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Found 7 results

  1. Stagnation is Death Annals of a Bladesinger A haunting melody weaves its way through the quiet forest. An alien in her homeland with a mind touched by the hand of darkness, the elven wizard hones her dangerous dance, ever vigilant, ever mindful. She practices her art not just for the protection of her people, but to soothe her tormented soul with the meditative, otherworldly whistle of bladesong. Journey to Bladesinger Master 2020 Stats: STR 10 || DEX 11 || CON 11 || INT 15 || WIS 16 || CHA 12 2020 Level: Bladesinger Apprentice Go
  2. I don't know how serious folks here are about meditation and mysticism, but here is a paper attached to this post that I wrote for a philosophy class and it is most likely going to be the theme of my eventual doctoral dissertation. I got an A+ on it. Mysticism Without God? Do you need a belief in a god or gods to explain mystical experiences? It is my intention to show traditional Western mysticism with its "god-centered" three ways of purgation, illumination and union, from a strongly-rational and materialist point of view, in order to argue that it is materialistic psychological processes an
  3. I'm going to be a little easy on myself this time around and not set hugely challenging goals, but just ones that need to be worked on! I've got the Four Nations championships on 3 December so I want to be physically and mentally ready. Get my head in the game. My mind is a large part of what's holding me back so I'm going to work through some sports psychology books and exercises to try to change my mindset. I still really struggle to see myself as a good lifter so I need to give myself a firm talking to and start to see myself as others do. Look after myself. G
  4. Hello all! I found this site years ago, but have been a little shy about joining the Rebellion officially. My fiance and I are getting married this year, and we're both trying to change our eating and workout habits (or lack thereof). Just the push I need to find some backup in my journey! I'm happy to be here and hope I can find some folks like me </unsolicited personal introduction> Anyway, I love science, psychology, tech, and interesting things about humans and our behavior. I listen to podcasts like Radiolab, You Are Not So Smart, and The New Man. They've all touched on someth
  5. Establish personal topic: complete. Post quest specifics: [coming soon! As in tonight when I get back to my computer]
  6. Hey guys, I was hoping some of you out there might have a spare 15 minutes for my friends Honours project. He's writing a thesis about sleep and attachments, and the more people who could spare a few minutes, the more significant "power" the results will have. I figure, I love health/fitness and I love pop psychology about things like sleep and relationships, so perhaps a lot of others out there will too. Here is a link to the survey http://cduhes.asia.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_1ZDErOFtAJMvYy1 Let me know if you completed it!
  7. I think the topic of psychology around and after weight loss is an incredibly interesting subject - not just the psychology that leads to obesity and how to achieve weight loss by reversing it, but also the realignment of one's mental self with one's physical self after achieving and sustaining significant weight loss. There was a podcast I listened to recently that really made me say "damn, nailed it". Beware that this podcast is very much from a male perspective(I'm sure that the details vary for women, but the over-arching message probably applies.), and contains some colorful language -
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