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Found 4 results

  1. Hello boys and girls! I’m happy to be back home with the Rangers and I’ve missed you all! My time with the Warriors was well spent and I made some awesome nerd friends while I was hanging out with them I didn’t get to bestow much of the warrior I wanted to be due to a nagging groin injury, but I did learn a lot, which in my book, is always a win. 2017 is upon us and there’s no better time to recharge the goals and recharge the motivation. This year, like the years before, I will better myself in some fashion. Whether that be physically, by achieving a PR or not having to worry about nagging injuries or mentally, where I pass a certification and move up in my career. 2017 host brand new challenges and obstacles to overcome and I’m ready for the battle ahead. For anyone who knows me, they know I love to cosplay. Halloween is one of my absolute favorite times of the year and I love to dress up and role play. I’ve been wanting to get a halloween costume that I would call a “career costume” for a long time now. Basically, taking the time, money and energy to fabricate and piece together a costume I could wear for the next 5-10 years. I’ve never found something I could commit too because of the detachment from the character and/or not having a good enough reason to cosplay this character for years to come. The Flash, Deadpool, Star-Lord, Gambit, Red Hood, Green Arrow and The Joker...there have been many choices and contemplations for “career” characters over the years but nothing stood out….until now. Enter sometime in 2018. A movie will come out called The Batman. It’s a solo Batman film and it’s directed by, written by and starred in by Ben Affleck, reprising his role as the Dark Knight. He’s also getting help from Geoff Johns to write the script/story. Geoff is a very famous writer for DC whose written works for Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern to name a few. But why is The Batman so significant? Well let me tell you. They are introducing to the silver screen for the first time, Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke aka The Terminator! HELL YEAH!! And, playing Deathstroke in the movie will be none other than Joe Manganiello. Woot Woot! Ok, so enough fanboying for now, but still, you ask. Why is Deathstroke so important right now? Well, my younger brother, Chase, has a “career costume”... And Batman needs and arch nemesis, yeah? Enter yours truly I’m going to build my own Deathstroke costume and slowly make it better over time. And the whole freakin point of all this is that my brother dresses as Batman and performs at these little kids birthday parties and stuff like that with his Batman costume. I’ve wanted to do something like that for years! And the idea is that my brother and I can choreograph a small fight scene to perform at these parties. He will “beat me up” in the end and take me away in handcuffs or something like that to get the kids cheering for Batman. Intricate right? I agree. It also sounds like a BLAST! I think this is going to be really cool because Chase and I will have established a swanky little gig a year or so before the movie even comes out and then when it does, we can smooth out our choreographed fights and make them better. I also got some cool Deathstroke gear for Christmas, like a zip-up hoodie, a lego figurine (who sits on my desk at work and points his gun at Green Arrow and Deadpool-pic coming for that), the original graphic novel, Assassins, along with Vol 1 of the New 52 take on Deathstroke with added mask. The mask isn't great quality but it would do in a pinch lol. Remind me to get a pic with that on. Ok, so now that introductions and cosplay plans for 2017 and beyond are out of the way, let’s move onto the first challenge of 2017! To make matters MOAR exciting, I will be teaming up with our very own, Mr. Willes! This will be a Co-Op/PvP challenge for the ages where he portrays the very sexy, very mouthy Deadpool VS my deadly, one-eyed assassin, Deathstroke. Together we will have goals we must meet as a “Squad of Death” and also as individual, badass, Mercenaries. There will be a slue of shit talking and crazy antics going on the next 4 weeks so I hope y’all be ready?! Each week will begin with a contract to assassinate some Squad Goals (team) as well as Merc Goals (individual) and it is up to Willes