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  1. Hope you don't mind if I print that out and hang it on the wall by where I keep my running clothes and dummbells. I'll be looking for a good font for it tomorrow... after I shower off the sweat of a good morning run!
  2. Ran 2.63 miles today, forgot to pack veggies but at least I have some fruit. No bodyweight training yet. Does anyone on here use Endomondo?
  3. Mind you, those are habits that have stick for YEARS now, and I don't really think about them any more.
  4. Ditto that! If you look to make small changes it will be easier to initiate, easier to build a habit, and less likely to fall later - because of the habit you've built and because it doesn't seem like a big deal. But the little things add up! I had crash diet and lost 20 pounds... weight that just crept back on. But cutting out sodas stuck, as did drinking my coffee without sugar. Little things, but big wins!
  5. Here we go again. Former 6-week challenger, fallen off the bandwagon. On-and-off runner, sometimes closing in on 10K... but never exercising with consistancy. "Skinny-fat" accountant who has made some changes but has a LONG way to go. I've made SOME progress in the time since I first joined NF... about two years ago? Three? Yikes! But consistancy has ALWAYS been a problem for me. I go for things hard and strong, burn out, and am left back where I started. Repeatedly. Year after year after.... Running? Worked up to a 5K many times over the years, pushed too hard and injured myself or caught a cold and dropped running altogether, and... stopped. Strength training? I had been doing sets of 10 pull ups at one point. Today I can't do one. Pushups? I've worked my way back UP to a set of four! Food? Over the years the ltitle changes have stuck, the big ones have not. I eat like a pig, constantly. And drink enough coffee to kill a horse. But I'm down from 5-ish sodas a day to zero (maybe once a month or so as a treat). No sugar in my coffee (except for rare occasions), and chomping trail mix or pretzels instead of candy. It's a start.... but I've also gained 17 lbs in the past two years, so.... I have lots of areas to work on but am seeing some progress in my life: - soda, candy and sugar-in-coffee practically eliminated from my diet - converted my desk to a standing workstation at work - running 2-3 times a week, but not particularly consistantly - signed up for Endomondo so I can track my runs and post to Facebook for some encouragement And I've started various other things and just not stuck with them. Then I saw today's NF blog post in my email. And I realized: I need a rez... and some encouragement... and I know where I can find them. You guys have never let me down, and I've only failed when I walk away from my NF teammates. So here we go again! REZ PLEASE! How will I move forward? - I will seek community and encouragement where ever I can: facebook, endomondo, NF... - I will commit to regular workouts (setting phone reminders to run 4x/week and do BASIC minimal bodyweight exercises 6 days a week) - and I will make one small diet change, since it's the small changes that serm to stick! I commit to making one veggie snack every day to bring to work
  6. Okay, so this last challenge didn't turn out quite how I planned. I stuck with my walking program, and built up to Week 1 of Couch-to-5K by the end of the challenge (I was on week 3 of Zombies 5K before I realized that I was going to hurt myself with it and switched). Win. The yoga program is a beautiful addition to my day, and I do it most days, sometimes with the children (Riley likes to pretend she's doing a side-bend and then fall down. Repeatedly. So cute. ) It hasn't been the straight week-over-week build that I intended, but I have certainly grown into being able to do more of the poses from memory, not just the video. Win. Paperwork.... miserable failure. I'm going to try a different approach in my next challenge (I posted a thread last night - look for me in the Druids this time!) Drinking water... mostly good. No problems during the week, but on weekends I inevitably slip. Especially busy weekends, like they all have been lately. So I need to consider that a little more, but it's a start. Overall, I'd call this successful. Even though I stopped posting for the couple of weeks when work and life got crazy. So... level up! And I'm going to start anew, with new goals.... Wish me luck!
