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  1. By which I mean, prolonged fasting. I am planning on doing a short(3 day) water fast and am wondering if anyone here has done one, either successfully, or not. I do understand all the potential dangers and am making sure to keep my electrolytes balanced. I'm just curious if anyone has tips, or any comments about fasting.
  2. On the support note, be sure that it is indeed support you seek and not validation. If you're anything like myself, you are still unsure of your identity, or not happy with the identity you have, so you look for some form of activity to define you. For years I became "that bodybuilder guy" in my circles and that was my identity, but I did eventually realize that I chose bodybuilding because I was seeking attention from it. I wasn't in love with getting big, I was in love with being known as being big. Since I came to that realization, I've sought other things and still haven't quite nailed it, but I won't choose something based on how it will make me look, or just to have an identity in my circles. If you find something you truly enjoy, you won't seek support. You'll be a freight train of passion and others will want to ride that train, so they'll jump on board without you asking.
  3. elevation and compression should suffice, but I'd still suggest cold. It needn't be icy. Just cold water in the tub will be enough. You're not going full Wim Hof.
  4. My guess would be(maybe) a mild neuropathy associated with being on your feet all day and causing some nerve damage. Get an exercise program for your feet to get blood flowing through there, ice them for about 10 minutes a day, followed by rubbing them down with some castor oil and wrapping your oiled feet in a warm towel for 20-30 minutes. When you can(maybe while they are being heated), raise them above heart level. For the exercise, I would just start with the towel thing. Stand on the edge of a towel(or just sit and put your toes at the edge), then curl your toes up and using only your toes, scrunch the towel up(pulling it towards you). 3-5 sets of that a coupe times a week should help get your foot strength up. The rest is just rehab for the pain. Despite standing all day, your feet are probably weak and might even be weak FROM standing all day without flexing. You don't want to start running on weak feet, just like you wouldn't want to drive on bald tires. Oh and along with the exercise, maybe practice spreading your toes out as far as you can a few times at the end of every day/
  5. Well, I can't say for certain, since I started an SSRI at about the same time, but in the past I found that to be true about a lot of sports.
  6. I've seen and heard the bjj chillness to be a factor of the old surfer community taking it up and having major influence on it. As for the choke outs being disputed, one factor is that for many of the moves, choke is a misnomer and they are actually strangulations. Strangling is cutting off the blood flow to the brain, so I think that's where the long term health aspect is shady. As for real chokes, where you're cutting off the wind pipe, the effects pose less danger long term, but could be potentially worse immediately, like from a crushed windpipe.
  7. I checked it and they didn't have Revolution Parkour listed from Beaverton, Tualitin and Gresham Oregon. Not that I could find, anyways. I'll try to add them if I can figure out how.
  8. You tend to lose your ego pretty quickly in bjj, so the hotheads aren't too much of an issue. You'll get the occasional hotheaded highschool wrestler who comes in, thinking they're gonna wreck everyone and they are probably the most dangerous, so just don't roll with anyone paying a drop in fee. Let the purple, brown and black belts work them.
  9. I think Wildross nailed it. I had this happening for years and now I have a torn RC. Lighten up your workouts and add in some rc stuff.
  10. It makes sense that general strength could only help me. I did throw braemar with some Highland guys for awhile. They have a couple variants on hammer, too. I know there are a few competitive strongmen there, so maybe I'll pick their brains. I guess the crux of my question boils down to something like, since the shot is in one hand, would 1 arm c&j's be better for me than barbell, or does the increased load of the barbell equate to more overall power and explosiveness? Perhaps a mix of the two? I feel like it seems logical that 1 arm c&j's would help, but I also don't want to muddy the waters too much and have too many useless lifts if they aren't going to help me throw 60 feet.
  11. That's fine, I'm not really doing strongman. I'm just joining a strongman gym, because the owner makes it a point to have all the cool stuff.
  12. I intend to join a local strongman gym, with my focus being on speed/power, but does general power have enough crossover to sport specific power? What I mean is, should I be focusing on things like hang/power cleans for shot put, or should I be developing the specific shot put movements? I can see maybe power clean and jerk being useful, since the SP relies heavily on the power position throughout the rotation, or the glide techniques. Anyway, I appreciate thoughts on this. Oly stuff isn't my milieu, so I'm not overly familiar with its practicality.
  13. As long as you aren't maxing, but rather being at about 80-85% of max, then your daughters CAN spot you. Honestly, the spotter usually only needs to put 10-15 lbs. of force on the bar for you to lift it(depending on total lbs., of course. Not gonna take 10-15 off a 600 lbs. bench and make too much difference.), Alternatively, maybe you can bench in a power rack, with safety pins in place. I know people hate power rack benchers, but it's your damned workout and they can kiss it. As long as someone is putting in work and not being chatty, taking too much time, I see no problem with it.
  14. R.I.P. Chris Cornell. This one's hitting me pretty hard.

  15. That does sound like my situation exactly, but they did already do x-rays and said it wasn't bone related. I'm just unsure if it's strained, or torn. I'm seriously hoping for strained, but at this point, I'm pretty sure that'll evolve into a tear by the time I see the pt. Bright side is that it's my left arm, which isn't my useful one anyway.
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