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Found 7 results

  1. I'm late to the party, going to keep this simple: Challenge goal: Finally freakin break 140lb. I'm so close you guys (weighed in at 140.8lb today!). Goal #1: Eat vegetables 2x/day Goal #2: Complete my half marathon training 4x/wk, strength 2x/wk, yoga or rock climbing 2x/wk Goal #3: Do stuff Morning routine: wake up 5-5:30, tea or lemon water, Bible reading, SAD lamp time Evening routine: screens off 8:30, tea, reading/crossword Make wedding centerpieces Keep my food and spending journal up to date ...probably going to add more stuff here... I will give myself 1pt for each vegetable, workout (run counts as 1, run + lifting counts as 2, etc), and item on my do-stuff list. Will find a way to rewards self with adequate points.
  2. Increase strength and range of motion. Remove fat and get stronger, faster and more ninja like. A was a little late to post my challenge for May 28-June 24th but I do have one !!! Here it is. 1) FITNESS – I will follow my exercise program that is 6 days a week 2) Training- I will get in my martial arts training 6 days a week 3) Nutrition – I will hit my daily nutrition target every day on this 4 week challenge. 4) Life – I will grow a garden and spend 15 min every day focused on improving my habitat.
  3. WHO I AM I am Vonayen. This is my first time trying this out. I am an adult in the middle working years of my career in the environmental field. WHY I JOINED I joined NF because when I discovered this form, I knew I could fit in here. I hope to find an accountability buddy who may get my crazy way---I build stories to my quests- you will see this. My demon is sugar....very evil. ABOUT ME: I have no evil spawn (children) nor do I intend to spawn any (yes my husband and I are D.I.N.K.s). I am dyslexic ....for real ... it sucks. Due to a recent early onset osteoarthritis diagnosis (genetic -thanks mom), I have had to step back a bit but and re-grow a new body ....otherwise my fitness portfolio looks like this: · 2016- 100 km ultra trail race finisher; love trails and running...but not active in running right now; · Current brown belt in Goju karate and green belt in weapons at my local dojo. · I was a level green in kick boxing, but had to stop that due to the arthritis, but I still like to hit things. · I also started to train in Krav maga and self defence (but that is all on-line training). · I practice Tai Chi 2x / week and have been working with spirit energy and mediation · I also practice yoga when my body needs it I am guessing I will fit best with the Rangers maybe when I move past this first challenge?? But I may move around a bit depending on my journey. MAIN QUEST: For this 4 week Challenge – I am going to focus on powering up my training for a 25 km fast pack/power walking race in May. Sadly not running yet My Quest is to: permanently remove 5 to 8lbs by week 4. My Battle Strategy: get in some (but less than normal) cardio to keep up my inner game (heart health- bad stuff runs in the family), gain some muscle (this is new to me) and endurance (I can do this in my sleep). Minor Quest 1 Fitness Battle Plan) 1) Endurance –Every Sunday - Time on my feet – Long walks...(these will vary from 8-16 km as I follow a training plan I have for race prep). Monday will always be an active rest day 2) Cardio – 2x/week cutting back to 30 min form 60 - Time in the saddle – (Spin bike) for leg speed, cardio, leg and core strength, I may switch it up once in awhile for rowing we will see how my story goes. 3) Gain some muscle- I suck at this part– 3x/week Lift heavy things and 2x/week HILLS walk on an incline on the treadmill to power up leg muscle ( since my knees can’t handle proper full squats let alone with added weight I do this to modify) Minor Quest 2- Nutrition Battle Plan) – for this challenge I will keep this simple for my sanity 1) Meal Plan – Carry water (aka health potion) with me always; plan my meals each week 2) Meal Prep – set time aside to prepare, for example make lunch the night before (wash salad greens etc.), cook on Sunday for frozen lunches for the week and this way I follow through with my plan... 3) Nutrition Tracking – track to stay accountable for my planning and prep Minor Quest 3- Life Power UP Battle Plan) 1) Clean and Tidy – I am not. I will improve and vow to spend 10 min per day minimum to work at tidying the main living space
  4. Priorities Last weekend's sermon was about saying no to good things to make space for great things. There are so many ways I want more of this theme in my life -- in our house (as we slowly buy home items to make it somewhere I feel pleased inviting people into, but also purge), in my day (staying an extra half hour or hour unpaid at work, watching too much TV), in my diet (too much wine and sweets). I've lost my meditation habit, and I miss it. I have time in the morning, but this month I shouldn't need to be at work particularly early - so I can get back to a good morning routine without waking up earlier. Goal #1 The Perfect Morning Obviously not every morning can or will be 'perfect', but I've always had this routine in my mind: Meditation Prayer Short to-do list Eat breakfast Half the time I drag my feet so much I don't get to early, but still haven't done anything worthwhile with my morning. When my alarm goes off at 5:30, I will say no to random internet reading (or even reading my current book), pressing snooze, and leaving for work early. Goal #2 Workouts I am tempted by the Spartan Stadium plan, but not sure I want to start it when I know I'll have to interrupt for vacation. So for now this means workout 5x/week. Spin, run, yoga, spartan workouts, made-up gym circuits all count. As the weather gets iffy and cold I need this more than ever. I will say no to social engagements if needed to make time to work out. I will also not watch TV by myself (sports/movies with fiance are allowed AFTER my workout). I will say yes to workouts that sound fun, even if they cost money, especially if someone else will join me. Goal #3 Track Every Bite Here or in my battle log, along with how I feel. I will say no to wine in the evenings, endless-unaccounted-for carbs and sweets, and eating when I am not hungry. Thanksgiving Recap Last week was ugly nutrition-wise. I was at my future in-laws, and even though they are wonderful it was draining for me trying to make a good impression, and make frequent conversation. I coped with the stress with food. I felt constrained diet-wise by being in someone else's house, but I still could have made much better decisions. The discomfort of not being in my own space combined with forcing myself to talk to parents/family/friends was so much ugh. But especially as fiance's dad is elderly, we will likely be visiting them more frequently in the future -- this is very important to fiance, as my parents are practically next door but we are not able to see his parents very often (a couple hour flight, or 12 hour drive). I want to support him in this but find that I resent spending vacation time to take trips that are not restful. On the flip side, I ran/walked 3/4 days that we were there. And the morning after getting back, I showed up to spin class. I know the workouts aren't enough to offset my eating, but it's nice to have something positive to report. More than anything it was a chance to escape and have some "me time". Update on the Feels Aside from the stress and anxiety of Thanksgiving, I have generally been feeling a bit better over the past couple weeks. Less episodes of wanting to lie on the floor forever. Can't say why, but I'll take it while it lasts.
