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  1. Bouncer walked into the mining town of Phandalin, the snowcapped mountains overseeing the mining town before her. She sighed with relief at the smell of the smoke from the forty to fifty small houses, warmth was here. Mountains were already tough, but in the winter with not enough equipment. She was surprised she had survived where she could find a town before freezing to death. Walking down the dirt road, Bouncer noticed among all the newly made houses and shops were crumbling stone ruins, signs that a much larger settlement was here beforehand. Bouncer noted how the town was small but bustling with activity, shop keepers giving her a smile to speculate how much coin she had to spend. The cheery busy workers, each one had a weapon that was easy to grab, which she found intriguing by the lack of walls or soldiers. They had a desire to protect themselves from something, but what? Bouncer looked down at her own rags that were barely keeping her warm in the mountains and her empty satchel, at least with the current coin she could find some new equipment and get some warm rest as she figured out what the new town had held before her. Quest of the week: One needs to make sure they have enough rest to be able to explore a quaint town. This week I am focusing on getting enough sleep, because I know I am fatigued. My desire is to start my bedtime routine at 7 pm, This has been a goal I’ve been working on forever, and I need to make it strong enough so it's a thing I do not a “ifs, butts and coconuts” thing I do. The result of getting more rest, the more Bouncer can get to know Phandalin. 0 - wasn’t able to explore due to not resting well enough, you are starting to look suspicious to the local town folk. 1-7 days: Each day I sleep, I can explore one key establishment (5 is the goal), with extra wins Day 1: Stop at the Inn for needed rest (Day 1 is enough to bump into a new random party member) Day 2: Stop at Lionshield Coster for new armor and weapons Day 3: Visit Barthen’s Provisions for extra equipment and Gear (I get to know enough of the town to choose my NPC party member) Day 4-5: Visit the other points, and I can make a Custom Party member race with random stats Day 6: Get to know the town enough to make a Custom NPC I want to make (may have bunny members) Day 7: Surpassed my own expectations and my party member has a loyalty bonus and maybe with an extra coin just for me FYI for behind the scene goals that are strong: Going to the gym twice a week for Coach made strength training workouts (Tuesdays after work and Saturday mornings), trying to find ways to have extra movement every day (goal is 15 mins a day.. This is meh). I meal prep every weekend, and eat a balanced plate. I’m also working on trying to make habits for cleaning my home with the Flylady system. Side goals I would like to get done this challenge: -Pickup my living room enough to move my table closer to the kitchen (unknown reward) -Do my taxes (1 gold piece reward) -I’ve joined a weekly group that requires me to show up Sunday (Add a new party member at the end of the challenge) -Going to my estranged family member's wedding shower in April... (reward Fairy trinket) Current life goals: -Get strong enough to have an easy move in June/July to upgrade my home for cats (also have a clean home to display for pre-move) -Get strong enough to enjoy a day at an amusement park with my long-legged brother (get a tad slimmer to enjoy the epic rides a bit better)
  2. More of the same. Despite dropping off here, I continued with middling success through the end of the last challenge, but don't yet feel like I'm making real progress. The goals aren't much different this time 'round, I'm still making my way along this long road. Goal 1 ~ Run 3x/week. 2.4k route at least 1x/week and 4.1k route at least 1x/week, with an eye to increasing distance. Bonus goal: map out and run a route of at least 5k. Goal 2 ~ Physio and Stretching Simply do it daily. I'm going to finally have some more space to do this in, hopefully by the end of week 1. Bonus goal: Try out the first week of GMB Elements, with the intention to fully integrate this into my routine at some point Goal 3 ~ FitPin Test Components Pushups and back extensions, at least 3x/week. Testing the actual FitPin counts towards both of these (though I do need to do multiple sets of pushups to really be able to call it