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  1. Just dropping in to follow. I have been generally doing well at my challenges but the walk thing is still eluding me. Might get back on the walk to Mordor wagon next challenge. Slow and steady is definitely the way to make long term change, it's really helped me
  2. OMG WEDDING. Here to fan the congratulations flames, looks like you made a lovely day of it ❤️
  3. Speaking of measuring progress... Week 2 reflection My feet have gone from 160cm to 166cm apart on my straddle, and I was reaching 88cm forward in a pancake and am now reaching 100cm! Also here is a front splits progress pic: Definitely much better form and getting that front leg straighter. This is my better side, but I'm pleased to see some progress, since Iw asn't sure if I was getting anywhere. I also posted my weight loss pics over in the 10lbs 10 weeks PVP group. Big changes! Progress pics ftw! I did my workout today (so
  4. It's amazing cos I thought I hadn't changed much in the last couple weeks, so yes, very stoked! Yep! From 84kg to 79kg This group has really helped with motivation ❤️
  5. Either by some scale freakery or just all the hard work, I HIT MY TARGET! Weighed in a 79kg today. Hoping to cement this next week and make sure I don't creep up again/that it wasn't a fluke. I'm not usually one to share pics of me in my underwear, but I'm sooo proud of how much I've changed (and so glad that I took the pics, cos it's not easy to see the changes over time without them).
  6. I think it completely depends on your starting point. I did some reading and it looks like most people don't make it in 30 days. What I'm finding though is that daily stretching really does make a big difference to progression, so I think that's the value of doing it as a 30 day challenge. Ah thanks that's super helpful I've been finding it's been getting a wee bit better over time, but still tingly.
  7. Haha! Yes they are yoga blocks, they're made from cork (I was looking for something more eco-friendly than foam/plastic). I really like them! Will keep you updated on the flexy stuff, so far I feel that I've made improvements, but I need photos/measurements to be certain.
  8. Just a mid week update... I did my first pirouettes! This feels like such a huge achievement since I'm really not used to throwing my body around and have always had this perception of myself as clumsy and a bit overweight. Still working on the weight, but I can feel my body changing. Flexibility training is also making me feel like I can use my body better (sidenote: my splits felt really good tonight). Getting more and more confident to try things out, and determined that I can be 'that person' who is strong, fit, flexible and generally nimble.
  9. I'm well up for doing another one, since I want to lost 10kg (~20lbs) overall.
  10. I went with the 30 day splits challenge thing, combined with some extra stretches after workouts. So far, so good. Although I'm a long way from the floor! I've been having some odd numbness/pins and needles sometimes when doing a low lung, think there's some hip to knee nerve weirdness going on. So I backed off a little bit for a few days on that side. Will post progress pics when I get them!
  11. Hello workout twin! I'd say your week 1 is pretty impressive, it's deffo a good start! You've got a lot of goals to balance. Does it work for you to do stretching after strength training? For me I find my muscles are really nice and warm and I can get deeper stretches then
  12. Week 1 Reflection Bit late posting this! But here goes. So far, I've done my flexibility every single day - whoop! And I'm feeling good in my body for it, and building on the flexibility I've been working on since the start of the year. I've also stayed generally on track for maintaining habits from the first challenge. I actually had quite a big lesson this (last) week because I kept putting off my strength training since I was feeling really fatigued and just not quite myself. I was beating myself up for the fact I took two rest days Thursday+Friday and didn't get around t
  13. This week I'm up half a kilo again, which actually evens out that fact I lost two kilos last week lol! Bodies are weird. I guess progress isn't linear. Each time I don't lose, I go back to calorie counting and that seems to help. It could also be muscle growth too. I'm deffo feeling stronger with my strength training, and the bod is looking quite good if I do say so myself!
  14. I'm trying to eat more veggies in general, following a rainbow diet checklist thingy... I like to think big overall picture in terms of my food, and eating mostly veggies seems a good overall goal. But weighing all that veg sounds like a bit of a pain in the butt. Today I had: lettuce (~ 1 cup) carrot (~1 carrot) red cabbage (no idea how much! less than the lettuce) sweetcorn (~1/2 cup) tomato (~1/2 tomato) cauliflower (~1 cup) broccoli (~ 1 cup) banana (1 banana) Which I imagine is close? But maybe I'll weigh it all tomorrow and report back xD Didn't get round t
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