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  1. Hi! I'm very excited to be here, having just joined. I've recently been discovering exercise that I really enjoy, in the form of kickboxing and and acro class. And like many beginners do, I went too hard, and have injured myself - I've got a sprained knee Obviously for now I am following my physio's advice, building up the muscles around the sprain with very simple exercises. But I want to plan my return to exercise whilst I'm waiting. So my question for you all is: what movements/exercises do you recommend as a minimum achievement before I return to class? I had just started working on cartwheels for the first time in my life, though my knee was sprained due to a weak glute when I did a jump. My ultimate aim is to be able to cartwheel and do handstands - and onwards! And a cheeky second question: any ideas of exericises I can do for my upper body whilst I can't use my leg?! (I can't put weight on it at the moment)