training). I'm not sure I'll be able to make the back extensions work, I don't currently have the space to do them in, I'm hoping I'll be able to make something work once I have more space in the basement. If I can't, I'll need to figure out an alternative for this. Goal 4 ~ Bedtime Different times on different nights, depending on how early a day I have the next day. Before an early morning: 10pm; before a normal morning: 11pm; before a day off: 12am. Goal 5 ~ Meal Prep At least twice a week. I still need to do a better job of planning ahead on this, but I definitely do a good job of eating what I've prepare instead of takeout, for example, when it's there for me to eat. Goal 6 ~ FitPin Test I've decided that I'll do the other components of the FitPin Test every time I run my 2.4k route, since I have to test it at least weekly for the OPP's fitness logs. They don't actually take very long to do, so there's no reason not to, and more is better than less on this. Other Things I've got my journal set up, it needs a little tweaking for next time but it'll do for now. I'm hoping having a hard copy right there in front of me will help me keep on track (and help me when I report on here, since I often don't remember how things went after a couple of days). I'll post pics once I figure out how to do so. I also want to figure out how to be more active here, I dropped off because I barely had time to update my own thread, let alone keep caught up on others' threads. I've come to realize that I have to sacrifice bedtime in order to keep properly caught up around here, which is obviously less than ideal. I need to pull some extra time out of a hat somewhere, I think.... Some other one-off's I'd like to get done in the near future (for some of them, not necessarily before the end of the challenge, but I should get them done sooner rather than later): ~ Request an ROE from the government ~ Sign up for a course on CPKN (and actually do it) ~ Clean my room (this needs to be done soonish, ideally by the end of Week 1) ~ Purge books etc (they're in a box, I just need to get them out the door) ~ Purge papers etc (it's really a whole bunch of accumulated detritus from nearly 38 years of life, and a serious purge is long over due)
  3. It's my seventh challenge and I'm ready to do this! Whatever this is. I'm ready for that. --- Quest #1: Workout 3x per week (continuation/upgrade from last challenge) My yearly goal is to work out 2 x per week. I'm eleven workouts behind, so if I just add one extra per week, it's still gonna take nearly the rest of the year to catch up...which means it's definitely time to scale this up. The good news: I'm feeling really motivated to workout more. The bad news: More workouts take more time. So I will keep these workouts short and sweet. I will do them before work in the morning. I will succeed. Quest #2: Lights out at 10 pm (continuation from last challenge) I am still committed to getting to bed earlier, and my partner is in on it. Strategies that will help: Not overscheduling myself, heeding my alarms at 9:20 that I need to get in bed. Quest #3: Write a poem every other day and post it before 9 pm (continuation/upgrade from last challenge) This quest messed up my bed time quest last time because I like to stay in bed and write. I also feel more pressure to produce really good poems as the project goes on longer, so I spend more time on them. Which is fine--but I'd like to have a deadline. Quest #4: Manage my $$ (new quest!) I used to be A+ 100% amazing at keeping up with YNAB and various other money-related tasks. It's been minimum two months since I've done that. My partner and I have a shared money date (as we call it) and I have a solo money date where I sit down and do a bunch of boring money stuff and usually have a treat as well. I will reschedule my solo money time because it's still in the middle of the day on Tuesday...even though I haven't worked for myself in almost a year. I am committing to at least one session of one hour per week of managing my money, whether it is on my own or with my partner. Overall thoughts I wish I were doing a nutrition quest but I think the upgraded time commitments on both money management and workouts is going to be a lot to handle. I've pretty well built a habit of eating veggies where possible (okay, I don't order salad when I eat out because it makes me sad) so I'll keep up the basic levels of good eatin' I currently have.