  7. This will be my first challenge outside of the Adventurers, and I'm excited to join the Druids for the first time this round! "I Used to be an Adventurer Like You, But Then...." Like the guards in Skyrim, my adventuring career is being cut short because of my knees - though my problem wasn't quite as painful as getting hit by an arrow.... Quick background: A sedentary accountant wants to lose 20 lbs and searches the web. He finds DietBet, MyFitnessPal, Nerd Fitness challenges and the Couch-to-5K program all within a week and decides to try all of them simultaneously. He took the 8 week C25K program and tried to compress it into six weeks to fit the NF challenge, while running a higher-than-recommended calorie deficit to win his DietBet. His knee began to experience moderate pain, but there were only two weeks left. Instead of backing down, training was ramped up. Then the knee decided to become unstable and periodically just stop supporting him without warning, he began to stumble for no apparent reason, and training had to stop due to INJURY #1. Training picked up again during the next challenge, and everything as going well. Then when C25K suggested a 2 mile run, he decided to see how fast he could go. He clocked the fastest mile of his life... Then did a second mile without stopping. Knee issues returned, were ignored again, and he had INJURY #2. Trail running for the first time ever, across uneven loose rocks - Why bother slowing down? INJURY #3. Then this accountant discovers that he has a family history of horrible knee problems and multiple family members who aren't even supposed to climb stairs. Now, I love to run. But I love being able to walk even more, and I don't want to lose my knees to idiocy. So, though I do want to be able to run 5Ks again (and my accounting firm does one together annually), I'm going to take my time getting there and focus my energy on building a better body, not just one that runs farther or faster. MAIN QUEST: My Cousin's Out Fighting Dragons, and What Do I Get? Guard Duty. My goal is no longer to have short term achievements at the expense of long term health: it is to build myself up to have long term health, one baby step at a time. I plan to gradually restore my body to running ability, while doing what I can to prevent injuries and turning more of my focus to my other exercise loves: yoga and hiking. Quest 1: Rehabilitation I currently have a morning routine (that I follow most days) which includes daily stretching of my hamstrings, followed by a brief and extremely basic yoga session. In the evenings I stretch my hamstrings again. This Quest is to amp up my routine to strengthen or loosen (as needed) those parts of my body that are prone to injury: Stretch hamstrings & quads twice daily (not immediately before a run!). Plank daily. Some kind of upper back work daily, once I figure out how to do that (the muscles between my shoulder blades are exceptionally weak due to my usual hunched posture). And continue to grow my yoga routine gradually (I've been adding a single pose every week or two, as I become comfortable with them.) One day I hope to become comfortable enough to start varying the order or content of my yoga routine as my body directs. Quest 2: Realistic Needs: Eating... Food? I don't know if you've noticed, but unless you install a "realism" mod, you can get by in Skyrim for years without eating anything. Or sleeping. And you're rewarded for munching on every random "alchemy ingredient" you come across. Fancy a bite of Giant's Toe, anyone? I need to mod my life and start eating real food instead of whatever's at hand. But my diet has gone wrong in so many ways that I don't know where to start. Extreme levels of coffee consumption, addiction to sweets, lack of vegetables at most meals, not stopping when I'm full, mindless snacking.... I must have redrafted this portion of my challenge half a dozen times, with a different diet approach each time. So... this portion of my challenge will be an adventure in learning where I stand today and planning how to move forward. I will keep a food journal from now through the end of the challenge. Writing down what I eat, and how much, will give me an idea of where I can focus efforts to improve. This could also be an opportunity to practice mindfulness, as it should help to focus my attention more on what I'm eating. I will also record when I go to bed each day or how long I sleep. Sharing my journal isn't necessary, though I may post it if requested. I reserve the right to change this goal to a specific diet goal later in the challenge, or not - to be determined later. Quest 3: Returning to Active Duty Don't overdo! I've started C25K training again (today was the first day of Week 2). And I could make the training my goal. But I KNOW ME. I can't resist the opportunity to go further, faster... And do it today! So I choose the far more difficult challenge: to train SLOWLY. I do not get any credit for training. I will get credit for: - never running without a 46 hour gap in between runs (you know, a 6 am run on Tuesday is okay after an 8am run on Sunday). - never running more than three times in any seven day period - never running "just a little further" after completing a scheduled workout - not trying to time myself (unless at an official race) - never advancing to the next week's set of exercises until I've done the current weeks exercises for at least 5 sessions. - Stopping and walking directly home if I experience any joint pain ....trust me, this goal is going to be the tough one for me. I have run an eight minute mile, and I have run 5K without stopping to catch my breath... And my body wants me to do those things again. Holding back sucks. Quest 4: Desk Duty Do paperwork. I attempted this last challenge (halfway through), but quickly got overwhelmed. I am now going to try a different approach. This is long overdo, and I might as well tackle it while I'm on guard duty! Methodology: My intention is to grow into the Zen to Done method (at http://zenhabits.net/zen-to-done-ztd-the-ultimate-simple-productivity-system/) I am currently very good with habit 1: writing everything down. The other nine habits are all areas to work on. I intend to focus just on habit 2 for now: "process. Habit: make quick decisions on things in your inbox, do not put them off. Letting stuff pile up is procrastinating on making decisions. Process your inboxes (email, physical, voicemail, notebook) at least once a day, and more frequently if needed. When you process, do it from the top down, making a decision on each item, as in GTD: do it (if it takes 2 minutes or less), trash it, delegate it, file it, or put it on your to-do list or calendar to do later." I will give myself credit for preventing additional inbox pileup (not counting weekends) and spending at least some time 5 days a week on reducing the backlog. SIDE QUEST: Exploring Skyrim To bring back a lost love: hiking. I will seek out and learn about local trails for hiking or (when I'm ready) trail running. I will investigate local clubs and groups to find hiking companions. I will ask around NF for local Rebels who know the area's trails or who have the same goals. And I will go hiking at least once before this challenge ends. I have hiked only once since high school, and that was in the Grand Canyon. The beauty of it - of nature, of the companionship of others on the same trail - the camaraderie of strangers who depended on each other's help and were all too ready to offer that help to people they have never met. It made me want to cry. I seek to return hiking to my life, knowing that my life will be better for it.
