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  1. I have this really really cool job I applied for that I would love - it's not the one with the interview, I haven't heard back from that, but I do have a strategy so I'm hopeful Ooooh once I've got a bit more time over the weekend I'm gonna have a look at your stuff! I've been doing some classes through brooklyn brainery, youtube and skillshare. I'm also working on the sketchbook project from the brooklyn library (mine is in the mailbox, finally, I'm very excited but haven't unpacked it yet). The best and most amazing thing I did was daily Dino 101 zoom sessions where at the start, you got a dino of the day and then you spent 60 minutes drawing it while learning cool things. That ended last month though. Thank you! I'm working on that, and on saying no. Although I'm not gonna lie, it's 9.45pm and I only just got home. Thank you so much! Thank you! YOU GUYS. I missed you all so much. Isn't it amazing how you can go through life and not really miss anything, but then the second you get a taste of it again, you notice how much better your life is with it in it? That's what this is like for me. Your hellos and encouragement mean a lot to me.
  2. That's a bit of a long story. We're a very small company. I started off as assistant to the CEO, got promoted to team lead (not instead of, but in addition). Back then I was averaging 60 hours. And I just kept getting more responsibility because 1. I suck at saying no and 2. we've got nobody else to do this work. So nowadays I also do some accounting, project managament and CEO stuff. On top of this, one of my guys is on vacation and might quit at the end of the month, so I've taken over his duties (hopefully only for one more week, hopefully he'll come back from vacation) and we're moving to a new office, which we're renovating, so someone has to have an overview and organize it all. I got an assistant 2 weeks ago, who helps with some of my workload, but she's a general office assistant, so 90% of her time is spent helping others. I've worked 80-100 hours all year. So TL;DR: some of it is temporary, but experience shows that as soon as these temporary things are over, something new will pop up that's "only temporary" and I don't see my workload dropping probably ever. There are also perks to my job. They just currently don't outweigh the negatives. That might change - the next week will show at least some of it - but I feel like I need to keep my options open. I have a phone interview on Wednesday morning that I'm looking forward to, and even if it's just practice/getting a feel for what's out there, I figure it can't hurt to send some applications.
  3. Hello rebels! It's been a very, very long time. I left off being this super cool badass that ran a Spartan race and accidentally did cross-country-runs through landmine-infested forests. I'm a long, long way away from that. Currently I work 60-100 hours a week. I had 4 weeks of forced vacation in April, and even though I couldn't leave my apartment due to COVID-19, I felt the best I have in a long time. My vacation was due to the fact that I got fired for wanting to work from home, and I can't even describe the weight that was lifted off of me. To make a very long story short, my termination was revoked, I'm back at work leading a team of very unhappy people. So on top of the crazy workload, there's a whole lot of emotional stress. I went from enjoying every minute of every day to basically just working and sleeping. Having this very stark contrast now, things need to change. Because there's a lot of things in my life that prevent me from working on my fitness and diet, I'm going to split the challenge into 2 fitness/diet goals and 2 life goals, just to get me started. And I will use the time leading up to it to properly prepare. So! Let's get started. Long-term goal: Be comfortable in myself and my environment I am not super happy with my body. Not super happy with my mental state. Not super happy with my work environment. Not super happy with my home environment. But I really want to be happy, and I know I can be, with a few changes. Fitness goal: Do something for my body - every day. I'm gonna start with a very, very forgiving goal just to lower my chance of falling off the wagon. I am very open to suggestions for short fun things. Currently on my list (I will edit and expand this as I go along): Forward Space workout Yoga with Adrienne Going for a walk/run Meditation on needle-mat Dance-off Work on burlesque act Diet goal: Less sugar I have a new coworker who constantly puts candy on my desk, and always has a literal pile of it on her own. I was never much of a candy-eater, but now I'm craving the stuff. I'm gonna try and buy some fruit to keep in the office so I can snack on that instead it. I'm also gonna try and make a pot of tea in the morning, to drink instead of coke at work. I only drink tap water at home, and never buy candy myself, so the diet goal is solely work-based at the moment. Life Goal I: Unfuck my habitat I moved almost half a year ago now. My place is a total mess. There's a couple things on the list here, I don't have to do all of them, but I'm hoping to do at least one per week. (I will edit and expand this as I go along): De-trash, including the moving boxes and other shit I don't need De-clutter Finish setting up my shelves Get rid of the furniture I don't need (tv stand, clothes hanger thing) Set up my desk Deep-clean the whole apartment (in sections) Life Goal II: Something fun and something important I have found tons of ways to have fun. The biggest one being drawing. But I don't have time to have fun at the moment because I only work and sleep. So - I want to prioritize having fun, while also working on creating more space for having fun. Something fun: DRAW. At least once a week, make the time to draw something. I would be super happy with little drawing challenges/inspiration by fellow rebels, although I can't promise the drawings will be great, I'm still learning. Something important: Apply for a job, at least one per week. Even if I can't find one I'm super happy with, just to get practice.
