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  1. Thanks a bunch! At the moment I've got a few 10 minute HIT style workouts that require no equipment and are low impact. I'd also like to try some SUPER SUPER beginner yoga. Eventually I'll work up to more rigorous routines.
  2. Week 2 recap: (I started during the "planning week") Not gonna lie week 2 was harder. Some weird scheduling things popped up this week and made it hard to fit everything in. There were several staggered nights of very little sleep which also messed things up. And on Thursday my wife made a big dinner but it wasn't ready until after my IF window. She went to a lot of work so I ate it ... a lot. To make up for it I extended my IF (normally Mon-Thur) to include the entire week. Except for the Thursday obviously. Workouts are the hardest. I just can't seem to get them i
  3. Best. Post. Ever? Batman, Felicity, Picard and Data... You've already won.
  4. More music - I love it!! I kind of envy your metabolism. Go get `em!
  5. Good luck Erdrick! The nerds shall emerge from the pandemic even healthier!
  6. OUCH! Seriously it hurt to read that! Awesome goals though and love the get-back-at-it mentality. You Got This!! Can't wait to see how week 1 goes for you!
  7. Ok! Week 1 recap! 1) No Soda - SUCCESS! 2) At least 5 minutes of meditation each day - SUCCESS! 3) Do a 10 minute (or longer) workout 3 times a week. - Missed one. 😔 Put off the last workout until Sunday and spent that day with a headache that would have killed ten ordinary men. Used that as an excuse. 4) Intermittent Fasting Mon-Thurs - SUCCESS! Thoughts from last week: Overall: I felt good! Except for the debilitating headache on Sunday. But dang the rest of it really seemed to up my mood and energy. Don't get me wrong... s
  8. I do use the Insight Timer! But by insight meditation I was referring to the "type" of meditation. Another word for it is Vipassana (as opposed to a different approach like Zen ... which I also enjoy from time to time). And TOTALLY agree on more meditation being a good thing! I'm ok running longer than the bell.
  9. Back when I was going strong I sat for at least an hour a day. Sometimes longer. Beyond the meditation TIME... I generally follow a Theravadin flavored path, with an Insight Meditation practice. Two days in and I'm already realizing I may have been too "Safe" in the meditation time goal. Yesterday I doubled it to 10 minutes and I was disappointed when the bell sounded. My work schedule usually puts lunch at noon. So my plan at the moment is to be DONE with eating by 8pm This is my first real attempt with IF though so I'm open to advice!
  10. Thanks folks! Day one in the books and I got it all done except a workout, so that means I have to squeeze 3 sessions into the rest of the week. I'll check in by the end of the week at least.
  11. Howdy folks! My name is Doug and this is my first challenge! I think... I've had a membership here for a while but was always more of a lurker even back when I was more active. A handful of years ago I was in pretty good shape. I ate paleo. I did Crossfit. I ran Tough Mudders. I'm not sure what happened, probably just the lack of focus that can crop up when you feel like you got it all figured out. Since then I've gained a bunch of weight, lost a lot of muscle, and also fallen out of what was a pretty rigorous mediation practice. So... I'm usin
  12. it doesn't need to link back - I'm ok with doing it manually... I'd just like to have the ability to either duplicate the quests lists, or set them up as recurring.
  13. Ideally the character page ... which I know is separate, but would like to get the XP for the challenge there too. Here's a break down of what I'm talking about:
  14. Thanks so much for the feedback folks. I appreciate it. And sure, I do understand about the separation of the two sides of the site, and I certainly plan to check in on the forums regularly. Having said that I ALSO want to get some XP on my "Character Sheet" that exists on the other side of the site. And THERE I'd like to have weekly things to check off. (I would have asked the question on the Academy side of the house but I didn't see a way to do that) For example here's what I did for the upcoming challenge... it's not a huge problem, but it was tedious. It wou
  15. Hello folks! I'd love to be able to setup recurring quests/quest lists. (and/or the ability to quickly duplicate a quest list) I did see someone was trying to do this with a "Weekly Quest" UserScript, but it doesn't appear it was ever published. (and I'm not sure if it would work with quest lists in the "my epic quest" section. For me "checking things off" is good motivation and I'd like to do it weekly vs. waiting for an entire challenge to complete. Hope that makes sense, and thanks!
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