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  1. I've been dragging for almost a month now with feeling overwhelmed, under-motivated and nearly defeated. I'm pretty sure this happens every winter. I'm uncertain how to combat it, or, if it is something like SAD, if I can even fully avoid it at all. But, if there is one thing I have in common with my shy, and unconfident Jedi in game? No matter how many doubts we face, how frustrated we are, or how verbal our complaints are about failing to meet our expectations... We Don't Give Up. Which means ... I'm here for another challenge my fellow rebels! REBELLIONS ARE BUILT ON HOPE And something I need to do, is stop running through the motions because I've been told they should work- and start believing they will work. Which is not to say keep doing the same thing and expect different results, I'll change things up if necessary. But I need to stop doing this while having a mindset of 'Nothing is going to work.' They're also built on hard work, knowledge, teamwork and risk! HARD WORK - LIfting 3x a week. MWF **Every full 5 day work week, I will lift on MWF. On weeks I don't have a full week, I am allowed to have just 2 lifting days. - Moving 2x a week. TTH **This can be running, walking, dancing. The point is move. Hockey does not count. - Track Calories 5x a week. M-F KNOWLEDGE - Read 1 Chapter Daily - Write affirmation/journal Daily - Meditate 2m Daily, and for 5m 3x a week. - Draw 3x a week. - Read 30m a week. TEAMWORK - Keep up on NF. - Plan food co-op at work with the girls (healthy) - Look for a new sport/fitness/class thing to join. RISK - Make a non-easy decision, 1x a week. - Try things I might be bad at! - Go to new social things. - Meet. People. That's the plan. At least, the rough draft of the plan. Yeah, it's a lot of what I was doing before, but until I get a streak of consistency with that, I need to keep at it. And, as Zeb would say... if things aren't working out, or get mucked up for unknown curveballs? Oh. There's one other BIG goal in here. "Pay fake mortgage to my own savings account." ^That one scares the heck outta me!
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