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Found 4 results

  1. Anybody in or from France? I live in Orléans myself and it would be cool to know où sont mes rebelles francais!
  2. Hello, Me and my buddy are looking into walking the GR10 (click for details) next summer. Summarized it's a 866 km (538 mi) with and Elevation change of 48,000M (157,000 ft) trail from the atlantic ocean to the Mediterranean Sea over the Pyrenees Mountains. my buddy already did 900 KM (approx 550mi) in the jungle of Venezuela. I.... did 40km in Luxembourg..... so obviously I'm not as trained I did do some alphines in Austria but more elevation then distance and max 1 or 2 mountains (which comes down to max 1 week), and it's been almost 2 years... So, I did see and read the thread about training for hiking. and I understand the concept of hiking with packed backpack to train for your hike. How ever, I live in The Netherlands... which is very flat... we have 0! mountains, I just read this artile; "No Mountains no problem" which has some tips, but I ain't a runner we take 40 to 50 days to walk the GR10. prox 20 km per day. easy pase, but EVERY DAY. I'm thinking, I'll walk as much as possible (at home and so flat), work out some gym/fitness stuff, we already go indoorwall climbing 3 hours a week so the legs should be ok for a bit but extra workout for endurance won't be bad. I plan to enter and finish a viking run Hill edition before we leave which should show me some progress and I'll need quite some training. Anyone else has tips to help me build endurance in 6 months for the GR10 ?
  3. I have always (or at least, since middle school maybe) been interested in things from all over the globe. I took Spanish and French in high school and college and tried teaching myself Russian and Japanese. Language, music, food, scenery... I've wanted to see it all. But, seeing it all is not always an option. Thankfully with the world getting smaller, it's getting easier to experience different parts of the world without having to travel very far. Due to travel plans, I will be running the challenge for 7 weeks (starting yesterday 9/7 and going to 10/25). I'll be getting back just in time do do a recap (and maybe share some photos). Scoring is going to be a little more fluid by necessity. Also, I will be putting comments regarding therapy and life *stuff* behind spoiler cuts. I feel comfortable sharing what I choose to put out here, and I feel like being open about this sort of stuff can be helpful to others, so when I feel like sharing, I will. However, I know that's not for everyone (and frankly, I ramble) so putting it behind a spoiler cut will help keep things tidy and less annoying for anyone who's not interested. And that's cool Quest 1 : Brazil 3+ Body Weight Workouts/week. I established in my last challenge that committing to 4 was not really reasonable. On Monday and Wednesday I will have my Capoeira classes, and on Friday I plan to do core and upper body training, since that will be so integral to my training (I also haven't lost sight of achieving my handstand and pull up). On the weekends or after my runs, I'd like to focus on balance and flexibility, but that will be extra. During the weeks that I am in France, I will have to play this by ear, but I want to make sure I continue doing some strength work while I'm out there. Scoring : Min - 14, "extra credit" up to 20 A = 3 STR | 2 DEX Quest 2 : England (source) Continuing my goal of running 3 times per week. Eventually maybe I will be able to integrate this into my routine so well that I won't need to keep mentioning it as a goal, but this is not now. The weather is going to start turning soon, and it will be really tempting to stay curled up in bed. I need to maintain my runs, partly because it feels great, and it makes it just a bit easier to get other stuff done in the morning. During the challenge, I will be facing 2 bosses: a 5k this weekend supporting a charity that provides games and entertainment to our region's children's hospitals, and on September 26 a 5k Glow Run. While in France, I intend to keep running, though again, playing it by ear. Scoring : Min - 14, "extra credit" up to 20 A = 3 STA | 1 DEX Quest 3 : France Food. This needs to be addressed. I will be tracking calories using My Plate, and trying to stay within my allotted daily weekly calories. From previous experience, staying within my numbers shouldn't be too hard, but sticking with entering them in the first place could be. Amusingly enough, though I've chosen France to represent this part of the challenge, I will not be tracking food while I'm there. Screw that. I'm going to France, I'm going to ENJOY every last bite, whether it's loaded with butter or chocolate or cream puffs. Even if it means undoing any weight loss I might manage before the trip. The point here, aside from achieving weight loss, is to establish the habit and prove to myself that it actually works. **This has been edited slightly. This was originally a daily count goal, but since I have such high burn workouts, particularly later in the evening, I have a hard time eating "enough" on workout days, and I get super hungry on the days after. So I'll be aiming for a net weekly goal of 8400. Scoring : Max - 54 (1 pt for tracking each day (total 34), 5 pts per week staying within goal (total 20) - Stateside only) A = 2 CON | 2 WIS Life Quest: South Pole With how super excited I've been about all of this fitness stuff, I've not really given myself much of a chance to prepare my wares for the winter markets. At the end of the last few winter seasons I've declared that I would spend time throughout the summer working on hats and scarves so there wouldn't be quite as much of a scramble when end of summer rolled around... and I've failed this yet again. So I will be picking up my "second job" again and trying to work a stunning 10 hours per week on the "regular" weeks, and 5 hours per week on those involving travel. Travelling weeks will, however, depend on the quantity of yarn that I am capable of bringing with me. As a carry-over from last challenge, at the beginning and end of a work session, and every ~30 minutes in between, I will do hand/wrist/forearm stretches and strengtheners. Scoring : Max - 110 (1 pt per half hour) A = 2 CHA It's a lot of ground to cover. Let's get moving!
  4. Bonjour fellow rebels, I'm Pierre from Courbevoie (near Paris, France), I'm French-American, currently studying economics and management in university. Now for the important stuff, I try to work out as much as I physically am able to, so every 2-3 days depending on how hard I pushed myself in the last workout, because of my time table I can go to the gym every day if I want to, only problem is recovery time. My sports passion is karate, I've been doing it (with a few year break when I moved) since I was eight, and reached the brown belt, and now I'm taking it back up. That's what motivated me to get in shape, in August 2014 I weighed 95kg, and now I'm hovering between 73 and 76 depending on the time of day which I'm quite proud of. I discovered Nerd Fitness two days ago, and the main thing I seriously regret is taking my "before" picture AFTER losing 20kg! Now my goal is to get competitive in "kumite" (no-contact combat) karate, if possible on a national level. I think I definitely qualify as a nerd by most standards, I was diamond 4 in League of Legends last year (even though I took a break for a while and I'm a little rusty, now I'm getting back to it) and whenever I work out I bring my trusty Ipod with me with fantasy audiobooks, or ones about theoretical physics. A few of my recent reads are "From Eternity To Here" by Sean Carroll, and "The Broken Empire" trilogy by Mark Lawrence. Yesterday I followed NF's recommendation to go for the Paleo diet, which I plan to follow except during social occasions. Some of my strengths are -Discipline, I've never had trouble working towards my goals and I plan my "cheat" meals in advance to make them as healthy as possible. -I'm kind of tall, 190cm/6'3, which helps for karate -Incredibly good looking, intelligent and most importantly modest (translation: I try to be funny sometimes). Some of my weaknesses are (at the moment): -Flexibility, I can't do the first flexibility quest on NF yet, that is grab my shins between my ankles and knees with my legs straight. -Squats, I can only do 4 sets of 8 with 20kg with 1 minute 40 second breaks, and that alone leaves me aching for 3 days. -There's a lot of room for improvement in my endurance, I find that after I do two or three katas full speed I'm exhausted. I'm excited to meet the NF community, I'm glad to be here! Pierre
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