  8. It's so good to see you posting again - you had me worried there!
  9. Screw the papers for today - I heard about a problem at work that no one has been able to figure out for the last six months, with a deadline fast approaching. Three hours of research at home, off the clock, and I just emailed one of the partners the answers she said she's been looking everywhere for! After having just been praised for (and asked to teach a short session during a class they put on!) my semi-obscure knowledge of the rules of calculating realized gains in funds-of-funds and the differences between tax and book approaches and formulas to calculate both in an Excel spreadsheet. And blasting off an email at work detailing steps that we need to take to get one of our clients ready for next year - a task which my immediate supervisor was looking into addressing, but putting off - and which she gratefully passed on to me. Three for three! Progress on my pile or not, it's been a GOOD DAY. Paper quest resumes tomorrow.
  10. So... I'm claiming an exemption from all future burpees, until further notice. Turns out my fall the other day left me with a pulled pectoral muscle and several bruised ribs. Nothing broken, but it sure hurts. In hindsight, it's no wonder I couldn't do burpees that morning.
  11. So you're doing all this work on your home without support for months at a time? Don't feel bad for getting behind - that happens to everyone! Considering your situation, you're doing a fine job! You're just overwhelmed - and we all get there. I mean, I've got my wife at home, and you've read about my paper piles. I have plastic storage buckets full of more papers in the basement to look forward to. Why? It's overwhelming. I get behind and I feel like I can't ever catch up... So I'll just put it where it's not in the way. But I'm making progress, slowly but surely. By not trying to fix everything at once - by setting a little time each day to do it, and not stressing (too much) that I'm not slaying the dragon in one fell swoop. Have you considered trying something similar? Do dishes, but limit yourself to no more than 15 minutes in the morning and the same before bed. Plus a minute or two after a meal, if there's room in the sink or dishwasher. Do laundry, but one load a day at the most. And pit it away as soon as its done. 15 minutes on a project. Etc. Trying not to conquer the world all at once, but hitting the major things a little each day so they don't pile up (as much). Either way, you're doing great. And we're here to help any way we can. Btw, after you mentioned HabitRPG, I got my character set up. Having the daily reminder to do the little things like I mentioned - it's nice. And for some reason I put in extra effort so my character doesn't "die". Which I didn't think would motivate me. But it was a welcome surprise. . Not sure how you look up other people on that, but I'm "Draco of the Rebellion" (Draco was taken).
  12. Huh. Once you sort papers for over half an hour, and you start to see the patch of floor they covered (yeah- I know that's bad), you really don't want to stop. I did 45 minutes and would keep going but I know I only slept about 4 hours last night so I need I get to bed tonight. Of course, this is still phase one: quick sort (get rid of the nonsense and condense everything into a single pile) Phase 2 might go quick too (file the "to be filed" pile) But I'm dreading phase three - actually deal with the remaining pile, in order, no skipping. It's the only way anything will get caught up, but... Bleh. Not looking forward to it.
  13. Riley's recovering fine now, though she's supposed to eat only soft or mushy foods for a while. Epic fail on sleeping last night - details in my challenge thread if you're interested.
  14. Status of today's planned exercises: Woke up an hour later than I intended. Chugged some water before I started. Running was fine once I learned to ignore the nausea. My leg muscles were exhausted from dancing the night before, so although I did the drills just fine, the "10 minute free run" at the end where you decide how much to walk and how much to run - that was almost all walking. The two burpees barely happened - I was so tired I almost face planted in the middle of the second push-up. Although in hindsight, this may have been a result of my shoulder - as will be discussed later. Yoga and stretching were fine. Riley got up before we expected her and was begging for the bagel that I was eating before I ran out of the house. Long story short, she ended up eating pudding *sigh*. Only a few more days until solid foods.... Getting to work early? Well, I wasn't late. Barely. The exercise ball is not the abdominal workout I was hoping it would be, though it is a good reminder to sit straight. My back (and backside) hurt after three hours of it though. I'm switching back to my chair for the remainder of he day. And my shoulder and chest hurt on the left side - the shoulder that hit the ground when I fell out of the car, and the spot on my chest where I essentially punched myself - also when I fell out of the car. I'll ice the shoulder later. Yes, it's been a silly day. And yes, double paperwork sounds like a good punishment. Definitely better than three burpees with my shoulder aching. . Punishment accepted.
  15. I did nothing last week, but all of the bathroom missions this week plus giving the walls a scrub. Now I just need to do 5 5-minute stints in the junk room, and I'll have a perfect week!
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