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  1. So... after lurking, debating, procrastinating, second-guessing, giving up, starting over, etc for over a year, I finally joined the Academy. To support my success there, I also decided I needed to actually *DO* this challenge group. I've had lots of factors stacked against me that lead to lots of regression, and things are slowly turning around. I'm ready to start taking my baby steps back toward health, and I need the accountability of posting to get there. Somehow, writing makes it real!! A bit about Tamarisk: I am a wife, mom, and special ed teacher who works also as a part time food specialist at a specialty grocery store. I have been thwarted in my previous fitness gains by autoimmune flares (especially arthritis). I LOVE to be active, and I hate that chronic pain has decimated my previous progress (including "finding" 20 out of 50+ pounds that I worked so hard to lose!). After failing 2 meds, I finally have one that *seems* to be working, and I am slowly starting to feel like myself again. I miss my strength training, running, cycling, hiking (and camping!), swimming and skating, and I'm ready to start rebuilding that life. I'm starting as a Rebel while I rebuild my foundations, but I aspire to be a Ranger in the near future. So here's where I'm headed: Weight Loss/Nutrition: 1. I will drink at least 60 ounces of water each day. 2. I will have at least one fruit and/or veggie with every meal. Fitness 1. I will do at least 20 minutes of cardio at least 4 days per week. 2. I will complete the bodyweight workout at least 1 time each week. Level Up My Life 1. I will spend at least 5 minutes at least 5 days each week "improving" my living space by throwing out trash, putting away clothes, removing clutter, etc. 2. I will write in my journal each day.
  2. Zaelir was born at the end of the War of Souls in the tiny town of Solace. As dragons had burned down most of the town by the time she arrived, her parents were in empty company, but they stayed to provide shelter to travelers and soldiers alike. It is said that the remaining Heroes of the Lance gathered in Solace one last time before their deaths, but Zaelir remembers none of it. Stories are all she's ever known. The only battles she has ever fought are against the dust and ash of the old inn, though many nights she snuck out after her chores to climb through the great Vallenwood trees and practice her (somewhat reprehensible) archery skills. Every night when she returned home, she found a warm bed and heartache. Three nights ago, Zaelir's world changed. Always the listener, she sat by the fireplace listening to Steve the Troubadour, fascinated with the newcomer's yarns of the gods, old adventures, and a race of talking bulls! He must have noticed her rapt attention for he beckoned for Zaelir to sit next to him once the patrons had gone to bed. "I know your face," he said, rummaging in his large bag. "Branchala showed it to me in a dream one month ago, and I have spent these days searching for you." From his bag he pulled out a curious stringed instrument. "You are full of stories and music, and the gods will show you the way. But in order to fulfill your destiny, you must go to Branchala's Grove in the Wastelands." "The Wastelands?!" she gasped. "But I have never left home! And the Wastelands are thousands of miles north, past Solamnia!" Steve the Troubadour pat her shoulder. "Then I suggest a healthy ration of meats and a good pillow. And shoes, if you're the shoe type," he said, winking and wiggling his own bare toes. Zaelir looked down at the beautiful instrument and felt a longing tug at her heart. "But how do I get there?" She looked up, but the Troubadour was gone. So Zaelir packed her bags, said her goodbyes, and set off in search of a map and a guide. Her body, not used to the hard work of traveling day after day, needed to grow stronger, and so her journey began. ************** Level One Rebel Quests: Dailies: [1] Do 10 minutes of exercise outside of walking on the job every day for the next month. Focus on resistance training and core workouts with body strength [0/260 minutes] [2] Have at least one fruit or veggie with at least one meal [0/26] [3] Drink at least 40 oz of water [0/1,040] Challenge: Go on a day hike [0/1] LUYL: [1] Procure a cello and practice 15 min a day 4 days a week [0/240] [2] Learn to read bass clef and the proper fingering chart [0/1] [3] Successfully play 2 songs by the end of the challenge [0/2]
  3. Wow, I just found this site today and already love it! So my overarching goal is to lose 15 - 20 pounds and to get lean by increasing my muscle mass. What I have working in my favor is that I have done it before and I know I can do it again, even with age working against me! About 15 years ago I went from 267 lbs to 172. It took a long time, but was worth it. I have slid back a bit, I am at about 195 now. My plan is to do what I did last time, eat decent food and get active. I love activities, in the winter I officiate ice hockey and in the summer I play Ultimate Frisbee as my main activities but I rarely turn down a chance to do something outside. So here are my goals: Diet Add vegetables to at least one meal a dayEat at least 2 servings of fruitExerciseWeight training 3 times a weekCardio 2 - 3 times a weekLUL - This one is tough!Meditate 10 minutes a dayMake my bed every dayMy motivation is simple, I don't want to go back to where I was!Here I go!
