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  1. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    You know this is the venue for OCRW next year Just sayin. I've no idea how much of the regular course they are going to use for it but I'd be sad if the slide didn't make the cut. I'm sure the wet ending is a lot more fun when it isn't November! I think when I go back in May I won't hate it quite so much. Okay. Now you are making me blush. I don't know what to say to that. Thanks. Agonisingly close. I was very much toying with the idea of just going and knocking it out. I'm reasonably confident i could do that without hurting myself but not worth it because the number is what it is because it's a round figure. Had I gone running today the figure would have been closer to 160 so in my mind I more than accomplished what I set out to do with it.
  2. Rhovaniel of the Dúnedain

    I know right!? It makes me want to go all that way just to do 4 or 8 miles and eat cake I second this
  3. Deadpool Races Deadpool: Distance PvP [Oct 22nd - Nov 18th]

    It's not been the best week for me (and that is relative so nobody should feel bad) but I'll add the last of my miles in. 20.2 since Sunday. I'm just going to hope that Venompool and Evil Deadpool don't suddenly log a bazillion miles on the last day
  4. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    On the other hand I thought the Atlas Carry was trivial sure it was heavy but it was only a few meters each way over flat ground. Part of the challenge with the bucket brigade was that they took us over some really technical terrain. It was long enough that the bucket became really burdensome along with trying to keep your footing over the hill. Especially because you don't want to spill the bucket. Although much the same. I work in IT but the nature of my job means that I'm shifting awkwardly shaped bits of kit that can weigh anything from 20-100kg (not by myself with the latter) though narrow spaces on a regular basis. None of the carries were particularly challenging but I felt the fatigue on the bucket brigade! The burpees from all of the overhead obstacles were far more of a problem for me than any of the carries, flips or lifts.
  5. Cheetah has muddled through and is making plans

    I get tons of movement in during the day doing this I'm never the only one in the building but there is nothing unusual about having to take a trip around to the other side of the building (which is basically a warehouse) so I'll take a walk around about once an hour if I've been sat still.
  6. Kestrel Joyfully Stagnates

    That's okay Kestrel. It's more important that you are starting to feel better
  7. Maigahane Clings to Her Sanity

    I repeat, you are da boss!
  8. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    Challenge Wrap up. Okay Nerds, I made the decision not to go running this morning so I'm calling the challenge now. Just to address the elephant off the bat. I think I've picked up my very first honest running injury which, from my incessant googling this morning, seems to be a 'grade 1 calf strain' . I'm mostly just writing it down to commit to my plan of action so long details in spoiler box. With that out of the way. I feel about 80% happy with how the challenge went. Which is about what I can hope for. Lots of ups and some downs. Out Distance the Horde: 148.4/150 miles. So insanely close, I cannot tell you how tempting it is to go run for 1.6 miles just to knock this out but the number wasn't an investment. I had no reason for wanting to hit it. All it was was a rough estimation of what I'd hit if I managed to hit all of my sessions. So it was more about hitting all of the runs than it was about the number itself. Now that I'm done with racing for a few months, I feel like it's time to pull back on the milage anyway. At least until January when I'd start picking things up for my races in March. If I can get back to quality running soon I hope to focus more on speed and climbing over the winter. That's likely to involve the treadmill more just because at some point it becomes dangerous to do speed work outside at 5am Annoyingly my running has been feeling better the last few weeks than at any time since I did the half marathon back in September. All that said what I think would help with my running performance most of all right now would be to drop weight. I'm too heavy and there are some 'easy' gains to be made right there. Fast Zombies: I managed to hit almost all of my quality runs and I've been hitting them much more convincingly. To go with that I've been seeing some improvement in performance. This challenge saw my last few races of the season and while none of them were run particularly fast I'm really happy with how I was feeling for them all. Strong Enough To Battle the Horde! Strength has been a mixed bag. I started back on my strength program only to be sidelined a little by a reoccurring injury and the races. Actually the wrist thing kind of bring home why I want to be super cautious about my calf (and yes I'm trying to convince myself). The actual injury itself is very old (20-25 years) and it crops up from time to time. Very notably though it put an end to my previous fitness endeavours a decade ago. I basically ignored it when it cropped up and carried on training hard. Even though my wrist couldn't take weight very well. Instead of a week or two, it went on for a couple of months. I ended up overcompensating a lot and eventually caused a stress fracture in my other arm. Despite taking something of a measured risk with Nuclear last weekend, my wrist is now as fine as it gets. Though I'm probably not going to be trying to PR the bench any time soon. While I was in the gym I was happy with the changes to my plan. I intend to keep those changes happening. I don't think I want to be focusing on powerlifting so much but I do feel like using the 'big four' movements is useful in general strength training (an I love deadlifting) but I want to put much more of a focus into functional bodyweight movements and heavy carries. In my chosen sport it's much more important to be able to move my own body than it is to be able to deadlift 400lbs. The next challenge will feature some experimentation to see exactly what the format I will be going with looks like and not much is going to be happening week 0. Supplies! I've been pretty unhappy with my food intake. If I'm honest it's been going bad since I started to taper for the half in September. I've been focused more on completing the various races and using that as a reason (rightly or wrongly) to increase my calorie intake. In all, it's evident that I've largely been eating to maintenance during that time because my weight hasn't shifted up or down very much. I want to really refocus on this next challenge and make it the highlight. Depending very much on how the next couple of weeks go in terms of how much exercise I can do that might involve me dropping my calories a little or I might just try to be very strict at hitting my current one. I do drop weight when I hit it. I've just sucked at hitting it consistently. It's going to be a case of being much more strict on my weighing and measuring of food and not eating outside of my plan unless it cannot be helped. Christmas is coming and that is a thing but I have zero problems with the two days of excess that is my Christmas if all the days around it are okay (and that is the challenge). Plans I started this whole shebang because I needed to stop being so fat and with 110lbs (50kg) lost and I'm still clinically obese (albeit no longer morbidly). Needless to say I really want to lose that tag. More important than the tag is my health and wellbeing. It's hard to deny the fact that running with so much excess weight will contribute to my chances of getting injured. My plan from now up until March is to drop as much weight as I can (whilst being safe and sensible) and the secret to weightloss starts in the kitchen. Next challenge is going to be about grinding my way through the next couple of months and keeping things together.
  9. Deffy # 35 - Triple Threat

