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Found 6 results

  1. So here's the deal Nerds! I'm a die hard WoW player. I've been in the game pretty consistently since late in the Burning Crusade expansion and I love this game. With the new expansion Legion coming out at the end of August it just seemed way too punny to pass up the chance to make a Leigh-gion challenge and tie my deep rooted love of this wonderful game into my desire to be even half as awesome as my characters in the game. I have three that I use on a regular basis but I am going to be playing my Paladin almost exclusively for this new expansion with my Warlock and the obvious Demon Hunter being made as well. There's a lot of neat shit going to happen (hopefully) in this new expansion and one of the things I, and @MichiruSedai (because she's an awesome paladin just like me!) will get is an artifact weapon... The one! The only! So my devious plan is I'm going to work on myself the same way I work on things in the game. I'm going achievement hunting, gear farming, and getting 'raid ready' with buffs food and flasks etc. Gear Farming Chest: bench, pushups, Shoulders: OHP, resistance band work Hands: working on my wrist strength with bands, trying to improve weakness from past damage Belt: core work Legs: squats, lunges, Feet: Ankle mobility stuff, and things to prevent shin splints: ankle alphabets, stretching, Back: shrugs, rows, pull downs, For each (Set x Rep) of a workout that fits into one of those slots, I will earn a point towards new gear. I need three points to get a new piece of gear. Gear will also be farmed out of Dungeons and Raids like it usually is in the game. There are going to be three difficulty levels for each. Dungeons: this will be a shorter workout, of 1 Mobility/3 Strength/Resistance -OR- 2 Mobility/2 Strength/Resistance. These will be shorter because Dungeons shouldn't take too long to complete. Normal: light weights/resistance/body weight. 1 point for completion of 5x5 Heroic: medium weights and resistance. 2 points for completion of 5x5 Mythic: the heaviest things I can lift safely and the strongest resistance I can handle. 3 points for completion of 5x3 (less reps because this is heavy work and I don't wanna wipe :P) Raids: this will be a longer workout of 2 mobility and up to 5 strength/resistance. These will be much longer, because Raids take a while to complete. Normal: Light weight/resistance 2 Mobility 3 Strength/Resist. 3 points for completion of 5x5 Heroic: Medium weights/resistance 2 Mobility 4 Strength/Resist. 4 points for completion of 5x5 Mythic: Heavy weights/resistance 2 Mobility, 5 Strength/Resist 5 points for completion of 5x3 Achievement Hunting Since I tend to get lazy about these in game I'm going to apply them to things I have been getting lazy on this summer, which is mainly going to the gym, saving money and cooking. And because it's summer, I am getting destroyed by heat, so I need a bit of motivation to want to go out in the horror that is a Canadian summer to go to the gym, or to just stand in my kitchen and cook. Because I'm spending so little time cooking at home I'm wasting a lot of money on fast food and cold drinks from the store. So I've got a small list so far, which I will hopefully add to as the challenge goes on. For going to the gym I'm going to do this as my Exploration achievements. I'll be making these entirely cardio type things, because there is no fucking way in hell I'm doing ANYTHING like this outside or at home, it's too hot! So Swimmng, Walking and Biking! There are Six regions included in the World Explorer achievement and there is also Explore Draenor for the current expansion so I will have to do seven cardio sessions at the gym over the challenge to get them all. Explore Kalimdor: walk for fifteen minutes Explore Eastern Kingdoms: walk for fifteen minutes Explore Outlands: bike for twenty minutes Explore Northrend: bike for twenty minutes Explore