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  1. Labs came back. Everything is normal except: LDL and non-HDL cholesterol were high, above normal, but not even a 2-fold change. My chol/HDL ratio is normal. -- So I think that's okay. Then I had liver enzymes, Alanine transaminase and aspartate transaminase that were 2-fold higher than normal. However, I googled these and most of the issues with liver (or other organs that cause this) require a 4X or higher level, so I'm probably okay. This much mighthave been caused by exercise, which I've been doing Anywho, I'm just waiting patiently for my doctor to message me about any concerns. I might ping her next week just to make sure. LUMEN: This morning's score: 4 -- mostly carb burning -- not surprised, I ate some cookies from the vending machine at work just before midnight. Recommended Macros: Low-carb Carbs: 75g -- 300 cal Fat: 166 g -- 1494 cal Protein: 171 g -- 684 cal Calories: 2478 That's pretty much keto, with extra protein. I've done this. I'm going to need to adjust my shopping habits so I have more options for veggies and healthy fats on low carb days. 😕 Might be time to bring back Brogo Bredd. And, if I'm sticking to this I'm going to have to change my BuJo nutrition log. Today is a rest day, and I'm going to work for OT.
  2. LUMEN is interesting thus far. It's saying that I'm burning a combination of carbs and fats.... This thing gives you a score from 1-5, where 1 & 2 indicate fat burning, 4 &5 are carb burning, and 3 is both. It seems the main goal is to wake up every morning and blow a 1 or a 2**, and after 4 days in row, it'll instruct you to eat extra carbs to re-fuel. Of course, keto folks can keep on going. It'll also tell you if you should fuel up before a workout, and it asks you what type of workout (intensity/duration) you're doing, and will tell you how many carb serving you should have beforehand. It will also do before/after with meals so you can see how/that it's working. Pretty cool. I did 10-15 min of warmup on the stat bike, before 3 rounds of BOXING today. **Yeah. I know. Let's all try to grow up a little. In other news, my Uncle isn't coming here to live for a while. My sister asked him today, and he declined. He really just wants to stay at or near home. He did ask if he could stay at the nursing home near his house. They won't take him cuz covid, but at least he's acknowledging his need for help and care. My biggest worry with him is his stubbornness. My sister might be bringing my nephews over for a visit this weekend. She still hasn't seen my new house (she was quite pregnant while all that was going on). We'll talk more about it then.
  3. My LUMEN arrived! It's sitting on the charging dock as I type. I likely won't sleep until I test it out. I've kept up tracking food in my BuJo, and MEDITATED the last two days. Yesterday was an active rest day, I did some basic stretching and a little yoga. Today would have been a BOXING day, but I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so I while I was up a little earlier than usual, I was totally focused on getting that taken care of. In preparation for that, I got my first Covid test -- in light of the fact I had to visit my uncle in the Covid isolation unit last weekend -- Negative! It was a first visit with this doctor and clinic, and my first doctor's visit that wasn't a work physical in probably 6 or 7 years. We talked about my weight and family history of diabetes, heart disease, etc. I'm waiting on a few lab results, but overall I'm fine. Blood pressure and other vitals were great. I had been a little concerned about BP and such a while back and off and on because of shift work, weight gain, and whatnot, but all is well. Back to Uncle Covid... here's the story from last challenge if anyone needs a catch-up (spoiler'd cuz long) tl;dr -- My 67 year old uncle caught covid, and was in a house by himself trying to tough it out and take care of himself, and now he's in the hospital. We're waiting for him to pass his Oxygen walk test, and then be released... and I think he needs at least 10 days because of covid. I got a text from my sister asking how I would feel about him coming to live with me for a while. I immediately freaked out and got pretty anxious... despite the fact that in the case he needed some help and a place to stay, it'd be me. I have an extra room, and unlike my sister, I don't have an infant and toddler to take care of. My Mom and him always had a touch and go, sometimes strained relationship, so I know she would prefer he lived elsewhere. Plus, her house is not laid out well for someone who might need to take a break while walking from bedroom to bathroom, plus all her extra space is upstairs, yada, yada. Long term it'd be best if he can go home, but he doesn't have anyone close to help him out, and his house has a lot more space to cover. My house is small and pretty compact. On paper, my place is the best. I spent a lot of the night at work anxiously processing that in the back of ( and often front of) my mind. It boils down to I have a lot of extra work and organizing, and rearranging to do around the house this weekend. On the plus side, it'll give me a kick in the ass to clean up the other bedroom/office and other spaces in case he's coming here. If he does it'll probably be through the holidays, so throw that on top of the chaos.
