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  1. Whilst we have a Facebook group for coordinating meetups, I know some people aren't on Facebook or don't want to reveal their secret identities until they've met people in person... so this is an on-forum place for Scottish Nerds (and those coming to visit us in possibly the best small country in the world) to chat about meet-ups. Whaddya think?
  2. Given the new movie is out and I walk through the streets in which its set every blinking day, figured it was time for a Trainspotting challenge... Plus an excuse for a lot of Ewan McGregor pictures (Kevin McKidd and Jonny Lee Miller are also acceptable). I've got just over a week until my first comp of the year and I'm currently recovering from a nasty hip flexor strain, so lots to talk about. Choose Lifting I'm training four days a week with just a couple of sessions off for the comp. I'm doing okay-ish with hitting the heavy singles but the volume is intimidating at the moment. Currently sitting on the couch with epic DOMS after sessions Tuesday and Wednesday. Anyway, the goal is two-part. 1. Don't psych myself out of lifting weights because I think they feel tough when the video shows they're moving fast. 2. Do my fucking accessories Basic training week structure is generally Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (or similar) with the current programme looking like this: Day one - comp squat and bench plus accessories Day two - comp deadlift and bench variation plus accessories Day three - squat variation and comp bench plus accessories Day four - deadlift variation and bench variation plus accessories I often split off the accessories into a separate session if I finish late. For comp lifts, I work up to a heavy single (RPE8) then volume, variations I work up to reps at RPE8 (varying numbers) then back off sets. Choose meat and veg and eggs I'm not going paleo or any such thing but I've signed up to Avatar Nutrition so I'm trying really hard to hit my numbers. I won't do so on the day of the comp, but will try to hit my numbers. They may change each week so this week's is: 1971 calories, 213g carbs, 55g fat, 156g protein. That'll get updated next Wednesday. My goal is to get down to c.61-62kg then reverse diet so I can stop having to stress about making weight and be a bit leaner. Choose life Given I have a tendency to sink into lifting obsession, I need to do other stuff too. I took up skating again at the beginning of January so I'll aim to make it to skating once a week other than next week. Do at least one 60 minute session of yoga. I haven't done any in ages. Play Zelda on my SNES. Play some more World of Final Fantasy. Take Grant out for brunch at least once. Go and see T2 Trainspotting.
  3. I thought it might be time that I actually started a battle log for my workouts rather than boring everyone in challenges by wandering off topic. I have a couple of competitions coming up, although I'm waiting to hear about sponsorship subsidies before putting in my entry forms (or next week, whichever comes sooner). For anyone who hasn't come across me before, I took up lifting in April 2013, started competing in February 2014 and I'm heading to my first national championship in September 2014. I don't eat clean. I stress out about the scale (it matters that I stay in my weight class). I post way too many Instagrams of my food and my ass. Don't follow me if any of those bother you. :-D (Second one is February 2013-July 2014 as I didn't have a side on picture from January 2013.)
  4. I'm going to be a little easy on myself this time around and not set hugely challenging goals, but just ones that need to be worked on! I've got the Four Nations championships on 3 December so I want to be physically and mentally ready. Get my head in the game. My mind is a large part of what's holding me back so I'm going to work through some sports psychology books and exercises to try to change my mindset. I still really struggle to see myself as a good lifter so I need to give myself a firm talking to and start to see myself as others do. Look after myself. Get to bed before midnight during the week. Have an Epsom salt bath at least once a week. Find a meditation app which works for me (kinda part of the one above too). Found one I like so far so meditate once a day. Eat to perform. Keep on tracking and assessing to try to get my weight on track. Plan meals for Monday to Friday on Sunday and make sure that they're doable with minimal effort after training. Chat. Try to get out and about on people's threads and not beat myself up when other people have a more popular thread than mine. I had a powerlifter from Canada visiting over the weekend (not someone I'd met before but she found me on Instagram and we trained together) and it was really interesting to see how others see me. I have a very low opinion of myself a lot of the time (too ready to listen to negatives and ignoring positives) so to hear that she'd had a load of messages from people after we both posted a pic of the two of us together after training was really heartening. I need to stop relying on the opinions of others for my self-esteem, but at the same time I need to remember that not everyone hates me. I'm not still the kid in class who is bullied. I'm not still the girl being laughed at for getting it wrong. Maybe I never was!
