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Hi All

So ive abandoned my previous battle log coz I thought its time to get serious and therefore I need a new log...

So lets start with why my battle log has this strange name....

while researching stronglifts I came across the story of Milo of Croton and thought that his story was an awesome guideline for what im wanting to achieve, I mean....

"His daily diet consisted of 20lb meat, 20lb bread and 18 pints of wine"


I wish I could eat like that lol... but I will eventually be doing this full paleo ( I say eventually because I am currently not in control of meals but that will change during the 12 weeks)

and the main reason im basing this on him...

"He started lifting and carrying a new born calf and repeating the feat daily as it grew to maturity, thus increasing his strength every day by small increments"


oh but of course there is the major difference of me being a girl..... so if im gona look like a greek goddess i wana look like this


and im hoping I wont be eaten alive by wolves

So yeah im really focusing on getting strong and turning this fat booty into a nice round muscular booty :D

My 12 week strong lift challenge started on the 2nd March and lets see how this goes...

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week 2 is going really well so far and im really loving this program. Feel all ubber powerful hehe.

I know you aren't supposed to work out on the alternate days but its just easier to go to gym before work then sit in hours of traffic so I still go. Tuesday just did some assisted pull ups, tricep presses, tricep pull downs and lat pull downs. Today just did some leg raises and some hill sprints then sat on the stationary boke for 15 minutes and watched cricket hehehe. GO SOUTH AFRICA lol.


Eating okish.... just a lil while longer then we will move into our new house and we will be in control of our dinners again.

We eat really well for lunch coz we buy our own food and prepare it but by the time we get home dinner is cooked and its ALWAYS carbs.


About a month to go and then we will turn full paleo again! CANT WAIT!!!!!


Well will post my workouts for the week tomorrow :) so that's my story for now

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feeling really gross this week.

feeling fat coz my eating has been up to shit and its shark week so feel all round icky and bloated and bllllaaaaagghhh.

and people keep commenting about my weight so I guess that doesn't help my ego much either.


Lifts are doing ok tho, I changed up the schedule a lil this week coz I was not up to lifting on Monday, I woke up in the middle of the night in utter pain from my wisdom tooth. So barely slept and couldn't lean forward at all without my mouth feeling like someone was hitting me with a hammer. SO I just walked on the treadmill for 20 mins lol.


I have a feeling I reached a PR on my squats... but I need to check if I can find any of my old logs. im at 35kg today and I know I have never reached 40kg so im really close to a PR if I haven't already got it.... feeling the DOMS in my ass already, LOVE IT!

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Had some extra time at gym and was all alone in the change rooms for once so I snuck in a gym selfie (im very shy about taking gym selfies lol)

Can really see a and feel a difference and im definitely getting results and feeling stronger. Once I lose the layer of fat around the muscles im gona have some serious guns hehehe :D


I wasn't really flexing properly coz concentrating on flexing and using a camera seems to be a talent I don't possess but well I tried :)






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gosh feeling so awesome that I hit a PB of 50Kg on my squat but then I couldn't do all 5 sets.

Managed 2 sets and then failed on 3.


Also failed on bench press and feeling gross from too much dairy this weekend so yeah not a happy camper today grrrrrrr

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Awesome work on your Squats! 50kg is hardly light weight. :)

I am currently sitting on 70kg and will stay there for a couple more sessions, not because of failure but I feel my form is not so good at this weight.

Just keep going and you will shift those suckers.

OHP oh my gosh, how hard are these things, I got stuck at 25kg for ever!

Your electronic log looks like you are progressing, so that is good.

Keep at it proVoke. You are doing fantastic things!

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Wait! What............?

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So I managed to do all 5 sets at 50kg and gosh I was so stoked with myself.... but then..... injury struck. I was on 21kg shoulder press and it wasn't hard at all and was having an easy time but on my second set I suddenly had this epic pain in my shoulder and back and had to stop. I'm seriously in pain and I dunno how I did it?!

So frustrating! Gosh!

So this is what shitty looks like lol


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So after hurting my shoulder and having the whole easter weekend happening I decided to take a break from gym and rest my arm. Suffered a bit because I had to deload on everything by 10% (too bad missing gym had the opposite effect on my weight tho lol) but hay...

Still really battling to get over 50Kg with my squats, after getting 5x5 @ 50KG two weeks ago I failed on my 4th and 5th sets today.


Oh well just gotta keep at it.


Unfortunately I completely ran low on time this morning and couldnt fit barbell rows in... oops. Now that the weight are heavier I need longer breaks so I guess its time to start waking up a lil earlier.... just in time for winter... lucky me



Here is my log for the week:




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ok so I disappeared for a while, end of April and beginning of May have been hectic. We took a week off from work for our 2 year wedding anniversary( star wars day of course!) and my sister was visiting etc etc

We FINALLY moved into our house YAY. so after a year of living with the parents and eating bad food I can finally go back to Paleo. We did start eating a lil healthy straight away but today marks day 1 of my full paleo diet!


Have not been to gym for a while due to mostly laziness and the beginning of winter taking away a lot of will power, but also ive been having some aches and pains in my groin which I think is from carrying too much body weight. I battle to walk lately never mind doing squats. So I have decided to focus on diet for a while and try lose some body weight before I start training again, this will also help as I have really not gotten used to the new routine with living in a new house etc and all the unpacking etc that needs to be done.


I feel I should take a new starting picture this evening and try record all my stats.... tho I don't have a scale at home currently.

I have to succeed this time! No more excuses! im tired of being fat!

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Ready to tackle this week!

Every day my goal is, get through TODAY without cheating. One day at a time is the best way to tackle this.


Starting Stats:

Weight: 77.7Kg




Lunch for today will be:

A small tub of nuts and raisins



2 Teeny sweet potatoes

half a turkey leg

and broccoli


Dinner im thinking will be mince meat cooked completely paleo on cauliflower mash


No gym still.... but wana focus on my diet for a bit anyway

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