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    {Wolfpool} Strong Alone. Stronger Together.

    Always Two Steps Ahead Chapter 1: The Meeting Chapter 2: The Unwelcome Guest Chapter 3: Recruit Training Chapter 4: Double or Nothing Chapter 5: Coming Soon! Wolf
  2. Hello Friends! Real names Ryan, most people call me Wolf or Wolfie. 31 years old. Jesus freak. Husband to my Queen, Heather aka @PrincessMononoke. Father to 4 boys: Racer (8), Declan (5), Orin (4) and Jamison (21 months). I also have a baby on the way. Currently, at the time of writing this, Heather is 27 weeks along! This is very exciting for us because back in November of 2017, we lost our daughter, Violet, at 23 weeks. She was a beautiful little girl but God needed her more then we did. Following this loss we got pregnant almost right after...but lost that baby around 13-14 weeks later. Feeling like we were done with having kids, Heather and I found out in September of 2018 that she was pregnant again after 6 months of trying. You may be telling yourself: "6 months is nothing!" But you have to remember that I'm a "first try" kinda guy lol. Annnnyyyyways! I digress. Things are going well. Really well, actually. Started a new job February 1st of this year. My company I'd been working at the past 4 years was bought out by a bigger company and it seems things are going to be good here. I'm salary based now with an opportunity to bonus each month, making an easy 800+ if I hit the top tier. There's other perks too, like getting to work from home...which would be SCHAWEET! I have a competitive spirit and this job will feed that in a positive way. Also, as some of you know, I have been closely following a game called Anthem made by the wonderful people over at BioWare. It's basically a sci-fy/fantasy mash up, kinda like Star Wars, about people in iron man esque exosuits. You're known as a Freelancer-someone trying to protect Fort Tarsis, one of the last standing settlements in a dangerous world known as Mirrus. The exosuits (called javelins) allow the Freelancers to explore this dangerous world and it gives them a fighting chance against the militaristic faction known as the Dominion. If you want more info, it would take me 3 days to explain everything, lol, so, I'll just post some videos in another post to catch you guys up a little more . ANYWAYS-back to Anthem. So, I've been following this game really closely. So close, in fact, I befriended a youtuber known as Your Anthem, or to me, he's just William, lol. We became friends back in July of last year when he started making content on Anthem and then quickly after that, created a discord for subscribers of Your Anthem (and fans of Anthem) to go and talk about the game and eventually form some lasting friendships. Around September, I was promoted as the first moderator of the channel. Back then we were maybe 200 strong lol. Now, we have two more mods, one being a very good friend of mine whom I met on the discord. If he had a NF name, he would go by DementedMistahJ. You can tell why we got along from the get go lol. But, now, we are 3k strong and the discord is constantly busy and full of chatter. Especially since Anthem releases world wide this weekend. In 2 days. OMGOMGOMGOMG!! I'M SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! I may have a small issue, lol. The discord became my baby since William was busy making content and going to law school full time and so it naturally took up a lot of the time I had to focus on NF challenges. If you've known me a while, you know that I've been out of sync recently, and that's mainly due to having a pregnant wife who deals with severe nausea, so more is put on my plate/shoulder, and running the discord. I'm glad to be there for Heather and helping her out in whatever way I can. I'm very blessed and thankful for the position I'm in...because things coulda been a lot worse. So, I've given up on challenges for now and decided that a battle log is better than nothing at this point. And, I'm still going strong on my Anthem related fanfic story . I'm 3 pages into chapter 5 right now. Chapter 4 was epic. 7 pages worth, even . I'm going to continue writing the book and involving anyone else that wants to be apart of it. Basically, just let me know if you would like to be involved and I can get with you about creating a character. I know @WhiteGhost had a character fleshed out! Speaking of: Bro! I've had the chance to play all the javelins from the demos and the 10 hours of early access I got....and the Interceptor is so. much. fun! It's incredible quick and agile and the melee is really awesome! You're basically a space ninja! I'll post some pics of some of the customization's I've done on the javelins. Anyways, side tracked. SQUIRREL! What else is new...Oh yeah! I've started streaming on Mixer. It's a free streaming service that comes with the Xbox. I'll probably upload videos on here for anyone to watch. And I think that pretty much wraps everything up for my entry post. I'll have a post below to track my story progress if anyone is interested in reading it. I love NF and a lot of you I call family. We'll see how my upkeep is with my new battle log and move from there. I titled this BL "Strong Alone. Stronger Together." because it's a quote I've become attached too. Surprise, surprise, it's from Anthem, lol. But, I realize the strength that comes from community and I miss having that with y'all. So, let's kick some butt, take some names and have a blast blast! Wolf