  4. At first it felt like I stumbled onto something genius... but then I realized this is like NF 101.
  5. Did a workout first thing in the 'morning'... 25 min on the stat bike --gradually got my heart rate up to 160 bpm, then pedaled as I watch a youtube video about different footwork from different martial arts, and a 10 min add for lumen in the middle that showed some woman's daily progress with it over like two weeks. Then I did a bodyweight circuit. 20 squats, 10 pushups, 20 lunges (10 ea. side), 20 KB Kroc Rows (10 ea. side), 5 good abdominal crunches. I didn't feel like I had any more in the tank so I decided to do a quick sun salutation and cooldown. That was all. No boxing today. My arms and chest are still a bit tired/sore from the other day. That was all fasted and then I had breakfast -- bowl of yogurt with walnuts and blueberries and two slices of plain, whole grain toast. And I logged this in the BuJo I set up last night -- I'm going to try going back to that. I also logged my weight in Noom, 283.4 lbs. <sighs> ============================ I also had a potential insight on how to improve my list this year... frame goals not as achievements to be attained at a future point, but affirmatively as habits that are ongoing. Instead of: I want to be able to hit the heavy bag for six rounds. -- i.e. a cardio/boxing fitness goal. ... it should be... I am a person who practices boxing with a heavy bag 3x per week. -- i.e. a habit that will produce the goal. Instead of: I want to weigh 220 lbs or less. ... it should be I am a person who exercises everyday, first thing in the morning. ... then carrying out challenges is all about evidence farming my daily activities to support that statement. Idk. But this will be more of a thing in week 3.
  6. That's one of the big selling points of this device... instead of paying $300 or more for a single RER test (one of those R's is for Respiratory, I forget what the rest of the acronym is) you can have a similar test as many times as you want any time you want.
  7. I googled this. All I found in a superficial and cursory search was the film score. Is there legit Hogswatch music to play in place of the usual Christmas songs that inundate our earballs everywhere this time of year?
  8. Sounds like your on the right track. Self-awareness is the first step, then healthy coping mechanisms and self-care (like cooking delicious food) is next.
  9. Hi all. Stronkey Kong here. I'm back. For anybody new stopping in on one of my challenge threads for the first time... I've been doing this for over 8 years now. I'm still fat, and either trying to figure things out and/or make the best of it. THE BIG LIST RETURNS Last year for the holiday challenge I made a list for Santa of all the things I really, really wanted for the next year, and did a lot of reflection and planning. That was really useful for the majority of my challenges this year since it helped me stay focused on goals and planning. So I'm gonna redo/repeat it, and that will be the main focus of this challenge. WEEK 1: REFLECTION Reflect on the old list. I need to go back and think about my old goals. Why/how did they succeed/fail? Should I keep pursuing it or move on? Etc. Then think about ideas for new goals. Here's the old list... just as I left it three challenges ago. WEEK 2: DROP/ADD Next, I'll decide what the new goals are for the year and decide what's going on the list. This means deciding which old ones are staying, which are going, and what new ones I can include. WEEK 3: PLANNING Here's where things come together, and I decided how I'm going to achieve my goals. For example, if want to lose weight, and I also want to learn how to box, then I'll set a goal to practice boxing and get better at it so I can get more exercise and lose weight etc. I think you can all see where this is going now. ========================================== Here are some other non-goals that I'll be talking about during this mini challenge... and that will probably influence the list heavily. BOXING: As I mentioned in the very last post of last challenge... I bought a 100 lbs. heavy bag and hung it in my basement, and I very much enjoy punching it for exercise. So I'm gonna plan on centering my training on boxing for