  4. I've been playing around with challenge goals in my head, so that I can use this week to try things out aka reboot and then for the actual challenge, play with some goals that have me do a little more. I'll take this week with tracking and doing things to think about it all, but gonna have a little brain dump here. 1. face things: do skin care every night. don't forget to take makeup off! maybe weekly masks. maybe try some new thing. 2. food things: I'm a carb whore. Try to have some simple carbless dinners. Research good lunch options that are easy to make ahead and eat at the office. look at lunch containers that make me happy, maybe as reward? 3. appearance things: clothes. all the clothes. but plan. 4. move
  5. Haha, same. There are so many discarded notebooks because I didn't like the way I wrote/glued/put things. So maybe we'll see if I can stick to it without throwing a notebook away
  6. Yay for tracking! Double yay for counting any exercise as exercise! My motto is "I'm not doing a thing at the moment so even two minutes of doing something is better." Such a good start
  7. Oh my I forgot that it's August. This is perfect though, I can use this as a pre-challenge to set things up and use this week to fiddle with things and figure out a challenge that actually has me doing more things and use the trackers. Thank you! It's so good to see familiar faces after such a long time Well, be ready for a lot of "omg poop tracker" reviews I cropped it out of my screenshot above but I'm planning to show all the poop options later!
  8. Here are some tracker screenshots. That’s cara. I’ve had a couple issues today so there’s a lot logged. Here’s round health. As you can see, I only have two medications to take so not a lot to forget, but I do love the way it looks and works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. My journal arrived! It's amazingly pretty and has unicorns all over it, but it's twice the size I thought it would be so I'm instead using a notebook with llamas on it that I just found in my book shelf to try and journal. Cara has been nice today as I had lots of stuff to track, I can't wait for this weather to be done and get cold because I've been having crazy migraines. I am also in the process of creating a check list to add to this challenge.
  10. Here's to tracking! Current things I track/tracking tools are as follows: written to do list at work - one for myself and one for my boss on a google docs like note pad (bullet) journal. I bought a bunch of amazing post its, a cute journal that will hopefully be delivered tomorrow, pens and other cute things so I can see if I'll stick to journaling Daily Budget app - I kinda like it because it's fairly simple and I don't actually spend money 30484 a day, so I'll see how it goes Cara app - omg I kinda love this. You can log all sorts of health related things and it syncs with apple health too. I absolutely love the poop tracking. You have a slider to choose the kind of poop... whoever came up with this app deserves an award. HOWEVER. I've not been very consistent so far, although I do think it will be extremely good for me, as I have digestive issues esp. in relation to food and stress and this app tracks both of those things as well and correlates them. Round app - helps remember to take medication. I've been good about taking my medication every morning and evening, esp. as my evening medication helps me sleep. However, I love ticking things off and it does remind me not to stay up too late. Apple health - i never looked at this app and I don't actively have to do anything for it (and can't delete it off my phone anyway) but it's interesting to see how many steps I take and esp. how many flights of stairs I climb as I race through my four story office building. Sleep cycle app - this is interesting and works as an alarm. I've used it yesterday and today and plan to use it with a backup alarm tomorrow, in case it doesn't work well at waking me up, but again, I don't need to actively track anything, it's just a different alarm that possibly tells me something about how I sleep. Although I admit, it's a bit creepy to think that there's something listening to me while I sleep.