  4. Hi everyone, this is my first post in the NF forums, nice to meet you all! I'm a bit late but here goes my challenge for this month. MAIN QUEST: Lose weight is #1 priority for now, eventually I would also like to build and maintain muscle. Generally I just want to be more badass. SMART QUESTS: 3x beginner bodyweight workouts each week, including add ons (bicep curls, shoulder press and tricep extensions). Zumba/snowboarding/pole whatever does not count as a workout, those are just for fun (but should be done every weekend still).Track all food on MyFitnessPal.Try deadlifting at least once this month - stop being scared of the gym!LIFE QUEST:Take a class/join a meetup/try something new at least once this month, and talk to someone new. Ideas include: pole class, rock climbing, swimming class, tennis meetup.MOTIVATION:I'm tired of being overweight. I've always been active -- I hike, go camping and backpacking, snowboard in the winter, white water rafting, tennis. But in my closest group of active friends, I'm the biggest one, and often the "slow one". I struggle to keep up, and I'm always the one trailing behind. I don't want that to be me anymore! (Also, I really want to do a pull up this year, ideally before I go to CNF in September!)ABOUT ME I've been eating better and working out for a few weeks already, but not with a ton of consistency. I was doing good before the holidays back in October/November, then fell off the wagon big time (holidays/vacation). In January I thought I could stop counting calories and still do OK as long as I ate Paleo-ish (not the case, gained all my weight back). In February I was doing 2x bodyweight workouts a week and counting my weekend activity as my 3rd workout, which is a bit of a cop out. So now I just want to be a bit more strict with myself! Consistent workouts, consistent meal tracking. I get easily discouraged when I don't feel like the scale is trending downward -- but you get what you put into it, so time to just be harder on myself. My diet has been OK. I'm Paleo-ish but more of the IIFYM camp (makes more sense for me since tracking is the only way I see results). I've been tracking somewhat consistently but want to be sure I continue, especially during mini-vacations and weekends away (where I tend to be bad). That's all for now! Wish me luck
  5. I think I'm going about his backward. I'm introducing myself AFTER having laid out my challenge... or MAYBE you're just reading this out of order. At any rate, my name is Brad (username chord509). I am: husband of 17 yearsfather of 2 teenage boys41 years old6'0", ~250lbs (17.8571429kg, 17.8571429st)training mentor for a large computer manufacturerMy fitness journey has been a series of mis-starts. I lost some weight on Atkins and Weight Watchers in the past, but it's hard to keep a fat man down! Growing up, I was the skinny runt of the class. No matter how hard I trained for sports, I never got bigger and only marginally stronger. I graduated high school at 5'8" and 115lbs. In college, things changed when my wife became pregnant. Late night pizza and nachos cravings drove my wife's pregnancy. I was only TOO happy to oblige and eagerly participate. I saw my weight go from 165lbs to 180lbs to 200lbs... Today, I am approximately 250lbs. Tying my shoes, in itself, can be an aerobic event. I know what it feels like to be overweight and unfit. I now want to know what the other end of the spectrum feels like. In addition, my father is almost 500lbs. His method of transport is a walker. Without it, he is off-balance and prone to falling. He has had major surgery on both eyes for glaucoma, as a symptom of his Type II diabetes. I have horridly realized that I am roughly 20 years from the same fate if I don't change something. You see, I drive a desk for a living. Eight hours on my butt every Monday through Friday, and then the weekends are spent... on my butt playing World of Warcraft. My surname is Self, derived from Seawulfe, a Norse Viking clan. My ancestors were explorers and warriors, and I want to recapture that adventurous, conqueror's spirit. I'm not looking to pillage and plunder any villages, but I do want to conquer my diet and inactivity!
  6. Start up complete. Well, hello everyone! My name is Amanda. (Some of you might know me as Ms. Booty) Glad to finally be making my first challenge here on Nerd Fitness after lurking for a few months. I'm still a bit new to the point system and stuff, but luckily I have a veteran from NF to help me out with that. So, here goes nothing! Main Goals Weight: 160ish -- Now, I'm not really sure on this one. I want to be thick and have muscle, but I don't want to be a skinny-mini. I was told that should be a good point to aim for. Be able to do push ups and pull ups with no problem -- This is just something I've always wished I could do. Having all that strength would give me a big boost in confidence. Challenge Goals Cutting out soda -- I need to try to cut out one food thing per challenge to get to where I'd like to be. Goodness though, I love that carbonated, sweet liquid. That'll be the hardest thing to do out of all the foods, just in front of chips and sweets, but it has to be done. Push myself more to workout -- I've been going to Teros' house twice a week doing a few weight lifting things to get myself in the groove. The last few weeks though, I've kind of stopped doing them from me either being lazy or personal stuff going on. I need to get back on that track and keep with it! Make friends on Nerd Fitness -- I hear nothing but good things about this site and the community. I really think that it is something I need in my life. My boyfriend never seems to be very supportive when I want to better myself. Instead, he asks me why I won't do any of it with him. After many failed attempts of eating better and going on walks with him, he slid back into the junk food and pulled me with him. So, hi guys! Wanna be friends? Side Quest Go to a doctor -- I didn't want to make this a challenge goal because it's just something that has to get done. I haven't been to a doctor since I was twenty. When I was younger, I was put on iron vitamins and taken off of my usual ones. I hated them so much and stopped taking them. Talking to a few people and hearing input, I've been told that it could be a cause of why I'm always so tired and cold. One day, I need to make an appointment and just get everything checked out. If I had to be a boss in any game, this would be my theme. When I feel I have reached that point, you can be damn sure I'll be proud. LET'S DO THIS
  7. Introduction: I surprised myself by getting fat when I moved halfway across the country to a state where I didn't know anyone. It snuck up on me. I had an active childhood and adulthood (competitive equestrian because I could avoid other people doing it as my sport) before moving, and suddenly I was somewhere new and didn't want to get off my couch. My clothes just kept stretching with the weight gain and I went from 5'11" and 166# of muscle to 258# of fat. I've been chipping away at getting healthy over the past year, and I'm ready to step it up with some advanced quests so I can hit my ultimate goal of looking like the battleborn warrior I know I am. 55# down so far, and I'm starting to see muscles pop out. I am ready to level up my nutrition and my workouts to see how far I can take my body. Main Quest 17% body fat. Quest 1 Track food consistently (even the ugly days) and obtain a food scale to ramp up my tracking for increased accuracy. Go from casual macro tracking to dialed in nutrition to cut fat and tune up my muscles. Quest 2 Overhead shoulder press (strict) of 120#. I'm currently hanging around 112#. Quest 3 Run a 5K without stopping. Life Quest Be a kickass marketing professional so I can make dollars and adventure the world. Motivation I need more energy and strength so I can explore the planet and get into shenanigans. There's so much I want to do before I become stardust again.
  8. Aurora's Storm Quest - Main Quest To feel fit, full of energy and strong. More specifically, I want to be able to walk for long periods without pain and to be able to lift myself off the floor without something to lean on. I would like to enjoy running around with my daughter without being embarrassed. From an image point of view I want to be able to fit into clothes that I like and feel happy enough about my arms to have my tattoos out!! I am happy that my previous 2 challenges have helped me develop new habits in terms of eating and working out and so I am only going to quest new items in this challenge (making the assumption that I carry on eating mostly paleo and working out as I was) Quest 1 Exclude Dairy. Although I have been eating mostly paleo, I have had milk and cheese so I am interested to see what affect excluding it will have on my progress. +3CON Quest 2 Track my meals in photo/written form for me to get a better idea of how much I am eating from a portion point of view. +2 WIS Quest 3 Increase cross trainer in my workouts from 15 to 20 mins +3 STA LIfe Quest - Meditate once a week for 10 mins at least +1 CHA +1 WIS Shore Leave - I have 7 days of 'Shore leave' in this 6 week period and so I am only allowing myself 10 attribute points maximum for successfully completing the challenge.
