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  1. Cheetah's workin it slow and steady.

    Apart from lifting three times a week, I'm very, very sedentary. Like fungus on the underside of a log. I used to know my BMR and TDEE off the top of my head, but I can't remember any more. They're lower than average.
  2. Cheetah's workin it slow and steady.

    Monday's Food 1674 Cals and 202 g protein. Good times. Because I just can't let it go, I estimated my poor food choices from the weekend, and I figure I came out at around 3500 each day, give or take. So, combined with my good food days from the week, that made my daily average for the week around 2100, which is still right at maintenance calorie level for me. That made me feel better about the whole situation. It's nice to know that even when I have a bad day, I'm not going to instantly not fit into my pants. I just really really want to be more disciplined on the weekends, so that I can make actual progress and loose some more weight. I'm sure this is a major theme in human existence. That which I want to do, I do not, and that which I do not want to do, I do. Isn't that a Bible verse? So at least I'm in good company. On a lighter note, I did get in some quality Ukulele time yesterday. I'm going to take it to work again tonight and play with one or two people who are bringing guitars. Should be fun! My studenting is going well. I'm keeping up with the heavier workload, just barely but I'm doing it. I'm actually learning a lot too, which I wasn't expecting, but there you are. I guess college is good for something after all.
  3. Cheetah's workin it slow and steady.

    Monday Workout Squats - sets of 5 at 205, 215, 225, 225, 225. Squats are hard, and I don't care for them. My knees hurt, not a lot, just a little, every time I flex them under load. This includes things like going up stairs or standing up from a chair. It's not enough to make me stop squatting, but it's enough to make me not look forward to squatting. Benchpress - 4 sets pf 5 at 180. Medium bench day is medium. I actually meant to do these close-grip, but I forgot. Oops. The RPE felt about right, right around 8, so I'm happy with it. RDL - 3 sets of 5 at 155. On the first set I dropped a rep a little fast and very very slightly pulled my left hamstring just a little bit. I'm assuming it will be a little sore today and maybe tomorrow, and should be fine after that. I'll do some toe-touches today to keep it loose. Otherwise this felt good; I think I've found a good working weight for this exercise, for a few weeks anyway. Pullups - 3 + 6@6s, 3 + 6@6s, 2 + 6@6, 1 + 6@6. A few more negatives this time. I didn't have a good weekend. I don't want to get into details, but I basically ate like an asshole for two days. I'm getting back on track today, and trying not to look back. Today will be a better day.
  4. Cheetah's workin it slow and steady.

    That's awesome! I'm sure you'll love it! I didn't post a food update last night. My meals were all the same usual things, but I got into some chocolate that a student brought in. I haven't estimated the damage, but it wasn't severe. Just a few sweets, not an all-out bender. Friday Workout: Deadlift - sets of 5 at 255, 285, PR'd. The last set was at about RPE 8, which is right where I want to be. I'm going to try to work hard on my pulls on Mon and Wed next week, and see if I can add another 10 lbs next Friday. I'm only 2 ro 3 weeks from having to buy more weight plates; my set only goes up to 300. :-D OHP - sets of 5 at 110, 115, 120, 120, 120. Pretty heavy, but I think I'm ready to do a top set at 125 next week. Squats - 4 sets of 5 at 210. Medium squat day is medium. Pullups - 3 + 4@6s, 3 + 5@6, 2 + 5@6, 6@6. MOAR PULLUPS!! Seriously, this is the most fun part of my workouts these days. The scrawny Jr. High kid inside me is cackling with glee.
  5. Salinger's eleventh challenge!

    There's always bodyweight exercise. ;-)
  6. Ye Workeshoppe Ranger Guild Hall: General Chatter

    Cheetah saunters into the Guildhall Workshop (Guildshop?) with a beat up old toolbox in one hand. He walks around the build table, looking things over, poking at the device now and then. He pauses to read a set of gauges that are flirting with the bottom of the yellow arc, and mutters under his breath. He walks to the side of the room and finds an empty workbench. He sets his toolbox on the bench, pops open it's latch, and opens the lid. He begins to pull out tools, laying them out on the table; he rummages in the box and takes out a number of spare parts with hoses and wire bundles hanging off of them. At one point he reaches into the box up to his shoulder (it appears to be bigger on the inside), and with a smile draws out a very shiny 5-pound hand sledge. Inscribed on the hammer's head is the name, "VERA". He turns toward the machine and grins. "Let's dance."
  7. Raxie Fights the Heartless

    You just reinforced my determination to never ever do any Olympic lifts. Good job getting the lifting done though!
  8. » shaar channels the lizard king [hiss&fist]

    Zero 7 is how I found out about Sia. Personally, I like her music with them just a little more than her solo work. But she's pretty fantastic at everything, so you know. It's like liking pie more than ice cream. Now I want pie. And ice cream.
  9. Cheetah's workin it slow and steady.