    Given that information it makes a lot more sense that she would brush before breakfast too
  10. The Silver Archer: Channel the Storm

    Oh Sky, I'm really sorry. Don't make this the last time you talk about your drama. Nobody is sick of it and we are here to offer as much support as disembodied internet friends can.
  11. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    Yeah, don't misunderstand me I'm not unhappy with that. Part of my dissatisfaction was that I lost 80 last year so it sort of pales in comparison but I always knew it would be less this year, if only because I had less to lose. I'm more just frustrated with the fact that it has completely stalled for the last few months. I am still happy to be ending the year 30 lbs lower than I came in but I'm a long way from being satisfied with my weight. They are different species but they taste basically identical. I certainly couldn't tell the difference by taste alone. I suppose I've never eaten them on the same plate together though.
  12. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    Week 4, Friday! Today was a good day. I was having trouble sleeping so I've been up since about 4:30am. I went for my run at 5:30 after drinking just a cup of coffee. The run felt pretty good. I think I might actually be getting better at the hills finally. Or the coffee was just doing it's magic. Later on in the morning I went to see Justice League which was actually pretty good! I mean some parts of it were really good but it has it's issues. Overall though I'm really happy I went to see it and came out of the cinema satisfied and happy, and my friends had the same reaction to me. I was very cautious with my expectations going into it, and that might have something to do with how I feel. I think I might not be as over feeling cold as I thought I was. After my run I've had a really hard time warming back up today. I had a long sleeve compression top and a tech shirt on, some gloves, a buff on my head but only shorts. It was really cold out this morning. I think I might have under dressed. I have some warmer running tops that I think need to be broken out, and some leggings. I am really going to focus hard on trying to drop weight before race season starts in March. I weighed in today. I've been avoiding the scale a little but I was happy to find out that I've not put on that much weight. A few pounds. My lowest point this year was 215lbs (97.5kg) but I went back up to 220 some time around my Spartan Race. Currently I'm sitting at 222. I'd rather like to be back at or below 215. I wanted to lose 52 this year, which would have put me at 200lbs but I realise that boat has sailed. I'll settle for getting as close to 210 as possible. The honest truth is that I've not been nearly as good with food this year as last. I am currently 30lbs lower than what I weighed in January so it hasn't been a bust but I should be doing better. Out Distance the Horde: 148.4/150 miles. 6 mile run this morning. Lots of hills and assent. Fast Zombies: 4x200m hill repeats. These felt okay today. Not as hard as they have been feeling. Strong Enough To Battle the Horde! Did a short strength circuit at home after my run. 3x2 pull ups (with negatives making it up to 5 reps per set) 3x10 pushups 3x10 OHP with a 15kg sandbag 3x10 squats with a 15kg sandbag Really just something to get myself used to doing strength work again. I'm getting really disheartened by how much my pullups have declined. I was hitting a solid 4 reps per set just a couple of months ago. Supplies! Really good today. 2639 calories. Everything was weighed and measured. I've been far too lax on just adding a little extra to stuff recently so I'm cutting that out. Had a prawn stirfry for dinner. It was quite delicious.
  13. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    Yeah the bucket carry is really hard because it's such an odd shape so it's impossible to make it even remotely comfortable. It ends up just murdering your forearms and hands. At least with the heavy sandbag carry you could clean the bag to your shoulders and drape it across your back.
  14. Cheetah has muddled through and is making plans

    Yeah I know what you mean. Does it really have to be exactly the same to the detail year after year? There has got to be some room for experimentation. That sounds so much better!
  15. Sloth Don't Need No Stinkin' Challenge

    Yeah, it's eaten cold. The jelly is just a set broth. So it's essentially just chopped up bits of white fish in a cold set broth and that's what it tastes like.