  9. Background: I'm 29, 6', 170, live outside of Boston. In the last year I've gotten married, changed jobs, and bought a house, and I have lost track of any level of fitness that I had - we had been exercising and getting in shape prior to the wedding, but 2 weeks in Hawaii took care of that right quick. It's been a long year, and with all the shifting around [and the many thousands of dollars we promptly had to sink into a house that sure seemed move-in ready before we bought it] fitness never seemed like that much of a priority... until now. My wife and I have decided that next October, over our 2 year anniversary we're going to take a serious vacation down to the Caribbean. Somewhere nice and warm, with free drinks! However, in order to really enjoy our vacation, we both agree that we need to look better in a bathing suit than we do now. So... My Main Goal: In 12 months, look good in a bathing suit. More specifically, I'd like to see some definition in my arms and abs - due to the walking I do for my job, my legs are actually pretty well taken care of already. Sub-Goals: 1) Get to the Gym! Now that we've stopped moving around and are settled where we are [for better or worse!] we've joined the local YMCA. Which is great, but now we have to actually go. Our current plan is to head up to the gym 3 days a week; Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. If we can achieve this for the entirety of the next 6 weeks, I think we will have enough of a habit formed that we can keep it going the rest of the year. Success will be measured against how many times in a week we actually make it; 3, 2, 1, or zero. Zero would be poor. We're going to try and avoid that. 2) Expand / Fix / Betterfy our diet! When we were prepping for our wedding, we joined WeightWatchers for the year leading up to it and worked on their points system. The points system was great in helping teach ourselves portion control, and in letting us still enjoy going out, dating, nice dinners without feeling like we were cheating on a plan, but it's not very adaptable and I have found it hard to adapt to two different people with very different caloric intakes. As such, I'm going to be expanding our repertoire of recipes on a weekly basis, focusing on Paleo-style dishes that we can still fit into the WW point system [which my wife is still using] Success: If I can find 2 new dishes a week that reduce our carbs and dairy and don't leave us feeling full, I think this will be a success. If they're a failure, but we still try them, partial success. if I wimp out and we go with whatever Lean Cuisines are in the freezer, a stunning lack of success. 3) Walk home from the T! One of the draws for the house is that we're close enough to the T to walk, but far enough that it's worth the effort. According to Google Maps, its 1.38M one-way. As the weather has gotten colder, we've started taking the bus up the street; while faster, it's not quite as good exercise. Due to my work schedule, I have to drive to work Thursday/Friday, so I only have 6 opportunities to walk; Monday - Wednesday, to/from. Success: If I can walk 3 times in a week, that's a good week. 2, not as good. 1 marginal. If we take the bus the entire week, well, either we had a blizzard in September, or we've been quite lazy! There are so many other goals... reduce the number of days a week we eat out, stop buying breakfast from Dunkin Donuts, cut down on the amount of break we bake, delete Dominos from my speed-dial... but those will have to wait. Life Goal: Not yet thirty, true, but it's never to early to start planning on retirement. Prior to my engagement, I had done a great job of planning, maxing out Roth contributions each year, etc. However, with the additional expenses of another person who was finishing school starting out in the working world, and getting together a down payment on a house, that has fallen completely apart this year. By the end of October, I'd like to re-start my automatic withdrawals from my salary and put what I can into this years' contribution. It is going to mean scaling back our lifestyle a bit, as we're spending that money now, but I think we can do it if we are careful. Motivation: I led with this, for the most part, but it's been a long year of no vacation with the house and next year proves to be more of the same, with some work stuff that has already been scheduled. We are dead set on going on vacation in October '15, and equally dead-set on enjoying ourselves. A big part of that is not worrying if everyone who walks past rolls their eyes or wishes we had more clothes on!
  10. Hi everyone, I've been really inspired by this website and I'm starting my first quest, albeit a few days late! Main Quest: In six weeks I want to be a happier, stronger, fitter amnesiac! Quest 1: Complete Bodyweight Workout Level 2 workouts on alternate days A - 21 workouts completed B - 18-20 workouts completed C - <18 workouts completed Quest 2: Complete a 7 mile run A - Complete a 7 mile run B - Complete a 6 mile run C - Complete a 5 mile run Quest 3: Lose weight to weigh 74kg A - 74 kg B - 74.1-76kg C - 76.1kg + Life Quest: Submit a paper for publication and submit two abstracts for a meeting A - 3 submissions complete B - 2 submissions complete C - 1 submission complete Motivation: I want to be happier and more confident when I look in the mirror. I want to set myself up with good habits that I will continue through the long cold dark winter. Starting Measurements: Neck 15 Chest 37 R Arm 11.75 L Arm 11.75 Navel 39 Waist 37.75 Hips 39 R Thigh 23 L Thigh 23 R calf 15 L calf 15.25 Weight 172 Body Fat (Military) 22.96% Body Fat (Navy) 27.99%
  11. For my first challenge, my main quest is to drop my weight to 100 kg, or 220 pounds. Currently I'm bobbing around between 225 and 230. Goals: 20 minutes of aerobics every day. To keep things interesting, I'm going to try different types of workouts; instead of jumping on a recumbent bike day after day I'll go to the pool and do laps, or maybe investigate the roller rink a few blocks away.Start to clean up my eating, especially my lunch box. Only one of my daily snacks can be a sweet; the other has to be lean protein, fruit or vegetables. In general I need to be eating more veggies and less flour and sugar.Roll back my bedtime, with lights out at 1:00 a.m.That'll do for a start. 12:48 a.m. here; signing off for the night.
