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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. I'm SheriffWolfpool. I've been a member of NF since 2012. No, for real, I've been here a long time. Been Rangering since 2015. Goes under the alias Wolfie most of the time? *Siggghhhhhhhhhhhh* I'm well known for portraying Deadpool and writing kick ass stories???? NOOOOOOOOOO! You know what...never mind. Let's just just start back from the beginning... With a little nudge to "just go for it", I've decided to end the year with a NF challenge that I stick with. I mean...it's only 3 weeks. I can do this, right?? So let's get to it!! Goal 1: Eat like a Boss (and not like an A-Hole) My eating habits have tanked a lot the last couple months. I don't blame Costco, but at the same time, I blame Costco, lol. They have so many sweets there and I have a bad sweet tooth. Heather and I both do, so, that's changing RIGHT now. No more needless sugary snacks or treats just because. I don't wanna wait till the New Year to start better habits. Those good habits start now! Points: +3 CON, + 2 CHA Goal 2: Train like a Soldier 5 months strong is what I had going for me...then I tweaked my right elbow lifting a case of mini-Cokes at Costco. Since then, I've been so spotty with my workouts. Then I got my new tattoo and took almost two weeks off. Basically, I've hit a little slump and I'm not gonna allow that to get me down anymore. Nope, no siree! Bootcamp starts NOW! Points: +2 STR, +2 DEX, +1 END Goal 3: Conquer the Holidays How does one conquer the busy Holiday season?? I doubt there's a perfect recipe for this, but for me, it's getting plenty of rest and taking it one day at a time. I'm not gonna lie, we're going to spoil our kids this Christmas. Like, really spoil them. Last year we could barely get them a $10 gift...and I know what you're thinking; that the amount of a gift doesn't matter. I would agree with you, too. But, as the leader of my family, it's my job to provide for them. I'm not working 2 jobs because it's fun. I have goals for all of us. A house is on the horizon but right now, it's making sure my kids and my wife have one of the best Christmas's ever. My last day for work at my day job is 12/20 and I'm off until 01/02/2020. Basically two weeks off! I still have to work at Costco, but that's not a hard job to work at. During these next three weeks I need to make sure I'm getting plenty of rest to compliment goals 1 & 2. Points: +2 CON, +2 END, +1 WIS So now do you remember me?? You have to know by now...? ..... F*ck it. I know who I am Wolf
  2. Seeing as the job search is continuing to be unfruitful, I am considering a career change. I'm at the gym a lot.. I know a few things about lifting.. I like helping people, and I've taught fitness classes before, so I am entertaining the idea of doing the personal trainer thing. Anyone here certified? If so, which certifications would you recommend (or not)? Pros/cons? Things I need to consider that I may not have thought of?
  3. So I was thinking about a 6 million dollar man thread title but then thought it was a little pretentious so went instead for Bob the Builder He's not as cool as the 6 million dollar man but neither am I. After the previous challenge I definitely need some fixing. I want to run and i want to run longer distances than I ever have before but I am currently at a point where I am walking without a limp for the first time in about 2 1/2 weeks so I need to start from scratch and get myself right this time. 1. Stretch and Roll When I went to the Osteopath last week she asked if I ever stretched. I laughed and said no and she said good I wanted to see if you were going to lie! She told me that I need to do a lot of foam rolling. This isn't even related to the injury I went to see her about but apparently my legs are knotted up enough that she saw great mirth in the idea that I might "keep on running." It was a pretty good reality check so I propose that I stretch/roll for 10 minutes minimum 5 days per week. I need to do some research to establish what to focus on but I was able to find stretches for the ligament in my ankle once I knew what the injury was so general running leg and back stretches should be a piece of cake to source. 2. Just add Veggies I don't hide from vegetables and have been going crazy for brussel sprouts over the past month but tonight I made a vegetarian dish that was amazing (photos to follow). It made me realise that I rely on meat far too much to flesh (snigger) out a meal. So I intend to incorporate at least 1 new vegetarian meal into our diet every week. 3. Early Riser I have challenged myself over several challenges to get to bed earlier. About the best I have done is a 50% success rate so far. I pondered how to do this in a different way and came up with the idea of getting up earlier in the morning. Then I'm not focusing on lights out to just beat the clock I am making my decision to go to bed earlier based on the fact that I am getting up earlier. So the ranking for this will be based on getting out of bed at 6:30 or earlier 5 times per week. 4. Target Weight Loss I have lost a lot of weight over the past 2 years but I have hit a plateau over the past 3 months for reasons that are more mental than physical. Mentally I am in a period of great stability so I want to take advantage of that and try to avoid a lot of emotional eating and a heavy reliance on chocolate to finish my day. By the end of the challenge I want to hit 85.0kg. I am currently around 88kg depending on which part of the week we are in and my goal is somewhere between 