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  1. Cheetah

    Cheetah sprained his butt.

    Ha! I'm far far away from being able to do a guitar video. Food today has been a train wreck, but I'm not letting that stop me from having a good day tomorrow. My sprained butt continues to improve. I think I've probably got at least a week, maybe two before I'm back to 100 percent. I'm too tired to think of anything else to say. I hope you all have a great weekend! Wait... it's not Friday? Crap. ;-)
  2. Cheetah

    CJL Joins the Rangers and Gets Going

    Great work so far; keep it up!
  3. Cheetah

    Cheetah sprained his butt.

    Today has been pretty good. Back pain has decreased, but everything is still stiff and sore. My range of motion is better today though. This really is reminding me of a sprained ankle. I'm going to start telling people I sprained my butt. Food has been good today. Bowl of beans for brunch, didn't finish because I got full. Dinner box consisted of a sliced up bell pepper, a sliced up zucchini, a handful of mushrooms, a few club crackers and a bit of very very nice havarti. Oh, and a nutty buddy because they're awesome. I brought an apple and banana but I haven't needed them. I played a little guitar today. I'm still working on basic chords, but I'm also starting to play around with some blues chords and the scale that goes with them. I've been googling gear and watching videos about effects pedals. Pretty cool. That's about it for today. Happy Wednesday!
  4. Cheetah

    JonFirestar, Battered, Bruised but not Broken

    Welcome back Jon! It's good to see you again. Great job on the lifts! Happy Challenge!
  5. Cheetah

    [Sloth] Eat Pizza, Be Awesome, Repeat

    This reminds me that I want to change the cassette on my bike. It's a standard 10-speed set and I'd really like to have a big hill gear. I'm sure I saw one online once.... off to google I go. Keep up the good work!
  6. Cheetah

    Cheetah sprained his butt.

    (you asked for it ;-) Basically, I got a wake-up call from my Big Why. Here's how it went down. About two weeks ago I woke up with lower back pain. I have no idea what I did, but my back was moderately stiff and sore as though I had tweaked it a bit. Being that this is not my first go around with this kind of pain, I enacted back rehab protocols, which mostly involves a lot of gentle stretching and careful toe-touches. I was working, and things were feeling better. Then, this Saturday past I was going to take a bicycle ride with my family, and while I was incautiously loading my son's bike in the back of our vehicle, I wrenched my back something awful. I went ahead with the ride, because sitting on a bike didn't seem to hurt much, but that evening it got more and more tight. Sunday morning I could hardly walk. I went back to stretching and gently working it, but by Sunday night it was still pretty gnarly. So Monday I got in to see my wife's chiropractor. I wasn't too hopeful, but he explained that he thought I had actually wrenched the joint between my right pelvis and tailbone (I didn't even know there was a joint there. There is.) and that it was mostly just going to have to heal up, but an adjustment would help everything calm down a little so the healing could progress. After the adjustment walking around was less horrible, so I think that it was helpful. Today it's a bit better, but still not happy and I think it's going to take a few weeks of stretching and bending and being very careful to get right again. I say all that to say this. I firmly believe that my back is tweaked out because I haven't done any proper strength exercises in a very long time, and the muscles in my posterior chain are not strong enough to put up with the kind of stupid antics that I get up to. I used to have chronic low-grade back pain, all through my 30s. When I started barbell training a year and a half ago, within 6 weeks the back pain was gone. Now I've stopped lifting for a good six months or more, and my shoulders ache and now the low-back pain is back. In my mind, this is a strong correlation. This ties directly into my big why, which has always been that I don't want to deteriorate as I continue to age. I firmly believe that most of the old-age ailments that the masses believe are inevitable can be held off indefinitely through wise eating and exercise. Lately I've been using college classes as an excuse to eat poorly and not exercise, and now I'm hurt and I'm getting fatter. This will not do. So, I'm getting back on the ball. I have to start gently while my back/pelvis recovers, but I'm going back into strength training. Kettlebells were working well for me, and I can fit the workouts into my schedule, studenting and all. Once classes are out, I'm getting back under the barbell. Effective immediately I'm practicing intuitive eating to the utmost degree that I can. This still makes it a gentle program by most standards, and it's possible to be very strict and extremely flexible, which is what I love about it. Yesterday I had a great day with food, and today is shaping up to be great too. Challenge-wise, every day is pass/fail on these two fronts. I'm tracking myself with HabitBull. I'll post as much as I can about workouts and food, but I might not hit every day because work is actually busy for me these days. But I'm going to get it done. I absolutely, utterly refuse to sit back and watch my body fall apart. So that's it! Happy Challenge everyone!
  7. Cheetah

    » captain's log [shaar: v. battle log]

    You should take a dog. Of course, it might see a frog and go for a jog. Or instead of a dog you could take a date to the log and have a snog. If you do, don't put that in the battle log vlog on a log. In any case, do it soon. We're all agog. :-)
  8. Cheetah

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    Good job making and keeping that appointment today. Courage is taking action in the face of fear. You are very courageous! Keep up the good work!
  9. Cheetah

    Cheetah sprained his butt.

    I'll type out something later but basically this is same goals as last time, but something has clicked and I feel I'm going to have more success this challenge. Happy challenge everyone!
  10. Cheetah

    [Sloth] Eat Pizza, Be Awesome, Repeat

    Following to see how this shakes out. Favorite toppings?
  11. Cheetah

    Stribs Lays the Foundation for Summer

    Illinois has a national park? Did someone plant a tree in the corn field? I'm from there so I can talk. :-) Happy challenge!
  12. Cheetah

    Salinger's twenty second challenge!

    You can do it! Happy challenge!
  13. Cheetah

    Starpuck gets her Ranger on!

    Welcome back! Your goals are great. You can do it! Happy challenge!
  14. Cheetah

    Emerald Eagle prepares for a parasite - Part 1

    Nice challenge! The big why is the ultimate motivator; I'm glad you've got a good one. Happy challenge!