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  1. Welcome! Our reasons are different but our goals are similar (33 here, looking to lose 20-40 lbs and wean off some medications for pain issues), if you need a cheerleader, I'm here! Good luck (^-^)
  2. Welcome, Evan! Congrats on the hormone therapy, and on already learning the hardest lesson in health, that the small, sustainable stuff is just as important or moreso than the big results. Good luck on your journey!
  3. Well, I'm back! Mid-January my laptop decided to die and because I was preparing to travel from Osaka to Glasgow for a wedding AND saving for my own, it's taken me til about two weeks ago to get back here! So I may as well start from scratch, right? Shiny new start for the shiny new computer! So, I'm Sabrina, I'm a 33 year old freelancer (performing, writing, and tour guiding) and part-time university English teacher originally from Colorado who has been living in Japan for six years now, and also lived in Scotland to get my masters degree for two years. I met my fiancee there and
  4. Oops, I've discovered two things that are throwing me off-track this week; Bullet journaling is REALLY addictive, and I am now That Girl Who Gets Our Extra Tickets to my friends. To elaborate, my birthday is in just over one week. Last year, a friend of mine in Hokkaido bought a season pass to the Osaka Umeda Arts Theater for shows (she had a goal of seeing 40 in one year) but then realized in July that she wouldn't get down to Osaka enough to use it, so she just gave it to me to use. I took advantage of it to hit up a few shows I wanted to see, including much nicer tha
  5. Week 2 Lifestyle: Bullet Journal Daily: 0/7 Days, Grade: -- Fitness: Attend Aerials Class and Gym: 0/3 Days, Grade: -- Food: Track Daily: 0/7 Days, Grade: -- Fitness/Lifestyle: Go Out Pokemon Hunting: 0/1 Days, Grade: -- (So Far: 0/2, --) Note: Since this is a grade based on my overall 4 week completion, I'll grade myself at the end! Possible issues to be wary of this week; I have a very busy weekend coming up. Saturday I'm visiting the traveling Final Fantasy cafe with a friend for lunch, then joining an open mic night for di
  6. Reflections on Week 1: not so good, honestly. The food tracking went fantastically and once my bullet journal arrived, I did pretty well with it but I did miss journaling yesterday because I was just not feeling up to even getting out of bed, so....eh. But I think that won't be an issue next week! Work-outs, on the other hand? Noooooope. The cold snap continued until today, and I developed a cough that got worse rather quickly, so I ended up spending the whole weekend housebound. No Pokemon catching, no gym, no aerials. Not a great start, nope...but from tomorrow, it's supposed to
  7. Oh, really? Nice, I'll do that, then, thanks!
  8. That's actually really reassuring to hear about the bullet journals. I think I was just getting overwhelmed with all the "cool things to do with your bujo" and "how to make your bujo most effective!" things out there, plus all the images online...but I got mine in today and while I admit I did spend a good 4 hours (good lord) getting it partially set up and decorated (...it was fun...), it's a lot simpler than I thought it would be, and knowing that most of the work is done now is a big relief, and what I have left is pretty easy, just pages for lists and planning, a couple habit tracking page
  9. Thanks for the support, you two I appreciate it! Also, tracking for week 1 to keep me accountable: Week 1 Lifestyle: Bullet Journal Daily: 2/3 Days, Grade: B Note: Hit a minor snag on this one, my journal was supposed to arrive yesterday but due to the national holiday in Japan, it won't be in til tomorrow at some point. So I'm only doing 1/2 of this week, for obvious reasons. Fitness: Attend Aerials Class and Gym: 0/3 Days, Grade: F Food: Track Daily: 7/7 Days, Grade: A Fitness/Lifestyle: Go Out Pokemon Hunting:
  10. New year, new computer, new goals, new successes, hopefully! I've got some big things coming up this year so I really need to buckle down and focus, so now that I'm back from a much-delayed vacation (we got stuck in Tokyo two days waiting for a rescheduled flight), here are some of my big goals for 2018: Look my best for my wedding at the end of the year! Purplebug and I finally set a "date", or rather a date range, after talking with an immigration lawyer over my trip back to visit with my family in Colorado. Our tentative plan is to elope and get married during the end-of-year b
  11. Hey all! Native Coloradan here, but I haven't lived stateside for over eight years now, and I'm coming back for my first visit home in about three year next week! I'd love to meet up with some fellow NF types, help me get back on track, motivation-wise, for 2018? I'm only around from December 23rd-January 3rd and will be limited to the Denver-Boulder metro areas, though, due to needing to borrow transportation. Still, if anyone in the area wants to meet up and grab healthy food, a quick workout or interesting outdoor activity, whatever, I'd love to!
  12. Week 2, Day 2 Goal 1: Aerials attended this week, 1/1! Yay! Goal 2: Breakfast included spinach, lunch included bananas, and dinner included broccoli! Could have been better, but I got in something, right? Goal 3: I biked to the train station to get to class (plus the walk from the station to the school), and also added a bit to my usual walk to aerials by detouring to buy a new kettle for our kitchen when the old one abruptly stopped turning off and starting smelling of ozone. That's $30 we weren't expecting to spend this week, but an extra 10 minutes of walking an
  13. Whew, delayed, but here's the results for Week One! Step One: Attend aerial lyra class once a week Grade: Pass...basically, Tuesday was not an option due to work, nor was Thursday, so I RSVPd for Sunday's class...and we got ANOTHER TYPHOON. That's two typhoons in exactly one week. I couldn't do Tuesday because we had to make up work from missing Monday due to the first typhoon, and then a new one kills my make-up chance? Ugh. But it couldn't be helped, the trains shut down and the circus closed for the day, so I'm just not marking this week for the overall challenge.
  14. Welcome! Best of luck with your goals! My outdoors goal is similar to your walking one, and I've gotten really practiced at packing boxed lunches/dinner, so maybe we can share some tips to help each other!
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