playing Wade Wilson and me playing Slade Wilson to figure things out. We’re both so happy to have everyone along for the ride and promise not to disappoint . “The Fourth Wall, Slade. It’s hard that not to understand, especially when drunk you as are…” Deathstroke's Challenge Goals Rehab/Prehab Work: Old Man Slade Work the junk in the trunk aka “Dat Ass” Left Shoulder, left groin and right wrist. Become anti-fragile. Strength Training/Gainz and Mobility: The Terminator 9-day Training week Focus on weak areas-core/abs and upper back on extra day Supple Leopard Sword Training/Combat: Stroke of Death Practice with off hand Shovelglove w/ 10# mace 5# Indian Clubs Conditioning/Training Mask: Super Soldier Sprints/Rucks KB’s/Metcons HIIT Wolf
  2. Last challenge recap: The goals went well, but I had IT band/knee/hamstring/glute issues going on in the background, which reeeeally messed with my squats. Thankfully, with the help of rest, ART, squat shoes, stretching, and all of the glute activation exercises, I’m back to squatting without pain (50 kg as of Wednesday). I’d be really happy with at least one bodyweight+ rep by the end of this challenge. So, how to keep the squats happy and forestall future unplanned deloads? By finding and addressing mobility issues and muscle imbalances BEFORE they start interfering with my lifts. Thus, the theme of this challenge: Becoming a Supple Lioness MOBILITY GOALS Learning [+2 WIS]: Having Becoming a Supple Leopard won’t help me much if I don’t make it past the first chapter. This challenge: read Ch. 2-4, subsections of Ch. 5 (squats, deadlifts, bench press, strict press, pull-up, rowing), and Ch. 6-7.Implementation [+3 DEX]: I have lots of mobility issues. I can’t fix them all at once. So, I’ll spend 15-20 min./day working on the mobility of 2-3 targeted areas. Priority goes to stuff that hurts, stuff that’s stiff/sore, stuff that tends to break, and finally stuff that I want to work on. I can mobilize additional areas if I have the time, but the targeted work comes first.Organization [+2 DEX]: I finally learned how Pinterest works and realized I could use it to save and organize videos and articles on mobility. Now I need to go back through my challenges and save all my old links, and also add any new ones I come across during this challenge. By the end of the challenge I should have 60+ pins associated with mobility. Link will be added to my sig and profile page. Yes, I have a board just for glute activation exercises.Assistance [+1 DEX]: go to my chiropractor/ART therapist at least five times over the course of the challenge (I took the unlimited care deal, so I might as well take advantage of it!)Feedback [+2 WIS]: I’ve noticed that it’s much easier to find my mobility faults when I film my lifts, and it’s also easier to see if I’m improving. For this challenge, I should film at least one set from10+ squat sessions5+ deadlift sessions3+ bench sessions3+ OHP sessions ALL THE OTHER GOALS so I keep up with the other stuff I’ve been working on (cause I know I’ll slack on some of them if I don’t have them down in writing): Lifting [+1 STR]: 16+ sessions over the course of the challenge. Currently grinding away at SS and will probably switch programs once my squats are back up to par.Keep moving [+1 STA]: Conditioning (even 5 min. counts), yoga (30+ min.), or walking (30+ min.) at least 2x/week.Food tracking [+1 CHA]: Track the food on MFP. Get 175+ g of protein/day.Food mindfulness [+1 WIS]: Sit down to eat. No food in front of the computer at home.Sleep [+ 1 CON]: Off the computer for non-work stuff (video calls excluded) by 8:15 pm. Notable upcoming dates: March 7: Mini-lifting competition within my lifting club—I’ll use this as practice for the push-pull.March 21-28: travelingApril 4: push-pull lifting competition (my first meet!)April 13: 1 year NF anniversary Tl;dr: Mobility: Read a good chunk of Becoming a Supple Leopard15-20 min/day of targeted mobility workBring total number of mobility pins to 60+.5+ PT sessionsLots of form videos (10/5/3/3 for squats/deadlifts/bench/OHP)Everything else: 16+ lifting sessionsConditioning/yoga/walking at least 2x/weekTrack the food, get enough protein (175+ g/day)Sit to eat, and no food in front of the home computer.Leisure computer curfew: 8:15 pm. These count as 2 goals with lots of subgoals, not 10 goals, right? (Don’t worry, most of these are semi-automated by this point.)
