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  1. Week 0, Saturday! Or is it week 1? I don't think I understand how the time is working this challenge so I might just ignore it I have enough trouble keeping the weeks and days straight in my head anyway. Well today has been a Saturday. A relatively unproductive Saturday at that where I've spent the majority of it eating or sleeping. The threat of rain this morning caused me to postpone my plans until late in the morning and while I don't think that is the reason I'm feeling so wiped out it did mean that once I got going there just didn't seem to be any time at all. Reign in the Food 2685 calories Somehow I actually managed to stick to my plan today. Although right now I really do feel hungry. I intend on just going to bed. It might be worth planning on eating a little more calorie wise on Saturday just to account for the 2+ hour workout that I'm planning on doing. Go Faster, Go Further! I took my long run today and it felt simply awful. I think part of that was because I left it late to go out until it was hot and humid out. Although not nearly so hot as it has been. The first 5 miles felt just fine and I was pushing along nicely. After 5 miles I had to keep stopping for walking breaks. The next 3 miles were a mixture of walking/running. Things picked up after about 8 miles and the last couple were not so bad. So there are a few things that I think contributed to the bad feeling today: 1. My legs felt pretty tired from the outset anyway. Recovery is always a little slow when I change up my gym program and when you add a cut on top of that things slow down. 2. It was hot and humid out. Almost all of my running is done really early in the morning when it is cool and fresh(er) and I am simply not very heat adapted 3. I took a new route, down trails I've not run before and it turned out to be a lot hillier than I was perhaps prepared for. I ended up doing over 700 feet of climb. Considering that my target for the entire challenge is only 1000ft (which is based on conservative averages of what I have been doing) it seems fairly uncontroversial to suggest that my body just wasn't prepared for it. Nonetheless. When I run the flat route by the river the 10 mile run usually takes me from 1:50 to 2 hours and today it took 2:15 so it's not so terrible, I guess, given all the hills. Get Strong, be Powerful spreadsheet Feeling very much in need of the rest day tomorrow. Looking forward to the rest day #epicrestday
  2. Not jealous at all thats a lie. There is a pretty sweet lineup this year!
  3. Aww, sorry to hear that! I can't eat strawberries without them trying to kill me so I sympathise I'm actually trying to get more seafood into my diet overall.
  4. Boredom and stress most certainly play their part. If I found it easy to resist i'd never have gotten so overweight but that isn't an excuse. I know i can beat this and I know that the key for doing it long term is not to 'suck it up', because eventually I just crack hard, but to figure out the changes I need to make in order for it to work for me. It's been a while since I actively tried to lose weight and I was expecting some teething problems.
  5. Week 0, Friday! Another hot blazing day but it has been a great day even if it does look like it is going to rain all over the long weekend I struggle with the heat just as much as any other Brit but we get so little hot Sunny weather I like to appreciate it when it is here! Overall today has been pretty good though. I woke up absolutely drenched in sweat and that wasn't from the heat because air conditioning is a thing. I don't remember any dreams but something had me worked up! Work was really relaxed and wound down. Nobody felt the need to try and ply me with cookies, doughnuts or icecream. Even my caffine intake was somewhat reasonable. All in all a great day. Reign in the Food 2654 calories Woot bang on target today I actually felt fine today. Not hungry until the end of the day and even though I was late home I wasn't chew my arm off kind of hungry. I did eat a lot of fish when I did eat. Go Faster, Go Further! Rest from running today. Get Strong, be Powerful spreadsheet Still a little DOMSy today. Especially in my hamstrings but today was anything but leg day. The bench press felt good today and fairly easy until the very last set. 5x10 52.5 (115lbs) the pull ups on the other hand felt stiff and hard and I was doing sets of singles and even some negatives. Sigh, win some and lose some but I'm largely putting it down to fatigue. I did my second conditioning circuit of the week. Yay. This time it included kettlebell snatches which is one of my favourite moves when they go right. If you get it wrong it turns in to a horrid kind of press that sucks but when they go well it feels nice, powerful and explosive.
