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Found 4 results

  1. For this challenge i am going back to my story with Myrik the Traveller. IF you need a refresher on the last part of the story it will be under the Spoiler tag The man leads Myrik down several alleyways to a large steel door with a small sliding steel window. The man beats on the door with a rhythmic knock. As the sliding window opens, Myrik is taken aback by the appearance of the guard behind it. One eye was human, but the other radiated red from the mechanical device grafted over it. "Welcome back Grinder, who's that with you?" asked the man behind the door. "Someone that was about to have his guts spilled by a Grunge," Grinder responds, leading Myrik into a well lit room with technology Myrik has never seen. Myrik took it all in; there was a weird floating object that Myrik assumed was some sort of vehicle even though he had never seen anything like it. Lost in the awe of the room, Myrik barely registered Grinder asking him, "So who the hell are you Chummer, never seen you in the city." "My name is Myrik, and to be honest I have no clue where I am. I woke up in a clearing about 10 miles west of the city, just made it before the sun fell. And why the hell do you keep calling me Chummer?" Myrik responds. Grinder chuckled, "Wow you really aren't from around here. Chummer is a street term for friend. You are a human, therefore you are a friend. Welcome to New Carson City, part of Pueblo Corporate Counsel. This is the hangout of The Rascals. Time to meet the rest of the crew. The man at the door, that's Ripper, our doorman and all around Muscle. The legs you see sticking out from under our hover tank, those belong to Drone, she is a wiz with anything that needs a pilot. Glitch and Havok you will meet later". A voice from behind makes Myrik jump and instinctively reach for Citipati. " I am Shade, and the one that saved your hide from that grunge." Myrik turns to see a small wiry female drop to the floor in front of him. "I didn't even sense her presence, I must get her to teach me some of her skills," Myrik thinks to himself. "Now that you know everyone why don't you tell us who you are?" says Grinder. "Well where do I start.." Myrik spends the next few hours telling his new companions the story of how he got here leaving out a few key pieces of information that they don't need to know. "Well," says Havok who quietly entered the room halfway through Myrik's tale, "this is why you never make a deal with a dragon! Is the ring still branded on your finger?" "No it disappeared after I gave that bastard what he wanted," Myrik states flatly. Now on to the challenge. Not to much change from last months challenge, at least at the start of the month. Myrik Human Street Samurai HP 400/400 Essence 4/10 Train with Ripper Any street Samurai worth their salt is strong but only the elite have the natural speed to go along with that strength. Most opt for Cyberware and Myrik is no different. But his unique situation has allowed his body to recover small portions of his Essence lost during the process. Myrik regains .12 of his essence for every week he maintains his routine but will lose portions of the regained essence for every missed workout at a rate of .06 per missed workout or additional exercise. Muscle Replacement: Alphaware cost 2.6 Continue my normal workout routine. Normal Exercises (Pull, Push, Core and Legs) on my normal rotation every other day Wired Reflexes: Moderate Alphaware cost 4 Add HIIT and Plyometric exercises HIIT twice a week including zero week = 10 days of HIIT exercises Plyometric work twice a week = 10 days of Plyometric work I ordered These Cards to use at work and for some variety once i get them I will modify my 2 goals in here to include them. Hunt with Shade Most small time runner rely on brute strength but the ones taking on the high paying jobs no stealth is how you live long enough to retire. Practice silent movements and exercises at least once a week. By this I mean practice landing from a jump squat with as little noise as possible. Not sure how I will test the noise level but at least I'll be trying Practise being sneaky, best way I can think to do this is to sneak up on my dog, granted she is getting older but I can very rarely sneak up on her. If this proves to hard sneak up on the kids. Cook with Havok Most runners just buy their food precooked from a restaurant to save the hassle of learning yet another skill. Those who know how to cook can save themselves and their friends a lot of money. Record Nutrition on MFP x7 per week = 34 times Stay within 200 calories of 2200 plus workout calories x5 per week = 25 times Prep Meals for watch I will try and prep meals for work for all my watches but my goal is 1/4 of the watches this challenge period: with 14 watches this period that would be 4 watches I must prep meals for. This entails 2 meals prepped