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  1. Silver linings: I woke up and did one circuit of the NF KB workout. When I came home I did some cardio on the stat. bike. I wrote 584 words of the story I'm going to use for the workshop in January... which is now a different idea from the one I was going to do.
  2. Goddam Christmas candy is everywhere at work, and they just brought in another load of pizza. Told my co worker I'm playing on defense as I sipped on my protein shake ate a banana. FFS. Addit: I was gonna wait till new year, but tomorrow I'm bringing one of my KBs to work.
  3. I decided to work on my bench instead. 45# 10 95# 5 135# 5 155# 5, 5, 5 I was going for AMRAP on the last set of 155# and that feels like enough. Based on this I'll say 155# is my 5RM, and I'll likely start Greyskull in January with 135# on bench press. I'm gonna work on these 5RMs throughout Dec so I can set a good baseline for Jan 2023. So the next few weekends, it'll be Bench, Squat, Deadlift to see where I'm at on everything. My last press 3x5 was at like 85#, I'm fine with that starting there.
  4. I spent yesterday replacing a lot of electrolytes and water. Ugh. I think this cold is finally leaving my body. Not much coughing today, only a few nose blows. I think tomorrow I'll be back to normal. I just went shopping and bought mostly protein and veggies, a few fruits, and no almost no carbs or junk food. No wine/beer. It's gonna be a clean week in the kitchen. I'm cooking up some marinated chicken breasts, and a pound of ground turkey, meat sauce for this week's lunches. I've been doing a lot microwave in bag, of frozen veggie blends + protein of choice that work really well for daily lunches. I need to focus on getting exercise in first thing in the morning. This week I'm going to aim for 20 min every morning every day. Nothing hardcore, just move... and likely just light cardio, KB and BW work. Neil Gaiman has this rule about his writing time, he has to sit at his desk and he can either write, or just sit there doing nothing, but he can't do anything else, like play with his phone or whatever. I think I'm going to implement that, not only for writing, but working out. .... gonna do a deadlift workout after this post.
  5. Bruce Lee wrote in The Tao of Jeet Kune Do... "Old men spend more time warming up. At first I thought it's because they're older, but maybe it's becaus they're wiser." That's probably not verbatim, but ...
  6. Tonight I ordered a meat lover's pizza ... for science. As I stated my second bottle of wine... science requires repeatability... Trying to figure out why I'm fat...
  7. I just signed up for a fiction writing workshop through my local writing center. It starts in Jan and ends in Feb. So, yeah, paid good money for deadlines and feedback from (at least one) professional(s).
  8. Yup. Tracking progress is necessary, but daily is too much. Yes. Avoid like minimize. I think I'm gonna have a 'build a pizza' tracking system. Like hang something on the fridge and draw a part of the pizza every time I have a serving of that type of food. 1 refined carb/pasta/bread and I draw or color in the crust part, 1 cheese = color in the cheese, 1 processed/fatty/cured meat = color in a slice of pepperoni. Then, the bottle of wine. If I can avoid filling in the serving equivalents of a large, meat lover's pizza, and a bottle of wine, I might reward myself with a medium sized pizza and a glass of wine at the end of each challenge. ================= Also, does anyone remember Lumen... cuz I totally forgot. My annual subscription renewed automatically. I looked at the macros it's giving me, and the protein is almost exactly what I'm shooting for and it will adjust carbs and fats according to my morning readings, so I'm going to start using that again.
  9. I've begun bujo-ing at work and it's quite essential for the fast and busy bits. So is the phone, for the slow and boring bits.
  10. The bad news is, I have a cold. The good news is, extra day off work! Not to make things too complicated, but I've committed some numbers to spreadsheet: These numbers will be re-done during week zero of every challenge. That way I'm re-assessing my progress regularly. As far as eating goes, I've had an idea for a basic, intuitive plan for a while, at least as far as restrictions go. My worst eating habit, is that almost weekly, unless I'm really trying, I'll pick up a Med-Large Meatlover's pizza and a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer and eat/drink it all in an evening. That meal can easily be 3500 calories by itself. So, with that in mind my only restriction is No Meatlover's Pizza, no wine/beer. If it's a part of that meal, avoid eating it and don't buy it at the grocery store. Yes. Right down to individual ingredients. Avoid bread/pasta/refined carbs/sugar, any meat that can be described as red, fatty, salty, or cured, cheese, and alcoholic beverages. I have difficult relationships with all those foods/dranks. I will eventually implement some kind of plan to track the errors. Macros above are just guidelines, and I figured out I can achieve them daily with the following strategy. 5 small meals a day, each consisting of: 1 serving of protein (20-30 g Protein, in a piece of poultry/fish/tofu/4 eggs/1 cup yogurt/1-2 scoops of protein powder) A pile of non-startchy vegetables 1 serving (fist-sized) fruit/starchy veggie/whole grains/legumes or any combo thereof Daily: 1 oz of nuts/nut butter Minimal cooking oil only From now until New Year, I'm going to test and experiment within these parameters and see what works and what doesn't. Then check my numbers and have a starting point and plan for 2023. I'm also going to work up to heavy 5 rep sets on my Greyskull lifts, to figure out training maxes. I promise this is not as complicated as it looks.