  12. When most people picture nerds they picture someone like me. Short, chubby, with asthma, a math major, playes the xylophone.... I have it all. I have had a lot of trouble with being fit because of lots of physical short comings. I don't mean that I am drastically over weight, I have a lot of phsycial inabilities. I have dislocated both my knees, my right elbow, both my shoulders, and I have asthma which is heat and physical activity induced. I have curbed my weight to some degree by eating pretty well. Althought I only found out reacently that I'm lactose intollerant... which works well with your paleo diet ideas. I became interested when I was looking throught this site and I saw they have a modified chin up that I COULD ACTUALLY DO! Most people think you can do certain physical feats because even with your weight or mindset, if you just try a little harder that you can make it. Well it doesn't work if your never supposed to run again... Doctors orders, or you can't hang from a chin up bar for fear that your shoulder will pop out of it's socket... Plus, I recently found bike riding, which I am allowed to do and getting pretty good at! And so my quest begins... Stats: Age 28 (pretty much... I have like a month to go) Weight 207lbs height 5'5" Pants: womens size 16 Main Quest: It has been my goal (since I talked with my doctor) to be 160lbs or under. Not to look pretty or wear a bikini, but because he said that 160 lbs is the safe weight for people (like me, who have a high risk for diabetes) to not become diabetic. 170lbs was the weight listed on his paper, but he suggested 160lbs to be well out of range. 6 Week goal: To be biking to work 3/5 days a week. (preferably everyday... but hey, lets be reasonable to start). When I say biking to work, I mean all of my work. I substitute teach 6.5 miles from my house. I then travel roughly 6 miles where I work for an after school program, and then travel 11miles back home. I have already started working at this, but hey, a quest sounds like way more fun. 3 steps to help me complete my quest: 1.) Bike 1-2 miles with my dog every day (he enjoys it) 2.) Bike 6-8 miles 3/5 days for the first 3 weeks, and then 8-10 for the last 3. 3.) Cut dairy completely out of my diety (I'm almost there) except 1 day a week, where if I so choose I can have a small milkshake because they are my weakness in life. Life Quest: Quit biting my nails. I have whats called an "oral fixation" issue. I know it sounds really dirty, but it just means that I like to chew on things, like pen caps, pencils, my fingernails... it also causes me to eat even when I'm not hungry just to be chewing on something. I am going to use gum to try to curb the habbit from biting things that are not really good for my health and maybe go from there. Motivation: To never get diabetes. Also, I coach a competative high school marching band. They are my passion in life. For the last couple years I have had a student with a disability of some sort that causes his muscles to slowly disintigrate until he dies, which is suppsed to be like in his early 20's.One day at a competition I had to lift him out of his weel chair and into a seat and I almost couldn't do it, and I also almost caused him to lose his pants. It was embarressing for him and me. I would like to be stronger so that never happens again, and because he will never get the chance to decide to be stronger, and it would be silly of me to waste my life not trying. scoring: 3 points for completeing a task perfectly.for a week 2 points for completing it with no more than 1 day off 1 point for completeing with no more then 2 days off 0 points for completeing a task with 3 or more days off. 2 points for every week I don't bite a nail 1 bonus point for every pound I lose. 68 points possible: A= 68-61pts B = 60-54pts C = 53-48 pts. 48pts or less is a fail. I hope I have hit everything... let me know if I missed a part! -Samantha Jane "Your life is an occasion, rise to it." -UK-
  13. Good evening. Things are not going as planned. I'm stuck in my studies (which I should better change to applied procrastination), and I'm stuck in my fitness. That is: If I compare my pull-ups and dips self to last year, I must admit I did not progress. At least it did not get worse... Background: 34years, 190 cm, approx. 105-110kg. Having served 12 years in the military, I now study architecture in a rather nice town, while my wife lives 580km away in a not quite so nice town - which complicates things a little bit, to say the least. So most of the weekends are usually spent travelling. I do have an extensive sports background, however, I must have become lazy some years ago. As a teenager, I first played handball, then began rowing. The latter with great enthusiasm, but no corresponding success, as I my participations in the german championships always ended in the preliminary heats. At that time, we used to train 8 to 9 times a week. Mostly rowing, of course, with 2-3times/week strenght training (during late fall and early winter, low reps for max power, during the rest of the year high repetitions for strenght endurance.) We also supplemented that with cycling - when I started I'd usually go for 2hr trips of 60km, after some months I had arrived at 120km/4-5hr-trips. In the winter, when lake and river were frozen, we'd run a lot - a typical workout would be 14.2km (1 lap around the lake) in 60-70 minutes. At that time I had a heart rate of 45 strokes/minute and virtually no body fat. I could run up stairs into 4th floor and not even notice... I was not content, however, as I struggled extremely to gain weight. With strenght training I had to be extremely careful, as I would easily run into overtraining - in the same time, with endurance training I was virtually indestructible. As long as I could eat enough... which was not so easy. Our coaches required that we wrote diet diaries, and I recall loosing 1.5kg from february to june 1998 while on a diet of over 6000kcal daily. From age 18-20 I changed sides and coached some kids - obviously not too bad, since three of them later went on to win medals at the german championships and two also had some success internationally. When I joined the military for my first 2-year term, within the first weeks of basic training I managed to gain weight (the first time I could see a little bit of fat on my belly ever!). That was out of necessity - my body fat was so low I had absolutely no reserves and would simply black out if I did not eat at least every two hours, so becoming fat was a priority. Well, what you call fat when you come from "starved"... I spend my two years in a training bataillon and at army schools, so I stayed reasonably fit. Afterwards I started to study law, got bored to death and rejoined the army for another ten years. Even then, I stayed fit: I could run 30km in BDU and with a backpack in just over 3 hours. I was still skinny (75kg) and desperately trying to gain strenght and muscle mass - which seemed futile. Not that I was weak: I had a decent level of strenght, but that came not from muscle mass but from being efficient. But then, something must have changed. Well, pretty sure it was the desk I suddenely found myself beneath. Slowly, the waistline kept increasing while my endurance began to diminish. I spend insane times behind my desk or on official journeys and worked myself nearly to death - I got taken down for a few months by a pneumonia and suffered a heavy burnout (which was not diagnosed until way to late), but miraculously I could still run 3000m in less than 13 minutes (even after 3 months of absolutely no training due to pneumonia). And the weight kept creeping up. I used to strenght train 1-2 times a week and ran 1-3 times a week, but still... the weight came. Often, I had to pause strenght training, as I'd often injure myself or risk overtraining. As I reached 90kg, I needed