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Found 4 results

  1. "They're everywhere! The walkers are everywhere!" The shout reaches me from across the field where I see Russ sprinting over the horizon with terror on his face. Looks like we'll be moving on, and quick! Our little group has survived so far, some a bit worse for wear, but who knows how long that'll last. We even have a pregnant woman. I run into the farmhouse where we've been staying and alert the others. Our vehicles are always packed - we've learned that much over the last few months - so it's just a matter of getting everyone in as quickly as possible. We've loaded up just as Russ reaches us. I can see the walkers coming over the hill. A huge herd, bigger than any we've yet seen. I do a quick headcount as Russ catches his breath: He and I, Kathy, Nancy, Leigh, Brennan, and the Jean sisters. The older of the Jeans is pregnant. She lost her husband before we met. We drive as quickly as we can. I'll miss that farmhouse, but we never end up staying anywhere for long. We plan to drive away from the herd, then circle around and hopefully get out of their path. Just as we make the turn I hear a honk from the car behind us. What do they think they're doing! Don't they know the walkers are attracted to noise!? We stop the car, and as I get out I hear their's sputtering to a halt. Out of gas. There are no other cars on the road to siphon from. Looks like we're on foot from here on out. There's no hope of trying to circle around the herd now. We'll just have to hope that we got enough of a head start to out-walk them until we can find a safe place to hunker down and let them pass. We've done this before. We'll hunt for food, take care of any stray walkers we see along the way. Survive... *** Quests: Out-walk the Walkers - Walk 10,000 steps each day Smash Some Zombie Brain- Do the NFA level 3 body weight workout 3x/week Hunt for Food- Eat paleoish with 4 or less variances/week So I've been watching the walking dead recently, and got some inspiration for a quest! It's time for me to go back to basics a bit, as I've been having a hard time keeping up my challenge goals through the whole 4 weeks. I really want to change that this time. Otherwise I'll be eaten by zombies!!! I've been all over the place the past few months, but this next month is slightly more stable, so I'm hoping I can get back in the swing of body weight workouts, and remember why I'm eating healthy to overcome the sugar cravings. Here's to a great challenge, and surviving!!
  2. To my fellow Assassins, If you are reading this, well...you're probably stuck in this little room with an excessive amount of walkers against all four walls. You see that window up above you? Use a wall run, grab the sill, do a climb up, jump across to the fire escape. Sounds dangerous? Think I'd rather let parkour kill me on a supply run than walkers. If I made it, you'll see a crude drawing of an Assassins Creed jacket on the wall. Maybe'll you see it on the way down. Maybe you'll be the one to scratch out my masterpiece. But whatever you do, don't be scared. You're pretty screwed either way you go in this world. Just keep moving forward. Oh. And hope you learned something from all those parkour videos I'm assuming you watched before the world went to shit. Ciao. ------- Welcome to my...not sure what number challenge this is actually but it's a challenge nonetheless and I'm back with the Assassins squad! Due to my current obsession (and serious withdrawal) with the Walking Dead, that's the theme for this here 6-week challenge of mine! Hope you enjoyed my survivors' note, now onto my quests and the like! Main Quest: Prepared for the Apocalypse We don't know when the zombie apocalypse is actually going to descend upon us. So I'd like to take this challenge (and perfect timing of the Walking Dead spinoff starting) to try and make sure I'm well prepared. Quest 1: Queen of Supply Runs Thanks to the sudden uprising of ravenous dead people, supplies are pretty scarce. You had a lot of people trying to stock up or do supply runs just like me. However, supply runs don't always go very neatly nor leave the runner with much life in them. (Haha, get it, I made a funny. Life undead, you get the joke, right? ...moving on.) The thing about being good about supply runs is getting from point A to B quickly, foraging what you can carry and then getting back from