  5. OH YES! I am running a Doctor Who theme for this first challenge of the new year, with the new forms. An Awful lot of Running to do Workouts -Workout 5-6 days a week [i am doing The Master’s Hammer and Chisel program, as well as spin classes and bodyweight classes at work so we shall see how exhausted I get] Sub Goal> build chin up, pistol squat, and hand stand ability, work on flexibility (one day a week for each progression at least) STR+2 STA +2 DEX +3 Bananas are Good Food -Eat healthfully, following the food plan from Master and Chisel (CONTROL ALCOHOL INTAKE) Sub Goal>Do Meal Prep CON +2 WIS +2 The Oncoming Storm Adult like Do housework or adult tasks daily WIS +2 Sub Goal> Once a week try to do something FUN CHA +2 A Thing Happened Progress Track measurements and take pictures at beginning and end of Challenges Sub Goal> STAY OFF THE SCALE WIS +1
  6. I have been on a journey to feel comfortable with myself for years. There have been many ups and downs. After a rough year, I have been slowly coming out of a pattern of destructive eating and weight gain. I feel like I am back at square one with my fitness (which is not reality). Further, I am constantly struggling with feeling down on myself. This was a lot better in the summer, and I have recently realised that when I am stressed about school (read: when I am in school), negative emotion seeps into other areas of my life as well. I feel stupid, lonely, fat. I get preoccupied with body image and the perpetual need to change myself. I feel that if only this one thing, or this other thing were different then I would not have to feel so down on myself. When all of these feelings get overwhelming, I often turn to food, or to video games or TV. Or I just push through and do what I need to do in life, but feel miserable. Thankfully, I have a few solutions to these negative feelings. For one, I really enjoy working out. I feel much better after running, spinning, hiking, going to gymnastics, yoga etc. Also, if I can redirect my thinking to the present rather than morbidly reflecting on all of my shortcomings, I often feel better. In the next few months, I want to be more established in healthy patterns that help me to feel better about myself. Specifically, I need my healthy eating patterns to become routine. I also need my fitness patterns to be routine. Lastly, a big way that I feel like a ‘failure’ is by being behind in school, or because of missing class. So without further ado, here are my three side quests: Life Side Quest: I will not miss any school (other than for observerships or other clinical activities) AT ALL during the 6 week challenge. I will study productively for at least 50 minutes each day (2 pomedoros). Every day. Fitness Quest: I just started gymnastics and I love it. It requires strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness. To this end I will: Go to gymnastics every Wednesday.Strength train twice per week.Spin once per week (Friday) – but not this week because it is cancelled.Run once per week.Yoga twice per week.Practice gymnastics once per week (in the park, cartwheels, kick up to hand stand etc).Revised and simplified - work out 6 days a week. At least 2 gymnastics sessions, 2 yoga sessions, 1 cardio session and 1 strength session.Diet Quest: Simply, I will follow the diet plan that is laid out by my nutritionist/trainer. No exceptions. Currently, I am allowed two cheat meals – these meals cannot ‘spread over’ into other things. For myself, I will now only eat until I am slightly full on my cheat meals – no stuffing it all in because ‘I can only eat it now’.
  7. I was unsure as to which profession to choose, and thus I'll start out as an Adventurer. I am a Druid by circumstance (I live in a lacto-ovo-pescie household and enjoy flexibility training and meditation)When I grow up, I want to be a Ranger: functional strength and adaptability are very important in my job. I'm an archaeologist (though currently reskilling and thus mostly deskbound and studious) where my days are divided between report writing, long-distance walking for field survey, and days where I get to shovel out medieval ditch fill.I live five minutes' walk from my university gym and have super-cheap student membership for the year, so I've decided to make use of their resources. For the last three months I've gone to the gym 3 - 4 days/wk, including 1 day strength, 1 day flexibility, 1 day cardio. I also dance 1 - 2 nights per week and walk for about an hour per day as my commute. I'm happy with my results so far (improved muscle tone and stamina, and a small amount of weight loss) but I'd like to level up. GOALS: 1) Level up strength training: shift to 2 days/wk and move from machines to free weights. 2) Level up cardio: start doing intervals. I'm best in a class context, so I've decided on AT LEAST 1xspin class/wk. Ideally I'll go to two, or 1xspin + 1xDIY intervals while jogging or swimming. 3) Level up diet: I can't do paleo as my housemates (who also feed me!) would implode so I'll aim for 70% primal. This means following the guidelines here: http://www.stumptuous.com/how-to-go-primal-without-really-trying, with an emphasis on oily fish, eggs and fermented things, plus heaps of veges. 4) Fitness goal: 15 full press-ups. (I can currently do 5).
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