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  1. Am I ready? I'm not sure to be honest but action is needed once again and nothing will happen unless you make moves towards it. So it's been a while since I've been around. I've been playing a lot of DND with a bunch of the members of the forum so I've not been completely out of the loop. So where I am at: I've been sick for most of the last year but a few months ago the doctors finally actually started treatment and now I'm feeling a great deal better than I was. It was hands down the worst illness I've ever had and I reached a stage where I could hardly eat and would t
  2. Maybe if that's how I'd always felt about it I'd be okay with it The problem is, I guess, I'm really not used to just letting my diet be because that's always a recipe for disaster for me. Or rather, letting my diet be and extreme weight gain go hand in hand. So I'm really confused by it. I actually cannot eat enough pizza to be putting on weight right now (proven lol) so meh. I'm okay with it for now just keeping an eye on it and trying to give my body more of what it needs. Pretty well
  3. LOL well it's probably not going to be anything much better than that but I really need to stop paying for takeout Aside from the single day that I was just feeling really sick it's not really that dramatic tbh. I just don't feel like eating so for the most part I just don't think about it. It's only been since I really started to look at it that I realised how bad it is.
  4. My word, Yeti you sound positivity positive. It’s really good to see.
  5. Wednesday, Well I'm feeling better today so there is that. I ended up actually throwing up late last night. Not great I've not done that very often throughout the whole course of whatever is going on with my digestive tract but yesterday I just felt really nauseous all day long. I have been taking my other pills today and I guess they've helped. Or I might just be feeling better today. I'm going to keep taking the medication because if nothing else they make me feel hungrier lol. The days seem to be merging together at this point lol. At least I have D&D to look for
  6. Nope. 😕 I started feeling better a while ago but lockdown has happened in the meantime and I was partway through getting tested for various things.
  7. Well almost certainly. I called my doctor today and got him to renew my meds for that. They are a cure for nothing but they did make me feel better.
  8. Tuesday Been feeling kind of crappy for about the second half of today. Was feeling okay for most of the day but I kind of just dropped off after lunch. I've been doing that a lot recently. I'm just feeling exhausted by the time the afternoon rolls around and by the end of the day I'm just done. I've still got no appetite. I tried to eat more today but it seemed to have the effect of just making me feel even more crappy than normal (at least after dinner). I've lost 11.5kg (25lbs) in about the last 8 weeks 😕 Exercise: I did a 4 mile easy run today. No real fuss w
  9. Was that intentional? Following along brother. It's good to see you man.
  10. Yeah. I think it's pretty much because it's a representation of how chaotic my life feels right now. Since I'm hardly leaving the house it feels like I shouldn't be finding it hard to find 5 minutes to breathe. I did do it I wasn't beating myself up over it. I was just real tired when I made the update. I was extremely happy with my run. The bits that were the most important (that I ran all out in my sprints) went really well and I very easily cracked a sub 20 second 100m which I'm pretty proud of! The rest of the run after that was just slow and a little rough because
  11. Oh that's so good to hear. I'm so excited for you both! Oh this so much this. Warm in the sun but that wind!!! I can only imagine it's like 100 times worse for you up there
  12. Not really I’ve not had much of an appetite for a long time now. I’m getting hungry I just don’t have the thing that says it’s time to eat. I no longer get sick when I eat something so it’s not that but I still have no idea what that was but likely related I guess.
  13. You all kept me on my toes for the first half lol. That was really fun for me and it was really the biggest learning experience in creating a living world. I really enjoyed how you guys dug out the clues. I dragged my own accent a little into the gutter for the villagers, since that is the only accent I can drop into lol but I know that might have been lost on people. I really enjoyed that final sequence.
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