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  1. jonfirestar

    Maigs: Hmm...This Looks Familiar

    Good to hear! I was really surprised and happy at how easy it was with Spartan too. It wasn't even just a straight transfer they simply applied a credit of the cost I'd paid for the race onto my account.
  2. jonfirestar

    Xena does some stuff

    Ouch. I hate that although I find that when I do it nothing really makes it worse. Just certain things hurt like heck.
  3. jonfirestar

    RhiaWolfe Seeks the Triforce

    I'm late but Happy Birthday!
  4. jonfirestar

    Maigs: Hmm...This Looks Familiar

    It's probably some combination of the above
  5. jonfirestar

    JonFirestar and 3.00 Spartans!

    I know the feeling. Juggernaut worked really well when I could string it together for 6 months but I could never quite reconcile it around my hectic race schedule. Luckily I almost never miss a workout but I still need to nail down my schedule for next year along with which races I care enough about to really taper for and them work back from there. I'm sure that you could have gotten a lift with Rho. If you'd asked nicely Meh it is now far too expensive now, and it's only next challenge that sees both OCRWC and Fallout! So lots of nerdy muddy fun to be had!
  6. jonfirestar

    JonFirestar and 3.00 Spartans!

    I'm pretty sure that Rho has only given us some angst and not actually caved into peer pressure, yet. Mind you none of us has signed up just yet. I'd like to point out that I made multiple attempts to get you to come! I'm really looking forward to it. It's not really a race, just a few nerds bumbling around in the woods.
  7. jonfirestar

    JonFirestar and 3.00 Spartans!

    Week 1, Thursday! I'm feeling very very wiped out today. I am about 85% sure that it's some combination of my calories being too low, my sleep being lacklustre and my workout being too hard. Nevertheless the the day happened and all goals were hit. I finally finished sorting out the team for the Spartan beast and I've got the two elusive Rangers @iatetheyeti and @Rhovaniel all signed up (to the team we all signed up to this race last year). Scrounge to Survive 2390 calories. I pushed this up to the limit of my arbitrary calorie goal. The additions were some fruit juice and a protein shake. I've jostled things around a little bit more tomorrow to give myself some additional protein carbs. I listened to a podcast on the way home where a sports nutrition therapist explained an approach to this that I found kind of compelling and I think I'm going to give it a go next week it is going to take a little bit of planning but I'd like to see if I can even out my energy a little better. Train For War PT work done Mobility work done a bit in the morning and some more in the evening. It was a hard run this morning. 2x2 mile threshold runs. I should have thought about this before I did it because I actually can't keep up 2x2 mile runs at or above my 5k pace (duh) even with the 5 minute rest period between them. I think I got around 30 minutes before my pace fell off a cliff. My heart rate remained at about 175 bmp the whole while though which is within the target zone. In fact based on my heart rate it was an incredibly successful run. I somehow managed a 30:30 5k despite walking for 10 minutes Foam rolling my calves is seeing some improvement. I don't know wether that's translating into mobility improvements in my ankles because I didn't take any before data. I want to do some movement screening at some point before we start the next challenge. I have decided to hold until next challenge to make sweeping changes to my program because I really only have 1 week of real training left this challenge. Which is next week. After that I have a taper week and a recovery week (and I'm going to need it!) I also have 2 races coming next challenge but nothing as extreme as 2 spartans in 2 days. I am struggling to figure out how to do things. There are not enough days in the week! I need at least 8. If not 9. I'm probably going to go back to doubling up at least one run and strength day. I'm really not adverse to doing that. Discipline:  I got to bed on time but again left it 10 minutes too long before trying to sleep. I will do a better job of that today because I am really very tired.
  8. jonfirestar

    Maigs: Hmm...This Looks Familiar

    That is fair
  9. jonfirestar

    JonFirestar and 3.00 Spartans!