  5. So it's my first day back to the grind after a proper week of rest following the British Classic. It's not exactly the Camp NF Powerlifting Championships, but I still managed to take fourth in the 63s for the third year in a row. I couldn't have done better in terms of positioning but my second squat was so easy that I'm frustrated about the screw-up with my third. Still sitting around 382 Wilks, which is frustrating. I'd like that easy 400. That nice, round, shiny number. So on with the quest! I'm waiting to have it confirmed, but it's very likely that I'll have another competition on Saturday, 3 December in Cardiff (along with @TeeCam and, hopefully, our coach) so the goal is to get that 400 Wilks there. I'm also probably somewhat over my weight class at the moment (not stepping back on the scales until I've given my body a week to settle after last week's cheese and beer binge) so getting back to a controlled diet is key! In the midst of all this, I have the Edinburgh NF Meet-Up next weekend! Anyway, here are the general goals: Do my gorram accessories. We all know I'm bad at it, so the goal is to give myself a point for every time I successfully complete an accessory session and reward myself with some form of ice-cream-based indulgence if I do. This may involve Boozy Cow. Track everything and edge my weight lower. This isn't a tough one, but it's just generally necessary! I need to get my weight back down to a walkaround weight of closer to 63kg than 65kg so I don't have to even think about it in the run-up to a comp! Explore the dark side. I don't know if it will go anywhere, but I want to do some more work on sumo deadlifts. Last time I tried, I was pushed to go too heavy too fast so never really had much of a chance to get better at them. I just want to do some technique work and see if it goes anywhere. This may be pulled if Marc says I shouldn't do it. Organise stuff for the meet-up. I still haven't emailed @Steve to remind him about the meet-up for the NF blog emails or got in touch with anyone to ask if we can make up event-specific T-shirts again. I still need to get precise numbers for lifting so I can arrange appropriate numbers of instructors too! Basically, lots to do!
  6. Something has changed within me, something is not the same. I'm through with playing by the rules of someone else's game. Too late for second guessing, too late to go back to sleep, It's time to trust my instincts, close my eyes... and leap! Okay... I'll stop with the lyrics! I realised that it's crazy that I've gone so long without a musicals themed challenge! I'm through accepting limits 'cause someone says they're so. Some things I cannot change, but 'til I try I'll never know. I care too much about what people think... I'm not going to make that my challenge, but it's something that I'm aware of. This is more about the run-up to my next competition, which is the day after the challenge finishes. I'm fluctuating between absolutely terrified and just utterly resigned. I'm training in such a different way that I think things are going really well but I don't often push myself. I suspect that I can make some progress in this comp but it's not going to be show-stoppingly awesome. Powerlifting is all about defying gravity, as it's your real competitor. I'd like to beat it a little better than last time, kthxbai. Anyway, the goal here is to just keep training, to try to stay calm, not to tell myself that there are limits but just to shut up and lift! The other part is to do my MFing accessory work. Seriously, @Jaymul, can you nag me? Perhaps, just perhaps, I'll be unlimited... As someone told me lately, "Everyone deserves a chance to fly." And if I'm flying solo, at least I'm flying free I'm finally getting my lifting classes off the starting line. The challenge here is to get them started. Assess after each session (I'll share my thoughts on here) and gain confidence. This is ALL me and I'm terrified. I also need to register as self-employed, set up my online accountancy stuff and remember to invoice the gym for each session! Not really going to treat them as goals, but they're things I need to do at some point. Nobody in all of Oz, no wizard that there is or was, is ever going to bring me down! Two parts here... Both about being happy and doing things that make me happy. One, get back to singing. I suck now, but I spent years training as a singer and then let nasty comments bring me down. I stopped singing altogether when I got together with Grant because he basically hides when I sing. The goal here is to make time once a week to get to my piano and sing and share a short video with you guys. I'm really, really self-conscious about singing now, so I need to build some confidence back up. The second part is to make time for Grant and to spend one night a week playing games with him or going on a proper date. When it comes down to it, he's my best friend. This isn't officially part of the singing challenge, but this is a song that made me think of you guys. (Yes, I know it's not good... but it's unrehearsed and I'm ill today. )
