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  1. Uneventful days are good for the very reason that they leave you with little excuse not to execute on your plan!
  2. yeah definitely sounds like you are correct in your assessment. A hurt back is never fun I hope it calms down quickly.
  3. battlemage

    Epic recap! So much awesome!
  4. Woo well done! That's a huge run. For the record my issue with the treadmill is mostly that it is boring! But if you like running on it than knock it dead. No matter what anyone tells you the best exercise is the one you are going to do. Also it's a good mindset going into this job wary of falling into a rut. A good comfy job can lead to situations where you wake up 5 years later and realise nothing has happened in that time. That isn't a great feeling.
  5. I've been racking my brain but you might have a point if it helps it tends to be short-handed to Bucks. I've seen those shirts and it is certainly topical, given the event! I've still not sorted out anything interesting for the BoL, although it will be really hard to top @Jarric's Superman attire. Time to look at what amazon prime can do for me! Ohh no! Hope you kick it in short order!
  6. So much congratulations for getting the job!!
  7. Week 3 Monday! Well work was tedious and boring today. Just one of those kind of days. With that said it has been a good day. I was able to get a few small things cleared out of the way and I'm looking forward to the rest of the week. Run All the Miles 92.3 miles down 7.7 to go! Another 2 easy miles today. I've come to the decision that I'm going to do 10 miles week leading into 10 miles at the weekend. So I should hit my goal by Thursday. One week early and it should put me in the perfect position to hit my stretch goal of 120 on week 4 Run With Intent: Not a Q type workout Be Strong: Deload, OHP and squats. Lightish weights. I threw stuff into a circuit. Eat Sensibly: 2,670 Calories! Good food day today. I ate my lunch really late and I was famished for it but otherwise it was all good. I had a huge salad for dinner with leftover roast chicken.
  8. Yeah. If I'm honest it isn't Barrel of Laps itself I know it's going to be a nice happy easy run but maybe not so easy on the rest of me. I'm worried about but how fast I can recover afterwards. I'm only 5 weeks out from my own Half Marathon and I really want to get under 2:08 and that is going to require the longest and hardest run of my life I'd like to be able to get right back to running next week and push my mileage again but I am aware at how beat up Tough Mudder left me. That being said, for a taper I'm not cutting my milage by too much because of said HM training so last week I hit 12 miles during the week, and this week I'm aiming for 10 with BoL brining my total up to 20.
  9. Woo, can't wait to go running for beer with you guys! Barrel of Laps is in Buckinghamshire. I'm really looking forward to it.
  10. Week 3 Sunday! Sunday update for the sake of doing an update. I did very little today. Did chores, played games but stayed on target with my calories and macros. They can slip drastically on a Sunday sometimes. I roasted a chicken, batch cooked a bunch of stuff for lunch and breakfast during the week and otherwise played video games and watched netflix. Run All the Miles 90.3 miles down 17.7 to go! Rest day. I think I'm going to try and grab 2 easy miles tomorrow I'm still not 100% sure how I'm going to approach next week. Part of me just wants to cut milage but keep the intensity the same and part of me wants to cut both milage and intensity. Run With Intent: rest day Be Strong: Rest day. I'm going back into deload this week and will also be pairing up my bench press day with my deadlift on Wednesday. Eat Sensibly: 2,677 Calories! I definitely did not do enough activity to warrant 2700 calories today. The reason I don't drop this a little is because Sunday is the one and only real rest day I give myself and I figure that the extra calories probably don't hurt towards repair and recovery from all the training I do. Although maybe it does impact my weight loss a small bit.
  11. Aww thanks if I can bring some brightness into your day that makes me happy! Thanks man! Having big events in my near future definitely helps to keep me focuses. Glad to see that you are on the side of awesome! I've never actually had a meatball sub. Although you can honestly count the number of times I've brought a sub on one hand because, if I'm going to eat out, a sandwich is not at the top of my list.
  12. I'm half dreading when the days draw in enough that I'll be, once again, running in the dark along the river but this makes me almost excited for it I think at least part of my apprehension is that with that dark is also comes cold.
  13. They sound yummy. I find it impossible to justify baking cakes so I really suck at baking I suffer from the exact same problem as you. I get more done during the week when I have no time whatsoever than I do during the weekend when I have plenty of time. It is very annoying that I find it so hard to be productive with my free time. Good work for getting out on your run!
  14. Something indeed. The trick to this whole thing is just to make sure that you are taking more steps forwards, over time than back. Not this week, not even this month but if you can end this year fitter than you entered it then you are making lasting progress and you are still fitter than when you first started!
  15. When things get like this it's usually an indication that you should take a look at what you are eating because something is wrong if you are getting serious cravings.