently 74 kg) Reward: new workout pants! Goal #1: Move Like Them Samantha Snakes takes part in a yoga camp every day. Fox needs to take part in the same class to learn about Snakes’s contacts. Follow through yoga camp every day No missed days: 10 points 1 missed day: 8 points 2 missed days: 6 points 3–6 missed days: 3 points Goal #2: Eat Their Food Fox needs to eat in the same places as Snakes. Snakes avoids sugary, processed foods, and stays away from dairy. Fox needs to learn to prepare similar foods. Stay away from excess sugar, dairy, and processed foods 5 days a week (2 small treats allowed per week)Try a new recipe every week 5 days: 7 points 4 days: 5 points 3 days: 3 points 1–2 days: 1 point 1 new recipe: 3 points Goal #3: Talk Their Way Fox needs to learn to talk Swedish, the main language of Lilla Rumpa. Read 3 Swedish texts every week. Write down words that are hard, and translate.Have a chat with someone before or after every Swedish class. 3 texts a week: 5 points 2 texts a week: 3 points 1 text a week: 1 point 1 chat every week: 5 points ** Max score for each week is 30 (10 * 3). Here we go!
  2. I've been working on pull ups for about 2 months at this point, even from before I found nerd fitness. I started with your stereotypical pull ups, just moving myself about the height range of my head - chin over the bar, head below the bar, repeat. After coming here and reading a wealth of information on the subject I found that a true BEASTLY pull up is done from a dead-hang, every rep. Just even reading that I knew I was in trouble, and it was humbling to even try more than one at the start. My goal for about the last month has been to hit 3 sets of 5 of true dead-hang pull ups within a bodyweight circuit routine, and today I finally DID IT! Actually I made 6/5/5. I've been stuck around 5/4/4 for weeks, so this felt like a pretty big deal for me! Oh and the pants: today I'm also wearing a 34 waist for the first time in years! W00t!
  3. For the past 2 months I've been eating as clean as possible and sticking to my workout plan as often as possible (of course, with a few hiccups and wagon falls along the way). Today when I looked in the mirror I could see a difference around my middle, and decided to try on a pair of old size 14 jeans I had in the back of my closet. I haven't been a size 14 for two years now, continually struggling to find 16s that I liked how I looked in. Today I zipped up those 14s with no trouble! They looked awful, by the way, but it was still a huge confidence boost!
  4. This is mostly directed at my fellow lady rebels out there, but if any guys have input, it will be just as appreciated! I am having THE WORST time finding a pair of good workout tights (tights, not pants or semi-fitted or whatever. tights.) that aren't see through. I feel like I've tried the "good" brands like Nike and Under Armor, and I'm still on the hunt for the perfect tight. Maybe I'm just buying the wrong kind of Nike/Under Armor? I am willing to spend some cashy money on tights, but only if I know they're going to do what I want! Which is last awhile, not be see through, and not fall down. I'm 5'8 and a muscled 220 lb (aka I have some extra junk in the trunk but I don't look my weight because I have a good amount of muscle). Anybody out there have some recommendations on solutions? THANK YE!
  5. Well life got in the way again and I missed out of the last challenge. At this point all I can admit to is consistently trying. I'd like to turn that into consistently doing. My goal is to fit THOSE jeans. Most ladies have that pair of jeans they love and they want to fit. I have a pair and I am tired of them taunting me. Getting into them and them being uncomfortable with a ridiculous muffing top doesn't count. There are no muffin tops allowed on paleo. 1. Do 1 "REAL" pushup. If I can get to one real pushup, I know I will have had to do some serious work. 2. Cut of HFCS drinks. Have 3 big bottles of H2O a day. 3. Add 25% to my Kettlebell Swing MAX OUT. Life Quest Language clean up. Just because I work with boys/truckers doesn't mean I need to sound like one. Track profanity and reduce by 50%. Side Quest Clean(er) Paleo-no more gas station taquitos or corn chips. Add veggies to meals. 3x bags of frozen veg a week. (12oz bags) or equivalent. I will post my tracking spreadsheet this evening after work.
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