  3. After the success of the previous challenge it’s time I did something a little more… horrible. I'm Shukar, I'm a nerd in my 20s and run because I enjoy it. Nerd Fitness is my family and I’m glad to be able to share my journey toward a higher level me with all of you fine folks. Last challenge I trimmed things down to the basic principles and that worked out very well for me. I’m hoping to continue the things I was doing there and improve upon that version of me with some new skills, and maybe a PHD in Horribleness. Goal #1: Run! A Man’s Gotta Do, What A Man’s Gotta Do How: Execute the training plan this means that each week I will run: Recovery run: 3 miles each week Sprints: Sprint workout each week Long run: 6 miles the first week, 7 in weeks 2 & 3, 8 for weeks 4-6 Technically my plan has the Sprints listed as optional, because if I need to drop something because I just can’t make that run happen that’s the one to drop, but I can do better than that. Having just had one of my two main races for the year last challenge this challenge marks the early stages of the training plan for my Labor Day race weekend. The overall goals this training cycle is to try and drop our time from 2:45 to 2:30 for the half marathon, a big drop really but should still be fairly doable based on the difficulty of the 2:45 most recently. The biggest factor here, at this stage at least, is likely to be consistency, making sure to get in that long run every week. Goal #2: Lift! It’s a Brand New Day How: Pick things up and put them down. 5x5 lifting program twice a week, after Week 3 evaluate adding a third day for the rest of challenge if recovery is keeping up A Day will be: Squats 5x5 Bench Press 5x5 Deadlifts 1x5 B Day will be: Squats 5x5 Overhead Press 5x5 Deadlifts 1x5 Plan is to add 10lb every other session to Squats and Deadlifts, 5 to Bench and Overhead Press I’ve never done any actual lifting before but 4T has been the motivation I needed to start doing it to see how it can help my running, or at least help my life. Running is my thing, and as far as I can tell will continue to be without much contest, but being stronger should help keep down injury risk, and improve quality of life. These are both things I’d very much appreciate. I’m really not very sure how much this is going to tax my recovery which is why the weight increases here are fairly small even for a beginner program, but I’d rather find it’s too easy and tinker with upping it a little than find it’s too strenuous and injury myself, perhaps seriously. Goal #3: Educate! Everyone's a Hero in Their Own Way How: Read at least 10 pages of Supple Leopard per day Apply it’s principles By the end of the challenge have completed my list of health and fitness goals Continue the habits I have been working on from the previous challenge Because you can never know too many things, especially about maintaining ones body and life, also I’ve had this book a while now and made little progress on reading it. With the increased demands on my system from the lifting maintenance and mobility work are going to become increasingly important. That’s where this goal comes in, helping me keep my priorities in focus and my body chugging along smoothly. So that's the challenge, now to make it happen.
  4. As you may have noticed, I totally gave up the previous challenge, holidays at my parents (cheese! pastis! more cheese!) then sick for one week than had the most ridiculous sugar cravings when I was feeling a little better. Well, yeah, let's not speak about it ever again ^^ Let's face it, I'm still kinda overwhelmed. And even more than ever, so my challenge this time will be simple: And that's all. I'm not a leopard obviously because I'm a robot. And my creators apparently forgot to give me enough joins or maybe I forgot to oil them. Not really sure. So, my challenge will be self study. I have the book, I'll read it, so the tests, pick some exercises, do more tests and more exercises. And do some daily report, with cookie points if I add some pictures and video. I have to admit that the "resolving pain and preventing injury" subtitle sounds dreamy, because my body tend to hurt, before it was my back, now my right shoulder... being pain free sounds so nice... So, IF and only IF I manage to make this self study an habit, I will allow myself to add a second goal during week #3 or week #4. But only IF it became a real habit. Else: just keep trying and DON'T ADD ANYTHING NEW FFS! Seriously, I'm already overloaded with work and things to do so, one goal only. One. Only. Measurements (just because) Weight : 51kg Biceps : Tight : 51 cm Waist : 68 cm Shoulders : 96 cm Hips : 88 cm Chest : 88cm And because it's been a while: A few bouldering video https://plus.google.com/photos/108480292517047016938/albums/5884990217641754993?authkey=CL3xxJeH6Nu84gE #1: Half tunnel. I missed the last move! Rage!! #2 Tunnel part one: I was confused on where to put my feet... And thus, failed #3 Tunnel part two. Started at the checkpoint. Still confused with my feet and I didn't took enough rest while starting from the resting point. Thus my left arm failed me (and it hurt quite a bit) #4 Tunnel part three: final part of the tunnel. I just messed up the last move. Graaaah. So technically, I can finish the tunnel, I need to learn to rest more if I want to be able to do so.. :x Here we go, let's try not to give up this time!
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