  7. Hi All! I started here last fall and did pretty well on my first challenge but fell off the wagon immediately in the 2nd challenge. When I started challenge 1 I was unemployed and had a TON of time on my hands. Quickly I got a job but was able to keep up the challenge ok. Then my new job started kicking my ass and winter hit. I continued to lose some weight because I was stressed out LOL But I totally stopped exercising. Now I am gaining some weight back. Then about 2 months ago my SAHP husband got a full time job. This has been wonderful financially but our daily lives, housework, routines have all been thrown off. Definitely a big a change. I am hoping as a family we can set some new habits. But I also realized that life is always changing and bit stressful…. I need to keep to my goals no matter what. MAIN QUEST: Get in shape for Scotland! My bestie and I are planning a trip to Scotland in summer 2018. I am using the trip as motivation and a milestone marker to meet my other goals. Cause clearly everyday motivators seem to do nothing for me. I need the thought of small airline seats and hiking in a foreign country to put the fear in me. I also have a weight goal of 170 pounds but not a time line to meet it. Hopefully well before the trip! With my Smart Quests I am doing baby steps to build some better habits and not get overwhelmed. Below are the basic quests but each week I am going to set individual goals. And as the weeks go forward build on them. SMART QUEST: Eat better/Lose weight. Week 1: Eat more veggies, less simple carbs. SMART QUEST: Exercise. Week 1: Walk 1 mile 2 times this week. SMART QUEST: Stretch. Week 1: Stretch 2 times this week. LIFE QUEST: Learn Gaelic - This is the website I’ve been using: http://learngaelic.net/lg-beginners/index.jsp Week 1: Go through Lesson 1, take quiz and practice words. LIFE QUEST: Adulting. Week 1: Cook dinner when I get home from work. Not sit on my ass in front of the TV/Computer and snack.... Then make dinner 2 hours later. This is causing serious weight gain and sucks for the whole family to have dinner that late. Thanks for reading! Looking forward to reading your threads and supporting each other!!
  8. The end of last year was both exciting and depressing. Exciting because I took part in my first international powerlifting championships and depressing because I had a severely disappointing result. Now I need to move on. I need to grab my towel and have a few beers before the jump into hyperspace. Hold onto my (hot yoga) towel Yoga keeps me sane. This goal is short and simple - do yoga at least twice a week, ideally three times. A - 12 classes or 45+ minute sessions during the challenge B - 8 classes or 45+ minute sessions... C - 4 classes or 45+ minute sessions... F - No yoga DON'T PANIC! You're not getting weaker! I've been feeling really low about my lifting abilities recently. I know it's silly but I just feel like I've gone from approaching the top of the bunch to being back in the middle. I just need to focus in on myself and just keep lifting. I don't know how many sessions I'll be doing but I need to find a way to feel better about them. I'm dreading squats (laugh all you like) because I've been programmed onto high bar, paused squats and that leaves me feeling like my strongest lift has gone to hell and nothing else is progressing much at all. Honestly, I don't know how to deal with this at the moment, but working that out is my challenge. I've accepted that I'm always going to be playing second fiddle to Spezzy on here in terms of home-grown powerlifters (heck, even Tankweazel is ranked below Spezzy in the NF consciousness despite being an international medal-winner) so that's another thing that I'm working on coming to terms with. Make nothing happen This is an odd one. I took some time off logging my food throughout December and ate whatever I felt like. Now I need to get my sleep and nutrition back to normal. Here's the big challenge: I need to not give in to the temptation to go into a big cut because I'm bloated. I need to give myself a whole challenge-worth of eating at "maintenance" and see what happens to my weight. Here's the other challenge: I need to get back to normal sleep patterns after Christmas. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to track my food and aim for 2760 calories (NET) on MFP each day and I'm going to aim for at least 7 hours sleep a night again. I'm going to check in with my food and nutrition for each day (although possibly not on the day involved). So let's go for this!
