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  1. Haha, we're taking bets now There are at least 2 or 3 others I'm looking at but, at some point, there comes a time when I've spent too much money for the year Week 2, Wednesday A long stressful day again that caused yet another binge eating session. I slept really badly. Maybe 4 or 5 hours of very broken sleep and after a quiet morning we had a major incident at work. I was forced to spend half the day fighting fires and trying to get stuff fixed. There was a buffet at work for a training thing I wasn't part of and I ended up overeating on it. Food and Drink Something really isn't working at the moment and I need to make some choices. I think I'm going to bump up my calories to maintenance. I've been digging around ETP and other things recently and I might be in as much as a 800-900 calorie deficit (incidentally, my fitbit has been giving me the same readings but I've been working on the assumption it's lying). If I'm really in that much of a deficit it would account for why I keep going off of the rails. Anyway I think I'm going to bump all the things up for a couple of months to normalize and then reevaluate from there. I've been stagnant with my weight loss anyway. Oats protein shake Chicken and couscous salad Lots of crap Salmon, brown rice and veggies. yogurt Exercise Took a run this morning. 3.5 miles. Just to prove to myself that last week wasn't a fluke I was able to do it at a 9:44 mi/min pace. Not a PR but I've not really had any time to rest my legs. Domestic Rangering I made little mess cooking dinner and clean up was easy.
  2. You should try my trick and just be really bad at sleep in general. It does make getting up at 5am to go to the gym or for a run relatively easy
  3. Awesome work, well done!
  4. You turned that day around really well! Great work.
  5. That very fact makes my runs so much more pleasant. I'd be stuck running on the roads if I couldn't follow the rivers for many many miles.
  6. Yeah that's a thing. Just trying to cheer you up by giving you loads of sugar. The best thing is a frank and honest discussion about it but at the same time you don't want her to feel bad about trying to be nice.
  7. Woot! It's gonna be awesome! You seriously got a pair of altra's for 15 bucks? I'm really jealous
  8. It helps me to do it that way. Especially when I'm aiming to add miles. Strava let's you create routes, I don't really use it properly other than to get an idea of the miles a particular route might be. Still it could be worth a look.
  9. Week 2, Tuesday Today was a good day! Mostly I got up and hit the gym first thing in the morning. I've still not willfully missed a gym session since I started this goal woot! I forgot to pack my lunch which kind of sucked but rather than blow it all away I hit the convenience store and got some relatively healthy options. I was fairly busy through the day but not run off my feet. All things told a good day. I signed myself up for another race this afternoon. This one isn't an OCR but a 'multi terrain' 10k race in the local area. I looked at the map and it's some road some park, the odd trail segment and at least one nasty hill. Looks fun nonetheless. It's in a few weeks, on April 23rd a couple of weeks before Tough Mudder. So that's 4 events I've signed up for this year. I've another 10k in mind, this one is a simple road race. Food and Drink Oats protein shake Sandwich, jerky and protein bar Steak and veggies yogurt Exercise It is the beginning of deload week so squats and OHP were light at 75kg and 30kg respectively. The assistance stuff was also light. I had extra time to kill to burned 8 minutes on the rower for 2k I was able to do that one pull up again, with the same caveats but I was able to pull it off on multiple single rep sets. So that's a negative, one pull up and a second negative for 5 sets with a super-set of 10 dips. Hopefully if I stick with this I can remove the caveats and pull out more than a single rep. Domestic Rangering Done with extras because I'm still catching up.
  10. You definitely can do better and it is probably a mental block. Are you still running on the treadmill? Probably the biggest thing that converted me from dreading running 2-3 miles to easily popping of 6-10 was transitioning to running outside. Far far easier when I have a goal to hit. 'I'm running this route and I'm done when I've finished the route' Once you break the block it'll be easier to increase your distance. For long long runs, try stuff to distract yourself. Podcasts, audio books and music all work.
  11. Woot! Awesome job! Yeah it takes an hour because (if I remember correctly) the train goes into London and then to Slough (where I grew up, incidentally) and there you've got to make a change there. It's a relatively easy journey though. That does need to be a thing, doesn't it!?
  12. thanks I just wish I was capable of eating just one or two instead of the entire pack! They were really delicious though. Lots of hot cross buns, and a long hard run! I'm rangering on! Right on the front page of the website SPRING15 for a 15% discount. It was enough to tip the balance for me to just do eet. It's September 30 Windsor is really, really close to Heathrow (less than 10 miles). If you are driving it's a short drive. If you are not driving I think there is a bus to Windsor but Windsor Great Park isn't exactly Windsor and if you might want to look at the difference. Windsor is a nice place to tourist though because the Castle and the Queen and stuff .
  13. Interestingly the formatting was completely lost with this copy/paste. That is unusual. Great addition to the narrative though!
  14. Hehe, the competition is what drives me when I'm into it although I dropped the ball and now I'm way behind.
  15. Mayhem sounds amazing! Good luck on Monster Race this weekend