to take action. I changed my diet - increased portein intake, reduced carbohydrates (I tried to avoid carbohydrates in the evening altogether). And, by chance, I literally stumbled over kettlebell training. In my landlord's front lawn I spotted an old kettlebell - and, curious as I am I tried it out. Beginners routine: kettlebell swings. With 50kg. But I happened to like that and bought myself a significantly lighter kettlebell. I restructured my training - very short, but frequent workouts at home with the kettlebell instead of hour-long grinding in the gym. That was successful: while my weight still increased, so did my strength. As i no longer focused on looking strong, but becoming strong I did put on noticeably more muscle in my shoulder area. I was still gaining weight, but as I got definitely stronger, i did not care. Then I ruined my achilles tendons ( I suspect wrong running shoes in combination with increased intensity) and could not run for over a year. That's when weight exploded to over 100kg. I slowly recovered and started again, but somehow had lost drive... and when I did sport I always struggled with my old problem: not taking it easy enough. I'd happily restart working out, overdo ist, get sore or injure me and loose the next week or two... rinse and repeat. Currently, my training regimen is as follows: - some very short duration kettlebell training nearly very day (interrupted by weekend trips). Main effort is clean&jerk, which gets supplemented by swings, lunges (combined with under-knee passes), snatches, squats as I see fit. Workouts are extremely short, often just one or two sets, but can be as often as three times a day. This seems to work much better for my funny body than the conventional approach of training until exertion followed by 48 hours rest, which quickly burns me out. - When I find the time and are in the mood for it, I do run a little bit. My running lap is approx 5.8 km, which is cut in the middle by a sports ground with bars and rings. I'd stop and do super sets of pull-ups and dips, which are followed by a set of body-weight rows. I will refer to this combined running/strenght training as "power laps". Other than in the good old days, this little bit of running is rather strenuous. I definitely feel the etxra weight to carry... While I definitely do like the fact that I'm no longer so skinny and while I should have some raw but functional strength (helping my parents on the farm, last year I broke the shaft of the sledgehammer when setting fence poles. To lazy to walk back to the shed, I drove the remaining three poles into the rocky ground holding the hammer head in my hand... kettlebells rock. ) I must nevertheless admit my body fat percentage has spun a bit out of control. Even though stronger than ever, I can do fewer pull-ups. No surprise, I weigh 40kg more than when I was 19... I have no problem weighing over 100kg, but I'd rather convert some of this ballast into useful machinery - or loose the balllast. And when I compare my current fitness level with what I could do 15 years ago, it becomes clear that there is a LOT room for improvement. (Current resting heart rate is 68, which is ok - but could be better.) It sucks running out of breath when walking the stairs. It sucks to suffer from heat (I've alsways preferred the cold over heat, but somehow managed to cope with heat. Now, temperatures over 25°C suck, at over 30°C I nearly collapse.) Main Quest: improving power to weight ratio. This shall be judged on the basis of the number of consecutive pull-ups. 10 reps in a single set would mean passing with flying colours, but any substantial improvement will suffice. To be beaten are todays numbers: 12 pull ups in total, in sets of 4-2-2-1-1-1-1 Quest 1: strengt training at least 3 times/week, of which at least one workout/week including pull-ups. "Power laps" count as both strength and cardio. Quest 2: cardio training at least once a week. "Power laps" count as both strength and cardio. Quest 3. control alcohol. No more than 5 drinks/week, of which no more than 3 on a single day. Excemptions may be granted on special occasions such as e.g. weddings, but must be sanctified publicly on the forum. Motivation: I like that I'm not skinny any more. But at the same time I notice my weight is complicating some things. So while my absolute strenght might be acceptable, my relative strenght is not. And while I look great in a suit, my paunch is no pretty sight. To make matters worse, I rarely wear suits. And under a t-shirt or polo, the paunch really shows... So either I grow much stronger or I loose weight, which both boil down to "reduce body fat percentage". Or I do both... build muscle and burn fat. But I need to do something, and I need to be more consistent.
  14. "In The End, It's Not the Years in Your Life That Counts, Its The Life In Your Years" THE STORY SO FAR Hi I'm Daniel, 26 years old and Sales & Marketing Coordinator. I live in the heart of beautiful England and this is my first ever challenge on Nerd Fitness. Currently I would rate myself as an Orc Warrior, not quite as big as ogre but with a big rugby players frame that unfortunately has gone soft and fatty over a few stressful years and no longer playing rugby or exercising 14 hours a week. My ultimate aim is to become An Uruk Hai Samurai. To me an Uruk Hai has the same frame as an Orc but has strengthened and tightened it all up, they are absolute monsters who are strong, fast and agile. A samurai because I really want to be a Ranger, Monk, Assassin and I figured that was about the closest thing. I don't care about losing weight because I know you can be a low weight and still not be fit. What I want is to lower my Body Fat and Visceral Fat with my ultimate aim to have a fit and capable physique. By that I mean that I want the strength, stamina and agility to be able to go to any sport of physical past time and be competent at it, not to be the best, but not to be the guy who couldn't keep up having an asthma attack on the sideline. I think Will Smith made a similar analogy on treadmills, I don't want to be the best at any sport, but I want to be able to keep going when people are falling by the way side. Physique wise I would love the V shaped torso and rugby player physique back that I had in my teens. I have been reading and stalking my way round Nerd Fitness for sometime but never fully engaged. I don't want to get in to it too much but not that long ago someone close to me who I admired greatly suddenly and unexpectedly passed away and I was the person to find them. It has taken me a while to get over it, but the one thing that stays with me is that when I found them they were smiling, they lived and loved well, Hence the quote at the start of my post. That has made me want to improve all aspects of my life, so that when I go, I go smiling because I have lived and loved well. MAIN QUEST My ultimate aim is to have my V shaped torso and rugby player physique back with an athletic level of fitness. I know this will take a while but I am in for the long haul. My Shorter Term Quest is to drop down from my Body Fat of 31% and Visceral Fat of 14. QUEST ONE - HULK STRENGTH The first part of my quest is to get stronger, I have a lot of muscle on this frame but it's tired and lazy and doing nothing for me. Part one - Be able to complete 15 fist press ups in a row by challenge end Part two - Be able to complete 40 sit ups in a row by challenge end A = 15 & 40 B = 10 & 30 C = 5 & 20 l A = +2 Str +2 Sta B = +1 Str +1 Sta C=+1 Str QUEST TWO - IRON MAN SUIT The second part of my quest is to eat like a superhero, I know that I can't outrun my fork. I think at the moment I eat too much red meat, normally 2-3 meals a day. So I am wanting to incorporate some, dare I say it, Vegetarian meals in to my life, to get me off the meat. Only one part to this and that is to eat 5 Vegetarian