    Food Today: 1604 cals and 195 g protein. Spot-on. I forgot to make my protein shake and bring it with me, so I have to remember to do that when I get home. Usually not a problem. I got some more work done in the basement today. Mostly just moving things around to make it functional. It's functional. It's a big dusty mess, but it's a functional mess. I got some quality ukulele time in today. I brought my uke to school and played some for a student who was interested. He said he has one at home but doesn't know how to play, so I told him to bring it in some time and I'd show him the basics. Pretty good stuff. I think that's about it for today. I'm going to try to squeeze some more studenting into my night. Ciao!
  10. » shaar channels the lizard king [hiss&fist]

    My favourite album of theirs is "Simple Things". Sia Furler does a lot of the vocals, and it's really really nice.
  11. Cheetah's workin it slow and steady.

    Wednesday Workout: Benchpress - sets of 5 at 165, 175, 185, 185, 185. A little more weight than last week. I'm not sure how much to go up next week. I'd like to do three sets of 190, but I'm not sure I can. Maybe I'll do a ramp-up to 190 and see how that goes. SLDL - sets of 5 at 165, 175, 185, 195. These still felt pretty light. I don't want to go crazy, but I'll be adding weight next week for sure. I need to get the weight up on this so it can push my deadlift. After all, that's the point of doing them. Lunch smells good. I'm looking forward to getting this workout done so I can eat! Squats - 3 sets of 5 at 205. Light squat day. Pullups - 3 + 4@6s, 2 + 4@6s, 1 + 5@6, 1+ 5@6. I got three pullups at the first set this time. Happy happy progress! I have a social event on Saturday where I know there's going to be a lot of non-compliant food. I'm planning to make my normal meals just like I do during the week, and not eat anything at the event. I know that I can do this.
  12. Mr_Willes: has no Goals

    Exactly. It's the whole sub-maximal training theory, where you do most of your work between 75 and 85 percent of your 1rm. From the little I've read about it, I think Juggernaut is a similar program, progressing from more volume at lower weights to less volume at higher weights, over a period of several weeks. I think it would be fun to be able to afford online coaching from one of these pros, and see what kind of program they cook up for me. But I don't even want to guess what that costs.
  13. » shaar channels the lizard king [hiss&fist]

    I have a Pandora station built on these three groups, plus Zero 7. My kids love Portishead. #raisenemright
  14. Mr_Willes: has no Goals

    I saw that one, too. I love Alan's videos, and I'm a big fan of the Barbell Medicine guys. I'm really curious to see their new training protocol. Once they eventually write it. I don't have a problem with focus these days. All I do is lift. But, between constantly changing my program last month, and having to reset my squats because I was doing them wrong and tweaked my back, I don't feel like I'm really making any progress. My presses have gone up a little bit, but that's been slow. And I think my deadlift is going up, also slowly. I miss novice gains. Of course it doesn't help that I'm in a calorie deficit (most days) and I don't sleep enough. I hope you have a lot of success and progress!
  15. Cheetah's workin it slow and steady.

    Things that happened today: Food: 1695 cals, 188 g protein. Pretty good. I had eggs, and chicken beef and bean chili, and an orange and a banana. I finally laid down some tile in my basement! It went well, but I have learned a valuable lesson about "open time" for VCT cement. This is the time between spreading the adhesive and laying the tile. The glue has to set before you stick tiles on it. In my basement it takes several hours. I finally ran out of time and put the tile down a little early. So we'll see how badly that screws it up. This is why I started in the very back of the utility room. I'm hoping Friday to be able to pick up some paint and start doing walls, and working my way around. I don't think it will take a really long time to get it finished, maybe a couple of weeks. I'm really really looking forward to having it done.