point B to A. The e best way to do this? Some good ol' fashioned parkour. It also comes in handy for making quick exits. A = Training sessions 2-3x a week B = Training session 1x a week C = Training session every other week. Quest 2: Don't Stop Running Do we call them walkers? Yes. Does that mean they walk slow? No. A crowd walking will slow down a runner no problem. The solution to this problem? Be faster than the crowd so as to not get caught up. Or the group of Hunters that want to use you as a decoy. Oh, and of course, be able to run for a while - you're gonna need to put as much distance as possible between you lot. A = Complete 6 weeks of Zombies Run! 5k Training App B = Complete 5 weeks of ZR!5k C = Complete 3 weeks of ZR!5k Quest 3: Advanced Melee Fighter Guns make quite a bit noise, no matter how effective they are. Noise attracts walkers. Translation: use weapons that don't make a lot of noise, like crowbars and bats. Or a katana. Katanas are nice too. And to be able to swing them repeatedly for extended periods of time, I'd better be comfortable throwing my weight around! THE FORCE WILL BE WITH MY BAT. A = Complete NF bodyweight circuit 3x a week. B = Complete NF bodyweight circuit 2x a week. C = Complete NF bodyweight circuit 1x a week. Side Quest: Scenic Route Won't Kill You. Just because the world's overrun with ravenous decomposing bodies doesn't mean it's not a beautiful sight to be found. There are pretty scenic routes one can take here and there. A = Take one picture of beautiful scenery 3x a week B = Pictures 2x a week C = Picture 1x a week Motivation: The zombie apocalypse is going to come as a surprise...I will be ready!!
  3. Last challenge I lost some weight getting my Walk on so I'm going to repeat it for the next challenge. PVP Rules 1. During the challenge walk 150km (93miles) in 6 weeks. 2. These need to be specific "I'm going for a walk" distances or "I'm walking to the train station/work/pub etc." not just wearing a pedometer around during the day. 3. Sign up in this sheet and track your km/miles during the 6 week challenge. 4. Post a Walking related Meme/joke/gif etc. below. Extra marks for Walking Dead ones because Season 5 is on! 6 weeks is 42 days, that's approx 3.5 km / 2.2 miles a day, should be achievable! Anyone is welcome to join in
  4. Terminus: Sanctuary for all. Community for all. Those who arrive survive. Main Goal: Complete a full 6 week challenge. This has been my main struggle lately, so I am going to continue to focus on just finishing one damned challenge again. It's small. It's simple. It's measurable. I am determined to get something right for once. I'm Doing Stuff... Things... Goal: Complete the 6 week 100 push up challenge. Three days a week, work the sets. My objective is to get off my knees and start doing "real" push ups. Little Ass-Kicker Goal: I don't care what program I do, but I need to break a sweat three times a week. Five has been hard lately. I've been able to keep my calories in control, but I need to break a sweat three times a week. Les Mills COMBAT, PUMP, and even ChaLEAN Extreme or P90x3 when Beachbody On Demand starts next week. Don't care. Just get sweaty. I Hear Nebraska is Nice: Goal: Stretching. It's becoming more and more apparent to me that I need to stretch my hips and shoulders regularly. Desk job is ruining my back and legs and I need to get that mobility and flexibility back. This can be a formal class, a stretch routine, or the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Don't care. Just stretch. Because it feels so dang good. Spaghetti Tuesdays on Wednesday Goal: Meal planning and tracking.. It's become super obvious to me that I eat better when I track. TwoGrand and MyFitnessPal have been great apps and being able to SEE I am not having enough veg/fruit/fat whatever is really helping me plan my meals better. I try to have a small breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. We're going to try to keep that up and log everything for 6 weeks. People in Hell Want Slurpees Goal: Get a small project around the house done three times a week before you sit on your butt all night. It can be laundry. Cleaning the cat boxes. Taking care of the hall closest that badly need re-sorting. It can even be vacuuming. Just do it. Winter is making you too lazy and you need to get the house back in a functioning order.
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