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  1. Yakushima is part of Kagoshima, just south of Kyushu proper, and an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ancient cedar forests and mountains. I don't think any of them are considered holy, but one of the oldest trees in the world is located there, as well as it being the inspiration for Princess Mononoke (mostly the setting, but also the man vs. nature part since one issue in Yakushima's past was the early Japanese logging industry). It's not the same as a mountain hike but I've heard from so, so many people all over the world that the forest hikes and even the small mountain hikes are stunning and a must-do, and it's been on my bucket list since before I moved here, so I'm really thrilled to get a chance to go at last! Good luck with your mountain quest! I've only done Fuji, but I wish I'd done the rest before my doctors put the kibosh on strenuous hikes. I hope all three go great for you!
  2. YES! Accommodation for Yakushima hiking trip is booked, hiking boots and gear are reserved (they have rentals on the island and that's gotta be cheaper than buying a specialty-sized new set here or shipping mine from home), information on guides if I decide to try the more difficult full-day hike to Jomon Sugi has been received, planning for hiking lunches, rain gear, and transportation are assembled...it's still just under two months away but looks like my big hiking goal for the year is going to happen!!!! (Plus more snorkeling, watching turtles hatch, river and possibly ocean kayaking, and seeking out natural sea onsens...adventure ho!)
  3. Hey guys. Sorry I've been gone for so long. Combination of work stress, weird weather, and multiple deaths close to me recently...I've kept up with the challenge, but not well, so I may redo it next time, give it the attention it deserves. Thanks for checking in!
  4. Challenge number 2! Here we go! Second verse, hopefully not the same as the first! My Overall Goals: Lose at least 16kg to get back to my weight before I landed in the hospital Keep my platelets at a safe level consistently (between 80,000-150,000 per liter of blood) Get a job performing at Universal Studios Japan Look fantastic for upcoming weddings, including my own! Now, for the smaller goals. Not that "small" means easy, not by a long shot. It just depends on how you frame it! This Challenge's Goals Lose some weight, any amount Build more, proper exercise habits Enjoy the gorgeous Osaka weather before rainy season hits! Though these goals are small, I will master them, no matter what! If I can do that, then I can master anything! 絶対大丈夫よ! I suppose I ought to start by saying, I'm a Cardcaptor Sakura fanatic...and I may have spent way too long thinking of how much half of the things I want to try come from that show. So, here is the first of (most likely very, very, VERY many) Cardcaptor Sakura-themed challenges! 1. The Sakura Challenge! 1. いってきま~す! What: Go rollerblading at least two times per week Why: Purplebug bought me some rollerblades for my birthday, plus safety equipment, because I've been saying for years how I wish I could rollerblade to work instead of biking because I can hold an umbrella when it rains, I don't have to worry about parking, and it's way more fun! While commuting isn't an option because of rules about where one can skate or not in Japan, there is a lovely path behind our apartment that I see others skateboarding and rollerskating down alongside the bikers and runners, so why not join in and get some awesome exercise that is fun, too? When: Twice a week, because weather is unpredictable and I need Purplebug here as per doctor's orders when I exercise outside. That leaves Tuesday/Thursday mornings, Friday afternoons, and Sundays (we get home too late the rest of the week), so saying I can get outside an average of half those times each week seems good! Where: The Yodogawa river training path, less than 2 minutes from our back door. How: Purplebug and I are coordinating exercise challenges, so we can keep each other accountable by going out together twice a week for this Grading: Of days per week completed, 2+/2=A, 2/2=B, 1/2=C, 0/2=F (unless there are weather issues) 2. フライ!! What: Attend aerials class twice per week. I may also try to do a bit of outside training on the playground as well, since there are so many pull-up, gymnastic, and monkey bars around! Why: I did okay with the aerials twice per week challenge last time, so I figure I should keep going! When: Most likely Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons, with the occasional Sunday afternoon class when I am free and feel up to it! Playground stuff will happen Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and/or