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  1. Stribs juggles flaming chainsaws while riding a unicycle

    Yeah I'm going to say this is a win. When life goes sideways anything you can do to hang on should be counted as a win! Glad to hear that the ferret is okay.
  2. Jon Firestar: The Spartan defeats the Beast

    Week 1, Friday and Saturday! I didn't update yesterday because to celebrate not being on call any more we went out. Ended up staying out a little later than intended and food became a bit of a mess Still today has a been a good enough day. I got up, I took a nice long run with lots of hills and I chilled for the rest of the day. Running The plan for today was 10 miles with some big hills. More importantly it was a little bit of a gear check and dry run for next weeks race. So I loaded up my hydration pack with what I'm taking next week and pulled on the same gear I intend to run in and went for a long run. I kept it slow and walked some of the steeper hills. Not trying to go hard but just trying to get the miles in. The running pace at next weeks race will be similar and I'm happy with the workout. Strength and Conditioning: Friday was a strength and conditioning day. I did a bodyweight HIIT circuit that involved some 70 burpees Recovery: Not enough Food and Water Food has been pretty bad recently. I'm feeling out of control. I'm not sure what to do about it. It is hard to refocus with the race in the pipeline but I think next challenge needs to be very focused on this.
  3. Stribs juggles flaming chainsaws while riding a unicycle

    Sorry to hear about your ferret. I hope he's okay.
  4. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    8 weeks suck but it is not enough for all of your progress to revert back to zero and any progress you do lose will come back alot quicker than it took to gain it the first time. That is just how this stuff works. Just think of how awesome you are going to get at running . No reason you can't push hard towards getting that sub hour 10k and sub 2:15 half marathon next year!
  5. Wild Wolf Joins Orion Team

    Dude, 10 miles is a long ass run period let alone for someone just getting back into it. I think you are right to scale that one down a little! I'm running 10 miles tomorrow so maybe we should swap. I'll do 5 and you can do my 10? I just sort of see sleep as losing valuable Rangering time but no, it doesn't slow me down much. It does make me wonder what I might be able to do if I could get more than 5 hours a night (that's about my average). But if I let being tired slow me down I'd never get anything done. It's just a mindset thing.
  6. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    Oh Charlie, I'm sorry to hear that Better to let it heal than have it get worse.
  7. Jon Firestar: The Spartan defeats the Beast

    Conversely, where I grew up you could see this: on the horizon from much of the town. I love castles and going to as many as possible.
  8. LadyShello is Wonder Woman: The Mjolnir Challenge

    sorry to hear that you were feeling so down yesterday.
  9. Pumpkin Spice All the Things! The Tanktimus Fall Challenge

    Yeah. Why is something that you already know so hard to actually achieve. Even when you have blunt, dramatic and horrifying reminders constantly finding that you keep making the same mistakes over and over is frustrating and scary. I live in fear of becoming my own father and what his diabetes and health problems has done to him, and my grandmother before him. There is nothing I feel that I wouldn't do to stop that from happening but I still feel like I have no control over my eating from time to time. I hope you can find the answers you need from the counselling sessions and a good eating focused challenge.
  10. Setting Sail: A New Ranger and a Strong Start

    Welcome to the Rangers! You've got yourself a really cool challenge going on here! And do you know what is the most cool thing about the Rangers? We can be whatever we want to be at whatever time we want So yes, you can be a Pirate Ranger. Don't be shy about picking a theme and going with it. Just have fun!
  11. Wild Wolf Joins Orion Team

    I really wish I could figure out a way to do without sleep completely. Just give me all the time and don't make me feel like crap if I don't sleep. I'll be happy. I often wonder how much of my insomnia is a direct result of the fact that I hate sleeping! You can adapt to 6 training days per week. It just make take a couple to get there!
  12. Obstacle Racers, Assemble!

    Yeah I get it. The majority of attempts that i made consisted of me running at it, face planting and sliding down the side like a cartoon. I didn't hurt myself though.
  13. C_Q Keeps it Simple & Stupid

    Not for one second suggesting I don't also think it sounds great
  14. Cheetah is Run-ning!

    Around these parts, we tend to call it stock The term broth is interchangeable but in general we will use stock to describe it. did you just use the bones alone to make your stock or did you add anything else? It's customary to use onion, carrot and celery to flavour a stock. Nothing more than cut into 2 or 3 pieces and tossed in, in general. On top of that, peppercorns, maybe a clove or garlic and a bouquet garni of herbs. Parsley, thyme and bay is common. You don't want anything that would overpower the stock. All that being said I also use it as a base for soups, stews and sauces and I don't often drink it straight. If I have a good stock it is a great shame not to use it as an ingredient to make amazing soup. When I PRd my 5k at 40 minutes it was because I couldn't run any faster
  15. Obstacle Racers, Assemble!

    Yeah maybe. You know what it can be like with H&S here though. Weird that Pyramid Scheme is untouched and that sort of suggests that there is a very specific reason why they would change Everest. Shame because I really wanted to give that another shot. I failed that one but I was so close to making it