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Found 7 results

  1. I'm a thrower in track. It meets Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I don't know before hand if the practice will be strength, endurance, or form, so it is difficult to plan workouts. I'm looking for a day-flexible workout plan that will help me be a better thrower (focus on shot put). I also workout on Sundays with a friend, so there is no need to worry about that day. If you need more info tell me. This is my first post, so I'm sorry if it's poorly written.
  2. I have found myself getting lost in all the quests. "Keep a sleep journal!" "Drink x amount of water every day!" "Clean out your closet!" "Eat this and this and stop eating this for Level 3 Nutrition!" How do you guys keep all this stuff straight? I'm looking for a way to look at all of my ongoing quests at once, without flipping through pages of my journal. Thanks, Rebels!
  3. Hey there, I'm trying to create a new device for night-time runners. Trying to get a grasp of what runners want! It would help alot if you could do this quick-survey for me! Thank you so much (its a google doc so no virus!) Also if there is anyway to make my survey better please let me know! http://goo.gl/forms/KxhtnlDPFol7skT33
  4. Let´s get real! Welcome to my second challenge, grab yourself a place in the moshpit, unlock your bra´s and get ready to throw them on stage...this is Sex Bob-omb featuring BarbarianBassBro! For those not getting the reference, stop reading, watch "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" and continue reading again. For those to busy or lazy to do so, in short: It´s a comic-based film about a nerdy guy, that plays bass guitar in a rockband called Sex Bob-omb and struggles with success, girls/their ex-bf´s and himself. Perfect description of myself As the story goes on, Scott realizes he needs to level up his life and get shit done. There are enemies to deal with and goals to achieve, so let´s do this: Quest Nr 1) Workout to beat those nasty Ex-BF´s and get the girl you want! Okay, there´s no Ex´s BF that trys to crash me hard and to make "gettin´laid on regular base" a challenge goal sounds weird and all it does is increasing pressure on your social life. At least it refers to it this when you think around some corners: Workout, feel better, look more self-confident, success in life (and look better when going naked on stage). Getting your crush or at least some groupies from the last gig ( ) is just a natural achievement from loving yourself. And working out makes me feel really great! Stay constant at working out, lift shit 3 times a week! Quest Nr 2) Get superpowers by sticking to your diet! Gelato and chicken aren´t vegan! Hell no, I´ll not go vegan. I´m fine with paleo-ish and I see only one reason to go vegan: getting psy-superpowers like that white-dressed a$%hole. And he lost it, because he didn´t eat straight. FU! I´ve read some real great articles and finally reached about 20% body fat, so I´ll do a body recomposition: loose fat and gain some muscles via noob gains. I´ll get my superpower with the help of tracking my stuff daily, stay at a 20% calorie deficit daily and get at least 2g protein per kg of lbm (lean body mass) Quest Nr 3) Improve on your weapon of choice! Oh my lovely lovely bass guitars...you´ll never cheat on me! <3 Just as my alter ego I need to battle in a musicians setting too. Band rehearsals need to be more effective, I need to train my technique and "cardio" at playing and we´re still lacking a singer. Let´s get shit done here! Play at least 1,5 hour bass guitar per week to improve (rehearsal not included), help structuring the band rehearsals and be active at searching a singer for your band! Quest Nr 4) No bad excuses! At first Scott tried to avoid confrontations and things he felt uncomfortable with. If I wanted to make my mother rage when I was a teenager, I just needed to say stuff like this: No more "No.....not yet" for this challenge! Getting shit done at instant!!! Doing dishes, looking for some important papers, answering letters and so on. Write about at least 3 things daily, that I did instantly! Okay my dearest groupies and fellow mosh-pit user, let´s rock this challenge! As usual I´ll think about extra-rewards and a special reward for doing iiiiit:
  5. Someone please help me find the perfect way to track my WODs. I'd love something simple that I can just use quickly and then go back in and look at my old workouts. My box uses wodify, but I find it too difficult to go back and look at my old workouts unless they come back up. Right now I have workouts written all over the place and I'd looooooooove to just have them all in one place. I just can't decide what the best place is!