  4. Tranquility, I will find it with this challenge. As a Zenyatta main, it's my primary goal. Primarily because I have a few weeks of break from school after a year non-stop. *happily takes deep breath* This is technically my third challenge, though I think of it as my second. School turned into a beast with multiple accelerated classes at the same time work ramped up. It was the worst timing ever. I've been waiting for this break and challenge. Based on previous experience, I'm going with the KISS rule here, keeping it super simple. In the past, I've tried to tackle too many goals at once, and then when I failed on one, it felt like a huge overall failure when I had such lofty goals to start. Fitness Goal - Hit the gym four times per week, one of those being Sunday so that I can take the one-hour stretch class. It feels amazing and I'm always so happy I went. Food Goal - Track all of my food on MFP. I tend to stop logging when I go over cals or blog sugar on a day, and I fall off from there. All days must be logged or I can't see my progress. If anyone wants to join me on MFP, the link to my profile is in my sig - I'd love to add friends there! Life Goal - Be conscious of my sleep time and ensure I get enough. - Update NF. I read so many amazing updates with awesome stories and RP and so much creativity, and I feel pressure -completely of my own doing- to feel like I should or need to commit to the same. It's ridiculous, I know, totally of my own making. Maybe because I'm an artist and I feel a need to add flair everywhere. :-P So simple updates at least once every three days, and they need be nothing more than brief updates on my three goals. Speaking of responsible bedtimes, I'm heading off. Wishing everyone well on their goals this challenge!
  5. Here we go again. Challenge goals for the next 4 weeks: There are a few things that need to happen in the next few weeks. I need to keep steadily losing weight (without obsessing over it!). I need to keep the daily exercise habit rolling when school starts and "life returns to normal". As I said on my last challenge: these points of movement, they arent big. 30 min walk, 15-20 minutes yoga routine, 5-15 minutes workout at home or a 20-40 minutes workout at the gym or at the physical therapy place. They aren't big 2h sessions, they are "get started" tasks. It's like lifting, I imagine, you lift the empty bar to practice the movement "without load" so to speak. Similar thought is behind these goals, there is classes at the gym I could do, hour long classes, and eventually I want to try out lots of things and find something that engages me and is fun and challenging, but for now: No more Reasonable Reschedule. Do the Monday workout Monday, and so on and so forth, plan possible obstacles and contingencies each Saturday before the week starts. Nutrition. Less leeway, stick to the budget, keep notes, always. Balance. Mother, wife, house keeper, shopping monkey, appointment juggler, don't lose yourself. Keep breathing, stay connected to Source, keep up on the Domestic Rangering, have a cup of tea and a break in the pm, nap if necessary, but not longer than an hour, get to bed in time to be rested in the am, hubby's late shift be damned. That's the goals for now. And Journey Quest, because on the 18th this month the kickstarter for Season 3 starts and I'm SO PSYCHED Life goal: Get ready for the race. September I plan on running the Dirty Coast. My PT, and I trust him, said 75-80kg is the weight I need to reach to start running and not hurt myself. I can get there, I know it, I've lost a lot of weight in the last 9 months, question is: Can I lose it fast enough to have enough time to train up for an 8 km obstacle race? Mathematically it sure is possible, but that is numbers, numbers are easy, it's the getting myself to stay within my margins that'll be the interesting thing. Monday I'll weigh in, as I always do, but I am in the vecinity of 92,5 kg. 25lbs to go in the next 20 weeks, during which I'll also be starting specific training to eventually be able to get past that blasted 2m wall as well as the pile of tires and the low crawly cold water places... leaving me with 14 weeks of 10K training. I tend to write too much, sorry guys. Here's the short list: EDIT I always forget to fill these out in the later weeks