the foreseeable future. No doubt, some boxing training regimen will make it onto my big list for 2022 YOGA: I'll be doing this on my active rest days. NOOM + LUMEN = I'm spending too much money on fitness gadgets. Anywho, I started using NOOM in the summer. What I was hoping for was some kind of AI in the app or something that gives useful feedback based on your habits and progress. Following it was helpful at first, but in the end it just boils down to a food/activity tracker app, with some mildly educational/inspirational articles chock full of nerdy fun and a support group that you can share your victories and setbacks with... which means it's not much more than I was getting with NF anyway, so I'm quite disillusioned with it. However, I paid $200 for it so I might as well finish what I can in the articles and such. It would be a good place to start for a weight loss noob, but I've been in the trenches for years. I want to try something else. Enter Lumen, the metabolic tracking breathalyzer. I bought one of these yesterday and downloaded the app. It measures your O2/CO2 ratio in your inhale/exhale to figure out what your metabolism is doing. Then it gives you suggestions based on your fitness goals on how you should eat for the day. I'm hopeful for this thing to be at least useful since I think it will be able to at least tell me what my intuition is likely missing. Here is a detailed review of the device if you're interested in learning more than I feel like discussing here: https://latestfuels.com/reviews/lumen-review/ If it inspires you to buy one also, DM me and I'll give you a coupon/code. JOB/CAREER STUFF: I need to set my sights on moving up in the world, at least a rung or two on the ladder. My house and the upkeep expenses it has are stretching my dollars more thinly. Not to mention gas prices, food prices, and the overall post-covid inflationary economy... I need more money. I need to research some certifications to boost me on my current career path (quality inspector--> technician--> engineer) so I can either move up at my company, and more easily secure work in the uncertain future. I should also get back into programming on the regular and pick up more skills in other programming languages, operating systems, etc. ===== I had something else, but I stepped away to do some chores, and now I forgot. I'll add it later. Good luck surviving the holidays to all!
  10. In other news, this challenge is over and I didn't really do much with it or pay attention to it. So fail. But whatever. I assume that next up we're having the short holiday challenge, and like last year I think I'm going to reflect on the year, and make a list of goals for next year. That helped me out a ton early this year. Also, I bought a 100 lbs. heavy bag and hung it in the basement this weekend. Tonight, I did my first workout with it. I set up a tabata timer (app on my phone) to 3 min work, 1 min rest... like boxing rounds and did punching drills like a HIIT-ish workout. And this was after 20 min on a stat bike. I feel good. It was a damn good workout. Expect more of this. And I ordered a Lumen. It's a breathalyzer like device that measures your CO2/O2 concentration in your breath to measure your metabolic state. It's supposed to indicate whether you're burning body fat or carbs, and the app will give you dietary recommendations and tell you whether or not you need to fuel up for a workout. I'm hoping is works, and I can use it along with some notes and journaling to figure out how to boost or better sense and control my own metabolism.
  11. I forgot those existed and didn't know how often they're assigned. For now, I'm staying optimistic that he'll quit. If he gets sent home with Oxygen, there will be medical orders to quit, and maybe that'll sink in. Plus, my sister has expressed her reluctance to visit him to him because of his smoking, and especially from bringing her toddler and infant for visits. He said he hadn't smoked the whole time he was sick, so if he can make it three weeks because he was sick, I can challenge him on that. He made it three weeks without it, why not quit. It's all been holiday leftovers, A Link to the Past randomized games, and kitty snuggles on the couch since I got back yesterday.
