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  1. Hope you don't mind if I print that out and hang it on the wall by where I keep my running clothes and dummbells. I'll be looking for a good font for it tomorrow... after I shower off the sweat of a good morning run!
  2. Ran 2.63 miles today, forgot to pack veggies but at least I have some fruit. No bodyweight training yet. Does anyone on here use Endomondo?
  3. Mind you, those are habits that have stick for YEARS now, and I don't really think about them any more.
  4. Ditto that! If you look to make small changes it will be easier to initiate, easier to build a habit, and less likely to fall later - because of the habit you've built and because it doesn't seem like a big deal. But the little things add up! I had crash diet and lost 20 pounds... weight that just crept back on. But cutting out sodas stuck, as did drinking my coffee without sugar. Little things, but big wins!
  5. Here we go again. Former 6-week challenger, fallen off the bandwagon. On-and-off runner, sometimes closing in on 10K... but never exercising with consistancy. "Skinny-fat" accountant who has made some changes but has a LONG way to go. I've made SOME progress in the time since I first joined NF... about two years ago? Three? Yikes! But consistancy has ALWAYS been a problem for me. I go for things hard and strong, burn out, and am left back where I started. Repeatedly. Year after year after.... Running? Worked up to a 5K many times over the years, pushed too hard and injured myself or caug
  6. Okay, so this last challenge didn't turn out quite how I planned. I stuck with my walking program, and built up to Week 1 of Couch-to-5K by the end of the challenge (I was on week 3 of Zombies 5K before I realized that I was going to hurt myself with it and switched). Win. The yoga program is a beautiful addition to my day, and I do it most days, sometimes with the children (Riley likes to pretend she's doing a side-bend and then fall down. Repeatedly. So cute. ) It hasn't been the straight week-over-week build that I intended, but I have certainly grown into being able to do more of
  7. This will be my first challenge outside of the Adventurers, and I'm excited to join the Druids for the first time this round! "I Used to be an Adventurer Like You, But Then...." Like the guards in Skyrim, my adventuring career is being cut short because of my knees - though my problem wasn't quite as painful as getting hit by an arrow.... Quick background: A sedentary accountant wants to lose 20 lbs and searches the web. He finds DietBet, MyFitnessPal, Nerd Fitness challenges and the Couch-to-5K program all within a week and decides to try all of them simultaneously. He took the 8 wee
  8. It's so good to see you posting again - you had me worried there!
  9. Screw the papers for today - I heard about a problem at work that no one has been able to figure out for the last six months, with a deadline fast approaching. Three hours of research at home, off the clock, and I just emailed one of the partners the answers she said she's been looking everywhere for! After having just been praised for (and asked to teach a short session during a class they put on!) my semi-obscure knowledge of the rules of calculating realized gains in funds-of-funds and the differences between tax and book approaches and formulas to calculate both in an Excel spreadsheet.
  10. So... I'm claiming an exemption from all future burpees, until further notice. Turns out my fall the other day left me with a pulled pectoral muscle and several bruised ribs. Nothing broken, but it sure hurts. In hindsight, it's no wonder I couldn't do burpees that morning.
  11. So you're doing all this work on your home without support for months at a time? Don't feel bad for getting behind - that happens to everyone! Considering your situation, you're doing a fine job! You're just overwhelmed - and we all get there. I mean, I've got my wife at home, and you've read about my paper piles. I have plastic storage buckets full of more papers in the basement to look forward to. Why? It's overwhelming. I get behind and I feel like I can't ever catch up... So I'll just put it where it's not in the way. But I'm making progress, slowly but surely. By not trying to fix
  12. Huh. Once you sort papers for over half an hour, and you start to see the patch of floor they covered (yeah- I know that's bad), you really don't want to stop. I did 45 minutes and would keep going but I know I only slept about 4 hours last night so I need I get to bed tonight. Of course, this is still phase one: quick sort (get rid of the nonsense and condense everything into a single pile) Phase 2 might go quick too (file the "to be filed" pile) But I'm dreading phase three - actually deal with the remaining pile, in order, no skipping. It's the only way anything will get caught up, but..
  13. Riley's recovering fine now, though she's supposed to eat only soft or mushy foods for a while. Epic fail on sleeping last night - details in my challenge thread if you're interested.
  14. Status of today's planned exercises: Woke up an hour later than I intended. Chugged some water before I started. Running was fine once I learned to ignore the nausea. My leg muscles were exhausted from dancing the night before, so although I did the drills just fine, the "10 minute free run" at the end where you decide how much to walk and how much to run - that was almost all walking. The two burpees barely happened - I was so tired I almost face planted in the middle of the second push-up. Although in hindsight, this may have been a result of my shoulder - as will be discussed later. Yoga a
  15. I did nothing last week, but all of the bathroom missions this week plus giving the walls a scrub. Now I just need to do 5 5-minute stints in the junk room, and I'll have a perfect week!
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