  11. Yup. Just look at it. It's sticking out way too far. Even for an innie. It is winter and I am generally irritable and all this holiday food is everywhere. I just had my annual physical and talked with my doctor about weight loss, etc. I'm right where I was last year at least, so I haven't gained. But that cholesterol is still high, and we talked about medication and bariatric therapy (not surgery, just physician supervised weight loss). And in pondering all the options before me and looking more at my lifestyle, I'm realizing how far I've slid into general laziness and inconsistency farther than ever in my adult life. There is still so much more that I can be doing. 1) Fix my diet -- I have been running some numbers through some calculators. TDEE, body comp, macros... and oof. I'm not doing what I need to be doing for my metabolism and activity levels... both of which are low. I need to hammer out a feasible set of eating habits. 2) Create opportunities for Exercise/Activity -- work has me spending most of my 10 hours/day there sitting at a desk. While I've had nights where I get up and walk a couple laps, the occasional an sporadic. I need to create a daily routine for physical activity. I'm not in the situation where life is gonna just throw it to me. 3) Keep doing what I love to do, namely writing -- every minute scheduled toward word and exercise is one less that I have to write and finish these novels and stories. I need to create a robust, daily reading and writing routine. 4) Take better care of my shit -- the house and yard. The last year kinda got screwed up because I got sick in the spring, put off a lot of projects, then summer heat was relentless (or it was storming) and I got way behind on a lot of things. Again, I need to figure out a workable routine and stick to it. Notice the trend? Scheduling is needed. This helped a lot a couple of challenges ago. I need to get back to it. Some things I'm working on: 1) Eating plan: meals, timing, portion sizes, macros, etc. 2) Setting up a powerlifting routine: assessing training maxes, days/split, assistance lifts, etc. (Greyskull) 3) Coordinating 1 & 2 -- A mistake I often make is cutting too many calories while adding too much activity etc., and that creates burnout. 4) Plan and schedule meals and workouts. 5) Create intuitive and simple plans for execution. 6) Stick to my evening writing schedule. 7) Work in some additional reading and writing time... write/read during workout rest times. 8- Other? I bolded #5, because that's what needs emphasis here. This won't work unless I can accomplish that. Otherwise, I'm just building another elaborate plan that will fizzle three weeks or less into it. Anywho... Happy Ho Swolidays!
  12. Challenge Wrap-up: WORDS: <smh> had 12000 during the first week or so of nano, then worked on another short story (which might now be a second novel) which is now at 12000 (started at 4000) so I guess that's like 20K spread over two documents. MATH: 20000/26 = 769, so as for daily averages go, I'm still where I started... and maybe that's just the rate I produce words Either way, I'm happy with (a lot of) what I produced in that 20k, and despite giving up on NaNo I didn't give up writing. I'll take that. WEIGHTS: Do I even lift, bro? WALKS: I did a little Ring Fit here and there. WINTERIZING: Waiting on a second order of window plastic. I didn't rake the leaves, but at least I got the heat/hot water back online and the bathtub is back indoors. Not a catastrophic failure, but not ideal either. Now to prep for the end of year challenge.
  13. WORDS: Dammit. Not sure if this was a 10,000 word short story, or the exposition of something bigger now. <smh>
  14. How 'bout an update? WORDS: I tanked NaNo, but I've kept writing, and am on the edge of finishing the short story I started a week or so before NaNo. It's a smaller victory, but still a victory. I'm gonna finish something... which honestly feels a bit better than having 50K of something I know will be at least 120K. WEIGHTS: Nope. WALKS...aka RingFit: Haven't done it at all this last week. <smh> Even with that four day weekend last weekend. <sigh>. I mostly played BotW and did some writing. Lame. WINTERIZING: I've started wrapping up the windows. I got the two big, double windows on the North side done, but I ran out of plastic (I thought I had more left from last year, like enough to redo everything, but no). The tub is painted and I moved it indoors. The epoxy-acrylic on the inside looks like crap, but it will hold up for the winter, and I can redo it later. I want my tub/shower back more than I care about how good the inside of it looks. The heat and hot water are back on after a visit from the gas company. I still need to rake leaves. I wanted to do it on the long weekend, but it snowed that Friday night, so I put it off till it melted, then there were so many shrines to clear, so... Yeah I should probably try to wrap that up tomorrow. All I'm gonna do is rake them into a pile, mix them with the landscaping mulch and let them compost over winter into spring. I don't even have to bag them or move them far.
  15. Drum and Bass... not sure if this is what you're referencing... but Neuropunk Records is a Russian (I think) label with a channel on YouTube that mostly plays Drum and Bass electronica.
  16. I think all I've done otherwise is work and binge watch the new season of The Crown... definitely some possible inspiration for bits of the book at least. Ugh. Now I don't feel like Nano-ing at all. The thing is, with having a daily word count and an arbitrary deadline, and on a first draft nonetheless, it can turn what would otherwise be just a slow day into a bad day, and it crushes the spirit when it's not going well, and just a few bad days and I feel like the whole thing is fucked. And in terms of teaching myself to acquire sustainable habits for longer term achievements, it is now certainly fucked. So I think I'm done doing Nano. It's not the right approach for me. Sitting down daily and doing the writing daily, be it 20 words or 2000 words is a better approach for me. Now. I'm still gonna do that, write a good number of words daily, but I'm not gonna do this Nano thing. I took Monday and Tuesday off of work, so I have a nice long weekend ahead of me. Hopefully, I can use it to get back on track.
  17. Ya know what? Fuck NaNo! There I said it. 50K in the month of November is totally arbitrary. (also can't focus because elections results are pouring in)
  18. I had high hopes for the "a vote for Godzilla is a vote for working families campaign poster"... but the AI didn't do so well with that one.
  19. Not so much making art, but trying to break an AI. That was supposed to be "a Phoenix and the loch nest monster at a tea party. " It looked pretty though.
  20. I'm definitely more about habit making and putting in a solid effort, the word goals are just a standard to measure the results of the effort. I don't really care about hitting it as much as hovering around it. Last night however, I spent more time refilling my wine glass and making monsters... and propaganda posters for monsters... [Sasquatch propaganda poster when I figure out how to share it here] Now I'm a day behind.
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