  12. Oof. This week began when I went in for work on Sunday night ( a day early) and worked 3x12, 4-5 pm - 4-5 am. That sucked, but the deal is, we all got an extra day of vacation, and they're counting all hours, including holiday pay, toward OT. Then, I got a five day weekend. to relax, cook, and catch up on a couple house projects. I was much looking forward to this when I went to bed Wed. morning. Then... As I was woken up Wed. afternoon, by a phone call from my Mom, followed by a voicemail notification, and a text message... "Call me. It's important." After rolling back over a couple times, and debating between getting a little more sleep and making the call. I got up and made the call. The first question she asked was... "When was the last time you talked to your Uncle?" Immediately, I knew where this was going and feared the worst. He's kind of a stubborn old man, generally reclusive, and lives alone. He's pushing 70 and has been smoking steadily since he was a teenager. Always been a heavy drinker... when he's with people at least. I'm kinda surprised he's gotten by without any major/chronic health issues for this long. But, how would anyone know when you never go to a doctor. A close, long time friend of his, my father, and our family, had contacted my Mom, freaked out that my uncle hadn't answered his phone in a few weeks. Apparently he'd called the cops to go over and check on him but he didn't answer, and they didn't see any evidence that anyone was home besides his phone and wallet sitting on the dining room table. My sister called her childhood friend who still lives at home across the street. Once she got permission from her parole officer to violate her house arrest orders (just to add to the drama of everything), she went over to check on him... my sister and I know where he hides an extra key outside. She went in with my sister on facetime for emotional support in case she found out the worst. Luckily, she didn't. She found him in bed, and a bit out of it. He had been feeling tired, weak, sore, and dizzy, and had been bed ridden for nearly three weeks, since Halloween and the last weekend he'd visited his hunting and fishing club. They own some property up in Michigan, and they go up to fish, hunt, drink and 'bullshit' once a month. My sister, a nurse, checked him for signs and symptoms of strokes, heart problems, etc. before calling an ambulance to take him to the ER. Yada, yada. Eventually, by Wed. evening they figured out he had Covid pneumonia, admitted him, and put him in isolation. They did some chest X-rays and put him on a battery of antibiotics, steroids and oxygen. I went to visit him on Friday and took him some belongings and a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers. We caught up. I hadn't texted him since his birthday, right after I bought the house and such. We talked about that stuff. He seemed generally okay considering the circumstances. He was sitting up and moving around, and complaining about how the nurse 'busted him' the night before when he undid his wires and hoses to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. So he's improving in his own stubborn old man kinda way. My sister has been in contact with the nurses watching him. He is improving via medical standards as well. Now we're keeping an eye on things to figure out when he might be able to leave the hospital. But even once he's back home, there will probably be oxygen tanks involved and us figuring out how to help him get home, settled, and taken care of. He lives two hours away from us. His closest friend, the one that called us, lives an hour away. I don't think he'll need full-time care, but he might need help taking care of the house and someone to slap a cigarette out of his hands as needed. So we've got all of that to look forward to. A few silver linings... for me anyway... I got to reconnect with our old family friend. I don't think we'd talked in at least 10 years and it was good to hear from him. And my uncle gave me a hundred bucks for gas and getting his shit to him. He's usually pretty generous like that. That's a plus side of not having your own children, you have extra money lying around. The downside is there are fewer people to check in on you when you're old and get Covid and wind up lying in bed for weeks. Despite all that I still got my leaves raked, made the kugela for Thanksgiving, and can still finish putting plastic over the windows for the winter. So... 😕
  13. This challenge is kinda tanking. I only meditated and yoga'ed a couple times this week. I have no idea where I am with nutrition, other than I haven't gone insane with candy, pizza, or any of the usual vices. I spent a lot of time learning RPG maker and working on Game Number One. I like what I'm seeing, though I really want to break away from the included content, and start doing my own custom content. Either way, this thing is fun and pretty easy to use. I drew the Monster Rat in GIMP at least. But that was a lot of time sitting on my couch with my laptop and I need to move.