Cataclysm: swim fifteen laps in the pool Explore Pandaria: swim fifteen laps in the pool Explore Draenor: walking/jogging intervals for ten minutes (this will be brutal my friends...) For cooking I'm going to be doing six different kinds of cooking at home during the week. I am leaving weekends as up in the air since I'm not always home to be cooking. I'm going for Master of Pandaren Cooking for this one: Master of the Grill: BBQ, the electric grill, or cooking on grill racks in the oven/toaster oven. Master of the Pot: anything that is cooked primarily in a pot or in the slow cooker. Master of the Oven: bake ALL the things! Master of the Wok: can you say Stirfryday? I sure can! Master of the Steamer: steaming my veggies! Master of the Brew: making coffee/protein drinks for the walk to work in the morning. For money I'll be working on just not spending my whole paycheque before the next one comes in. I get paid twice this challenge but I'm going to extend just this part an extra week. I want to have no less than $50 in the bank before a pay cheque comes in. This is actually going to be really hard for me. I've spent my entire working life living cheque to cheque. I almost never have money stay in savings for more than a week before something comes up, or I stupidly transfer the money out for something, usually it is for groceries, or unexpected things like needing new work pants or replacing a broken pair of sunglasses or if I wreck a pair of work shoes, but still, I should be able to keep at least $50 in the bank and not spend it right? Got My Mind On My Money (copper): have $50 in the bank before payday on the 22nd Got My Mind On My Money (silver): have $100 in the bank before payday on the 5th Got My Mind On My Money (gold): have $150 i the bank before payday on the 19th Got My Mind On My Draenor Money: have more than $250 in the bank from previous paydays on the 19th. Ready for Raiding In order to raid, you must have strong enough gear to get in, and you should have food buffs, flasks and get/give out the right buffs or you're gonna have a bad time. So far all I can think of for this is sleeping properly, drinking more water, and body maintenance. Rested Bonus: resting from 9:30 pm - 4 am during the work week, and getting at least eight hours of sleep a night on weekends. Hydraxian Waterlords: four glasses of water per day minimum. One right when I wake up, one before any food at work, one as soon as I get home from work and one right before bed. That Sparkling Smile: I'm bad for remembering to floss so floss daily. Grab a flosser stick and do it while playing stupid facebook games, or checking up here on the forums
  2. Hey, everybody! I'm new here, but I wanted to share an achievement I'm pretty excited about. Tomorrow, I test for my red belt in Tae Kwon Do. Assuming I pass, that means I only have one belt before testing for my black belt. Over ten years ago, my wife talked me in to trying a tae kwon do class at a local school. I wound up dropping out before I took my first promotion test. Years later, I went back when my daughter wanted to start. It has been several years since I went back, and there have been times when I've taken a break for a few months. But I am really excited to reach this milestone.
  3. So this is less of a bucket list/epic quest and more a list of achievements available in my game of life. As with most games, some of these achievements are reached just by playing the game correctly and some require varying degrees of extra work to unlock. I'm sure there will be a lot of creep in the requirements, so if anyone has recommendations feel free to let me know. Master Explorer: Complete the All-American, World Traveler, Full Passport, and all Photo Album achievements All-American: Visit every state (lived 7; visited 25/50 complete) World Traveler: Spend a week on every continent (3/7 complete) Full Passport: Visit 50 countries (4/50 complete) Photo Album: Visit the