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DyDy's Battle Log

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In this battle log I want to focus on healthy eating and working out. For the rest of my quest, I refer you to my Epic Quest Character with some more (interesting) side quests (such as completing my master degree).



Female, 26, obese.

- In May, tournament season starts, which I want to do as a ref. This means I need more condition and shedding some pounds might help.

- In August, I have a wedding coming up (my cousin) and I want people to not recognize me (in a good way!).



- I measure every single month my weight, body fat percentage and some body parts (still attached to my body :P ) on the first of every month plus I take pictures front and sideways.
- I'm exercising M - F, work on Saturday (heavy lifting and the like) and Sundays are days where I'm allowed to do everything (do a crazy workout, run, rest, whatever).

- I'm starting with the Angry Birds Workout and I would love to get to level six with every exercise. I will do that on M, W & F. On T & T, I do cardio (bike interval & rowing).



Day one: Jan 30rd, 2017
After five minutes of climbing stairs (well, on a machine) it was time to hit the free weights section. And boy, was I intimidated. All kinds of men (only woman was me) doing fancy things with a hell lot of muscle. Yikes. Anyway, I went on with my workout.


Squats - level 1: 30 squats in 2 reps
Incline push-ups: 40 push ups in 4 reps
One-arm row: 30 rows in 2 reps

Plank: 60 sec in 2 reps.


So I'm leveling up with the squats, rows and planks. Oh, and a nice bonus: I used a weight bar during the squats because I think it helps me to keep my form. Might add weight to it the next time. The push ups were as expected: I suck at them. Ah well.


Tomorrow: time to hit the bike and the rowing machine.


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It sounds like you've got a good solid plan. Kudos on braving the free weights section AND doing your squats with a bar, that's at least 10-20kg right there depending on which bar you used. :encouragement: 


Using the rowing machine as a warm-up for weights is a great idea, just remember not to push it too far and knacker yourself. There is a temptation to do too much when you start any program, especially when you're all fired up and just want to get on and lose 60lbs* already! (*This was how much I lost, eventually) :D 


And this post just made me realise that I didn't do my monthly progress pics yesterday. I'd better go and do that now, huh? :onthego: 

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So, I did not come to the forums in a long, long time, but luckily, I didn't stopped working out.


So, I'm currently at L2 inverted rows, L3 push ups, 40 reps of 5kg deadlift (each arm), L6 planks and L6 squats.


However, I have decided to improve my cardio. I did a 5K benchmark last monday and I ran 1,07K in 10 minutes, before I switched to a running/walking thing to fulfill the 5K. Eventually, I completed the 5K in 54.58 minutes. Yikes! A lot different that the 41 minutes which I clocked last year.

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