meals a day so 30 over the challenge A = 30 Meals B = 25 Meals C = 20 Meals I A = +3 Con +1 Dex B = +2 Con +1 Dex C = +1 Con QUEST THREE - BLACK WIDOW FLEXIBILITY Yea I know she's a lady and I'm a bloke but she kicks a serious amount of ass, especially considering she hasn't been hit by Gamma Rays, Been experimented on by Howard Stark, Own an Iron Man Suit, nor is she Asgardian. This is about me limbering up and becoming more flexible, and get better at handling my own body weight. Only One part to this and that's to do Yoga Three Times A week, so 18 times over the challenge. I have never done yoga before so this should be interesting A = 18 B = 16 C = 14 D = 12 E = 10 F = 8 I A = +1 Con, Dex, Sta & Str B = +1 Con, Dex & Str C = +1 Dex & Con LIFE QUEST - SUPERHERO WEDDING Last year I proposed to my now fiancee and we are set to get married in 2016, she is even letting me have a Superhero themed wedding - it's going to be Epic. However it is also Epically Expensive, I have really been struggling to save for it and I need to get down to business. A = 7% Saved B = 6% Saved C = 5% Saved I A = +2 Cha +1 Wis B = +1 Cha +1 Wis C = +1 Cha MOTIVATION My motivation is simple, and it is all encapsulated in the quote at the top. I'm not doing this solely to lose weight, or fit in smaller clothes or have tanked up arms. I am doing this to put some life in my years
  15. Introduction After a long time sedentary and inactive I one day woke up overweight and unfit, 125kg heavy at 1.85cm. IT WAS TIME FOR A CHANGE! All this steps look pin pointed and straight, but they weren't, it took time and tinkering. Start: July, 2010 First step: Diet One thing was clear from the start, my diet was horrible, soda, packaged food and so on. My SO at the time wasn't of much help since she had no problem with weight and couldn't be bothered cooking, so that task went to me. I ditched the soda, started to learn cooking and burning a lot of food in the process. Result: down 20kg~ (105kg) Second step: Fitness, 2012 After a good deal of weight was gone I started to enjoy movement more, I wasn't winded as easily so I started walking and performing basic workouts. As many know, toys make everything more fun, so I got them all, almost, especially kettlebells got me hooked. Working with kettlebells, enter the kettlebell + workbook and bodyweight work for a couple of months got me to 95~kg in what felt like no time. Why not make get a certificate as a personal trainer, 4 months and 220 hours of classes later I finished it with flying colors. Now on with all the knowledge right toooooo.... the PAIN... Shoulder impingement took my of most of the training for more than a year, only to resolve in early 2014 and still bothers me at times. Third step: Diet#2, 2013 Fitness changed to gym training, barbell work SL5x5 which worked ok, but I hurt my self yet again by progressing too fast. I picked up Low Carb (lchf) and started on that route, enjoying it quite ok motoring along to 80kg, my lowest weight, but made me feel a bit unhealthy and my sleep was heavily impacted. Adding back in some carbs, which I failed to control well, my weight went to 85kg up again for some time. Later I met my current GF and got lazy and so the weight added further to 90kg where I am now and follow an almost paleo way of eating. Third step: Joining the rebellion! Main Quests Move that body! I always wanted to be able to pull my own weight, be it in life or in fitness. My life is doing quite well but it is time to raise my fitness to the next level. Since pulling movement always where my weakest link, and also cause for shoulder issues and such enter: THE PULLUP Main Goal: Complete 1 strict overhand PullUp Reward: 1 Str Side Quests Greasing the groove Stick to the workout regime 3 times per week. Since I now have a gym at work there is no excuse here. Reward: 1 Con Turning up the speed Have at least 1 endurance workout per week. My Office is located near a nice lake so no excuse here either. Reward: 1 Sta Enjoy the world Go for a long walk or hike on weekends with my SO. Reward: 1 Con Life Quest Finding a new homeEven though I live with my SO for a year now, I still pay rent for my old flat, it is a cheap one, but still money better spent elsewhere. Getting rid of the clutter I want to de-clutter my flat, sell or give away everything not needed. Motivation Founding a family with a healthy father.
  16. Greetings, fellow rebels! This will be my first challenge. Although I only have two and half weeks towards the end of the challenge, I'm *going to complete this*! ******************** 1st CHALLENGE Main Quest: To teach my body that it needs exercise! Motivation: I'm not in very bad shape after giving birth and 1.5 years of nursing my first baby, but I feel that I can do better. I have always wanted to get a better shape (losing those love handles, firmer thigh etc) but haven't got motivated enough to start. I hope joining this challenge will be my first step towards it Sub Quests: a. Do plank exercise (3x a week) Inspiration: Why I made this quest? Bcoz I want to be able to do a proper push up. Breakdown: Do at least 3 sets of plank each session. Do more if I feel like it Estimated time: 15 mins b. Do the lighter version of NF's Dynamic Warm Up (3x a week, different day with plank exercise) Link: http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2012/01/09/warm-up/ Why I made this quest? Bcoz right now, I'm doing almost zero warm up nor exercise every day. This will be a baby step for more exercise. Breakdown: 30 s jump rope 10 jumping jacks 10 squats 5 lunges 5 wall push ups Estimated time: 15 mins (?) So my new-newbie-exercise-schedule will be: Sun, Tue, Thu :: plank Mon, Wed, Sat :: DWU Fri :: rest c. Drink at least 300ml (the size of my drink bottle) of water or green tea, every day. Why I made this quest? Bcoz I feel like I'm drinking too much caffe latte or sweet tea and not enough water... ******************** My NF character choice: race: human class: adventurer (do I pick this by myself?) Other data: F, age 27, height 154cm, weight 49kg (3kg heavier than before getting pregnant on 2012). As I am a total newbie, I really hope for your input, advice, critics, anything (and I'm sorry that my goals are sooooo light >,<) Thanks for reading!
  17. This week has made me very glad that I commited to leveling up when I did. Had I not signed on then, I would have probably said "Screw it, I'll worry about this later." My goals for achieving my main quest have been: Drink at least 32 oz water a day, replace grains with at least 3 veggies/fruits a day, and go to the gym at least 4 days a week. I did go to the gym that Sunday and Monday, with the intent of returning on Wednesday and Friday. By Wednesday I was having such abdominal pain that I decided to wait. It was the same the next day, so my parents finally convinced me to see my doctor about my life-long digestion issues. She said to try going lactose free, gluten free, soda free, and drinking-straw free, in addition to excersize and 5 min of clearing my mind each day. Thank goodness I'd already decided I want to eat paleo and regularly excersize. The straw thing sucks though. On the awesome side, I had no idea how many kinds of veggies I could eat in one day when I try. I'm also getting 1 or 2 fruits in, which I never did before. Also, my mom (who loves to experiment with cooking) is getting on board to the paleo idea. While she wants me to focus on just being lactose and gluten free, she's already made some paleo recipes for the whole family, which we loved because she made it. So, now the challenge is being more active this week than last week. I just want to build that habit. Also, I can't wait to try out the free weights at the gym. My friend showed me how to properly do some moves, and I realize now that my personal weights are too light for me to actually get some decent muscle. Yay!
