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  1. Cheetah doesn't know what he's doing.

    Thanks everyone. :-) I'm still here. Last week was kind of a mess, with Kate breaking down and then my birthday causing me to feel like I needed to eat like an idiot. But I'm back on track this week, no worse for wear. I didn't get to lift at all last week, but I'm back on it as of yesterday. So today I'm a bit sore here and there. But, I made all of my reps on the linear progression, so it's onward and upward. I've been working a lot on school work. It's funny to try to say, because I'm both a teacher and a student, so I think people won't know which one I'm talking about. This time I'm talking about work in the classes I'm attending as a student. See, that was a long sentence and I'm not typing that every time I talk about doing school work. I'll have to work on terminology that can more easily differentiate my student work from my teacher work. Anyway, I've been doing gobs of reading and writing papers this week. It's an online university, and the classes are set up to work at your own pace. The entire syllabus is there, and you do the things and upload the papers as you get them done. It's organized in a week-by-week structure, but there's no reason not to work ahead. It happens I have a lot of time on my hands these days. Right now I think I'm almost two weeks ahead of the schedule. I'm a little concerned that I'm missing something by plowing through it so quickly, but I'm getting high marks on everything I turn in. Anyway, I'm having fun with it. The classes are more interesting than I thought they might be. So that's nice. I think that's about it for today. I hope you're all doing well. I'm afraid I'm quite behind on everyone's threads.
  2. Salinger's eighth challenge!!

    Since you asked. If you're doing squats, you're already doing leg press and leg extension. I wouldn't do all three of those; I'd just do squats. Everything else looks good. Good job!
  3. Salinger's eighth challenge!!

    Do you have time to take a walk around the neighborhood? Great job getting into the gym! Keep going back!
  4. Emerald Eagle is going on an Adventure

    Awesome job hitting a PB! It's so great when the work pays off and you get to see the progress. Fantastic!
  5. Sloth News

    My commute is 1.5 miles each way. But if I had to drive an hour, it wouldn't bother me much. Audiobooks and podcasts, baby.
  6. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    Space-age aircraft-grade aluminum is another favourite.
  7. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    That's true, but I think that might be desirable. I think that of course the garment would have to be a mix of materials, because it has to stretch enough to get it on and off, but it also needs to be relatively stiff, in order to do the job of holding everything in place during activity. Plus, if you can put "carbon fiber" on the packaging, you can immediately double the price. People love carbon fiber.
  8. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    No, it would be flexible. A semi-rigid elastomer is still pretty squishy.
  9. Cheetah doesn't know what he's doing.

    I have birthday in common with A. A. Milne and Danny Kaye, two of my favourite people. :-)
  10. Stribs Hunts for the Hype in Unfamiliar Places

    I hope your dog recovers soon! Good job saying no! I actually have the opposite problem. I'm so good at saying no, my kids don't usually get the entire question out of their mouths before I shut that crap down.
  11. Brogo gonna bro

    Ugh. Hopefully the class is good in spite of the bad instructor. Sorry your painting hasn't sold. Maybe it will soon!
  12. Brogo gonna bro

    Personally, I try to get all of the sucking done as quickly as possible, so I can relax and enjoy the rest of my time. But it's a tough call.
  13. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    On the Island of Yap, the official currency is stone discs, usually made of calcite, some of which are up to 4 meters in diameter. I'd be willing to be there's a lot of money to be made there. Deffy's not the only one in her demographic. I've always wondered what would happen if you impregnated carbon fiber cloth with a semi-rigid elastomeric polymer. :-D