  9. A Sassenach in a strange new world! This is my 2nd Challenge and I think Adventurers is a great place to be! My life is in a bit of influx at the moment as I just started a new job 6 weeks ago... right at the beginning of the last challenge. I went through a vigorous 5 week classroom/testing program and it really exhausted me. Still I managed the challenge pretty well. Now I am doing a 2 week on the job training with a temporary schedule. This time around I am aiming for more flexibility in workout choices and times. Looking at my schedule (and my family's ) a week at a time. With the new job and these new quests I am excited to see what adventures come my way!! Main Quest: Through the stones... Lose 50 pounds of fat, gain strength and endurance. My motivation is better health, more energy and to be ready for a dream trip to Scotland in 3 years. Quest 1: Healer and Scientist Stay under my calorie goal 5 days a week A Sassenach is knowledgable... about which plants and animals to eat. She is wise about what is poisonous and what is used for healing. Ever aware of her environment and what her body needs to stay healthy. In my First Challenge I did pretty well at keeping to my calorie limit and lost 6 pounds. Starting the new job with a routine and no time to snack helped a lot. Towards the end I did start to slip a lot and the weight loss stalled. This challenge includes dieting hurtles like halloween, my kid's birthday, thanksgiving and all the treats that come along with it! Goals: - Eat whatever I like and no off limit foods. - Stay under 1800 calories, 5 days a week. Allowing 2 days go over. - Take it easy on the simple carbs and sugars, as those tend to be calorie busters. - Prep my breakfast, snacks and lunches for the work week. - Weigh myself once a week on Sundays. Do body measurements at beginning and end of challenge. 5 days a week: A 4 days a week: B 3 days a week: C 2 days a week: D 1 days a week: F Quest 2: Be strong like a highlander. Workout 5 days a week A Sassanach is brave and strong, able to rise to the occasion in any situation. This adventure will test her stamina and strength at every turn. She will need to be flexible in both body and mind to keep see this adventure through. In my First Challenge getting in workouts was my hardest quest. I decided I need to be a bit more flexible with my workout choices and times. Perhaps focus week to week as my schedule changes, the weather does it's thing, the holidays kick in. Ideally I want to get in some cardio and some strength training. For cardio I'd love to get outside walks, but for days that can't happen indoor exercise via WiiFit, dancing or zumba will work. For strength I do a combo of bodyweight and handweights. I also have a small fitness room at work and will check that out when my permanent schedule starts. I also just got a FitBit and need to figure it out. 5 days a week: A 4 days a week: B 3 days a week: C 2 days a week: D 1 days a week: F Quest 3: Slainte Mhah! Drink 8 oz of water every morning To keep her body fluid and her mind sharp, a Sassenach needs to keep well hydrated. But if whiskey isn't available a sip of lovely spring water will do! I have never been a good water drinker and I know getting hydrated in the morning is a good thing. So my quest is to simply drink 8 oz in the morning, every day. Hopefully this will set me up to drink lots more water during as the day progresses. 7 days a week: A 5 days a week: B 3 days a week: C 1 days a week: D Quest 4: Around the campfire. Maintain work/life balance A wise Sassenach knows she can't go it alone! She must share her passion for life and learning with others. Good stories and good friends go hand in hand. When I was unemployed I had a lot more freedom to be creative, explore hobbies and see friends. It was wonderful! I vowed to not let that slip away again. I am still working on logistics of this quest. - 3 times a week one of these options needs to happen: - See a friend in person for socializing! - Play a game or go somewhere fun with my family! - Enjoy a personal hobby like colouring, sewing, crocheting, etc... - Computer or TV time does not count. Nope. Nope. Nope. 3 days a week: A 2 days a week: B 1 days a week: C Tulach Ard!
  10. Introduction: Hi! I am Tina and I just found NF. I am really excited to do this first 6 week challenge and hope to share some great support here! I am married, a mom to an active 11 year old and we live in Oregon USA. I really enjoy walks, biking, hiking, and camping but these are very hard for me because I am overweight and out of shape. I also have high blood pressure that I would like to lower and be off medication. I was recently laid off from a job I had for many years (software company) so this has been an interesting life change. I lost some initial weight because I was not sitting at a desk all day. And I have had the chance to enjoy a wonderful summer with my kid and lot's of outdoor time. But it's time to look for work now and see what new adventures come my way. Main Quest: Lose 50 pounds of fat, gain strength and endurance ( I don't have a time goal for this) Quest 1: Workouts: Walk 20 minutes 5 days a week. Strength workout 2 days a week. Quest 2: Diet: Log food at MyFitnessPal and stay under my calorie limit 5 days a week. Quest 3: Mind/Body connection: Explore meditation, yoga, tai chi or qigong 2 times a week. Life Quest: Get a great new job! Motivation: To be more active with my kid! To enjoy outdoor activities like long hikes and family bicycle rides. To be healthy for a trip to Scotland in 3 years. To enjoy more clothing choices in regular sizes not plus size.