  18. Introduction: My name is Renae. I work full time, attend school full time online, and have a 10-month old daughter. All these thing seem to make me fall into bad habits of snacking, and overall eating horribly, and not getting a whole lot of exercise. Main Quest: Get into a healthy routine for working out and eating. Quest 1: Complete a weight-lifting session 3 times a week. I currently have a plan in place to do this. I just need to make sure it gets done. Measurements: A = 18 days total, B = 12 days total, C = 6 days total Quest 2: Walk or Run 3 miles 2 days a week. Right now the week days I am not weight lifting I am trying to do cardio sessions, but I haven't been trying hard at all with them. Measurements: A = 36 miles total, B = 24 miles total, C = 12 miles total Quest 3: Eat a bag of frozen veggies worth a day. I try to have a spinach salad before dinner every day, but I forget and I usually add cheese and dressing to it. I think eating the frozen veggies will be easier to accomplish and keep up with my veggie intake as well as keep me full. Measurements: A = 42 bags total, B = 30 bags total, C = 18 bags total Life Quest: Receive B grade or better on my final 3 classes. After many many years I am finally being able to finish with an Associates degree in IT Management. These past years have been crazy and I have had a terrible time with school and grades. Especially now with my child. I need to focus and finish off strong. Measurements: A = 3 B's, B = 1 or 2 Cs, C = All C's Motivation: My #1 motivation is my daughter. I want her to see her mother strong, physically and mentally. I want to be a good example for how to live. With that I hope to inspire my husband to lose weight and eat better.
  19. INTRO Hello everyone! First challenge time. I'm pretty excited for this - it's about time I start taking an active part in my health. 3 years ago, I would have considered myself a solid assassin. I taught and practiced parkour regularly, and was in fairly good shape. College, 3 years of cigarettes, and a programmer's lifestyle later, not so much the case anymore. I've kicked the cigarettes, so now it's time to get back on track with my physicality too. MOTIVATION I have two primary motivation points. First - I really enjoy my old bodyweight strength training routine. It worked well for me. However, due to years of lung abuse, I'm not in a position to be able to do it anymore. That makes me mad. I have the strength to get through the exercises because I'm naturally a sort of big guy, so I have a good amount of power. But, my cardio and lung capacity crap out a third of the way through. I want to be able to get through my training again. Second - I don't feel particularly attractive, physically. I'm a kinda cool guy, and I do fun things and have plenty of friends and a wonderful girlfriend. Clearly I'm doing something right. But I don't want to take my shirt off in front of them. I want to feel like I'm worth looking at. Worth noting that I don't give two shakes about being empirically attractive, just want to feel like it Beyond those, it would also be nice to fit into my favorite pants again. MAIN QUEST Complete my bodyweight routine, in full, 3 times in the final week of the challenge. QUEST 1 Complete the Zombie, Run! 5K training. I'm a week in, doing pretty well so far. Because cardio and lung capacity is my biggest problem area right now, finishing this should help a lot. There should be 1 week extra after the challenge finishes, but if I'm in a position to be able to do it, I'll consider this achieved. I also want to run a 5K at the end of September, but that's outside the scope of this challenge. QUEST 2 At least twice a week, do as much of the bodyweight routine as I'm capable of doing. Preferably 3 times, alternating with running, leaving 1 day a week for rest and recuperating. QUEST 3 General diet cleanup, and trend toward paleo. I eat relatively well already, but I eat a lot. I need to control portion size a bit better. Going to do this by measuring calories with the MyFitnessPal app, as I don't particularly mind counting calories. Measure success by my ability to stay at a reasonable calorie level, generally around 2k / day, varying as needed. LIFE QUEST Do something musical at least once a week. Whether that's work on bass, djing, or producing, I need to get back on that. CURRENT STATS 21 year old half-elf, 5' 11", 200lbs, level 1 rebel. Likely training toward ranger, but we'll see where I find myself in 6 week
  20. My main goal: lose 10lbs by the end of the 6 week challenge (which also happens to fall on a big birthday) so I can feel awesome.My quests: 13,000 steps per day minimum (using a fitbit to track)beginner body weight workout 3 times a weekone fun but heavy workout a week (preferably something with my friends or family) like a long walk, bike ride, hike etc.My life quest: Have one adventure a week: go somewhere I haven't gone, do something I haven't done. have fun!Motivation: I want to feel and look healthy - whatever that means for my body is cool with me. I am trying to let go of how I "got skinny" before (which involved a lot of diet coke) and reach my real potential I am starting slow with this first challenge, my goal is to build myself up and feel good at the end. In the past my workout/diet routine has been about obsession, restriction and misery... and it never stuck. Here's to awesomeness and making things stick!
  21. Hello there. I'm wazukamama and I am tackling my first challenge. I'm a mom to a 5 and 2 year old, so if I am not at work on the computer, I spend the rest of my day keeping them in line. I'm active, but just not active enough. I joined the rebellion because I want to get back in my pre-children shape and then some. Improve my strength and agility so I will have a more fluid motion. Starting stats: Weight 142 lbs (height 5'2) Pants size 8/10 Quest: Drop some of the jiggle to get back in my clothes sized 4 - 6 Quest One: Exercise at least 20 minutes solid 6 days a week. I will have different types of exercise programs to choose from depending on what is happening when I get my block of time to help reduce the chance of failure (beginner body weight workout, yoga videos/apps, fast walk outside, and others). I haven't fought for this 'me time' enough in the past 5 years. It's time I make sure I get it. Quest two: Allow processed foods in moderation during just one meal a day. I've already started to make this change, so it is possible. I just have to keep up with it. Quest three: Handstand http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2013/10/24/how-to-handstand-better-than-luke-skywalker/ Because I've never been able to do one and this seems like a good time to learn. This will be scored based on making sure I train to complete this task. I don't want to feel disappointed if I am not completely able to do a handstand when the challenge ends. Life Quest: Find times to work on crafts I have been wanting to do, stained glass, knitting and sewing. I have projects that have wanted to do for a while, but put other things first. Motivation: I feel like I am in a rut most of the time and I just want to open up and live a bit more. Right now my identity revolves around the kids, which isn't a bad thing, but it is time to let myself shine some. Feeling better about my overall appeareance and mobility will give me a bit of a boost. Grades: 6 - 7 days / week= A 5 days / week= B 4 days / week= C
