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  1. So happy that your second experience at the OCR gym was so much better than the first! Woot for perseverance!
  2. Yay commuting! If you miss the sarcasm in my typing I'll add it explicitly I can't say I envy you. I am going to hope you get yourself into the gym later!
  3. This is the great secret truth. Everyone, no matter their level, still constantly hit the search engines and cobble things in. I like to think that it is far more important to know what you are trying to do. Figuring out how is the easy part but knowing what is possible is more difficult. And by knowing 'what' I also mean depth as well as width.
  4. Definitely understand! and yay to getting big stuff one!
  5. Okay, I dug around in the code on the page and I think I can see what is going on. I'm still making some assumptions and there maybe other weirdness depending on OS and browser but give it a go and see if it helps. From what I can see you are using a 1.5 line spacing in our doc file when you paste it over. 1.5 happens the be about what the forum is using as it's default display so when you submit, everything kind of looks the same. This is being translated over and I can see the declaration of the spacing in the code. I tested it over on my thread and it looks like if you just use an even wider spacing, 2, 2.5 or even 3 it should provide the result you are looking for. Remember you don't have to write it using that spacing but right before you post just ctrl-a and select the line spacing and then ctrl-z to put is back again. Hope this helps!
  6. Ahh I’d forgotten about Agrajag Hitchhikers gave me endless amounts of laughter when I first read it years and years ago. It really is one of the best series of books ever written imo! Hehe thanks Wolfie! I must say this is perhaps the weirdest case of the duldrums I’ve ever experienced. Maybe it is because I am determined to get through it without throwing everything away. Most of my social interactions are me cracking really dry jokes. Even here it takes people a little while to realise that 90% of what I say is actually a joke meant to make them smile. After that I usually get the smiles I’m looking for. (Advisory if there is any weirdness with the spacing it is because I’m testing a proof of concept). Week 2, Thursday My arms refuse to work properly after the gym this morning I’m going to say, for a week where I kind of just don’t care my performance in the gym and with the run I’ve done this week has been quite impressive. I’m not sure what is going on with that but I guess I’ll take it. I am starting to feel a little bit better too. I hope that it means I’m coming out the other side. Eat Well: Food was good yesterday overnight oats protein shake chicken and couscous salad Chicken and cauliflower curry with brown rice yogurt Cardio! Ran 3.5 miles. 5k of that was at a quick (for me) pace that saw me hit a new PR of 31:25, I’m getting very close to pushing that sub 30 that I can almost taste it. I realise that the issue I’m having is that I’m finding it hard to push myself for extended periods of time. If I’m honest I’ve not been doing much pushing at all with the running recently, favouring slow easy runs over anything that requires any real effort. Food for thought. Be Strong! Rest day Get some sleep! I sort of rabbit holed myself into a late night last night. I was trying to program an attiny85 micro controller but for some reason my attempts to flash kept failing. I finally had to tell myself that I’d check my wiring tomorrow and it was time for bed. Got into bed about an hour late, got less than 6 hours sleep.
  7. yep got caught in that this morning. Thankfully, after my run. You've got the right idea
  8. It's the best one I've got Oh poor Terry Pratchett You know I've never read Wyrd Sisters, but Gurards! Guards! is one of my favorites, I've still got a 20 year old beaten up paperback on my bookshelf. Maybe something old and familiar is indeed in order. Yeah I'm really struggling with whether or not I need to give myself more rest. I don't honestly know. I might experiment a little come next challenge. Next week is deload week anyway, it's built into my program and maybe it is just because I'm coming to the heaviest and hardest week that I've been struggling. Our humour is just more advanced. Don't worry if you can't grasp it. You might hurt yourself if you try too hard I think it is a good use of the time The humour is certainly twisted but I'm not sure you can say it's repressed. The weather isn't perpetually drab bit it is perpetually mediocre. Exactly! More sophisticated and full of subtle nuance Week 2, Wednesday Talk of the funnies have cheered me up a little bit. Thank you! I love all you guys I'm still having trouble with finding motivation and enthusiasm for anything but I'm still plugging away. Hitting my workouts, except Tuesday. So I can't say I'm upset at myself. I'm really am just finding it hard to care at the moment. Part of my plan while I'm feeling down and icky to to continue to check in daily. Having this outlet is something of a lifesaver. Eat Well: Food was good yesterday overnight oats protein shake chicken and couscous salad fish and pasta yogurt Cardio! rest day. Be Strong! Hit the gym and did my deadlifts. 5 ramping sets with the top set an AMRAP that hit 12x100kg felt really good, a huge rep PR for 100kgs (220lbs) Lots of other stuff including pullups cable rows, farmers walks Get some sleep! slept much better. Close to the full 7 hours yay.