  14. MEDITATE: Sunday, Monday, Tues -- Check! I switched my schedule around so I'm doing my daily meditation routine at the end of the day so it's not competing with breakfast, morning yoga, and getting ready for work. Also, way less noise and fewer distractions. MOVE: I've been doing yoga most days. Typically, a few sun salutations of type A (the easy one) and B (a slightly harder one). 3 each is ideal right now. Addit: Arya the Idiot (aka cat) and I have been playing "tag and go seek" when I get home from work. I run across the house, she chases after, then I run into another room and hide, and she runs into a corner or something. Then I run out and she tries to tag my ankles, before I get to the next room. Then, we hide again. Then either I run out again, or she'll come try to find me and I'll jump out and scare her into another hiding spot. This goes on for about 15 min. It's not bad for exercise. NOOM: I have full on checked out on NOOM the last week or so. I think I weighed in a couple of times last week, but that was it. I just don't see the point. However, I did throw out all the leftover candy. Like pounds of it... after I ate all the stuff I liked that is Still, I threw out a lot of candy. NO RAGRATS. And this week I've switched over to a lower carb, higher protein diet. For bulk cooking this week, I made a bunch of roasted chicken leg quarters, roasted potatoes (which are already gone), and a pot of vegetable soup that is super yummy, and flavored with the brown stuff that was leftover from roasting the chicken. All those foods go into my lunches. OMG so good. The scale is trending downward since last week too. ART: I think I'm gonna give video game making another try, and use RPGmaker to build some 16-bit style RPGs. I am sitting on 3 or 4, possibly killer ideas for RPG/Adventure style games.
  15. The good thing about the long streak tho is they meditation feels like a habit, and I'm really slipping back into it. I managed to meditate most days last week. I think I'm realizing that I need to go back to painting from life, al a prima, my best work is fast and representational. I covered two big windows in plastic and put a draft blocker and what stripping on the front door. I felt so productive that I neglected the rest of the windows and back door. 😆
  16. I'm catching up. Read the first page and skipped ahead. Are you eating moths yet?
  17. MEDITATE -- Today was the first day of a new months or years long streak. MOVE -- Today and yesterday I started my day with a few sun salutations. I'm hoping to establish this as a routine. The first two were difficult but SSs 3-5 were a breeze. Once I can do 5 with no break in between, I'm going to start adding more. NOOM -- Logged in yesterday and today. I'm trying a new strategy. Every day I will eat: 1 bowl of yogurt at breakfast (with craisins (or some kind of fruit) and walnuts) 1 bowl of soup at lunch -- allowed to add healthy proteins 1 giant fucking salad -- allowed to add healthy proteins 1 of whatever the fuck I want -- so long as it's no bigger than my hand/fist The first three meals provide a good base of nutrition and stomach filling bulk. The last lets me satisfy any cravings. ART -- Just staring at this canvas and wondering what to do with it. WINTER IS COMING! -- I'm adding this goal because I need to winterize my house. Plastic over windows. New weather stripping on drafty ass doors. Create 'warm spaces' for me and the kitty -- so we can tolerate keeping the thermostat a little lower to save energy but have ways to warm up fast. More insulation in the attic (if I can afford it)
  18. That is not it. My neighbors behind me have at least three boys and maybe a daughter. Two doors down they have a bunch of foster kids. Taking my next door neighbors, 5 houses and at least 8 kids I've seen on the trampoline and jungle gym in my neighbor's yard, that makes 1.6 kids per house. Is that low? I think it's because I'm on a busy street, so at best I'm a stop on the way to the bowels of the neighborhood where there is way less traffic (safer) and houses are a bit closer together. Next year, I'm buying two small bags of stuff I like, and not multiple large bags of whatever. I think I'm gonna make some cookies with all the leftover fun size bags of Reese's pieces for Thanksgiving. And there's gonna be some fun experimental baking for Christmas. Seriously, I have no idea where to go from here on this giant canvas 😕 Thinking I should start writing again XD Cat is a cat and is gonna cat.
  19. One trick or treater. Only One. ONE! All that candy! one. WTF!? At least it was Princess Zelda. 😕
  20. MEDITATE -- Still not back on this yet. Tomorrow tho. MOVE --Not today. I did get some stat bike time in yesterday tho to repay some of the Halloween candy debt. NOOM -- tomorrow. ART --I did some painting. The canvas is covered with color. But it looks shitty. My idea tanked and now it's just a free for all of abstract nonsense until something clicks.
  21. I came in later than usual. I'm reminding myself that it's only 15 pounds and I already lost it once in a short period. Without fail, if I crack open a book, she wants to lie on it. And when the sketch pad is out, she prefers to lie on that of all the spots she can lie.
  22. Good luck with your picture book! Following for potential sneak preview.
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