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  1. Tuesday workout done! Really proud of my consistency, even when missing the odd workout. I'm seeing progress and that's super exciting!
  2. Heyo! Haven't updated for a while. Missed a few workouts here and there... But got back on it again. And my push ups are coming along nicely. I always used to collapse when Igto too low and couldn't push up back at all. Orange in the table was when I did my workout but shortened cos I didn't have enough time for a whole one.
  3. Oops I need to weigh in! Will do it in the morning. I suspect I've gained again. I'm finding it hard to eat well as I get busier and just grabbing convenient carbs... But it's good to check back in so I can get back on track!
  4. Down about half a kilo today, hooray! Been moving quite a lot this week, and being just awee bit more restrained in terms of indulgent food, and thinking more about eating healthy food during the day. I think. Ican keep tuning that in. Quick Q - the spreadsheet hasn't updated my percentage loss. I think it might be cos I'm using kilos instead of pounds?
  5. Did a workout on Friday, aiming for another tomorrow (Sunday)! Determined not to lose that consistency. And I am absolutely seeing progress. I think I might even be in with a chance of getting a push up off the floor by the end of the year...
  6. The darkness has been hitting hard lately! Well done on continued reporting, that's something I'm working on too. I have dreams of a see-through fridge so I know what is in there and waste less food...
  7. Dance schedule has wiped me out this week. I had ballet Monday and tap and jazz tonight. So I didn't workout Tuesday and will probably require rest tomorrow. Planning to catch up on Friday and Sunday. But it feels soooooo good to be dancing again. Movement is good for my brain. I've started tracking food again too. It's amazing how moving makes me care more about what I eat. I would really like to drop a few kilos and so joined the weight loss group challenge too Why is it I am most motivated to do these things at 1am when I should be sleeping??
  8. How's the moving and eating going? We are both twinning wanting to get back on the wagon at the same time. I'm hopeful for us both!
  9. Oop double post. My prep work today involved reoragnising the pantry, which is a couple years overdue. Wanted to share the results as I am very pleased. I have ADHD and struggle when I can't see things to know that they exist. So I am hoping this will help me with food prep and reducing waste too.
  10. Keladris joins the party! Time to drop a few kilos again. They just crept up a little bit in the last few months what with knee injury and comfort eating. Am able to workout consistently now but gotta dial in those portions and sugar. Look forward to venturing forth together!
  11. Here's a little table to track my progress: It's super satisfying to go back and see those greens building up over time!
  12. Thanks for checking in! I am very happy to experience the healing! This week went really well I got both my workouts in and I'm managing more push ups and controlling my negatives well too. Determined to keep up the consistency 🦾 I also have decided to work on dialling in my nutrition again. Gaining a little bit of a fluff and want to trim that back before feast season kicks in!
  13. Didn't manage to catch up on Sunday, just been overwhelmed with many things at the moment. I also missed today, too busy! But I did a bar hang instead and I'm hopeful I can do the workout tomorrow. There's so many things demanding my attention right now!
  14. Journeys are always messy, but that's what makes them journeys. After a fall forced her to double back via an unmarked track, Keladris was once again on her way. I haven't posted for a while, and each time I do I don't follow it up. BUT THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT! My injury recovery has me dancing again, and I am finally able to sustain a level of workout that means I can work toward my Epic Quest goals of doing a full push up and pull up. My coach has programmed some workouts for me, now I just have to follow them consistently! Since the 10th, I am on week 3 of these workouts, and I have done 2 per week. Missed one this week, but perhaps I can make it up on Sunday. The challenge is very simple, though that doesn't mean easy: two workouts per week (alongside my dancing of course!). Will post here each time I workout and review each week too 🤘⚔️🩰
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