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  1. Thank you, I appreciate that. I really do want to improve, and I'm sure I can. It was just a bit harsh the way this information came to me. My boss didn't mean to be harsh, but I took it badly, because that's what I do. I'm starting to feel better about it though. I've started reading my first leadership book, and it's pretty interesting. And I'm finding out that I am doing a lot of things right.
  2. One of the first chickens I owned lay blue eggs. It was fun but they aren't any better.
  3. Well, that seems to have worked. Today has been marginally better. I'm doing okay overall. I'm just having a little trouble at work. Apparently I'm a good manager but not as good of a leader. So I have to improve my leadership skills. It's not something I've thought much about, which is probably why I'm not better at it. So there's that. I'm doing okay with food the last couple of days, although I'm still not exercising. I'm going home for lunch now, and I'll take a quick walk around the neighborhood. That should help some.
  4. You're doing a great job, keep it up!
  5. It didn't. But thank you anyway. 🙂
  6. Yesterday was horrible at work. Today has been less horrible. That's all I've got at the moment.
  7. Mid-Monday The day isn't over but I'm doing pretty well and I have a minute so I thought I'd stop by. Food has been good today. I'm getting more settled into actually enjoying eating a bit less food than I used to. It's interesting that this is happening because I don't think I really did it on purpose.... except that I kind of did. I think that my time with mindful eating is starting to pay off. I'm going to keep working with it, but in a way that honors my occasional need to eat my feelings in the form of ice cream. Even if it's occasionally every day. 🙂 I skipped the allergy meds this morning and I don't feel as tired. This could be problematic because the allergies are real, and the meds help with that. I'm going to try taking them every other day and see if that is an okay compromise. It's going to be hard to remember and keep track, though.
  8. I love graph paper, haunted mirrors, and lana del rey, so that sounds like a great day!
  9. Sunday Food was good today. Light breakfast, big lunch, popcorn for dinner. No exercise today. I was tired today. I think it might be allergy meds.
  10. I'm always anti-social on sundays. I think by Sunday I've reached my limit of people for the week. Sadly, I almost never get a day off from people. It's enough to make me want to fake an illness.
  11. Friday At work I hung a 65 inch tv on a wall in a classroom. I also ate a lot and didn't get any exercise. But I felt okay overall. Today I have built a set of nest boxes for my chicken coop, so the hens will have a nice clean place to lay eggs. I hope they use it; hens can be funny about things like that. Anyway that counts for exercise. I have had a lot of food. I feel okay today. I'm happy about getting the nest boxes done. A friend of mine was over and helped, so that was nice. I'm feeling okay with people one on one, but I feel like I don't want to go around groups. But that might be my normal level of anti-social, and not anything to be worried about.
  12. Today I as excited about building nest boxes chickens. I thought yours was explained, though. Because of the ... Unbalanced forward-loading.
  13. Thursday I can't remember what I did, so it must not have been too good or bad. I think it was a busy day at work. I know it was Constitution Day, which means free pizza for lunch, so I got in on that for sure. I didn't get any exercise because of the day being funky so I didn't go home for lunch. I'm not having many positive thoughts right now, so I'll just leave it there.