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  1. Day Six Yay Tokyo! Boo terrible train selection and tiny business hotels. Challenge 1, aerials twice a week is done for this week. Attended 1 our of 2 classes, but only one was available, so I give this a B for week one! Challenge 2, strength training three times per week...yeah, this is going to be tricky. We do indeed literally have an entry hallway wide enough for one person with the arms down and about 6 feet long max. I don't even have a chair for dips, there's a tiny low stool that we can't get out from under the desk because it's not wide enough. So I can do lunges, push-ups, leg lifts, squats, and basic or reverse crunches, but bicycle crunched and about half my dynamic warm-up I just don't have the space for. Also, tonight it is full of out stuff. So... did 1 out of 3 times this week, and I really could have done more even with how cruddy I was feeling (like waking up earlier this morning to do some before leaving), so...C for week one. Challenge 3, music practice four times per week I did somehow manage to do, though! Did 4 out of 4 times! A for week one, yay! Challenge 4, fruits and veggies with every meal went somewhat okay today except we didn't have time to grab a station meal and had to eki-ben it and of course none of the eki-bens had any produce with them, nor was any for sale as a snack. So...I missed doing perfectly on this week by ONE MEAL. Ate 19 out of 20 meals, so A still but I feel sad about breaking that streak. Breakfast: Multi-grain Cheerios in low-fat milk with toast with margarine and a banana Lunch: Katsu sandwich and tuna onigiri Dinner: Shuriken crackers with pork pate, gaspacho with lots of veggies, karage with bamboo and blackened bread crumbs, stone soup with spinach, mizuna, mustard seed leaves, and many more leafy greens, Japanese noodles with diced tomators and bell peppers, miso salmon with rice porridge, egg, salmon, and shrimp black rice sushi, and apple mousse with fresh apple compote and apple chunks. All the dishes were small so I say that adds up to 4 servings in 8 courses? Week One Grades Challenge 1: B Challenge 2: C Challenge 3: A Challenge 4: A Goal for next week: Figure out how the heck to work out in this business hotel so I can get in more strength training, attend aerials next Saturday, and keep up with the music and produce goals!
  2. Man, and I can remember back during seasons 1-3 when my friends and I were all terrified it was going to get cancelled due to low viewership, or fail to get renewed when the CW channel merger happened...oh, how young and naive we were...
  3. Day Six Woohoo!!!! Today was rough but I did everything that I possibly good and that feels GREAT! The ninja restaurant in Tokyo is gonna taste soooooo good tomorrow, like VICTORY, and I won't feel ashamed hitting up the Marvel Age of Heroes exhibit being surrounded by all the strong, buffed-up superheroes. YES! Challenge 1, aerials is finished for the week, and as I knew, I only made it once, as will be the case next week since we're out of town Saturday-Wednesday and the circus is closed Wednesday-Friday, but I am pleased to report minimal muscle pain the day after! I hurt more after lyra (which is probably due to the bruises, but still), I was worried I would have trouble writing on the board at work or walking/biking everywhere today, but nope Some soreness, of course, but nothing debilitating, hooray! Challenge 2, strength training three times per week FINALLY HAPPENED! After packing for the trip tonight, I realized I still had like 2 hours to kill before the finacee gets home, so I decided, why not give it a shot? Did a 10 minute warm-up with stretches and jogging in place, then 3 sets of squats, bicep curls, and seated dumbbell rows (I decided to forgo the push-ups because one of my shoulders is giving me trouble after class last night, and I don't want to push it just yet, maybe tomorrow), plus a 30 second plank and cool-down stretches. I also semi-decided on a routine while I'm in the business hotel. Warm-up is no problem, squats are okay, and maybe I can do incline push-ups using the desk chair if there isn't enough room to lay full out? Plus some leg raises and aerial crunches routine, and I'm going to try and fit in one more exercise if I can, just not sure what yet. Challenge 3, practice music three times per week is three for three so far! Bringing the ukulele with me to Tokyo, so hopefully I can at least practice in the hotel room if not in Inokashira or Yoyogi parks. Challenge 4, eat fruits and vegetables with every meal was a close one today. I did fine with breakfast and lunch, despite a scare when we realized we didn't buy avocado so I had to have an emergency banana with breakfast instead. Dinner, though...I caved, the corner shop and conbinis were low on healthy options and that gyoza just smelled so good! But I did limit myself to a 5-piece set instead of the 8-piece and grabbed a salad, so...whew! Breakfast: Savory oatmeal made with egg, milk, seven spice, and oats (makes 2 servings) with a banana Lunch: Creamy enchilada pasta made with bell peppers and corn Dinner: 5 gyoza with sauce and seaweed salad with corn, lettuce, carrots, and wakame Tomorrow morning we head off to Tokyo, where my biggest enemy is going to be the wonders of the eki-ben, or station bento box meals, as we are taking the shinkansen over lunchtime (10:00am-2:00pm). I love those things, they are so pretty and delicious and only slightly pricier than fast food, and they're pretty healthy but not so big on produce since they have to be stored and kept on the trains. But dinner tomorrow night is at the ninja restaurant, and the menu is pre-ordered and includes salads, veggie-heavy soup, and several veggie side dishes or mains made with vegetables included. And breakfast is set, too. So, if I can just avoid that eki-ben and grab a salad or something at the station beforehand to avoid breaking my perfect streak on this challenge this week...