following landmarks: Africa -Cape of Good Hope -Congo -Go on a Safari -Madagascar -Pyramids -Sphinx Asia -Akihabara -Angkor Wat -Great Wall -Gyeongbokgung -Hagia Sophia -Japanese Imperial Palace -Korean All-Wars Memorial -Kremlin -Okinawa -Taj Mahal -Tokyo Tower Australia/South Pacific -Borneo Orangutan Preserve (check name) -Borobudur Temple -Great Barrier Reef -Hobbiton -Uluru (Ayer's Rock) Europe -Athens -Big Ben -Blarney Stone -Buckingham Palace -Coliseum -Crete -Eiffel Tower -Giants Causeway -Hohenschwangau Castle -Hohenzollern Castle -Leaning Tower of Pisa -Loch Ness -Louvre -Neuschwanstein Castle -Notre Dame -Parthenon -Roman catacombs -Stonehenge -Venice North America -Dinosaur Graveyard -Disney World -Disneyland -Gettysburg -Grand Canyon -Meteor Crater -Mt Rushmore -Mt. St. Helens -Niagara Falls -Redwood Forest -Smithsonian -Statue of Liberty -Volcano National Park -Yellowstone South & Central America -Amazon -Chichen Itza -Easter Island -Galapagos -Machu Picchu -Panama Canal -Teotihuacan Sanity's Overrated Anyway: Backpack across Transylvania Go bungee jumping Go skydiving Go hang gliding Go spearfishing for shark Go to space Visit the Moon Get a building named after me Responsible Adult: Pay off a car Pay off all student loans Buy a house Pay off said house The Doctor is In: Get a Master's in engineering Pass the Professional Engineer's Exam Get a Ph.D. in engineering Continuing Education: Become conversationally competent in a second language Become conversationally competent in a third language Learn to play the piano Get a degree in philosophy Top of the Food Chain: Kill and eat all of the following -Alligator -Bear -Boar -Elk -Moose -Lion -Shark Classic Car: Build a Shelby Cobra God Among Nerds: Complete the Advanced Technology, Master of Disguise, and Wait, What? achievements Advanced Technology: Design and build a man-portable rail/gauss rifle Design and build a powered armor/exosuit Design and build a laser gatling gun Design and build a lightsaber Master of Disguise: Create and wear the following costumes -Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) -Battousai (Samurai X) -Carnage (Spiderman) -Eva-01 (Evangelion) -Heavyarms (Gundam Wing) -Improved Heavyarms -Knight in scale mail -Nightcrawler (X-men) -Improved Nightcrawler -Sith Warrior (SW:tOR) -Tasuki (Fushigi Yuugi) -The Riddler (Batman) -Tau Fire Warrior (WH40K) Wait, What?: Design and build a prehensile tail Design and build wings capable of carrying a person Design and build a neuro-interface to control both Top of the World: Climb all of the following: -Aconcagua -Mont Blanc -Mt McKinley (Denali) -Mt. Elbrus -Mt. Everest -Mt. Fuji -Mt. Kilimanjaro -Mt. Kosciusko -Mt. St. Helen's Were-Orangutan: Learn Monkey Style Kung Fu Learn Monkey Staff Professional Badass: Complete the 300 workout Learn a combat martial art Learn parkour Shinobi: Build a Ninja Warrior practice course Compete on Ninja Warrior Complete the 1st stage of Ninja Warrior God-Emperor: Take over the world Found the Solarian Empire Become immortal Last Update: Aug2018
  4. No sugar junk food since Monday, December 28th! Challenge 21 for me. Need to keep my eye on the prize. The prize is the good feeling I get each day (never quite now when during the day) when I realize I'm living closer to the me I want to be and getting healthier as a result. Will fill in the rest later. WATER PT EXERCISES BETTER FOODS and BETTER BUDGET LISTING ANY AND ALL ACHIEVEMENTS BEING THANKFUL okay, more tomorrow. Good Luck, Scouts!
  5. Ok my friends this is my first ever Woot Room post. In the three months I have been a part of Nerd Fitness, I have lost 3.34% off of my bodyfat percentage. On the 01/12/13 my Bodyfat% was 36.44. Today on the 01/03/14 it is now 33.10%. According to my measurement anyway. That is more than one percent per month. Woohoo! If I keep going at this rate I will reach my target bf% of 17 by August 2015. Alright. I am very happy with my success.
