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  1. A five pronged fork is a rare thing. The net of trails branched off before her, each one of them as tempting as the last. In times past, she may have agonised over such a choice, resented it even. But here, in this moment, she was certain that these paths would cross and that whichever direction she chose would take her exactly where she needed to be. And so, with a song in her heart, she stepped forth. ------- So, the last challenge got a bit waylaid because I twisted my neck, and then got sick! But I am now back at it. The break actually did me some good I think. I've just
  2. Shortly after I last posted I sprained my neck! And after that healed I got a cough/cold that took me out. But onwards and upwards with the next challenge...
  3. So far, I've managed to stay consistent, aside from a migraine attack which meant one week I did 3 workouts to make out for only 1 workout the week before. This week, however, I have a change in schedule because I've signed up to an intro to crossfit class on Saturday! That means I need to workout tomorrow I am going to manage two strength trainings this week, but I had double dance today and have a feeling I will be sore... We shall see! All the challenges I've done since respawning have really taught me that consistency is a lot about building habits and routines. Soo
  4. Week 3 workouts Did more reps on everything! Wooh. The only exception being I skipped the split squat on the second workout, because my legs were still sore from the first and wanted to preserve them for ballet today. 60lbs is starting to feel a bit too light now! Arm strength must be increasing. I'm not actually sure if it is a full 60 or 80lbs, because I'm using resistance bands so could be I'm not extending them all the way. Either way, adding the second workout is clearly making a difference to my progress. In other news, I hit my weight go
  5. I HIT MY GOALLL! That last 0.5kg/1lb was stubborn as heck. I'm going to focus on slowly building up to maintenance level for the remainder of the challenge. I look completely different. Waist is now measuring 28.5 and hips 39 inches. I've lost several inches from my legs and arms as well. Still carrying some fat on my thighs but I think it'd be very hard to lose that completely for me and I'm more than happy with the way I look now. Thinking 6 months of maintenance and working on my push ups, and then we'll see where we're at! Maybe I'll come up with some new
  6. Shoudler weakness would make a lot of sense. I struggle to control my shoulder blades at the best of times, they're just not the stable. Funny enough, my ballet is helping with this, since you constantly have to be pushing down wards from the shoulder blades when going up on your toes or doing pirouettes, otherwise you don't engage your core properly and fall. When I'm doing the inclines, it's on a bar, and I go until my chest touches the bar, then straight back up. I can do 12 of those. For the lower variation on the chairs, I only manage 5, but they're a lot slower because I find them h
  7. I went an injured myself pancaking, but have since recovered and now I really feel like I'm making progress again. I'm close to a front splits on one side, but the other side is still some way off. I think my favourite stretch is froggie, it feels so good! Also, why are pancakes so hard? How does anybody get to the floor?
  8. Decided to see if I could actually in any way get close to a push up (or a negative push up at least) today, and was pleasantly surprised! Not sure how to lift my hips up at the same time as my chest. I guess I just gotta keep working on those inclines and it will come. This is WAY more than I could do at the beginning of the year (used to just slightly bend my elbows and fall on the floor!)
  9. Interesting! Thanks for this. I do generally try to stop before my form goes, although that seems to coincide with a feeling that I can't do anymore haha. I've been watching loads of "Ultimate Beastmaster" which is an amazing obstacle course competition with very strong, fit people. It's inspiring but I'm also a bit down that my push ups are taking so long to come! But I know I will get there, and my aching arms and shoulders today tell me I've been working hard enough!
  10. Ooh why is it good to leave some in the tank? I'm pretty much making this up as I go so any and all advice helpful!
  11. I've done a terrible job of tracking, I managed to not save my excel file for week 1! I've been plagued with migraines, which meant only 1 strength training for first week, but I made it up with an extra one this week. So I say it counts! Anyway, here's my wee spreadsheets for this week: Friday 21st Sunday 23rd I'm definitely noticing that 2 workouts are better than one! I'm feeling kinda vain, body has changed so much since my respawn in Jan! So here's some shameless selfies I'm starting to see the road to the gunshow... Whi
  12. Been on the weight loss PvP since Jan, and I've often experienced a plateau and then a woosh. Hooray for a woosh! And speaking of plateaus... I'm still staying somewhere between 74.5 and 75kg. Which is not too bad, considering I've not really been counting calories the last few weeks. I think it's been good to maintain for a wee while. I've also had a lot of migraines that seem to come on while I'm hungry, so didn't want to be restricting myself at all really. BUT! It's time to get back on the wagon and try to truly lose that last 0.5-1kg. Have decided to follow this for a bit
  13. Am just about holding at 74.5kg. I get the feeling my body would really like to settle at 75kg. Not been tracking my food this week, so I'm pleased I've managed to stay more or less put. Think the last half kilo/1lb is going to take some serious discipline to lose, but I got time! Was a bit disappointed that my mum responded to my weightloss with "don't lose anymore, are you sure that's healthy? You've lost so much weight". It's 10kg/20lbs, and I've lost it in 5 months. Plus, I was overweight before and now I'm not. I guess she's just struggling with the change.
  14. Just here to spread some hype! You got this I also really like your goals and you have a killer tracking spreadsheet thingy set up.
  15. Bit late posting, but I did weigh myself last Sunday and came in at 74.5kg - half a kilo off my goal! I also now fit into my partner's jeans which is something that has never happened before haha. Been very hungry this week though, I think I might end up putting the half kilo back on again. I think I'm quite fearful of regaining after all this effort. Sent pictures to my family and my mum ordered me not to lose any more weight lol! I supposed she isn't used to seeing a smaller version of me. I'm still perfectly healthy though, and the weight loss has been steady, not a
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