per watch, might be Breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner depending on the watch. Burned the food: -10HP Bad choice, -25hp Bad Meal, -100hp bad day Build Survival Kit: +50 hp for each full week of matching goal Run the Matrix with Glitch All runner teams need a good decker running the matrix along side them. Everything is connected to the matrix, a good decker can get the alarms and security disabled for his team before the target knows someone is in their mainframe. Running the matrix is mentally exhausting and a lot of decker unwind with SIMFLICKS or VRG's. It is also Physically draining some deckers have gone into Cardiac arrest while running the matrix due to the heightened strain on the Heart, to combat this most deckers do some sort of Cardiovascular training. Finish 1 game in my backlog this challenge period Do something each week that will raise my heart heart and promote cardiovascular health; Run/Bike/Swim/Hike/Long Walk(greater than 30 minute) Caught by IC(Intrusion Countermeasures): Failed to do Cardio during the week: -50hp Caught by Black IC: Missed Cardio 2 weeks in a row -250hp Successful jackout: +5hp for each night I get 8 hours of sleep. Learn from Grinder: No runner can do a job by themselves they need a group of people they can trust or at least a few mercs they can pay to trust. Check in to Forums 5 times a week Check in with others 5 times a week Failed to vet a Merc: -10hp per day missed checking in Formed a solid team: +10hp per check in over goal BONUS: Finally make my damned throwing knife target (This will be done while my Parents are visiting middle part of the month.) Clean spare room (Must be done before the 7th) Going to try doing the extras like i did last month and hopefully track them better this month.
  2. New (well, old, but you know what I mean) Agent of the Resistance checking in. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me! Check out this mission briefing I got. How can I say no though, amirite? The Resistance needs me. Lemme know any ways I can help, my fellow Agents! For the Rebellion!
  3. Myrik decided to spend the next month preparing for his return to the ruins. Not sure what to expect he chose to improve his climbing ability, know that his shoulders need the most attention for his climbing he also decided that working on handstands would help with the climb. Know that the Evil inside the temple is capable of inflicting harm on one's soul, He decided to continue meditating and start reading to help with his mental focus. Goal I Climbing This month I will focus on Pull ups and Chin Ups. My plan to achieve this is to do 10 pull ups or chin ups (at a progress stage I can safely do) a day. 5 points a day where this is accomplished. Goal II Inversion Work on my handstand times. Currently I am stuck at the 30-45 second mark. My goal by the end of this is to double those times. So 60-75 second holds. To accomplish this goal I will do handstands every day for AMSAP. Every day I do this is 5 points. Completing overarching goal is 80 points. Goal III Ready for the Ruins Get my weight down. I want to drop 5 lbs this month, and get my body fat down as well. I don't know what my BF goal is but anything below the weekly average of 15% will be a win for me. 10 points a week for tracking 100 points if this is accomplished by the 26th of November. To achieve this I will continue to use my body tracking spreadsheet and start using MFP again. Goal IV Mental Fortitude Continue meditating twice a week for 10 plus minutes each time. I will maintain the same scoring as last month 10 points for each mediation session that exceeds 10 minute. Also would like to finish reading Ready Player One and start and finish The Father You've always wanted. If I can finish both by the end of the challenging I'll give myself 20 points 10 points a book, but only get the points if i finish both. If my calculations are correct this should be a total of 600 points. My rewards with be on the 100 point mark starting at 300 with a special reward for hitting 650 points through extra meditation(5) throughout the challenge. 300 points earns one nerdy reward 400 points earns one nerdy reward plus one fitness reward 500 points earns two nerdy rewards plus one fitness reward 600 points earns two nerdy rewards plus two fitness rewards 650 points Special reward of my choice. Points earned during zero week do not count towards overall points zero week is a category all its own if i can reach the 110 points in Zero week I will earn one small reward of my choice
  4. I'm looking to trim down, but not necessarily lose "weight" in general. I have been slowly and steadily gaining muscle for the past few years, and know that the scale doesn't tell the full body comp story. What methods do y'all use to track % body fat? Tape measure? Impedance? a pro with a caliper?
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