  22. Hi, I’m Davi, a 22 years old architecture student, laboratory assistant I once was a warrior, not the greatest of all, but in path. I studied at morning and took the free time to practice as much as i could. I used to train 6 hours per day at this time. Respected by my comrades, feared by others in tournaments in my city, that i let my pride grow up like a beast, then i fell. Adulthood came to the door three years ago when joined college, military service, full time job and teaching martial arts for a kids class and i could no longer maintain the pace of training. Skipping classes, insomnia, stress,empty excuses, and my income has dropped so much that I gave my place in the competition team. And this is my struggle, my effort is to take back my former glory and strength. My Battle Log Updates almost everyday! Main Quest Lose weight (and body fat%): Since i had decreased in my workouts, fat showed up (and also lower back, ankles pain) ugh! I have 1,70m and actually weight about 79/ 80 Kg. My goal is to reach my 72 kg back! This is how i divided points: A: +3 DEX; +3 STR; +3 CON; +4 STA; +3 CHAR | B: +2 DEX; +2 STR; +2 CON; +3 STA; +2 CHAR | C: +1 DEX; +1 STR; + 1 CON; +2 STA; +1 CHAR A: 70-72Kg |B: 73 – 75Kg |C: 76Kg > SIDE QUESTS: Eat all the vegatables, kiddo! Start a modified version of Paleo diet (i like milk, judge me.) The goal is to only have one junk meal in a week. So, the distribution wil be: A: +3 CON; +3 STA; +2 DEX; +3 CHAR| B: +2 CON; +2 STA; +1 DEX; +2 CHAR| C: +1 CON; +1 STA; +1 CHAR A: 1 – 2 JUNK meal in a week | B: 3 – 4 in a week | C: Up to 6 Run faster, last longer HIIT at least 3 times a week, to improve strenght and power, with one day médium/ long distances. Wushu forms are great for endurance training, and discipline as well. at the final week, my goal is to run 5k at least, with combining high speeds (hmm The Flash). A: +4 Dex; +3 STR; +4 STA | B: +3 DEX; +3 STR; +3 STA | C: +2 DEX; +1 STR; +2 STA A: 3 times in a week | B: 2 times in a week | C: Once in a week The Wheel of Pain! Become te most strong as i can, using basically bodyweight. The goal is to train at least 5 days, and at the final week, my personal challenge is to make 100 pull ups, with hangin rests, and 100 push ups in a row. A: +3 Dex; +4 STR; +4 STA | B: +2 DEX; +3 STR; +3 STA | C: +1 DEX; +2 STR; +2 STA A: 5-4 days in week | B: 3-2 days in week | C: 1 day in week Life quest Save Money in order to buy/build my castle (BEBBANBURG!) and travel with my girl. The real challenge is to save money and start my own projects. Reward: +5 WIS; +4 CHAR Motivation To become the best man i’d can be, for my family, my master, and my future queen, whom i want to build a family, and protect them from any harm that i can. This i me actually: P.S. Sorry for my bad english, i'm working on it too as one life quest too
  23. It was the dawn of the Third Age of Fitness, two years after the back injury. The Achgiguwen Project was a dream given form. Its goal: to create a healthy lifestyle where I can truly enjoy the remaining years of my life by being active, free to engage the fun parts of life at home and homes away from home. It’s a calling, to be active, more fit, more restful, a better father, husband, and friend. I went from 255 to 320 during the back injury years. It’s not going to be easy but it’s my last best hope for health. This is the story of Achgiguwen, the lively one. The year is 2014. That name of the place is Nerd Fitness… Hello. My name is Achgiguwen. I’m a huge sci-fi fan and love Babylon 5. I used to be a wrestler in high school, martial arts in college, and taught gymnastics in my early adult years. I’ve always been a person who loved my endurance, constitution, and long distances. Life caught up with me: work, marriage, kids, injuries. I am now 320 pounds and not able to do many things that I love. I have problems bending over, going for long walks, and playing with my kids. I feel like I am out of shape making it difficult to deal with the things life throws at me. My wife introduced me to Nerd Fitness, and she has been the rock that has kept me going strong. I am also on this mission so I can spend the best and remaining years with my wife happy and active. Main Quest: Getting into the shape I need to accomplish my missions. Signs and Portents – Challenge 1 Goal 1 – The Gathering: The five major spacefaring races of the galaxy meet for the first time. Find 1 new food or 1 new healthy recipe to cook once a week. Measurement Reward A: 5-6 +3 WIS B: 3-4 +2 WIS C: 1-2 +1 WIS Goal 2 - Midnight on the Firing Line: The Narns are attacking Ragesh III. Run for your lives. Walk 5 miles 3 times a week gradually adding wind sprints working up to 6 sprints across the width of the football field. Measurement Reward A: 3/week +3 STA B: 2/week +2 STA C: 1/week +1 STA A: 6 sprints +3 DEX B: 4 sprints +2 DEX C: 2 sprints +1 DEX Goal 3 – Infection: A deadly weapon from a long-dead civilization that is revived and wreaking havoc on the station. I need to get stronger to fight the bioweapon. Beat the 6th Temple of the Legends of Zelda workout. I want to accomplish this by doing the workout twice a week, completing 1 new temple a week. Measurement Reward A: complete temple 6 +3 STR B: complete temple 5 +2 STR C: complete temple 4 +1 STR Life Quest - Soul Hunter: A soul hunter has arrived on the base. I must calm my mind to hear the calling. Meditate for 10 minutes 3 times a week. Measurement Reward A: 25-30 minutes/week +3 CON B: 20-24 minutes/week +2 CON C: 15-19 minutes/week +1 CON
  24. Hi Guys, starting late but better late than never right? I was doing the last challenge but I became pregnant and then miscarried. I've been hating my body ever since. I was so angry with it! I'm trying to move beyond anger and feel in love with my body again. Not because of how it looks but because of how I feel. SO to do this I'm going to do a 30 day yoga challenge. I'm going to walk the dog 3 times a week (my dog is nearly as lazy as I am ha ha) and I am going to eat more 5 serves of veg, 2 serves of fruit everyday and have 3 sugar free days a week. This is doable. Even if I'm studying. Even if I'm doing shift work. Even if I have a toddler. I can eat well and find 20minutes a day. I'm not following my weight or my measurements. I don't want to focus on that sort of thing but I will be journaling everyday and hopefully see a more positive person come out.
  25. This will be my first quest and I guess it will be a three week challenge rather than a six week challenge. My quest is to get fit generally - that is become stronger, become more flexible, improve my stamina and lose some weight. So goals: 1. Get at least 6 hours sleep a night (I know it's supposed to be 8 but I need to work up to that). 2. Complete at least one circuit of the Beginner Body Weight Workout on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 3. Avoid pop (soda) for the entire challenge. Becka :-)
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