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  1. A bit late to the party and yet there so much to do! High time I put my challenge up and get some oooomph going again For those who don't know me, I'm a happy go lucky fire dragon from Germany that used to fly around pole and a bitty on the aerial hoop as well, then kind of fell into a slumber of inertia and padded up a little... Life was still moving, but fitness not so much and I discovered how the longer the gap between things, the harder the hurdle to get started again. Well, the hurdle was crushed during end of 2018 and my January challenge this year was like reaping from t
  2. Oh oh, the time has come... looking at the dates of this challenge I noticed I'll have to face a major milestone in my life this time round on Earth, whichever way I turn it, there is simply no denial, at exactly the first day of the next month I'll be turning According to very reliable sources this seems to be the answer to EVERYTHING ... and yet I do feel more clueless than ever before What to do? Well first things first Secondly, maybe I should simply expand my horizons a bit and go travel for new per
  3. Don't Panic Just Pole Build-On-PvP Inspired by the awesome Cadavres Exquis PvP on Parallettes by @@mu and @Norgaard we're going to do a similar PvP here, just on the pole. The idea is to build a sequence together bit by bit, assembling moves one after the other into some form of choreografie. Should be fun This is a video-based challenge in order to work but remember fun is the main goal, so while pretty lines are always pretty of course, they are not required at all, just because we share video How it works: The first participant p
  4. Building onto my January Challenge, here goes Lucky Fire Dragon Shifting Shape Part 2 Observing myself in week Zero (and probably it started way before) I noticed, I've become a bit too serious in my life again and as serious often equals stiff - how can I possibly shift shape this way?! Time to lighten up a bit again So I decided to take a more pleasant approach and what is the most pleasing 5 letter word? Exactly!!! So this will be my approach for the February/March Challenge. I won't cry at the same problem twice although I m
  5. Lucky fire dragon counts the good things Starting a log here for reflection and a place to keep going in between challenges or anytime really as I struggled with my challenges this last year (2016) and want to play a bit around for a while. Currently I am looking to re-establish strong workout and healthy eating habits keep up the good work attitude, being pro-active and less procrastinating keep up meditation habits remind myself often to take pressure and judgement off myself in order to appreciate the good there already is and in order t
  6. Lucky fire dragon sparkles up it's time to Wake up start the day with 6 rounds of sun salutations each side and a new set of sparkling daily 10 I've been doing a daily mini workout of 10 assisted chin ups, 10 leg lifts from hanging, 10 push ups and 10 weighted goblet squats for 7 weeks in a row now and it's been really helpful in building strength and staying in the habit of braving workouts. However it is beginning to be a bit dull - not boring, mind you I still struggle - just doing the same thing day in day out, so this month I'm challenging myself t
  7. Lucky fire dragon flies like a Hero New year, new adventures! I've decided to up my game and become a Rising Hero taking true flight in all the awesomeness I got, let's spread those wings, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I have no idea yet what all awaits me on my Rising Hero journey, but that is part of the fun, and I do know it will make me stronger, healthier and I will surely meet even more awesome people - hopefully come across some of you guys from here So this challenge will have three parts plus a mystery part... Part
  8. Lucky Fire Dragon's Daily Spin So I've been away for a while and it was all for good reasons - being on holiday, getting back into good work rhythm, spending plenty of time with kids for school and fun, rearranging the house and uncluttering a LOT, catching up work projects that I've been wanting to do for 2 years and never got around to,... all good things, so I feel it was healthy priority setting and am very glad I did. I missed you guys as you have become part of my larger family, too, of course, but I knew getting back on here would mean less time for the people around m
  9. Hello, I've posted on this website a couple times in the past, but never really stuck with it for a variety of reasons. Mostly, I wasn't committed, and the one time I was I didn't feel like I needed help (foolish, I know). I've kept reading the articles that Steve sends out though. But, I'm turning 28 in October. Last time I weighed myself (a couple weeks ago) I was 198lbs. This is the heaviest I've ever been. And, my Dad was just diagnosed (after having it for years I suspect) with Type 2 diabetes. I don't want that to be me. I work in a community college
