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  1. Update: Been feeling quite a lot better today but who knows why. I'm no longer in pain, only a little discomfort and the fatigue is gone today. I've been able to eat even if I started my day off with chocolate milk because eww solids but by mid afternoon I was feeling really hungry. I'm getting anxious for the stuff happening this week. Covid test tomorrow. Prep on Friday and then hospital on Saturday. Anxious for a multitude of reasons. I actually got some stuff done today but I've still not been particularly productive. I took a bike ride this aft
  2. I'm in! I'll be explaining the whole time thing in detail in the group chat but long story short. Don't sweat it too much.
  3. Thanks mate. They are awful. This is honestly the worst illness I've ever had by a long way.
  4. Update: Oh I really do not feel good today. I just want to complain about it somewhere . I've been in some pain all day long. It's difficult to describe but it's different to the knife like pain that I experienced last year. It's more of a burning sensation deep inside my stomach. The pain I could probably deal with if it wasn't for the extreme levels of fatigue that come with it. It's so, ugh frustrating. One day I can easily run a 10k in well under an hour and the next just walking up the stairs is enough to have me panting and holding on for balance. The good news i
  5. Oh this is me in a nutshell. And also a problem solver who much prefers blunt dialog to subtlety. Thanks! And me too. I'm constantly surprised by all the new characters popping up.
  6. I love how you solved the pool of acid puzzle by just sticking your arm into it. Simple, brute force, but effective.
  7. It was great to play with you Your little halfling bard was a lot of fun!
  8. Update: Today was also a good day. I'm feeling overall better I think. Not great but it at least appears that I'm on an upturn right now, touch wood All great. I only ate one meal today and a small bag of sweets but after my meal I didn't feel too bad so all good. Still feeling rather more tired than I should be. I took a 5k run today. It was extremely slow. It's so bizarre to me as to how much harder this is when I'm feeling like this. It's orders of magnitude harder than when I'm feeling okay. Still the speed of it is not the point and I'm just happy that I got out
  9. You are more than welcome to join in It's just a fun and whacky game with very low commitment requirements. Just join when you want to. I mean do you really want to know? lol. The time thing is actually really easy though. The dungeons have 4 encounter rooms and that's that.
  10. Update: Today was a good day. I'm not feeling great but I'm feeling okay. The overall nausea seems to have passed for the time being although my gut isn't feeling particularly good. Still I'm feeling generally better than I have been. I DMed my game of D&D today and had a great deal of fun doing so. Today the game was with @starsapart, @Mr_Willes, @Red1263, and @WhiteGhost dealing with a contrived plot involving lots of demons. It's really rewarding to have a game where everyone is laughing and having fun I think I will have a few more for tomorrow's game.
  11. Yeah. Much of my language is more about my own frustration over the whole thing. I do have my issues about how some of the doctors I have seen have handled me but for the most part I am okay with what the doctors have been doing. If not the length of time that it's taken but that time is more covid related than anything else. Maybe because not being able to eat has never been a problem for me before? I am celebrating it but again. I'm very frustrated by the whole thing and how much it's disturbing my life. Thanks mate. It is all that matters, that's why it's the
  12. Update: I feel so exhausted today. I really shouldn't. I slept enough, albeit I don't think I'm sleeping particularly well right now since I wake up most mornings just soaked in sweat right now. I've just felt zombified all day long. I even took a nap late this afternoon but still feel just sapped of everything. I'm feeling much less nauseous which is great and ate a full 3 square meals today and actually was hungry for all of them. That shouldn't feel like it's an achievement. I took a walk today that's about all I felt up to. This is so frustrating.
  13. From one professional troubleshooter to another It's more accurate to say that the tests that I've had all show that I'm in otherwise pretty good health. The tests serve to rule out the more obvious causes and so it means that they have ruled out quite a number of the more serious conditions already. So it's good that it's probably not cancer, or celiacs disease or a number of other things that it could be. It remains to be seen though if these last few bring up anything else. I'm in physical pain so I'm hopeful that there is at least something there to see. Yeah I had this at
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