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  1. Is anyone here on chess.com? Looking to add more friends.
  2. Thank you, I really appreciate the encouragement! I'm with you on this. I'm definitely committed to riding this out to the end of the challenge. That's 5-ish weeks, and I think I should see some kind of indication of what's going on. I'm pretty meticulous about weighing and measuring things. I keep my food scale on my kitchen counter, and I almost ever just estimate things. The only things I estimate are usually fruit and veg, which are low enough calories that a few ounces either way isn't going to matter. Everything else gets weighed and measu
  3. You can do it! I'm in the same boat; food logged and on track for success.
  4. Thursday Update Food - was okay. My new official cal. target is 1800 on non-workout days, 1900 on a day when I only lift or run, and 2000 on a day when I do both. That's the best sense I can make out of the information I have. Exercise - I did not lift. I had to work through lunch so I could go home early. I also did not run, because Thurs. is not a run day. This week has felt a little bit thrown off, but things haven't gone totally off the rails, and today I feel like I have a good direction to move forward on. I need to let it play out and at the end
  5. I've tried that before, and it doesn't work well for me, simply because 1 day quickly becomes three or five. I do best with adherence when I eat the same every day.
  6. That's something to think about. I will think about it.
  7. I guess when you're a magic elf you can stick pieces of a sword back together by banging them with a hammer. Sadly, real hammers don't work this way. It does remind me of a funny conversation I had once. There's a little town south of here called Pigeon Forge. Dolly Parton is from there. I went with some friends once, and it got me wondering where the name came from. Was there a person, once upon a time, who was known for attempting to forge pigeons together into stronger pigeons? Then I have a mental image of holding a pigeon with a pair of tongs in a fire until it's smoking
  8. I think Giuseppe is my favorite. I think this year it's pretty obvious who will be the top two bakers.
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