  6. If Bob says we can fix it, then it must be true! Near the end of the last challenge, I had an apparently spectacular collision in hockey (I was in the air, so I couldn't really tell), and as a result I now have a separated shoulder (thankfully it wasn't my head or neck). The main focus of this challenge will be rehabbing that injury. My overall goal from the rehab is for it to be as if the injury never happened, or as close as is possible. My physio seems to think that's a real possibility, but that it'll take somewhere around 10 weeks to get to that point. Which means this challenge won't see me succeeding at that particular goal, but it'll get me a good way towards it. Goal #1 - Do All the Physio! For now I'm just doing passive range of motion exercises 3-4x/day, and I have so far succeeded with this. When I start on the strengthening exercises, this goal will be for me to do what I'm told, and to do it the number of times per day that I've been told to do it. That is all, but the exact nature of what I will be doing and how long it will take will change as my recovery progresses. Grade A - do it all, as much as I'm supposed to Grade B - miss one session on one day (in a given week) Grade C - miss one session on two days (in a given week) Grade F - miss more than one session on one day, or miss one session on more than two days (in a given week) Goal #2 - Bedtime/Get Up Time I'm not good at going to bed when I should, nor am I good at getting out of bed when my alarm goes off. So this goal is to do just that: in bed and electronics off by midnight on weekdays, and 1am on weekends (I'm allowed to read a magazine or a short story after this time, to help me drift off); and laze no more than 5 minutes after my alarm goes off (I'm allowing the 5 minutes until I'm able to sleep on my side. Sleeping on my back because of my shoulder has led to some back pain in the mornings, and lying on my side for a bit seems to relieve that. But once I'm able to sleep on my side again, no lazing!) Grade A - miss no bedtimes and no get up times Grade B - miss one bedtime and one get up time in a week Grade C - miss two bedtimes and two get up times in a week Grade F - miss more than two bedtimes and two get up times in a week Goal #3 - Stretch All the Things! This is only for stretching not included in the physio. I've got a lot of tightness in many places, and since my injury I've let that fall by the wayside (at first, I was legit in too much pain to do anything but lay on the couch, but it's not that bad any more, so now I'm just being lazy). I'm not a fan of stretching, but it really does make me feel better. There are a lot of upper body things that will be difficult with the shoulder, but I'll do what I can. There's no reason for me not to do all the usual lower body stuff. Grade A - stretch every day of the week Grade B - miss one day Grade C - miss two days Grade F - miss more than two days Goal #4 - Eat Well + Track This is especially important with me being less active than normal. It's also important considering that I've been going for easy food rather than healthy food ever since the injury (doing stuff in front of me, such as chopping things on a counter, is still fairly painful, especially if it takes some time). To help me keep honest, I'd like to get back to tracking what I eat using My Fitness Pal. I've had some success with that in the past, though it doesn't come naturally to me and I don't enjoy doing it. I'm shooting for around 1600kcal/day, though I think until I'm a bit more active, less would be better. I have my goals set in MFP to generally go along with the ideas behind IIFYM, and will do my best to stick to it. Just in general, I also want to cut down on the amount of breakfast take out I eat. I don't eat too terribly when I do, but my bank account could use the break, and I'm certain I can eat better if I make my own. To this end, I'm going to try to do the overnight oats thing, which I've done before and it was ok. I also want to batch cook (especially in the crock pot) on Sundays for my lunches through the week. This might take some financial finagling, but I want at least give it a go on a regular basis. Grade A - track all days of the week Grade B - miss one day of tracking Grade C - miss two days of tracking Grade F - miss more than 2 days of tracking Note: I'm ok with not tracking all my dinners. I often do not make my own dinners, I will try to track when I can, but my parents don't often follow a recipe, they just throw stuff in a pan and voila! dinner! So as long as I'm trying to track my dinner, I'm ok with it not being exact. Goal #5 - Saving for Things 'n Stuff I got away from putting money into my savings account and savings jar a while back, mainly because I was broke as all get out and had nothing left over for either. I seem to have gotten a handle on this whole 'money' thing a bit, and am feeling a bit more secure financially (for the record, I'm not always broke, but for some reason September, and to a lesser extent October, are always really tight in the finance department. I used to think it was because I was going back to school, so working less, buying books, etc., but even after I graduated, the pattern continued, so