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Found 7 results

  1. I'm a thrower in track. It meets Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. I don't know before hand if the practice will be strength, endurance, or form, so it is difficult to plan workouts. I'm looking for a day-flexible workout plan that will help me be a better thrower (focus on shot put). I also workout on Sundays with a friend, so there is no need to worry about that day. If you need more info tell me. This is my first post, so I'm sorry if it's poorly written.
  2. I have found myself getting lost in all the quests. "Keep a sleep journal!" "Drink x amount of water every day!" "Clean out your closet!" "Eat this and this and stop eating this for Level 3 Nutrition!" How do you guys keep all this stuff straight? I'm looking for a way to look at all of my ongoing quests at once, without flipping through pages of my journal. Thanks, Rebels!
  3. Hey there, I'm trying to create a new device for night-time runners. Trying to get a grasp of what runners want! It would help alot if you could do this quick-survey for me! Thank you so much (its a google doc so no virus!) Also if there is anyway to make my survey better please let me know! http://goo.gl/forms/KxhtnlDPFol7skT33
  4. Let´s get real! Welcome to my second challenge, grab yourself a place in the moshpit, unlock your bra´s and get ready to throw them on stage...this is Sex Bob-omb featuring BarbarianBassBro! For those not getting the reference, stop reading, watch "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" and continue reading again. For those to busy or lazy to do so, in short: It´s a comic-based film about a nerdy guy, that plays bass guitar in a rockband called Sex Bob-omb and struggles with success, girls/their ex-bf´s and himself. Perfect description of myself As the story g
  5. Someone please help me find the perfect way to track my WODs. I'd love something simple that I can just use quickly and then go back in and look at my old workouts. My box uses wodify, but I find it too difficult to go back and look at my old workouts unless they come back up. Right now I have workouts written all over the place and I'd looooooooove to just have them all in one place. I just can't decide what the best place is!
  6. Hello Rebels! (& Amira), I’m here as a newb and determined to give this my all. My best friend was talking about this site she found where you act as if you were a character in a real life video game and training to level up your stats like in an RPG. I’m a huge Zelda fan. In fact, if I said I loved Link, it might be an understatement. I wear a gold Triforce necklace every day of my life, my phone case is Link sitting in a pocket with a Triforce on it and I carry around a Kingdom of Hyrule bag as my purse. When she told me about all the references to Zelda on the site, I just had to
  7. I created a spreadsheet to track 6 week challenges. The spreadsheet has two trackers: One is detailed (tracker 1) and the second is very basic and does not allow detailed tracking (tracker 2). The two spreadsheets are not tied to each other so you can use one and delete the other. I just created it and have not used it yet, but will be using it for the next challenge so I am sure I will make improvements as I use it. If you have any suggestions or issues let me know. I shared it on google docs and the link is below. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-U-711PQQGYRGZSUUM1S3E0UW8/edit?usp
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