  4. Is it just me, or do a lot of tired, played-out scenarios get way more interesting when there are trains involved? This thought brought to you by swanky, steampunky Hanky Line trains, too much mindless time at work to ruminate on recently read books, and excitement for a four-hour bullet train ride that shouldn't be this exciting anymore but apparently I'm six years old shut up it's cool I swear!
  5. Woohoo! Keep up the momentum! Even your stumbles are tiny!
  6. Day Five Better! Still feeling fatigued but not sick, so...yay? Challenge 1, aerials twice a week or rather just once this week, I managed it!!! My first aerial sick class, whew! I am very tired now. But I did it! Challenge 2, strength training three times per week is still not happening yet, but I'm hoping that tomorrow the fatigue will continue to just be that, and not fatigue plus sick feelings, so I can do at least a basic workout. Still brainstorming ideas for training in tiny tiny business hotel spaces for Tokyo... Challenge 3, practice music four times per week didn't get addressed today but I plan on doing so tomorrow! Challenge 4, fruits and veggies with every meal continued well! No pictures today, but here was the plan: Breakfast: Eggs florentine quesadillas made with homemade creamed spinach. Lunch: Homemade teriyaki chicken meatballs with tiny chopped bell peppers, steamed broccoli, and pumpkin and cucumber salad Dinner: Creamy enchilada pasta made with bell peppers and corn, Tomorrow is a day that might derail me on this challenge because I didn't plan for dinner. I will do my best to resist the siren call of the Universal City's TGIFriday's...
  7. Thanks! I'm not sure, it's kind of partially vinyassa flow and partially just general poses...I mostly wondered because yesterday there was an awful lot of plank position happening, and core stuff!
  8. First, a food photo from Day Three that I forgot to post! That was also my lunch today, yum! Day Four This weird fatigue and sickness thing is not getting better. I'm a bit concerned. I think I will have to stop by the doctor tomorrow or Friday for an emergency platelet test, I do NOT want a repeat of Golden Week in Tokyo three years ago to happen this year. Like, REALLY do not want a repeat of that. I rather like not bleeding to death and not being able to find an open hospital because they are all closed for the weekend/holiday... Challenge 1, aerials is still waiting for tomorrow. I decided to ask a coworker to join me for extra accountability since it is the only day I can go this week, and I'd rather at least try to attend and then have to sit it out than just waste the money completely by not showing up. Challenge 2, strength training is in danger. Once again, I just passed out for a good 2 hours when I got home and did nothing, and tomorrow there's no time since I go straight from work to aerials, then come home straight for dinner at 9:30pm, and then straight to be by 11pm. That leaves Friday and Saturday, which is two days only this week. I need to start feeling better!!!!! Challege 3, music is still doing well, though. I ran through my songs again tonight for about 30 minutes before I had to lie down and rest again, so that's 2/4 days down now with Friday and Saturday still remaining! Challenge 4, fruit and veggies with every meal is still going well, too. Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with avocado and feta cheese (1 serving is 1/2 an avocado, 1.5 eggs, and 1oz feta) Lunch: Leftover pumpkin and cucumber salad with grilled Japanese mackerel and rice with green peas Dinner: Steamed broccoli, pumpkin and cucumber salad, and homemade teriyaki chicken and tofu meatballs with a tiny bit of bell pepper inside Today was an all-veggie day, which I'm proud of! Question: I'm serious, does yoga count as strength training? Thanks!
