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  1. JonFirestar Gets the Ball Rolling

    Update Just in the interest of keeping up with this. I was still quite sick over the weekend. I did go out on Saturday but beside the walking done there has been nothing resembling exercise. A lot of bed rest. Very little exercise. I'm feeling very frustrated with that and I'm finally beginning to itch to get out the door again. I want to go running! I'm feeling so much better today that I'm going to try and get out for a short (read 3.5 miles) run tomorrow morning. We'll see how that goes. I'm keenly aware that I'm about 8 weeks away from my half marathon and only 6 weeks away from the first OCR of the season. Time to get some training in. Hopefully tomorrows update will actually have something of substance. Right now I really am just waiting for next challenge. This one has been non-existent for me
  2. Rhovaniel: The Hunt for Hype

    To be fair, it would have been horrendous to run in. Even with a decent rain jacket.
  3. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    I really want to do this race but it is on such a bad day!
  4. iatetheyeti: this is not the end

    Last winter I went over hard on the ice. One slip and my face was into the floor in an instant. I spent the next week looking like I'd made out with a bag of gravel but thankfully that was the worst of the damage. Glad you are okay.
  5. Yeah this cold is really a nasty piece of work. I've honestly not ever felt so sick with one. I'm feeling much better today. Not 100% but much better. A lot of my running purchases this year are going to be made with MvL in mind considering the weather atm, a rain jacket isn't a bad idea.
  6. Salinger's eighth challenge!!

    What's the hesitation for?
  7. JonFirestar Gets the Ball Rolling

    I agree. I'm not trying to sweat it out. I'm just really frustrated about being stuck in bed for a week. I think I'm feeling well enough to give an easy 5k a go in the morning. I'll make that actual decision in the morning though.
  8. JonFirestar Gets the Ball Rolling

    Hey Liz, I'm feeling about 80% better. I'm not all the way there yet but I'm frustrated enough that I've decided to try a run tomorrow morning. We'll see how it goes
  9. Leimanu Explores

    How has the challenge been going?
  10. The Road to Racing

    I agree with Sloth, use a tape measure.
  11. Koaladle

    I hope last week went well for you!
  12. jstanlick kills another dragon

    That is definitely true although neither of them are fun to have. Type II diabetes run's rampant in my family but that hasn't stopped most of them from living to old age. Type 1 Diabetes killed my wife's brother in his late thirties.
  13. The slushy rain this weekend made me happy I'm too sick to run You're going to need a waterproof for MvL so it might be as good a time as any to look at buying one.
  14. SKip the Unprepared Begins his Quest

    That's a thing. It took me many hundreds of miles to get over that Even now I much prefer to run where nobody can see.
  15. Pandemic: Valkyrie Saves The World

    I'm glad that you are okay! That sounds terrifying!