  6. You need to forgive yourself. Not that I'm suggesting that is easy to do but making peace with you past begins with forgiving yourself. Number 4 is also true
  7. Happy to hear it. I'll find you when you post Thanks. I just want to keep this one simple and try to focus down. Yeah I like this. I find that 'Snack Happy' is easy enough to deal with so long as I'm not being willfully self destructive. When I am all bets are off. I do find it a lot more challenging to deal with actually feeling hungry. That being said I've noticed that my energy levels have been a little wonky come mid afternoon as well but, despite the fact that my food and my days are consistent, the feeling isn't at all consistent. Today I felt just fine and dandy. Despite being late home I wasn't overtly hungry by the time I ate. The only real difference was that there were not snacks in the office today. There are days where, no matter what I do, I just can't stop feeling hungry and I know some of that at least has to be mental.
  8. Great work on the food today! Enjoy your long weekend!
  9. It's been so hot this week I don't like to complain about hot weather because I'll mourn it when it's gone But it really sucks that you had to sit on a train for 2 hours in that ugghhh I'm glad to hear that you are doing better and that you've found one of your friends from the alcohol forum! Good luck with finding some of the others!
  10. Thanks! It's very interesting. I have heard of Jack Daniels and the book you mentioned. I might see if I can grab a copy somewhere. I'm finding myself more and more interested in the gritty details. According to the pace charts/calculator I'm running way too fast in my training. Like, always . I'm all for only pushing as hard as you need to in order to see improvements. Although there is a question about how you progress. Stomach rumbling, want to eat anything that moves hungry. Whether it is real hunger or not is beyond my ability to tell. It feels like it. At least it's distinguishable from what I like to call 'snack happy' which is when I want to eat but it isn't because I'm hungry. A lifetime of abusing food has left my mechanisms for 'mindful eating' somewhat broken. I do know that I can find a balance somewhere that will mean I'm not feeling hungry all of the time. It is usually something askew with my macros. I'm not getting hungry through until lunch but there is something about what I'm eating for lunch that isn't leaving me satiated for long. I don't think it's numbers of calories because it is a big lunch. I'm trying to cut again and lose weight and it is likely that I need to adjust things in order to find my happy place.
  11. I'm actually trying to up my food p0rn game Thanks! Speed is an identified weakness so it is a focus for now. I hope if I get better at it I won't hate doing it so much I try to stay mindful about how much water I'm drinking. Especially since the weather got so hot. I don't think it is the problem this time round. By the time I get out of work I'm feeling absolutely famished. In the past I've played with my macros when I felt like this and I've been able to solve it. I'm going to do that again. I think it is time to ramp up my protein and pull down my carbs again. Err noo. I didn't even know such a pace calculator existed. I tried googling for it this morning but I'm not sure what I'm looking for and all I could really find are calculators that would tell you what kind of pace you need to achieve a specific distance in a specific time (I've used that to work out my target 10k pace before). I am new to this kind of speed work. Other than knowing it is a thing. (I did similar kind of stuff with rowing some 15 years back when I did that semi-seriously). My target was a pace that would push me but that I could actually sustain for the distance. This averaged out to be about 7:45 mi/min pace. All 4 splits were fairly consistent but gradually got slower I want all of your nerdy technical details, is there a formula to work out the pace I should be aiming at? I am also not sure if 4x400 was the right thing to be doing rather than shorter faster sprints? My google-fu is kind of failing me with actual numbers and detail. Do you know any good resources/books/sites etc that I can read?
  12. Sort of depends on the movement and your starting strength but yes. If the bar is too light then you don't want to start there unless you are practising some more complex movements that require you to master the technique before adding weight. It's just worth knowing that it is an option.
  13. Zombies Run! is fun but I don't find it all that motivating. I like knowing what I am aiming to achieve week to week and tracking progress over the time with my training. Getting etter is motivating to me.
  14. Yeah it's really interesting to experiment with how relatively tiny differences in pace can translate in to huge differences in perceived and actual effort.