  9. Day Three Not a great day today. I managed to get through most of a yoga session with @purplebug this morning, but I felt sick all day, weak and exhausted and so unwell I cancelled on my Japanese class today as well. So...eh.... Challenge 1, aerials still waiting for Thursday! Challenge 2, strength training 3 times per week....um...does yoga count? I honestly don't know...if so, I'm 1/3 there this week? If not, here's hoping I feel less sick tomorrow... Challenge 3, music practice 4 times per week did not happen today because I just felt too sick. Didn't want to risk dropping any instruments because I had to run to the bathroom. So I'm 1/4 so far, with 4 days left to go! Challenge 4, fruits and veggies with every meal is still doing okay, though I skipped lunch entirely today. So technically I ate produce with every meal today, it's just I only ate two... Breakfast: Instant breakfast with banana (I REALLY didn't feel up to eating anything, like at all) Dinner: Mame-gohan (rice with green peas), pumpkin and cucumber salad, and grilled Japanese mackerel. We'll see how tomorrow goes. It should be an easy day in general but if I'm still feeling as tired as I was yesterday and today, that could cause me some problems.
  10. I can try squats, maybe crunches/sit-ups, maaaaaaaybe lunges...there really isn't enough space for anything other than standing stretches, though, the little hallway is like the length of two doors max. It's a tricky situation...
  11. Yep, we'll try yoga in the morning when we get up!
  12. Day Two Not quite as good as day one, due to feeling really run down and some mystery bleeding last night and today, so I sort of took it easy. Still tried to do as much as I could, though! Challenge 1, aerials twice once THIS week is still waiting for Thursday's class. Challenge 2, strength training three times a week was supposed to start today but as I said, possible low platelets coupled with extreme exhaustion. I decided it was better not to push it. I still have Wednesday, Friday, and possibly Saturday (I know we're supposed to do non-consecutive days but maybe a mini body-weight only workout would be okay and still making my goal, instead of doing the full work-out two days in a row) to do this! Challenge 3, practice music four times per week was one I had to power through with the exhaustion. But I did it! Almost 50 minutes of running through possible repertoire and practicing on my ukulele. My fingertips hurt because I'm not used to playing for so long anymore, but no blisters, so win! Challenge 4, eat fruits and vegetables with every mal has gone well! Today's meal plan: Breakfast: 1 serving (40g) low-sugar granola with 1/4 cup plain low-fat yogurt, a hard-boiled egg, a banana, and water. Lunch: 2/3 serving leftover homemade white bean and spinach enchiladas and 1 serving homemade warm corn and avocado salad. Dinner: Poke bowls (tuna, salmon, and octopus sashimi with avocado and la-yu sauce), 1/2 cup white rice, and salad with oil and vinegar dressing. More servings than yesterday, yay, and a bit more variety! This goal is a bit expensive since fruit and veggies are obscenely expensive here (like, 5 small bananas is about $1.50 US, and that's the cheapest produce on a routine basis!) but other than the price, it's coming along easily as long as I follow the meal plan! Dinner pic, tell me this doesn't look delicious and amazing! Some concerns I could use help with: @purplebug and I are going to Tokyo from April 29-May 3. I am bringing my ukulele with me to practice, but we will be in a business hotel which means there's space for a bed, a suitcase under the bed, a desk, a tiny closet, and just enough room to walk between the bed and desk/closet on one side to get to the bathroom and door. No exercise space at all, save the bed and that tiny hall area. Does anyone have tips on body weight exercises that can be done in a small space? Just a short workout to keep me on track? Also a bit worried about food momentum during those five days but at least for that, I just have to suck it up and make sure we go places where I can order a side salad or edamame or something!
  13. Day One So far, not too bad. Today was a recovery day from performances and a chance to do work prep so even though it's only 3pm here, I think I can say I'm doing okay so far. Goal 1, aerials twice a week has not happened yet; I have booked a class on Thursday, but that's all due to needing to do prep stuff and housework today and traveling over the weekend. But I did book the class, so in theory I'm on my way to getting in one class this week! Goal 2, strength training three times per week is not happening today either, but should start tomorrow. I should be home from work by 6:30-7pm or so, and my fiancee won't be til closer to 8:30pm, so I plan on exercising in that break while rice cooks for dinner. I also plan on tackling goal 4, practicing music four times per week during that time as well. Wednesday I have from 4:30-8:30pm to do the same things, and Friday the fiancee is going to a JSL meet so I should be able to do them that night as well. I need to brainstorm how to train while I'm in Tokyo next week, though, nip that concern in the bud now... Goal 3, eating fruits and vegetables with every meal is off to a good start! Today's meal plan: Breakfast: 3/4 cup wholegrain Cheerios, 1 slice homemade bread with 1 tsp fat free margarine, a banana, and water Lunch: Minimally-spread PB&J sandwich (because we ran out of everything else, whoops, will have healthier options next time) and mikan with water Dinner: Homemade white bean and spinach enchiladas with homemade warm avocado and corn salad, and I might cave and try some horchata with this instead of water but I'll try to stick with water Two pieces of fruit with two meals, and three servings of vegetables with dinner (I checked, the amounts used will be that many servings). I hope tomorrow goes as well as day one has! Today's dinner:
  14. Our apartment is almost at the very top of a not-impossible-but-still-rather-steep hill, one that starts where you turn at a stoplight. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have the green light or no traffic so we don't have to start going uphill from a near standstill, but only sometimes, and even then we have to slow down enough to make that sharp turn just before heading uphill. It's not easy, and for most of the past year I've just biked about 2/3 of the way up it or less and then walked my bike the rest of the way back. I just didn't have the strength or the energy to get all the way up, and when I did, it was a rarity. But this past week, I've gotten all the way to the top and into the parking area without stopping three times in a row now! The last two times it's been two consecutive days even, and tonight it was even from a standstill, because we had to wait for buses that were turning at the stoplight and only had the time crossing the intersection to get up momentum. I'm a bit out of breath by the time I park still, and my left thigh feels really tight afterwards (luckily I can walk it off a bit on the way inside and up to our floor), but I'm feeling really proud of myself, especially since my cheap little mamachari is five years old now with crappy brakes, no lights, and no gears. Clearly something is going right!