  6. Hello Rebels! (& Amira), I’m here as a newb and determined to give this my all. My best friend was talking about this site she found where you act as if you were a character in a real life video game and training to level up your stats like in an RPG. I’m a huge Zelda fan. In fact, if I said I loved Link, it might be an understatement. I wear a gold Triforce necklace every day of my life, my phone case is Link sitting in a pocket with a Triforce on it and I carry around a Kingdom of Hyrule bag as my purse. When she told me about all the references to Zelda on the site, I just had to give it a look. And let me tell you, I’m glad I did. This is my first challenge, obviously. I’ve been slowly getting my stuff together recently (…again) because I realized that I’ve put on 26 pounds since moving in with my boyfriend in October. I’ve always been a bigger girl, and I’ve been “trying†to reach my goal weight since I was 16. I’ve done okay up until this point. I used to be 218lbs, and I’m down to 177 right now. In October I was 153. I’m 5’5†and I’ve got a pretty average build, and I’ve always hid my weight well. Even now, people think I’m 150 and I’m like HAAAAAA, I wish. The last time I lost weight (June- October 2013) I did it by eating only lean cuisines and working out with Jillian Michaels and her 30-day shred, this time I plan to do it with homemade super-food breakfast smoothies, fresh – never frozen- meals, working out, and a lot of water. I’m here as a heroine on a quest and a supporter of my people. I won’t and can’t fail [myself] this time. More about my story --h-e-r-e--> http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/user/31030-mander110/ MAIN QUEST To get damn sexy and not have to refer to my calorie counter to see how much I’m still allowed to eat versus feeling full and knowing I don’t need to count calories to maintain or lose weight. I want to love working out and feeling like I’m living a healthy lifestyle while looking damn good doing it. GOALS 1) Work out 3x a week or 3hrs a week A: Work out Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday B: Work out Tuesday & Thursday (1.5 hours each) C: Work out Tuesday & Thursday (1 hour each) I’ve been going to the local CC to walk their track and jog up their stadium stairs every Tuesday and Thursday with a friend of mine. On the first day I did 4 sets and was tapped out. I saw people doing 10 sets of these stadiums and I was in complete denial that I would ever be able to do more than 5. Yesterday, the start of my 3rd week going (5th workout) I was able to accomplish 8 sets of stairs. There’s 84 steps and halfway up the steps get bigger. I plan to up my set every other time I go, unless I can honestly feel like I can push myself enough to up my reps every time. I’m excited to reach 10 sets, I’ll totally feel like I’m making progress (not that I don’t feel that way already) but it’s something that is a bit of a milestone for me, I was so shocked when I saw people doing them on day 1… I’ll get there. I do a half mile on the track then 4 sets of stairs and then briskly walk track for half a mile and then stairs again. In between stair sets I try to stretch or do something to keep my heart pumping – jumping jacks, crunches, wall push-ups or leg lifts. I also want to start doing the BBWW that was given to us on NF because I think it would totally whoop my ass into shape. I’ll start that tomorrow before my CC workout. 2) Drink Mas Agua A: Drink 72oz all 42 days B: Drink 72oz for at least 35 days C: Drink 54oz all 42 days D: Drink 54oz for at least 35 days F: Drink 33oz all 42 days I’m a Massage Therapist (well, a CA State Certified Massage Practitioner) and with the amount of energy I use giving massages and releasing my clients tension, I should really be drinking more water. I also want to drink more water because I know how much it curbs your appetite, most of the time I do couch eating is because I’m bored and want to taste something, not because I’m hungry. I was reading something, and it was actually probably on NF somewhere, that bored eating happens when you’re actually thirsty, so I’m making it my side quest to drink more high quality (or regular quality) H2O! 3) Eat better. A: Paleo B: Home cooked every day, mostly vegetables, no bread C: Home cooked every day, smaller portions no bread D: Home cooked every day with salad side LIFE QUEST Become an advanced DT/Sports/Therapeutic Bodyworker who is healthy and plays the role of a model therapist. I want my clients to take what I say seriously and feel confident that I know what I’m talking about when I recommend certain stretches/habits because I look fit and healthy. Nobody wants to take advice from a fat trainer – right? Same concept. I need to reach my goal weight because it’s something that I’ve been on-again-off-again working at for 7 years. That’s long enough. Now is the time. MOTIVATION My dresses are collecting dust in the closet because they're too snug Looking good GREAT in less clothing or & no clothing Finally accomplish the mission I set out to do 7 years ago I want to turn myself on when I look in the mirror Can't let my best friends get sexy without me And let's be honest, I wanna look damn sexy for my boyfriend current weight: 177.6 lbs goal weight: 137-145 lbs waist: 35" hips: 43.5" bust: 41"
  7. I created a spreadsheet to track 6 week challenges. The spreadsheet has two trackers: One is detailed (tracker 1) and the second is very basic and does not allow detailed tracking (tracker 2). The two spreadsheets are not tied to each other so you can use one and delete the other. I just created it and have not used it yet, but will be using it for the next challenge so I am sure I will make improvements as I use it. If you have any suggestions or issues let me know. I shared it on google docs and the link is below. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-U-711PQQGYRGZSUUM1S3E0UW8/edit?usp=sharing
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