  11. As part of a quest to encourage one another, it was agreed that we'd form an accountabilibuddy group for Nerds in Scotland. I'll try to arrange a meet-up during this challenge, but the aim of this group is to know that there is someone who can physically come and kick your backside if you disappear for too long (I'm looking at you, CrackerWatson!). No limit on numbers, but you must be based in Scotland. SpecialSundae - Edinburgh/Fife/fully willing to kick people's arses in Glasgow tooFinisterre - EdinburghSarah Barr - EdinburghCrackerWatson - EdinburghHonorary member: Elinox (Because we love you too)
  12. Before I am 50: July 7, 2019 I would love to - See Pearl Jam live in concert from floor or back stage - Go surfing with son - Spend three weeks in Italy painting, looking at art and eating - Have my artwork in a Chicago, LA or NYC gallery - Travel to Scotland with husband and friends; go to Glasgow, Little Sparta garden, and Fringe Music Fest - Get my MFA - Hike up Half Dome - Have a big 50th Birthday weekend in Chicago with friends (July 7, 2019 will be a Sunday so a whole weekend just makes sense!) (Work in progress)
  13. So I'm only going to be around for half of this challenge (the first 3 weeks). Then the night of August 15 the boyfriend and I are flying to Scotland and aren't returning until September 4. It's going to be a really epic vacation, I'm so freakin' excited. There are a lot of physical things that we're going to be doing. One is we are going on a 2 day snorkeling trip to swim/interact with seals and basking sharks!! I'm so beyond excited. Then we are going to climb Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the UK. It's not that tall compared to some other mountains, like Kilimanjaro or even Macchu Picchu, but it's weather is really unpredictable so it can be kind of dangerous. We are also going to be doing a ton of little hikes (or hill walking as they call it over there) and walking around and finding standing stones in the middle of no where and such. Lots of physical activity is the moral of the story. So my goals this challenge are purely surrounding that, and using these last 3 weeks to train to do all of this stuff as best I can. I'm already in good shape and can swim and hike, if we left tomorrow I'd be confident I'd be fine. I just want to get as much prep work in physically so I can be as comfortable as possible on the trip, minimal soreness, and hopefully little to no swimming embarassment. Anyway, on to the challenge... Michael Rennie was ill the day the earth stood still, but he told us where we stand. On our feet! Ben Nevis Training: 2 x a week I will do a Zombies, Run work out to improve my stamina, and 3 x a week, I will do moves from the Backpacker's Magazine Hiker workout: --Downhill Lunges --Lateral skip --Downhill Steps --Shin walk --Ankle Golf Ball Roll Don't Dream it. Be it. Shark/Seal Swim Training: Twice Once a week I will do this beginner swimming work out. I know how to swim to not die, but my freestyle definitely needs some work and I'd like to get it to the best I can before swimming next to these graceful creatures. (Had to change this from 2x a week to 1x a week because my gym is too freakin' expensive lol) Eat nutritious high protein and swallow raw eggs. Try to build up his shoulders, his chest, arms and legs. Strength Training: 3 x a week I'll be working phase I of this pull up progression (because I finally got resistance bands yay!) and 2 x a week I'll do the BBWW, these two overlap so I won't be doing the rows in the BBWW, and just subbing that days pull up progression plan instead. One day a week I'll just be doing the pull up progression. I'll be tracking my progress in all of these things for the first 3 weeks, and then I'm off! My thread will time warp to September 4th (or probably 5th since I doubt I'll post the day I get back). Then I'll post if I succeeded in my challenge of summiting Ben Nevis and swimming around with the sharks! Points are as follows: Summit Ben Nevis: +3.5 STR +3.5 STA If there is inclement weather and I can't go all the way to the top, I will at least to to what's called "half point" where this is a cool little lake. I can get 1 point in STR and STA if I do at least that. Swim with Sharks: +3 STA +3 DEX +1 CHA The charisma point is because I think swimming with sharks will totally add to my coolness factor. Oh, here's what a basking shark looks like (note the snorkeler next to it for size): And that's it! I'm going to continue with yoga and cleaning and eating well, but they don't really directly relate to the challenge and they're pretty much habits by now so I'm not including them here. Side note: I've been going to shadow cast performances of Rocky for a few years and I am totally in love with it all... recently I went to a new venue for it in Philly and it was one of the best I've seen yet. It's still super in my head from that performance last weekend plus I'll be time warping away from this challenge halfway through so it fits. Hope there are some other Rocky fans here
  14. I am an American law student who was accepted to study in Switzerland this coming semester. Classes ended here in December, and start there in mid-February. I'm using my extended break (we usually restart in mid-January here) to fit in some traveling. The best deal I could get on a ticket has me landing at Heathrow at 0600-something on 21 January, and departing at 0700ish on 1 February, which thrills me no end. I've always wanted to explore the U.K. Of course, the rub is that I don't know anyone outside the U.S., and I'm not terribly good at striking up random friendships with people (Mommy always told me not to talk to strangers…). I'm going to change that. I know we have Rebels in the U.K.; I've creeped on some of your threads in this sub-forum. I'd like to meet as many of you as I can! It helps that my travel plans are really quite vague. I'm thinking about going straight from Heathrow to catch a train to Edinburgh and explore Scotland first (for indeterminate time) and do London (for indeterminate time) right before I leave. Everything in the middle is fuzzy. So, if (1) you are a Rebel, and (2) you live in the U.K., I throw myself on your good graces. If we can meet while I'm there, I'd love it. If we can't, but you have suggestions for me, that would be equally great. Even if it's nothing more than "If you're in Edinburgh, you need to train at X," I'd appreciate it. I'd rather take the advice of Real People than read the guidebooks for tourists (although I'm starting a list of things-to-do from internet sources). Hope to hear from you!
