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  1. Liking the progress so far! Can't wait to see how far you get.
  2. Welcome! I love this part of the forums because you get to see so many stories of change and inspiration. You will definitely love it here. Based on your goals, you should definitely check out the Barbarian Strength Guild as soon as possible for resources, tips, and to see who your fellow strength trainers are around here.
  3. Welcome! There are tons of resources out there so it can be a little intimidating, especially if you're going at it alone. If weight loss is what you're looking for then you definitely want to check out the Weight Loss Guild. You'll find that weight training can help a TON when it comes to actual weight loss, so make sure to stop by the Barbarian Strength Guild. As time goes on you should definitely treat yourself to a visit to some of the other resources available on the site. Also, never be afraid to just jump right in and start asking questions or getting involved in some discussions. Hope
  4. Woot! Love to see people who make progress and don't stop in awe of how much progress they make, but keep looking forward to how much more they can do!
  5. Here's a decent article that breaks down what muscle groups are recruited in each exercise and how that can help you in your workout: http://www.aworkoutroutine.com/pull-ups-vs-chin-ups/
  6. Welcome, glad to have you and hope to see more progress soon!
  7. This is by far my favorite primal meal thus far: Primal Scotch Eggs
  8. Nope, never been. She actually moved here (Alabama) a few years back and has talked about moving back ever since she got here.
  9. The best advice I can think of is take a day and audit your time. Record when (to the minute) you do what and for how long. After about 2 or 3 days you can look at your schedule and see when the best time would be for you to workout. Also, you need to prioritize. If you really want to make fitness a priority, then treat it as such IE: time that you spend watching tv or doing something for entertainment. You should be able to figure out when your body can handle a good workout.
  10. Haha nice One of my best friends is a Portlandian
  11. Welcome Sil! Awesome Power Girl by the way! My girlfriend is working on a Power Girl cosplay atm and I'm gonna be suiting up as Black Adam so we can choreograph some awesome fight poses
  12. I myself am I nerd, a brother, a son, a dancer, a fighter, a gamer, a fighter, a Filipino, an American, a gleek (QUINN!?!?) etc. etc. You summed it up much better than me though, in regards to using labels for negative connotation. Although I take pride in what I am, and enjoy the company and conversation of people who can be categorized in the same labels, I opt to not generalize based on those labels. IE: Nerdy girls are like this or Guys who club are like that
  13. I absolutely love kettlebells! I like doing a kb workout in lieu of barbells on days that I'm pressed for time, or don't feel like doing traditional forms of cardio. www.mymadmethods.com is my go-to resource for intense kettlebell / unconventional workouts.
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