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  1. Cheetah

    In Which Cheetah Solves A Mystery

    You'll just have to trust me on this one. ;-)
  2. Cheetah

    In Which Cheetah Solves A Mystery

    Hanging. ;-) I've finally identified the primary flavour of the coffee that is offered where I work. And don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining. Not at all. The coffee is free, and we go through a shocking quantity of it, and my boss doesn't have to buy it for us. I'm grateful for the cheap nasty free coffee. Couldn't live without it. But still. I've never quite been able to put my finger on the flavour, until today. It tastes exactly like burnt pencil shavings.
  3. Cheetah

    C_Q Makes Waffles

    I hear you, I understand, and I feel for your feels. I totally respect your determination to own the feelings and then move on. You have a very mature perspective on your disappointment and that's something to be proud of. Damn right you will. You are a badass, and I have full confidence that as soon as you're done kicking ass at MvL, you're going to kick ass at your next goal, be that BMF or whatever else. You've got this.
  4. Cheetah

    The UnChallenge: Tanktimus Continues

    Good lifts! I envy your pulldowns. :-)
  5. Cheetah

    » shaar gives no. frickin'. quarter.

    When I was about your age, I several times moved from one state to another with no planning whatsoever and not a dime to my name. I'd just pack whatever I could fit into a duffle bag, buy a bus ticket, and take off. Your way sounds a lot more sane than mine, and I'm sure you'll be just fine. :-)
  6. Cheetah

    In Which Cheetah Solves A Mystery

    Thanks Sal. :-) Indeed. I wouldn't have guessed it a year ago, but this has been a big journey of discovery for me. I'm glad that I have very clear goals that I can continually refer too. It's helped to keep me on course while I'm wandering around looking for the best fit. Tuesday Pullups - 54
  7. Cheetah

    JonFirestar vs The Lakes

    Ouch! Yay!
  8. Cheetah

    Stribs' Stellar Summer Self-Care Superpalooza

    You're on your way! Great work!
  9. I'm glad goals were good yesterday, and that you have identified a food pattern that works for you! I hope you are feeling better!
  10. Sounds like good solid planning. I support this. I also support TH deadlifting. I'd love to get my beautiful and as-yet-untrained wife to pick up a barbell, so I can imagine your excitement!
  11. Cheetah

    In Which Cheetah Solves A Mystery

    Catch-up Time! It was a long busy weekend so I didn't get in front of a computer until now. Friday Workout Deadlift - sets of 5 at 260 and 240 lbs OHP - sets of 5 at 90, 95, 100, 105, 110 lbs. Squats - 3 sets of 5 at 120 lbs Saturday chinups - 19, including my first ever 5-in-a-row. Foods Friday - 1524 cals and 174 g protein Saturday - 6000-ish and IDEK. Sunday - 3616 cals and 120 g protein Monday - 1577 cals and 168 g protein So the weekend was a bit of a mess. I won't bore you with the details, and I'm not getting down on myself about it. I'm just doing my best today, and moving forward. I sadly missed my workout today on account of needing to get a lot of studenting done and having a sick daughter to tend to. Lifting has to make room for life. Speaking of that, I've been thinking that I have to cut a little volume. It's the opposite of what I need to do for progress, but it's what I need to do for life balance. My workouts take too long when I'm running 5 sets of multiple exercises with 3-4 min rests between. So I'm going to cut back to 3 sets of 10 at most for each exercise, and less than that for some things that really don't need as much. I'll lift heavy enough that I'm only leaving 2 reps in the tank, and wherever that gets me strength-wise is where I'll be until my life circumstances change to allow more time for lifting. The way I see it, doing three full-body workouts a week should definitely achieve my primary goal of long life in a healthy body. Gainz I can get later when the kids grow up. I'm just really not giving up on a foundation of consistency, so I have to make it something that I can continue to do consistently. I feel that this will be an overall positive step for me, and take some pressure off. But I'm still going to do as many chinups as I can manage. :-)
  12. Cheetah

    Stribs' Stellar Summer Self-Care Superpalooza

    Sounds like a really good plan! I can't wait to read the book! :-)