  10. Lucky Fire Dragon Goes for Gold even as temptation is high, there is no time for any half-assing over the next weeks, so I might as well go for it all 1. Golden body what better way to get golden than using GMB (Gold Medal Bodies) programs so of course I will stick to Integral Strength with all the given workouts, if I manage I will finish the program within the challenge, yay keep up pole training 3x/week get that core fire burning by hula hooping 5 min daily make it all sparkle by drinking 2 liters of water daily and
  11. During my last challenge I established some strong workout habits by giving them major priority and it was awesome. Daily exercise is truly magic for me Working out a lot took lots of time, but I got confirmed again that where there is a will there is a way.... Now there is a lot of things I'd like to get done with and for my family, some of them uncomfortable, some of them urgent and important, all of them would improve life quality for us, lots of things I'd like to get done for our house and garden and last but not least again for the most important home I have - my body, so this challenge
  12. Lucky fire dragon pulls herself up and up and upside down Hi everyone, for those who don't know me yet, I am an amateur pole dancer who got hooked about 3 years ago and is since then slowly, stubbornly building some strength to actually do some dancing on this fabulous thing. It's totally addictive, gives me big bruises and even bigger fun, confidence and has turned me from sluggish desk worker into circus-nerd, active, stronger than I have ever been and roughly 10 kg lighter to when I started three years ago. Apart from pole dance I dabbled with aerial hoop, will get g
  13. Lucky fire dragon pulls through As I am going through rough waters and lots of changes at work right now and it has taken over much of my life temporarily, this challenge will see me stay grounded, strong and clear through all of it, rise to new freedom and JOY and whatever else blessings are arising from this. I'll keep my challenge very simple - like REALLY simple - I will have two goals only 30 days of gravity - every single day stick to the 30 day program by darebee to keep me strong and nimble, plus Gravity = solid ground, so what could be better during the times of change Taki
  14. This is pretty late, but things have been crazy and I wasn't sure I was going to make another challenge anyways. But better late than never: here I am. So I had a good idea last challenge: get the basics solid. Unfortunately, I still tried to do too much, and crashed and burned. I even gained weight... This time, I'm going to focus on just getting into a routine. For anybody interested, my old challenge is here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/76107-lydiajaybird-goes-back-to-basics/ Main Quest - Get comfortable in a daily routine Up until now, my focus was always losing
  15. Hi everybody, I am a happy go lucky fire dragon, who likes pole dancing, aerial hoop, yoga and other shiny movement things that make me feel alive, strong and nimble Currently I have some big work projects that I want to tackle and in the past that used to suck up my willpower for workouts. Seems work and workouts use the same contingent of willpower and I could not do both consistently over a longer period. That is about to change Cause I'm gonna expand my willpower and and DO ALL THE THINGS Well, I'll start gently, with lots of yummy restorative things, to keep myself juiced up
  16. I did pretty decent last challenge, but I feel like I was getting pretty shaky on always getting in my runs, on always staying under my carb count, etc. So. For this challenge, I'm reinforcing the basics of my fitness instead of adding lots of new things to try to do. (well, imma add one new thing, but one is easier to do than three!) For anybody interested, my old challenge is here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/73739-lydiajaybird-shakes-it-off/ Main Quest - Lose 6 Pounds Since the challenges are shorter now, I've decided to cut my weight loss quest in half. Yes, I kno
  17. Lucky fire dragon gets a grip on After a luscious break time during last challenge, I am ready to pull my "innerer Schweinehund" out of the comfy mud again and get back into action. A shocking realization of not being able to do a full pull up anymore has brought on extra motivation to build up strength again with the ultimate goal of Leveling up my dance again literally. It's time to move on to the Level 2+ courses at class and I won't be able to unless I gain more strrrrrrrrrength So, here we go: 1. Get a grip This too is literally. I slip too often from sweating hands, especi