  9. Interesting, can I assume you are using something like word to write your prose and then paste it into the forum to get the weirdness? (Sorry for 20 questions, if I can replicate your issue I can tell you how to fix it). I'll poke around to see what I can see if and when I get a chance. Deadlifts work better if you are using a bigger weight. Not necessarily a heavier weight, but a larger disk. Because the offset will help you get into the correct position and create the neutral spine that you are looking for. Truth is you'll probably be surprised exactly how much weight you can move when doing a proper dead-lift. It is the most satisfying of lifts in that way. Not that I am advocating anything other than starting light and working up to it People in the gym are usually too wrapped up in what they are doing to care about what you are doing. The interesting thing about the free weights section is seeing how many guys are stood in front of the big mirrors staring longingly into their own eyes
  10. Aww thanks I don't think the pain was DOMS because it was sharp and acute but it wouldn't surprise me if it was some sort of knock on from the long run and the lack of rest afterwards. The pain was pretty fleeting and it's pretty much all gone now so I'm not too worried and I do think I made the right call taking a rest day yesterday. I hit the gym this morning and it didn't play up at all. Very well could be a stress hangover. I've had a couple of crazy weeks and work blahs is effecting me as much as anything else. I've also been beating my body up pretty hard these last few weeks. I really need to consider adding in more rest. It is hard to talk myself out of trying to do all the things at once. I've got a couple of days off work coming up in a couple of weeks. The actual reason I took them off fell through but I think I'm going to take them off and just use the time to get some me time in I've been trying to read a book for about forever. I keep starting but I can't seem to go more than a couple of dozen pages. I used to be the person who'd read 2 or 3 books a week and it's kind of weird that I am struggling to do that recently. Could be I'm really clumsy and balance isn't something that comes naturally with me. Well to be more accurate, balance is something I do really well but my stability is awful so I probably tweaked something somewhere.
  11. exactly! Sort of weird it didn't happen while I was running or doing squats or anything but when I got home and it only really hurt when going down stairs. Well that's why I took the day off. If I'm honest today I realize that I'm feeling pretty down and despondent overall. Week 2, Tuesday I can't say that Tuesday was a bad day, really. It wasn't there were no major crises and I certainly wasn't busy. I'm just feeling really down and a little depressed. It has sort of come on out of the blue and I'm not sure what happened to bring it on. Nothing that I can think of. As I write this, it is Wednesday morning and I've just come out of the gym and I'm sipping coffee waiting for the work day to get going and I just feel... the only I can describe it is I've been slowly going downhill into a rut for about the last week. I kind of feel like I need to reset and refocus but I'm not sure where to start. Eat Well: Not so great yesterday: overnight oats protein shake chicken and couscous salad fish and pasta then kind of went off the rails ate a bunch of extra stuff. Not huge amounts but meh Cardio! skipped my run. My leg isn't hurting today. Sort of feels iffy though. Be Strong! Rest day Get some sleep! very bad night. Felt tired and exhausted all day.
  12. (tech support hat) what exactly are you trying to do with spacing that you are struggling with? Loved the story entry by the way great work with getting out for your run!
  13. And you live in future land so at least it's at the end of Tuesday for you the rest of us still have to suffer through it!
  14. Glad that you are on the mend!
  15. I looked at it, thought long and hard but decided against it. Sort of clashes with other plans for around that time. I'm defiantly up for it in 2018 though! It is my local half marathon and I know a few peeps who run it regularly and they've nothing but good things to say about it. I know the route relatively well and it even runs right past where I work That being said a quick search shows that there are about a bazillion others in the area so I'm going to dig around for one that fits in nicely Yes! Send it over now. I still reserve the right to complain about it when it is here though I find it quite amusing because our weather is just plain mediocre but no matter what it's complaint worthy. Definitely going in for it for 2018 too Week 2, Monday Monday went pretty well although, spoiler alert for Tuesday, I blew off my run this morning because sometime after I got home last night my leg started hurting. Not lots of hurt but definitely a sharp, 'I don't like the feel of that' kind of pain. I knew last night I probably wasn't heading out and this morning didn't change my mind. I feel pretty crappy for missing it still. I'm playing it by ear a bit over the next few days. Eat Well: Food was good: Overnight oats protein shake couscous and chicken salad left over roast pork Cardio! rest Be Strong! Squat day top set 11x93kg dips 5x10 OHP 8x52kg farmers walk 3x36kg (in each hand) incline bench 3x8x50kg curls 3x8x32kg lunges 3x5x32kg pullup stuff Get some sleep! Sleep was pretty crummy. About 6 hours of broken sleep.