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  1. The bar should be 45 lbs if it is standard (20kg if you are in a Metric part of the world). Apparently I've been abducted by aliens and they've implanted a chip in my brain that makes me really, really, interested in running Have you never had a stitch before? (at least thats what that funny little cramp sounds like) Running through is fine with that. Or slowing down and breathing deeply. I've found that I've simply stopped getting them. 4.5mph is totally running in my book Nothing wrong with going slow to build yourself up. I keep telling myself that. You absolutely can get to the stage where 5k feels like nothing at all and it really shouldn't take too long to get there. You are going to hate me for these suggestions but: If you can run for 20 minutes at 4.5 mph you can probably run for 36 minutes at 4.5mph and it is more a mental barrier than a physical limitation. What kind of exertion are you feeling when running at this pace? (whats your heart rate or how out of breath are you?) If you really want to make 5k feel like nothing you might consider building up your milage to over 5k. I'm not suggesting going quite as wild as me, but after hitting 10k, 5k now really does feel like nothing at all. It is definitely much more interesting to run outside than in the gym.
  2. Crazy amounts of running! I didn't even know I had that in me! I was apprehensive about completing Tough Mudder which is why I didn't buy in before Christmas. Now I know I could go the distance but it is more a financial issue. I have a pretty big expense coming up next month and while by March everything will be fine it may be too late to buy in by then.
  3. I've put this on my rotation for next week I'm very curious to try this. No so specifically, but I've been the lead engineer in the department for quite a long time now. There used to be a little awkwardness, mostly among the supervisors, when I leapfrogged them but it's been a long time now and I've assumed more and more of a leadership role as time has gone on. It is really weird to have an assistant. There is a lot of stuff in the datacentre that only I could handle (not quite true some of my superiors have the access but it could take them a long time to get round to doing anything, meaning when I am not there there people really miss me) so I've spent a lot of time with a set of jobs that were all mine and now I need to delegate out some of those jobs so that I can focus on the larger projects. Week 2, Saturday! and weekly roundup I don't feel like I've been particularly productive today but I had a huge todo list going into today and now as I get ready for bed the vast majority of the things have been crossed off. Those that are not are mainly very low priority and can be pushed onto tomorrow. In all I have had a pretty productive week with very little to hold me back quite happy about how things are going. Discipline Ate to plan today. That plan put me a little higher than normal calorie wise but I'm okay with that especially given my loss this week. Overall I've been happy with my eating this week. I've had a couple of stumbles where I've reached for the candy but nothing too bad. I did end the week over 4lbs down on last week, that is much higher than I want to be losing really so I'm going to see how it goes next week and, if it continues, I'll increase my calories again. I do admit that my brain pretty much breaks when I consider that I might need to be eating over 2800 calories just to stop myself from losing too quickly. Super Strength Rest day. I'm still hitting consistently it'll be next week before I see if I've made any strength gains to speak of. Super Speed It was my long run this morning. I went out at 7:45am as the sun was rising. It was very cold -2˚C (28˚F) but quite beautiful. I ran along the river but ended up going a little further out than I'd originally planned. Taking a short cut back across the river to get home I ended up running 7 miles and walked the last half mile home. I ended up running right through the Parkrun as it was setting up (oops) and was amazed to see how many people turned up for it. I was the only person running in the opposite direction It does mean I get to steal a picture of theirs of the river. So I didn't take the photo but I did run along the bank here at around this time and the river really was this beautiful and misty this morning. The run felt great and my natural easy pace this morning came in quite a bit faster than my 10k run last week. Last week I ran 16 miles according to Strava. Thats a lot of damned running! I'm a little astounded at myself that I can even hit those numbers. I really need to start booking some races so that I have a goal and so that I know what I'm training for because I'm feeling a little rudderless. I was hoping to do Tough Mudder in May but I'm not sure if I can make that a thing this time round. Tech Genius Rest day. Not thrilled about my progress here. Secret Lair bed dishwasher kitchen livingroom Implementing the bujo and just having a todo list to hand has increased my productivity here massively and I've been able to hit my targets very consistently this week. Even Batman Needs Sleep Slept okay last night. Not great not terrible. I've got a perfect mark with sleep because I've been trying and I mark the things I can control but this still just feels broken. I'm seriously considering going to bed a little earlier and getting up a little earlier.