  18. lucky fire dragon takes good care of herself After a rather wobbly challenge last time I was lost for about a week as to how to go from here. Aiming for all the things is not going to happen right now and also seems not the best approach for me, so I'll go back to my main passions with pole and hoop and having enough ease and fun in my life that decision feels so good, probably combined with the restful 4 day vacation last weekend, I am climbing up on top of my world again and getting EXCITED Add the new mini theme, ooooooooh well, you have me excited a whole lot more and it goes
  19. Hi everyone, I am a lucky go happy fire dragon, who has developed such a curiosity for life and all its goodies, that it is time for some time management and discipline in order to get all the fun into the 24 hours a day has... I love particularly pole dancing and aerial hoop, but am excited about other bodyweight and dance arts too. I enjoy yoga and meditation, love traveling, reading, hiking, funny movies, the work I do and of course my gorgeous family. This is a challenge in which I am trying to do all the things and still aim to be On Top of my Game which feels a little bit like this
  20. Lucky Fire Dragon Spreads her Wings of Ease So, except for the lifting and rope skipping I did a LOT of exercise during the last challenge and while that felt super good and I do want to keep it up, I also feel like a little un-challenge (thank you Hybrid for inspiration on that one ) so that my easy-mode that has things come effortlessly to me doesn't come short either. So you could say I am levelling up my balance some more. Enjoying more strength mixed with soft relaxation to stay in tune with the flow of life and be open for opportunities of all the GOOD STUFF that wants to come my way
  21. Lucky fire dragon levels up her Dance Quest 1: Level up my dance (+1STR +3DEX) - train 3x/week on the pole, signed up for LEVEL 2 course block starting beginning of March and am super excited as it took me a year to feel confident in Level 1+, literally levelling up here, wheeeeeee - keep up 15min or more of yoga 5x/ week chill-out sessions, flexibility and easing into the morning count as well Bonus level: train one new pose/week, either yoga or pole The bonus level won't get any points, but will feel good, therefore - bonus Quest 2: Level up my strength (+2STR +3STA) - trai
  22. I think I'm going to use this battle log to track my food, mostly. But I may change my mind. This week 1) This week I started to bring food to work: salads! Almost paleo, but with blue cheese which is my current obsession. One salad is obviously not enough, so I decided on fruit and sausages as supporting meals. So far so good. 2) Since I love all chocolatey things and I know I can't give them up (never gonna give you up, chocolate) I changed the kind I'm devouring. So every-possible-kind-of-chocolate became 64% cacao chocolate, which will next become 90%. 90% is good, I think I'm gonna st
  23. i used to have my head in clouds and learned to root my feet in the ground speaking to stars above, nurtured by mother earth all around i learned there is nothing to fear, so why not venture out more turn my world upside down and learn wonder and awe i discovered so much that it's time to decide what first to enjoy, what set for later aside to be with what is now and then let it go for a balance will ensure the most bliss through it all. Main Quest Build and strengthen healthy habits that help me grow stronger, flexible, efficient and balanced, so that ALL areas of my life get their tu
  24. Because butts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmkn59N5SDg I need some cheering up, and skipped a challenge because I moved back to Hometown, in the Land of No Opportunities. Since butts soothe any kind of trouble, butt-challenge. At least I can control the butt-ness of my situation. Goals! 1: Learn to cook again. I'm back home and there is a kitchen and I need to learn to use it again and make something that is not an omelet, so I can grow into a stronger version of myself. To try one new meal per week is enough, really. I'll select recipes I'd want to make often (so very quick/lazy ones)
  25. I swear, all the good woot stuff hit me in the last little bit So... skill-wise, here's a comparison and why this is woot-worthy. My first invert ever (August 25 2014) And this is the invert done without assist from yesterday! Woohoo! When we did inverted V my instructor commented on how I didn't need too much help so I decided to test inverts on my own. And I got it! Wasn't really expecting the full thing with a nice roll, just like half of it. But I got it! WOOT! Other things to woot about that have happened recently; I got over a crohn's flare in 1 1/2 month (It too
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