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  1. JonFirestar: Determination and Consistancy

    Week 4, Monday! It's hard not to say it, so I'll just come out with it, I have felt like crap today. Not sick, just worn down and worn out physically. I think the downturn in my training has come at just the right time and I intend on taking advantage of it. Things don't hurt but my muscles all feel tired. Otherwise a good day. I started to work on my new project at work. All fun. The whole going to Italy is all up in the air again but admittedly I'm the one being awkward about it Food is Fuel, Not Emotional Support 2850 cals. On target but I should probably be eating less this week. Run! 2.4 easy miles. I decided this morning (probably not for the best) that I'd take the easy 2.5 miles by simply running to the top of the hill and back down again. I figured it was only a couple of miles so I might as well get a little bit of climbing in. I had really horrid run. My legs felt leaden and, despite the hill, everything felt so much harder than what the pace really should have. When I looked at the data after getting home I noticed my heart rate was far higher than it would usually have been for that run. That at least justified that it really did feel like a hard run. My running plan this week is slightly different because I'm going away Friday night and because of the planned downturn in training. Tomorrow I'll run 4 miles. I'm going to take it as an easy easy run but this time not be allured but the hills but to do it on the flat. Sunday I'll do my long 20 mile run. The other scheduled run is replaced by cross training this week and I'm going to go ahead and do my upper body gym workout for Thursday instead of Friday, I'll take Friday and Saturday as rest days. Lift! Rest day, I'll lift Wednesday and Thursday this week. Financial Kung Fu! NA ToDo List: All done except gym and ocrwc
  2. C_Q: The Quest for the Sphere of Light

    There is no way I'm going to ever be able to do them all in one year but I dearly do want to do all three M v events. They all look amazing. I also need to stop looking at races. I've already talked myself into doing Maidenhead half marathon again and I've just found anther one the week before Fallout. Not to mention I want to run another OCR the week after fallout. I'm not sure that I want a medal so bad I'd do an 8 hour training run for it! Although more to the point when I run my first 50k I'd like it to be in an actual race.
  3. C_Q: The Quest for the Sphere of Light

    I'm always starving after my long runs so eating afterwards is never a problem. I cannot say the same thing about my lifting sessions or really hard running workouts. Those are the ones that usually catch me unawares later in the day or even the next day. But a 50k training run?
  4. JonFirestar: Determination and Consistancy

    That's true. The sheer difficulty of the terrain in this race does present it's own challenges. I know for one that I wouldn't want to take part in any of the M v events without putting in the training. I'm with you. I want to go in knowing I've done what I can to be ready for it. That doesn't mean that there aren't people who do enter without being ready. I imagine many of them DNF but I'm also sure that there are others who muddle though. I love racing and challenging myself but the biggest benefit I get from it is that it keeps me honest. It keeps me getting out the door day after day and training so I couldn't imagine doing that kind of thing.
  5. JonFirestar: Determination and Consistancy

    Yep that is just madness but @Mr_Willes ran RRDW with just a 16km (I think that was it) long training run and I don't think @Rhovaniel even did that much. Our bodies are often much more capable of doing something than we realise. That said my own anxiety wouldn't let me sign up to a marathon and not put in the training time. I am much much more confident about doing it having run 18 miles then if I'd only ever run 10.
  6. JonFirestar: Determination and Consistancy

    I already looked that up and the last people on the course came in over 10 hours. I also wouldn't be surprised if it took me more than 8 hours but the running part at least I think is doable in that time even taking it really easy on the uphills. The obstacles and kayaking are a bit of a unknown and are bound to add time I'm choosing just not to worry about that I spent a significant amount of time getting lost on Saturday once I got to the part of the trail I'd never run on before so I get that. 20 miles leave a lot of room to get lost in. I use a mixture of the trail function on my watch and google maps when I'm really stuck (although that only works when there is signal). I want to make these last 2 long runs really count so I'm just going to keep going into the hills as much as I can.
  7. JonFirestar: Determination and Consistancy

    Me too. I'm feeling so much more confident in my ability to do it than a month or two ago. It is going to be slow. Like you say. I've got a soft target of somewhere between 6-8 hours based solely on my training runs but I'm also prepared that it might take longer to do it. I've never done that kind of elevation. My best training run is only going to be 22 miles and with about half the race elevation. Also thanks for the idea of changing the insoles in the RocLites! That made a huge difference.
  8. JonFirestar: Determination and Consistancy

    Thanks Lizz, That's a good thing to think about although I'm not on course for quite the same level of adventure as Sam and Frodo. It was all the miles. Yeah I'm bouncing from around 102 to 105 it's quite annoying to see it wave back and forth between those numbers but less annoying than if I was seeing it increase. Yeah it shouldn't be so bad. I also did over 1700 feet of climbing and doing that on a bike might have killed me Honestly I don't think I've ever cycled more than about 5 miles. It was the most daunting run to date but yeah. 20 miles on Sunday. TBH I'm dreading the one after the most though because at least this week is a recovery week so I we should be feeling much fresher. Am I the only one who is freaking out a little bit by how fast this is approaching? It's happening next challenge and we are already on week 4 of this one.
  9. C_Q: The Quest for the Sphere of Light

    When that came up I was thinking about what you had been saying this week. It's the exact same thing as you described and I'm sure I've also experienced similar things. It's very very interesting. same!
  10. Echo level up: consistency

    I get days like that. It can be hard to reconcile sometimes. Being alone can do wonders for the soul and mood IMHO.
  11. Roxy's trying to get it all done

    Sometimes that's the only way to get thing done. I wish it wasn't but it's nonetheless a thing.
  12. Cheetah Does The Things

    That makes it a great Saturday!
  13. Radost starts swinging

    I can't say that you wasted your time doing that research. Unfortunately everything takes time to do
  14. C_Q: The Quest for the Sphere of Light

    Yeah I can only imagine. RRDW was the closest I've come to anything like it and with the hills as well I'm sure we are going to be completely shattered. Like you say I think I might spend all day Sunday sleeping. Interestingly enough I also listened to it during this run! It was certainly a very interesting listen and, rather like you said, I'm definitely going to check out her books. (At least the one she mentioned 'Fast Fuel for Running Success').
  15. Rhovaniel establishes a baseline

    I feel you on your reasoning why you don't want to drink it every day but the question I have is do you drink it in instant coffee instead? I kind of feel like if I'm going to be addicted to the stuff I might as well enjoy what I'm drinking! One day I'll fix my caffeine addiction but right now it's low on my list of priorities.