80kg and 83kg so this is a good stepping stone to aim for. 5. Train like an Athlete I need to create a program that goes beyond stretching and rolling. I need a focus on strength training and running. I wont allow myself to run for another 2 weeks, at least, so in the interim I want to work on strength for running. Following on from that I want to continue with strength training as well as incorporating a planned and measured schedule for running. I really want to run either the 10km or Half in the Melbourne Marathon in October but I am not sure that I will be ready in time. This task is as much mental as it is physical. I need to acquire patience and wisdom in order to get on track, stay on track and not injure myself again. I will figure out the parameters for the successful completion of this task over the next few days. 5 tasks within a challenge seems like a lot but they are all related to at least one other aspect so I definitely don't think I am spreading myself to thin. Prepare to be foodporned by what I have spent my weekend making
  4. Hi, I've come up with my shtuff for my first challenge. (As well as some personal background on myself). My main quest is to build muscle, of the cardiac and...well...normal kind. I've really never been super active. I sit in front of my computer when I'm at home, just kinda browsing the internet. I play lots of music, which doesn't really qualify for exercise, and i'm a full-time student in Engineering. I found NerdFitness on January 2nd, while searching for a way to get into this "exercise" biz. I'm a complete novice, so I didn't want to just show up to the gym, wander around aimlessly and embarrass myself. I've created three goals for myself: I'm going to stick to the Paleo diet (maybe not beer - That's a major part of my lifestyle as an Engineering student) for 6 weeks (the length of this challenge). If I succeed and I don't find myself craving sugar and grain anymore, I'll keep with it. I will complete the Couch to 5K running plan, which means I'm going to run 5km without stopping. I've never been a great runner. I have crappy endurance, mostly due to my asthma as a child.I'm going to complete the beginner Body Weight Circuit with at least double the reps (seconds) as the basic.​40 Squats​20 push-ups40 walking lunges20 dumbbell rows (With bigger dumbbells)30 second plank60 Jumping JacksMy Life Goal is to ask a girl out (as tough as that is being in engineering). Hopefully I'll have gotten into my first relationship by the time this challenge is over. Signing off BludEvil
  5. Main 3 Goals Increase runningCross trainIntermittent fastingLife quest Increased RunningThis is about my passion. In my early years of being active - a long time ago - running was something I thought was probably a boring activity and wondered why any one would do it - let alone actually enjoy it. So fast forward to my the past three or four years of my life and I have a passion for running. So much so that I did zero cross training. I just ran - run Forest run. I didn't think I needed to cross train. If you have read some of my other posts you found that I need to cross train. I started getting the typical runner's injuries. I am now on the mend and can enjoy my running again. This was a short pause in my running while I trained in other activities to recover. So this goal of Increased running comes with cross training. Without it, my time in running will come to an end. Cross TrainingAhhhh. To cross train. Similar to running I wondered why anyone would like to do it. While I don't have the same passion for cross training, I do have the passion to do cross training so I can run. It's all about the running for me. My challenge her is to get better at a more methodical approach. I have some good cross training activities like swimming, cycling, and strength training. I particularly need to get more regimented in the strength portion. Intermittent FastingThis goal is to help me lose weight for..... you guessed it... so I can run more. I want to run a marathon in May of 2014 (will be at least a 1/2 but want the full). I have run the half marathon in Cincinnatij known as the "Flying Pig." My current weight at the beginning of this challenges was about 198 pounds. I had started the fasting before the challenge and had already lost 2 pounds. I want to get down to the low 180's for the marathon. Life quest - Follow 10 Scouts This is pretty simple. I want to follow 10 scouts and post every week on all 10 providing encouraging comments. Hope to get like feedback. ============= Schedule============= Schedule for increased running and cross training Week 1 10 miles (include intervals 1/2 x5) Dropped intervals because calf muscles tight from a fast 5K last Saturday. Cross train - upper body Week 2 12 miles Cross train - Abs Week 3 run 15 miles Week 4 run 10 mile (Include intervals 1/2 x5) Cross train upper body Week 5 run 15 miles Cross train abs Week 6 bike 60 miles run set of intervals 1/1.5 x5 Intermittent fasting to continue weight loss 8 by 16 hours 7:00 pm to 11:00 AM Edit for a couple of changes:1) fix title to include my name2) Didn't change any distances yet, but calves are super tight after a 5K on 7/27. May not be able to do the running. Will mix in walking if needed and may have to lower the distances until my calves recover. BUT hoping recovery is going to be fast. 7/30 EDITS. Changed formatting after reading some other posts and realized mine was pretty bland. Also embellished some to on why I am doing what I am doing. I am doing grading a spreadsheet.
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