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Found 6 results

  1. Mmm, I love the smell of a new year and new challenges. So shiny and full of promises... This year's resolution - stop bailing on challenges. I've let this first challenge be inspired by Finnish folklore as I'll be moving there in March! Disclaimer, I know nothing about Finnish folklore except what I just read on wikipedia. Dance like Näkki aka Do all the things! Dance to one song every day. Because I love it and this will become a habit. Do all the things! I've signed up for unlimited classes at my studio and I need to take at least 3
  2. "but I've got a plan... why don't you be the artist and make me out of clay? why don't you be the writer and decide the words I say..." I have to thank Hazard for this theme. When I was flailing around, trying to think of a theme for my next challenge, I remembered a conversation that we had had some time ago and realized… I am an awkward flying girl. In fact, I am an awkward flying girl who is trying to find a new place to live… and possibly attempting to be less awkward in the process. I am literally Kiki. Minus the magic (unfortunately) and the teenage angst (fortunately). So
  3. While I'm sure most people here are pumped and ready to get back into the swing of things...I'm not. I have 3 days of challenge and then I'm off to sun, sand and relaxation in JAMAICA! I'm extremely excited, this is my first hot holiday, and the start to a very travel-exciting 15 months. (January 2015 - Jamaica, Sept 2015 Camp NF!!!, March 2016 -Europe!!) So it's really hard to set challenge goals when the first 2 weeks will kinda be a wash. The other thing that's tough for me is because I'm a fitness instructor, I start up a bunch of my classes in the end of January, and from now until
  4. Hello, I’m Tami and this is my first challenge! Over the past couple of years I’ve been consistently adding on the pounds. Currently, I weigh 25 pounds over my ‘normal weight.’ I lack motivation to do anything. Usually start off great with most things and lose steam mid-way! This time I am really going to try to accomplish something (six week challenge) with results (losing 5 pounds)! I like the idea of ‘accountability’ and hoping this will help me stay on track and focus on what I want to achieve. Main Quest To lose 10 lbs by the end of the six week challenge. My Plan
  5. Why just hold each other accountable when we can share dance-offs? This is an accountabilibuddy group for those of us that have dancing as a goal, dance for workout, or whatever. We're talking all kinds of dance here - crazy-dances while you're home alone, competitive dancing, hoop-dance, pole dance: You name it, we want it! I want to dance-off! What do I have to do? Nothin'! Well - almost. Sign up on the accountabilibuddy spreadsheet, introduce yourself here, and off we go! Please do: Share your favourite dance-songs Challenge your buddies to dance to certain songs If you want - p
  6. Chapter 1 - From Humble Beginnings. Right I have been on this forum a few weeks, and finally it has come time to complete a 6 week challenge! Life Goal: To become healthier and happier, through body, mind and soul. Main Quest: Lose 12lbs this 6 week challenge. To reach this goal I will: Body weight work-out (been doing the angry birds work out) x 3 times a week.[sTR 5]Cardio exercise days in between (30 mins of; a run/walk, swimming, or hoola-hooping -yes, that counts!)[DEX 3, STA 2]Stick to my paleo diet (been on it 2/3 weeks, and it's been going pretty well)[CON 4, STA 1]Side quest: 3x5mins
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