  15. Hi there fellow rebels. I’m Alan a 23 year old newly qualified doctor from Scotland, nice to meet you. Today I joined the rebellion and I am looking forward to getting started. I have hummed and hawed about whether to actually sign up to the forums for quite a long time now, but on reflection of my past attempts to lose weight and aim for goals, I realize that a good support network is the most important factor in maintaining focus, especially on those bad days. I stumbled across NerdFitness a few months ago when searching for information about body fat percentage. I read the amazing article on how to measure body fat percentage and looked around the rest of the site and found equally as sound information elsewhere. I then found Steve’s Epic Quest of Awesome! Wow! I too have been a gamer for most of my life and have spent hours in front of a TV or computer screen and have developed a need to have quests, goals and achievements in my life. Without a list I lack direction and purpose and much like Steve said in his TEDx talk (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcYEivl-NIM), ‘I don’t know any other way, other than crossing things off the list.’ My story so far… At 18 years of age I left high school weighing 18 stone 9 pounds on a 6 foot 2 inches frame. I was unhappy, unhealthy and very very unfit. However, things began to change when I started university. I lost around 4 stone over two years, with my lowest weight being 14 stone 5 pounds. The easy way to explain this change would be my eating habits. I became responsible for my food! I increased my knowledge about what was good and bad for me and more importantly what was good and cheap (student budget and all)! However, things started to become stagnant and bad eating habits of old began to creep in. At this point I was still doing very little exercise. Things changed in 2011/12 when I started running. Although I didn’t lose any more weight my body began to change and I started lifting weights every now and then. Eventually I got into a routine and over eight weeks I managed to significantly change the appearance of my body (my US Navy calculated body fat % was 12%, although I question the accuracy of this for particularly tall people!). I also completed a half marathon (in 1h 57min) in October raising £743.10 for the MS Society in Scotland. I felt good. I had achieved lots of my goals; I felt more confident about my body, I ran a half marathon (from someone that couldn’t run 4 years before) and I had helped a cause that is far bigger than myself. However, then university got extremely intense. Final examinations loomed and revision took over my life. Any sort of food plan went out the window and all my hard work was undone. Finals came and went (thankfully I passed and became Dr Alan!), but unfortunately my lazy ways have continued for around about 6 months up to this point. I am back to around where I was before my exams now! Starting out… On July 8th I weighed 99.2kg, my waist measured 88cm and my neck 40cm. Using this information I worked out my body fat % to be 16% (again I question the accuracy, however I am using the same method as before). I am currently not happy with my body, do not have much confidence in it and feel as though my life needs a reboot, or just a boot up the… Goals… I have set myself 4 fitness goals for July · Weigh less than 95kg · Go to the gym at least two times every week to lift weights · Run 5k in under 25 minutes · Run 10k without stopping I have also by posting this just completed my ‘level up your life’ goal. · Join the rebellion at NerdFitness How?... · Gym on Mondays and Fridays · Interval training on Tuesdays and Thursdays · 1 long run at the weekend – commonly Sunday · 2 rest days on Wednesday and Saturday I have been feeling so much more motivated since deciding that I was actually going to join the rebellion today, I have been to the gym and completed a session of interval training this week! Looking forward… I plan on joining my first 6 week challenge on the 29th of July and I also plan on spending some time creating my bucket list (and might even watch the film, it always inspires me to at least start) and my own ‘Epic Quest of Awesome’. If you are still reading at this point, thank you! Stay tuned for more! Alan
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