Saturday when I can. Where: Ikura Circus, and/or the playground outside our apartment. How: Booking classes in advance, so that I get charged if I don't attend. Also, I bought new leggings to motivate me! Grading: Of days per week completed, 2+playground/2=A, 2/2=B, 1/2=C. 0/2=F (in the case of sickness or cancellation, playground workouts can be substituted for classes) 3. ジャンプ!! What: Do 1 jump rope Tabata three times per week Why: I bought a jump rope. I did a single Tabata cycle as my strength training warm-up starting partway through last challenge and it actually helped a lot. So, now I'm going to push that a bit. Whether I have time for a full workout or not, I can set aside the 10 minutes to get changed, do a Tabata cycle, and clean up pretty much every day, so let's build those habits! When: Three times per week, most likely Monday and Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings/afternoons. Friday afternoons and Sundays are also possible but I'd rather get outside those days if I can! Where: At home! How: I downloaded a Tabata timer, and I'm going to keep my workout clothes by the jump rope so I'm always reminded to get going. Grading: Of days per week completed, 3/3=A. 2/3=B, 1/3=C, attempting to do at least 1/2=D, 0/3=F 4, 絶対大丈夫よ... What: Repeat Sakura's magic spell every day: "It will definitely be okay." Why: Because I need to stay more positive than last challenge, and with things falling apart, it's a good mantra to have. When: Every day, ideally in the mornings but any time is okay. Where: Wherever I need it! How: Just believe, Sabrina! You can do it! Grading: Of days per week completed, 7/7=A, 6/7=B, 5/7=C, 3-4/7=D, 0-2/7 F BONUS: さくらちゃんはずっとがんばりますわね! What: Do a playground workout once per week, probably the Nerd Fitness Playground Workout with a few additions. Why: The weather is great, there are 5 different playground within 2-3 minutes of my door, I get home early enough half of the week to get out there before the school kids do, the ojisans are already out there doing chin-ups and whatnot so it's not like it will be weird for me to exercise there, and also I just want to play on the playground (And it will help with aerial conditioning and general strength training, but mostly? Playtime!) When: Monday or Wednesday afternoons, Tuesday or Thursday mornings, or Saturdays or Sundays any time. Whenever I can! Where: The playgrounds at our apartment complex. The many, many playgrounds... How: I'll leave a set of comfy clothes by the door for days when I am home, and bring along a change of shoes on work days so I can go straight out there without even going inside when the weather permits and it's free! Grading: If it happens, A or B depending on timing and how many times I do it per week. If I don't do it at all, C, since this is a bonus challenge. There you have it! The journey to master the cards my health begins in earnest! みんな、一所懸命がんばってください! (PS: I swear I won't use so much Japanese most of the time. It's just so damn cute the way they say it...does this count as test studying?)
  5. Okay, short version for anyone who hasn't read my other posts just in case: 3 years ago almost exactly I was hospitalized and nearly died due to an undiagnosed low platelet disorder, had to be in treatment which included high doses of daily steroids, severe activity restrictions, and bed rest for 9 months, had to deal with the withdrawal and recovery symptoms for about a year longer, ballooned up to high weight and very little strength for daily activities, despite being very careful with my diet and doing everything I could to try and at least maintain weight if not lose it. Today, I stepped on the scale. I was scared because I've been on vacation for a week and my second week in my 4 week challenge is not going well at all, neither with regards to food nor exercise. But I made myself do it anyway. And I'm down 1lb. That is a tiny amount, especially considering it's been 3 weeks since I last weighed myself, but...it's a loss. And it's the first loss in THREE YEARS. I don't even care if it's from water weight or other factors, in the last three years I haven't had a single loss of even 1/10th of a lb AT ALL. For that matter, there have only been three times that I have weighed myself in that time where I didn't show a gain from the previous time! So I am absolutely through the roof with this. I'm still feeling discouraged with my ability to stick with my challenges, but this is a huge victory for me, if I can show a loss or a not-loss-by-at-least-maintaining-my-weight even with the terrible eating I did this vacation. I'm going to double down on my efforts again and see if I can repeat this next week! If it's a tiny loss or even just me staying the same, I will be so, SO happy!!!