    It really was a great trip. My first time north of the border but it won't be my last. No prizes in guessing which one of you two said yes to the crazy idea then It's not just my lifting that I'm going to rework but my running too. If at all possible I want to get the mesocycles of both the lifting and running to work in sync. That might mean that I'll be working on cycles that are longer than 4 weeks but I've not gotten that far yet. I just know I'd rather like my deload week for my lifting and running to happen at the same time. I'm really struggling to figure out how to fit in conditioning around this stuff because my initial idea of BMF classes seems somewhat inadequate or ill fitting.
  10. jonfirestar

    Wolfen Hits the Trails

    It's hard not to be a fan of Joe De Sena and his attitude. I've read both Spartan Up! and Spartan Fit The latter being more of a training manual but still full of the old Joe style and stories and is still a fairly interesting read. As you mention it sounds like 'more of the same' but I don't think that is a bad thing. The book was already on my radar but it sounds like it'll be on my reading list in the near future.
  11. jonfirestar

    JonFirestar and 3.00 Spartans!

    The more I think about it the more convinced that I need to rework my entire program. You know how that goes Given the restrictions posed by the silly amount of races I'm doing in 2 weeks the whole thing might have to wait for the next challenge, or the last week of this one at the very earliest. But I'm slowly coming up with a plan. I do need to decide whether I want to dedicate 1 day to pure strength training or 2 (and conversely that'll be 1 day towards metcon training or 2). It was a killer workout. The burpees were actually okay. That's probably because I came off of a Spartan weekend that involved well over 100. The thrusters really hurt. "Endure: Mind, Body and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance" for a somewhat technical and scientific book about the limits of human endurance it is really good.
  12. jonfirestar

    elizevdmerwe - Spring has Sprung

    Try to relax. It sounds like you need it.
  13. jonfirestar

    Salinger's fifteenth challenge!

    I was very tempted to message you and tell you to go to back to bed when I noticed you were up and liking things at 6am while I was getting ready for my run You'll do great this weekend but all the best for all the stuff that needs to be done!
  14. jonfirestar

    JonFirestar and 3.00 Spartans!

    I'd be up for doing that. Week 1, Wednesday! A much more stable and quiet day today. Nothing to complain about but also not all that much to say. Taking the break to Scotland really has been like hitting a big reset button. I'm feeling much more positive and active about life in general. That's probably got as much to do with the general upturn in my mood too but I really needed that break! Because we have a problem @Charlie_Quinn and I managed to talk ourselves into yet another race in October and, like the crazed addicts we are we immediately turned around and attempted to seduce @Jarric and @Rhovaniel into doing it as well. With mixed results. It is a short fun race and something I'm really excited for (a 7k Mudstacle fun wave at OCRWC). I've decided that I want to get back to the gym and lift heavy again. I think for the time being think I'll swap in one pure strength and power session a week but it won't be this week and I've not exactly decided how and what because when RangerBrain starts to whirl you've got to ride out the crazy to get to something that's actually workable. Scrounge to Survive 2151 calories. A little lower than I should be hitting. It was intentional but this is an example of me going against my own advice. Train For War PT work rest. Mobility work done. I've been spending extra time trying to beat my calves into submission with the foam roller. It really feels like that's what I'm trying to do as well. They feel brutalised but I am happy to say that they are improving. At least rolling them has gone from 'the most painful thing I've ever experienced' to just 'hurts a lot' progress! Today's MetCon: EMOM 30 minuets minute 1: 10 cals bike minute 2: 10 thrusters 2x 10kg minute 3: 10 db jerk 10kg minute 4: 10 burpees If I'm honest this thing kicked my butt. It was a total of 7 and a half rounds. 70 burpees in the morning would be enough to give me nightmares by itself but the thrusters were the real killer. I also added 3x3 pullups after the wod just because I want to continue working them. That with the warm up and the mobility work I did (and a few minutes of being distracted by faulty electronics) took about an hour. Discipline: I went to bed on time but I was a little over when I put my book down to sleep.