I dunno...) I have a savings account, into which I would like to put $50/paycheque. The intention of this account is to have a sum of money available when I need a big purchase (like a car) at some point in the future. I also have a savings jar, into which I'd like to put $20/paycheque. The intention of this is for smaller items I wish for but can't otherwise afford. In this case, a fuzzy sweater hoddie thing which I don't really need but I want, and after that, a PS4. Of the two, the $20 one will be the one that gets skipped if things get a bit tight, but I will do my best to not let this slide. Grade A - save both amounts 4 times in the challenge (the next paycheque occurs the Friday before the challenge starts, but I'm counting it anyway) Grade B - miss one of the amounts one time Grade C - miss one of the amounts two times, or both amounts one time Grade F - miss one of the amounts more than two times, or both amounts more than one time Note: this is a challenge-long goal, so I probably won't grade it as I go like with the others, but I will note when things have been saved, and give myself a grade at the end. Non-Goal Goal I haven't been running since I did my shoulder, because jostling+arm swinging=ouch. I need to get back to this as soon as is possible, but I also don't want to overdo it on the shoulder. I want to give it a try the weekend before the official challenge start (if everything is feeling ok) and see how it goes. If it seems ok, I'll put running 3x/week in there, with the priority being just under the physio (ie. if I'm forced to choose between physio and running, I will choose physio, but that's the only thing to trump the running). This isn't an official goal because I have no idea how the first run will go (part of me thinks I'm being a rather overambitious), and if it'll be something I'm able to keep up just yet. Until I'm able to run regularly, I want to get out for a walk every day after work (and whenever on weekends). I'll take my dog with me, since I feel less weird walking around with a dog than I do walking around by myself (when I don't have a destination), and it'll probably be mostly at or after dusk, and having a dog in the dark is never a bad idea.
  7. Make Like a Gecko and Stick to It!! Thanks to some perspective from KB Girl, I realized that the last challenge actually went ok, even though it wasn't perfect. This one will be more of the same ol', same ol', but for now that's what I need to focus on. 1 ~ The Plan Monday, Wednesday, Friday - strengthy stuff Tuesday, Thursday, one weekend day - cardio Strengthy stuff is as follows: Fire Hydrants - no real goal here, but I'd like to try it with resistance again Elbow Planks - ultimate goal of 3 minutes, my best is 2 minutes, but not consistently Superman Squats - no real goal here either, though I'd like to eventually be able to do a shrimp squat. I don't really seem to be progressing though, mainly due to balance, I think Pushups - ultimate goal is 37 or more knee pushups all in one go (a requirement for a police test), but for now I'm working on them by doing 3 sets of max real(max knee) Body Weight Rows - as a progression towards a pullup some day Hip Thrusts - related to another police test requirement, but some weird injury is making these painful. If the injury continues to not get better I may just grin and bear it Cardio consists of running on Tuesdays and a weekend day, and hockey on Thursdays. I've sort of signed up for 1/2 time ringette too, but I'm already thinking this may be a mistake (just doing too much). I haven't paid yet so I can back out any time, but I dunno.... 2 ~ Bedtime Go to bed when I should, get up when I should. This means TV off by midnight and up by 9am Sunday-Thursday, and 1am/10am Friday-Satruday. If I'm not sleepy, the TV still goes off and I can read a magazine or Sherlock Holmes story instead. By 'up by 9am' I mean actually get up when the alarm goes off, rather than laying in bed for 30 minutes like I have been... 3 ~ Sempre Gumby Stretch daily. Follow the Focused Flexibility for hamstrings and shoulders (I'll stick with the hamstring ones I've been doing, but will probably change up at least one of the shoulder ones). Instead of changing things up every two weeks like the program says, stick with it for the full six weeks of the challenge, then reassess and change if I can/if I want to. 4 ~ Pudge-B-Gone Still eat healthy, more or less according to the IIFYM idea. Try to track a bit more, with a daily goal of ~1600kcal. 5 ~ Take Note I'm good about posting here to keep myself honest, but I've gotten away from the weekly Sum-Ups and grading. I think doing these things would help me be a little more, I dunno the word but, like, pay attention more. You get the idea. And that is all.