  4. Definitely a happy accident. I used the ginger because I was out of cinnamon. No need to apologise. You are doing amazingly well juggling all the things you've got going on. Far better than I did in uni I assure you. Consistency is something I actually struggle with. I'm good at going all in for the short term but keeping things going more than a few weeks can be challenging. That is why getting through weeks of "dun wanna" is very important for me. I credit far more of my success to this forum. It helps keep me focused, it gives me a place to voice my mind and my ramblings and keeps recentering me. When I make discoveries about myself it helps to reaffirm or shoot down any ideas I have as appropriate. Okay okay. I can work out peanut butter banana and chocolate oats, apple pie oats I did this week and you already gave me the recipe for cranberry orange oats but what on earth goes into carrot cake oats? Which reminds me I need to go and make some oats for my breakfast. I'm loving them for my pre gym breakfast ... I just gave myself an idea that I now need to experiment with... Week 2, Friday! I've been feeling a thousand times better today. I got a decent sleep. The stress has gone and my aching legs have stopped aching woot! I get really very tired of leg doms. Some paperwork came through today and I've gotten myself a fancy new job title. It's been under negotiation for a little while. It really isn't a big deal other than it looks better on my email signature and CV. My new assistant has settled in nicely. It is someone I know very well anyway because we worked the support desk together for a while. It's nice to see it working. The support desk guys are escalating to him rather than straight to me which leaves me alone to get on with my own work. I've been digging around more traditional races and I've found a couple that intrigue me. One of them is a night run in Black Park near Slough. This one has piqued my interest because it is somewhere I know/knew quite well. I grew up only a few miles down the road and spent many a summer swimming and fishing in the lake there. It is also cheap and relatively easy to get to. Discipline I did do a couple of indulgences today but they were planned for and controlled. Therefore I'm happy with sticking to the plan. The half a bottle of wine on my largely alcohol starved body did go a little to my head. That is a plus for not drinking very often I suppose. Super Strength Deadlift day. 10x3x77kg were the top sets. I did some assistant work on my hamstrings but was a little conservative because I don't want aching legs tomorrow. I was very early to the gym today for unknown reasons and had loads of time so I also did a 5k row for 23 minutes, relatively slow and easy and spent some time stretching out. Super Speed Happy not to be running today. For the first day all week my legs haven't ached all day lol. Tech Genius Read a little Secret Lair bed Dishwasher wasn't full so I didn't turn it on. cleaned kitchen Even Batman Needs Sleep Slept much better. Only about 6.5 hours but much better.
  5. He's over there! Let's get im! I do agree in principle. The reason I keep an eye on this kind of stuff is that sugary treats have a tendency to trigger bigger binges for me. If I've planned for it then I'm happy. When I just start picking at stuff I can drop 3000/4000 calories of sugar without even noticing. That is scary so marking down that I've done it and that I don't like it is me being mindful. I don't really believe in making too big a deal out of it, or trying to compensate for it but I do like to say 'yep this happened' because the scary times come when it happens and you don't talk about it. Gingernut cookies are one of my favorite things. I used dried ginger, maybe half a a teaspoon to a teaspoon full with my oats, with some honey and low and behold it tastes like ginger cookies. Ginger Marmalade does sound intriguing way of doing it though.
  6. Woot Progress! Consistency yields results. Who knew, right? Thanks. If I waited until I was feeling 100% I'd never get anything done. Certainly in terms of sleep anyway. That being said I've contended with the 'dun wanna' demon quite a lot this week but I've managed to remain consistent.
  7. If it makes you feel any better my current plan for tomorrow is to get out the door at 7:30am, as it it starting to get light, and run 10k in that same -2˚C. The high for Saturday is 3˚C it is going to make for a pretty cold run no matter what and I'm running along the Themes so that makes it even colder by default With luck you'll fell better after your rest day.
  8. Some sick part of me is really looking forward to watching the both of you Mercs suffer through this. This challenge is brutally hard. We should start a sweepstake on how far everyone thinks you'll get through the song
  9. Rest days are weird?
  10. Just no no no. There is a lot to love about American food but chocolate is not one of them
  11. I'm the complete opposite. I don't mind wearing ties. I wore a tie all the time I was at school but they make me feel uncomfortable and out of place.
  12. Week 2, Thursday! I had an especially crappy night last night and have been feeling tired and worn thin all day long. That being said things still went pretty well for me. I hit my targets and am happy overall. Discipline Food was good didn't go off plan at all. Dinner was leftover stew from the freezer. My overnight oats had a lot of ginger in today and it was amazing Super Strength Rest day. Super Speed I did go out running this morning. I ran 3.5 miles. Did it fairly quickly and managed to shave over a minute off of my 5k time, which I'm happy about. I'm still a little ways off of a sub 30 min 5k but I'm reducing my time so happy. I did kind of feel like I'd wiped myself out before I started my day though. Tech Genius Did some exercises. Secret Lair Dishwasher, bed, vacuumed stairs, laundry Even Batman Needs Sleep Awful night, not for lack of trying. I had maybe 4 or 5 hours sleep I felt shitty all day.
  13. ohhhh that is brutal!!
  14. You are both right, of course. I need to fight my urge to do everything now. It is a bad habit of mine. I'm trying to do things for the long term and there is no need to rush this part and potentially put myself out of action!
  15. That is a pretty big if, but you can do it!!!