  11. You know that feeling, you rediscover an old game and can't wait to be nostalgic and jump back in, and then the save file is corrupted? Welcome to my life. Okay, I'm being dramatic. It's been a long, long while since I've checked in, and a lot of things have happened, some good and some bad, but that's life. It left me at my lowest point a few weeks back, and now it's time to reboot and start a new file that will be even better than the old one. Because of this reboot/respawn, I'm going back to the level 1s. This challenge will serve to help me figure out where to set my priorities, so there won't be hours of exercise every day, but we'll get there. Main goal: Reboot. Figure out where I am in life, where I want to set my priorities in the long and short term, focusing on the short term since, as you'll find out, my life is in a bit of uncertain waters at the moment. Goal 1: Get the systems up and running. Literally run. However, to ease into it, I just want to run on the elliptical. We have it at home and nobody ever uses it, so I want to. I'm not going to set myself a goal like "an hour every day", but ideally I want to be on the elliptical every morning before work, so mon-fri. Let's call that my stretch goal. Goal 2: Twiddle with the settings. Track things. What things? ALL THE THINGS. I just bought new stationary and a new phone with all new apps (cause it's just so boring to not try new things when you get a new phone, right?) and there are SO. MANY. TRACKING TOOLS. Now, not everything's gonna work. While I would love to be that person who has everything planned out, that also goes against my nature a bit. So this is the time to try and see what works for me. I will make sure to share the apps and things I try, and how I like them - although please be aware that they will be very subjective reviews. Goal 3: Distract myself while I wait for things to load. Do projects at work. Projects currently on my list: New filing system. Work through the old to do list items. Create a wedding master list. Sort through ALL the old things. New mailbox. (I made a TL;DR since the below turned a bit long and off topic!) Workworkworkworkwork. I've just started a new job as a personal assistant and very probably will soon have an additional job as a CEO of a small company. Super exciting, right? My last job was extremely horrible. So horrible that I was on sick leave for two and a half months. However, it has also been the straw that broke the camel's back in a good way, as it left me with no option but to cry for help. I got that help. It's a process and I still battle with depression and anxiety, but it lead me to where I am now, which is an absolutely amazing company full of incredibly kind and funny nerds, and I know that my reaching out for help was part of the reason I was hired. I just read a book called "White Silence" by Jodi Taylor (who is an amazingly talented author and everyone should read the St. Mary's Chronicles, just saying!) and there was one quote that stuck with me. I believe I am one of those people. Whether that is the case because I am who I am, or whether I am who I am because things happen to me, I don't know. But while not all of those things are amazing, I love to live this way and am super grateful because it has lead me along a very eventful path. Aaaaanyway. Due to the nature of my work as a personal assistant, there are very busy times but also a lot of downtimes, especially since I'm still new. I want to use these down times by making projects that will make my boss' life - and thereby mine - easier. So here we go! I've had posts with more gifs but I'm gonna start this clean and post the trackers/things I want to track below. :)
  12. All hail fanny packs! I have a unicorn fanny pack that goes to the gym and on runs with me
  13. Aw thank you guys <3 It's so good to see that you're all here! I do still hoop! In fact, the guards at the gate to where we live keep commenting and asking why I have hoops in my car I take them with me where ever I go so I can hoop whenever there's an opportunity Husband has a doctors appointment on thursday, maybe they'll at least switch his medication around because the side effects are really almost worse than the illness itself (side effects include nausea, dizziness, memory loss and like... temporary loss of cognitive function. there have been a couple times when I thought he had a stroke and it was "just" the side effects). And hopefully we'll get some more tests ordered as well. Going to gym tomorrow with my friend who's gonna show me how to do everything/reintroduce me/check my form! Will post starting weights for each exercise, my starting weight/measurements after that hopefully! Got slightly sidetracked watching this dude fell the tree in front of our house for hours today cause there was sun and it was fun
  14. Thank you guys Planning on posting pictures and measurements later, and easing into stuff, but not going to officially start till Monday
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