  8. I've been feeling the blahs of late. I've connected it to a couple things, one of which is unchangeable and I just have to keep on keepin' on (and maybe try to shift my focus a bit, without losing sight of the original goal), and the other which has been changed and I'm cautiously optimistic that it's on the upswing. This all means I'm feeling a bit more motivated than I have been, at least when I sit here thinking about what I want to do. Whether that theoretical enthusiasm can be translated into actual enthusiasm remains to be seen, but that's my main goal in this challenge. Dots will be used to track #2 and #5. Goal #1 - Shifting Focus This is where I'll keep doing things related to what I've been doing but change it up a bit to things slightly more relevant to my interests. There will also be a slight change to my usual schedule. Stregthy Stuff Monday, Wednesday, Friday, in the morning. Will consist of the following: Pushups - 3x max real (max knee) - new focus on increasing numbers of real pushups rather than knee pushups, with the goal being 3x10 real with good form (not likely by the end of 6 weeks though. Or maybe by the end of 6 weeks, I dunno). 1-Leg Hip Thrusts - 3x10 weighted with something heavier than air Fire Hydrants - 3x10 somehow weighted with something heavier than air (not a clue how to make this happen though) 1-Leg Squat - I'm over Bulgarian Split Squats, maybe some kind of chair pistol? I've done these before and had more trouble with balance than strength, so we'll see how it goes. Elbow Planks - 3x max time. Nothing new here, but I'm shooting for 3 minutes. Cardio Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, in the evenings. Will consist of the following: Monday - hockey, with focus being on playing as hard as possible whenever I'm on the ice, while still respecting the pace and intensity of the game, since it's just shinny. Also focus on practicing my passing and improving my vision of the ice. Tues/Thurs - ~2km fairly flat route, at a challenging but not crazy pace, followed by hill sprints. No idea if this is a good way to incorporate hill sprints, but Imma give it a try! Goal #2 - Nighttime, DAYTIME! Go to bed by 11pm Sunday-Thursday, and by 1am Friday-Saturday. Also, get out of bed when the alarm goes off! Like, holy crap, it's not that hard! But actually, it's so, so, so hard..... Goal #3 - Caw CAW Saturday or Sunday will be crow day. Which means I will play around with trying the crow pose. I know one day a week isn't likely to result in mad gainz, but it's a casual way to introduce it without putting too much pressure on myself. My hope is I'll see a wee bit of progress, which will spur me to incorporate it more thoroughly (or alternatively, I'll discover that crow pose sucks and I never want do it again, though I'm not anticipating this to be the way of things). Goal #4 - Less of Me There's a bit too much of me for my liking, so I'd like to banish some of me from whence I came. I can't decide between a daily calorie goal or a weekly one. I like the idea of weekly because it gives me wiggle room from day to day, but I can also foresee it being Sunday and all I can eat is lettuce and water if I want to meet my goal. A daily goal is more systematic, but also feels persnickety to me, the resolute non-tracker. So, to avoid having to make a decision (and having to eat only lettuce one day per week), I'll try a hybrid and shoot for 1600ish/day, but as long as I get 11200ish-11500ish/week, I won't worry about going way over or way under on any particular day. Now, I just have to find the least annoying way to track this...... For the record, I have no reason for picking 1600 kcal/day, other than it seems reasonable, which may or may not be a mistake. We shall see! Goal #5 - Sempre Gumby Stretch all the things, every day. Goal #6 - The Checklist Just do it. It's here for all to see. It's more or less the same checklist from my last challenge, but having it only as a Google doc and not as a hard copy made it easy to forget about. So I'm making a hard copy for me, and will check things off on it and the Google doc as I do them. (Also, can someone click on that link and tell me if it worked/you can see it? I can see it 'cuz it's mine, but I dunno if anyone else can... Thanks!) Random Non-Goal I'd like to get back to climbing. The trouble is finding time, or more accurately, finding time when I have the mental energy. Thinking about my weekly schedule, I honestly don't know when I could slot it in and have a reasonable chance of going regularly, which is why this isn't a goal (making it a goal feels like setting myself up for failure). Maybe I'll try different days in different weeks and see if anything feels right.