  15. First challenge time! Yay! Can you feel the antici...pation? My Overall Goals: Lose at least 16kg to get back to my weight before I landed in the hospital Keep my platelets at a safe level consistently (between 80,000-150,000 per liter of blood) Get a job performing at Universal Studios Japan Look fantastic for upcoming weddings, including my own! An explanation behind these goals, for anyone who didn't see my forum introduction: I have Hashimoto's hypothyroid and polycystic ovaries, diagnosed as a teenager for both, and despite having a healthy diet and lifestyle I have struggled with my weight for most of my life (as in, I did competitive karate 3-5 times per week for 10 years, avoided soda, wasn't a big chocolate person, loved produce and seafood, and yet never got below a BMI of 24 or a size 8). in 2012 I hit my goal of getting back within my healthy weight range and feeling strong and fitjust in time to move to Japan, and I kept myself at that level for almost 2 years when I landed in the hospital with a serious case of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, or dangerously low platelets. A healthy person has around 150,000 platelets per liter of blood and I was down to less than 1,000 and was literally bleeding to death internally. I was bedridden for a month, under strict medical observation for another 9 months, and on a fairly high dose of prednisone during that time as well. By the time I was off of the prednisone and observation, I had gained 9kg and lost almost all of my strength; I couldn't exercise, I could barely stand to be out walking around to run errands like usual much less do yosakoi dance training or intensive exercise like before, and the withdrawal symptoms were so bad I could barely move some days. It took at least another year to get past that, and another year before I had a handle on what diet helped keep my platelets at a safe level and was approved by the doctors to exercise more than just daily activity levels and basic stretching. I'm still not allowed to exercise outside without someone there in case I injure myself and can't stop bleeding, and I get exhausted super easily. So I've gone up 16kg in total since hospitalization. The ITP is chronic and will never go away and it has taken a while to accept that, but now I think I'm finally at a point where I can start living with it instead of being held captive by it, and I want to get on that with a group of like-minded geeky types who support each other with our different challenges on our journeys! So...that's the why behind the goals! This Challenge's Goals Lose some weight, any amount Stick to my platelet boosting diet Prepare songs for Voice Kobe's competitive open mic night Which leads to my challenges... Challenge 1: Attend at least 2 aerials classes per week I usually make 1 class per week but May I have more free time so I'd like to try to increase that! A bit worried because April 29-May 3 I am out of town, which means I only can go once the week of April 23-30, and May 3-7 is Golden Week so I don't know if the classes will be cancelled or not. Challenge 2: Do body-weight strength training at least 3 times per week I never tried strength training outside of what we did in classes as warm-ups, so I'm starting very slow with a beginner body-weight workout, maybe 3 sets of 8-10 reps per exercise for about 20 minutes to start. Challenge 3: Eat at least 1 fruit or vegetable serving with every meal I already do this most meals, but not all, so I just have to push myself to get something in with every meal, not just 3/4 of them! Challenge 4: Practice my new music at least 4 days a week I used to practice a lot but the last 3 years I've only done voice work and sporadic practice while I recovered from being sick, so I need to get back into it.. I'm not really planning on doing week 0 since I spent a few days doing the planning worksheets, but I'm tracking it anyway just to get in the habit. Spreadsheet time! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qsXaDLCN-YDY37wFC1bKEJCbEEqGdmaZqcuk1mRt218/edit?usp=sharing Here's hoping this goes well!