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Found 6 results

  1. Intro Looking through some of the quests a lot of them require you (me) to log stuff, and (sometimes optionally) share it. So I figured I might as well start a battle log and post what I do here! I'll try to keep it short, simple and basic to make it easier to follow through with. I joined NF and the NFA late yesterday, and today I started working on completing my first quests. Didn't log my drinks today, so I'll start a proper food log tomorrow, taking notes of both my drinks and my food! But I did snap a couple of photos of my food with my phone today, so I'll s
  2. Hi! I've been away for a while, and came back wanting to post some pics in my challenge thread and Photobucket now wants me to pay almost $400 for the right to embed my pictures in forums? I thought that used to be free, then hopped up to $400! That seems like an option for professional bloggers and instagrammers, maybe. What's a thrifty rebel to do? I'm willing to pay a bit, but for $400, I could . . . I dunno, do something much better than that. I could buy 5 BB-8s! How do you link and embed your pictures, pros and cons? I'd prefer something with the option to keep m
  3. Hi, I'm Amelia! My introduction post is over here. This is my battle log! This will record both food and work outs. For the food log, I'm going to log the food on my iPhone and upload the notes here. In the beginning it will be general food recordings to work on accountability and habit creation. My long term goals: Walk more (in the USA, car capital of my life) Do one real push up Do 10 real push ups Run a 5k Run a 10 k Learn parkour Figure out and take parkour courses/training. Take rock climbing classes Learn to like vegetables Stop drinking diet coke. 1. Food - 70 points per week El
  4. Main Quest: Lose 4 pounds Starting: 209.4 pounds Goal #1) Walk/Run 18.6 miles I signed up to be part of a running club. But on a personal level I am going to work on this, very slowly. I am also challenging myself to run in the afternoons as I prefer to run in the mornings (but I’m usually too tired to run!). So my goal is to run with the group on the following dates: April 19 April 26 May 3 May 10 May 17 May 24Stats: +1 STA, +1 CHA, +1 DEX Goal #2) Axe Lifting (5 pounds) and Push Ups So in my past challenges I have tried to do pushups. Real push-ups. Last week my trainer asked me to d
  5. THE AMAZING ASSASSIN ALPHABET 6-WEEK-LONG CHALLENGE OF AWESOMENESS Greetings Assassins! We have an additional (totally optional but highly encouraged) bonus challenge for you this round. Thanks to a suggestion by Anim07734 we've come up what we think will be a pretty epic (and fun!) adventure for us all! WHAT IS IT? The Amazing Assassin Alphabet will be a collection of photos of all of you performing exercises/holds/poses that represent/mimic/form the letters of the alphabet. HOW DOES IT WORK? Go check out the spreadsheet and sign-up for a letter. as many letters as you want - UPPER
  6. Ok, I know some of us kind of discussed this, so I'm just going to go ahead and get the ball rolling! So the idea is that we take pictures of our walks each week - hopefully nature walks, but obviously that's not always possible, so I would say if you take a pretty picture in the city, it still counts.. as long as you were on a proper walk! Every week, submit your best photo in this thread, and someone who's smarter than I am can set up a poll to vote on the best. You can't vote for your own picture. And you do have to be on Team Velocity. Sorry, lurkers. Hopefully this will inspire us to
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