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  1. Yep. Most of mine have involved trying to accomplish something that is frustratingly out of reach. There have been more appearances from people in my past than usual. And, you know, various wildlife and decrepit mansions and such.
  2. I'm sure I don't know anything about that. You notice that Cheetah is in fact wearing a very fancy bowler hat, with a green and blue feather in the band. You can't be sure he had one a moment ago, but he definitely is wearing one now. Cheetah smiles and sips his beer innocently.
  3. I hate those. It's the reason I don't do squats any more; I'm afraid that my knees won't tolerate it.
  4. Naturally. Cheetah sips his tea and daintily nibbles his sandwich.
  5. It still happens. In Indiana you don't have to say why you're firing someone, and proving intent in court is tricky.
  6. It's Thursday. Last night some friends came over and we made fajitas. I ate roughly twice as much food as I probably needed, just out of habit and stress. So that was not mindful. I'll try again today. No exercise has happened yet this week, but I'm not getting my hopes up for it. Well, possibly tonight I might get a workout in. We shall see. My beautiful wife's father is not doing well. Last year he underwent treatment for multiple myeloma, and now he's not breathing well. The theory is that it could be damage to his lungs from the cancer treatment. The docs h
  7. Cheetah saunters into the Tavern and pulls up a stool at the bar. He orders a tea and cucumber sandwiches.
  8. When I was young, I didn't like cleaning up, and avoided it at all costs. Now I love cleaning up, and it bothers me that my children aren't as enthusiastic about it as I am. The wheel keeps turning.
  9. I can see it. You're basically talking about a smoothie, and depending on what you put in with it, it might not be bad. You could do like a summer garden smoothie with zucchini, carrots, tomatos, cauliflower, and ranch dressing, or something like that. I'd try it.
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