  9. So, here is my thread for work between challenges. I'll keep track of any exercises and other work I do between challenges, and ruminate on ideas for the next challenge. So far, I know I'm going to include financial health in the next challenge. Some of the things I'm already doing - limiting how often I buy coffee, taking breakfast bars with me when I'm on the run, etc. But the big thing I'm going to do is try to figure out which bills fall into which pay period, and figure out from there how much free money I have each pay period. And, to keep track of that, I'll use either play money or actual cash to track the free money - when it's out, I have no more. The end. Another thing I'm going to do is track my food every day, but give myself 6 passes. If I say I only need to track 4 days/week, I'll only do that, but I also don't want to set myself up to feel shitty if I go to a party or something. 6 passes is one pass per week, and I don't have to use them every week (because what if I have two parties in a week - I don't want to use them foolishly). The next thing I need to do is figure out why I'm not losing weight. I had even higher fitness goals this time and I didn't lose any weight. I maintained, but no weight-loss. I even focused more on eating healthier, which I neglected last challenge. I'm bummed and a little frustrated. But there has to be something I'm missing if I'm not losing weight and working so hard. A couple of things I'm thinking of - one is to cut down alcohol. I like having a glass or two a few nights a week, but those are empty calories. Another is to cut out snacking altogether, but that will be really tough. I get hungry between meals, and if I don't keep something around, I'm afraid I'll eat candy or end up bingeing. And lastly, I may use a calorie tracking app. I really, really don't want to do this. I have a very unhealthy emotional relationship with food, and calorie tracking brings up a whole lot of my hangups. So... I'm wavering on that. It might be the only realistic way to get a handle on what I need to do to see some progress. Finally, I'm toying of the idea with trying to use a theme for future challenges. I was thinking of using Tarot, and focusing on Pentacles/Coins for next challenge (perfect for finances and Earth, which is strength, stability, etc.). I thought of this once before, and then I had a nice title for next challenge that had nothing to do with Tarot, but I've forgotten it. So I'm back to Tarot. We'll see. (Yes, Chris, this is thanks to you.) Forgot to mention - did my 1 hour belly dance video today. The stuff that was super difficult last time was much easier this time. I'll get those moves down!
  10. ev·o·lu·tion (noun) the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Synonyms: development, advancement, growth, rise, progress, expansion, unfolding Hello! I am GryffindorGoddess - or GG - and this is my first challenge. I know most people start with the Recruits on their first challenge, but I really feel like I belong here. I am evolving. Slowly. But I am. I am making changes in my life that will help me to grow in to the strong, healthy, and amazing woman that I know I can be. I am looking forward to the changes that will come, to the new experiences I will have, to the things I will let go. I cannot wait to see what has been hiding under my cloud of doubt and laziness. I have called myself goddess for many years, yet have not been behaving as one for quite some time. It is time to fix that. It is time to become the goddess I have long since claimed to be. My Goal for 2015 Reduce body fat to 25% by the end of the year My Goals for This Challenge Goal 1: Do yoga three days a week - Do at least twenty minutes of yoga on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays A = 3 yoga workouts // C = 2 // F = 1 or 0 -- weekly goal Goal 2: Track calories and macronutrients - 1375 calories a day // Carbs: 103 grams // Protein: grams 69 // Fat: 76 grams A = 1375 calories // B = 1425 // C = 1475 // D = 1525 // F = 1575 -- daily goal A = 103 grams of carbs // B = 120 // C = 140 // D = 160 // F = 180 or higher -- daily goal Goal 3: Wake up at 5:30a on work days - Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays A = 5 mornings // B = 4 // C = 3 // D = 2 // F = 1 or 0 -- weekly goal Goal 4: Go to bed by 11p on work nights - Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays A = 5 nights // B = 4 // C = 3 // D = 2 // F = 1 or 0 -- weekly goal Goal 5: Journal before bed every night - Minimum of one sentence summary A = 7 journal entries // B = 6 // C = 5 // D = 4 // F = 3 or fewer -- weekly goal Life Goal Read one book every week Motivation I want be a strong, healthy, and amazing woman.
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