  6. It’s time to turn it up a notch. My last (un-)challenge worked out phenomenally in unexpected ways. Not only have I had a great, awesome, epic time the last few weeks, I’ve also fallen back in love with fitness. Specifically running. God, have I missed running. I’ve spent a long time thinking about how to set up this challenge. I’ve looked at what has worked for me and what hasn’t, and I’ve made a plan! Achievements work for me. They work much better than rules or numbers. My most successful challenges were those that made me go for shit and not do a certain thing X number of times a week. I like to accidentally clutter my challenges. I feel like I have to put everything I do into my goals and it’s silly. So I’ll be doing much more than what I challenge myself to do and we’ll see how that works out. I like turtles. So for this challenge I'll have goals, they will be rather broad. Within these goals, I'll have certain achievements I can collect along the way. Please feel very free to add achievements if you think of some that I have missed - I like being challenged by you guys. Enough planny shit, here’s what’s going down. I'm going to get fast and strong and eat and live. That is my main goal. And it is especially important in times like this. Unbeknownst to most, the Yeerks have taken residence not only on our planet, but inside many people's brains. It's time I got them out of there. Luckily, I am an animorph. Oh wait - you didn't know that? Well, now you do. Unfortunately there's only so many animals I can touch, and only so much that can be done in 2 hours (don't want to go down Tobias' road and get stuck, that'd blow!) so I've assembled a few animals in my basement to practice with. They shall help me fight off Yeerks. Every achievement unlocked while animorphed kills off one of the Yeerks. I plan to litter the floor with the bodies of dead slugs, yo. Goal Number 1: Run. Horses have always made me happy. Also when I googled animorph pictures and this showed up I laughed for at least five minutes and so I really had no choice but to get a horse and shut it in my basement and abuse it to run from zombies. I'm not a psychopath, I swear. Anyways, apart from the animorphing, it's simple. I want to run. I need to run. Running makes me happy. It makes me feel free and alive and gets rid of all sorts of things like crappy moods and tiredness. I want it every day all day. This goal includes everything run-related. Here's the list of achievements: - Finish the Zombies, Run 5k Trainer - Do an air drop mission - Do a zombie chase and don't get eaten - Run with another person - Run trails - Run through the city park - Run in a different place far from home - Run a 8 minute kilometer - Updated: Run 8 minute/kilometer average on a 5k run - Do 10 uphill sprints up that really steep hill and don't die - Run for 20 minutes straight - Run for 25 minutes straight - Run for 30 minutes straight - Find someone to plan an epic air drop mission with and do it - Run 35km in one week - Run every day for one week - Do a lunch break city run - Do a zoo run - Do an early morning run before work - Run through the rain Goal Number 2: Push it. Push it real good. Everyone thinks that kangarros are just great at kicking but psh you don't know the half of it. MY kangaroo is a total stud and animorphing into kangaroo form is going to be the best thing ever. The goal is to up my push up game. I recently discovered (and have been overjoyed about it ever since) that I can sort of do knee push ups. It feels like push ups are a thing that are possible and more recently I could sort of feel muscles in my arms - what is happening to me, am I stuck in kangaroo form? I don't know. But push ups shall happen sooner or later. Here's the list of achievements: - 1.30 min plank - 2 min plank - 2.30 min plank - 1.30 min elbow plank - 2 min elbow plank - 2.30 min elbow plank - 3 min elbow plank - 30 sec low plank - 1 min low plank - negative push up - push up - 10 incline push ups - 20 incline push ups - 10 knee push ups - 20 plank-to-elbow-plank-and-back-s - 30 plank to elbow-plank and back-s - try those spotted push ups Goal 3: Ditch the candy. And the take out. And stay the eff away from the bakery. This is going to be a tough one. That's why the third animal in my basement is a cat. Cats are picky f*ckers. They don't eat everything. And if they don't like something, they shove it away. Or kill it. Or puke on it. They're assholes, really. I need to be more asshole-y about my eating. I have tasted candy for the first time in years and the best example of how it has ruined me would be the evening that I spend spooning canned frosting with thin mints. It's bad. I love that I'm eating so much, I hate that there's so much junk in there. I'm also spending too much money on lunches that I can simply make at home. So that's the goal. Healthy eating. Pretty basic, right? (I'm typing this as I'm eating the last bits of the reeses heart that I got for valentine's day). Here's the list of achievements: - Prepare lunches in advance for a week - Make a meal plan - Have breakfast BEFORE leaving home every day for a week - Don't eat candy for a week - Don't buy any type of food (unless it's groceries. I'm talkig about the 'Oh I'm hungry I should get a kreppel) for a week - Stay away from the bakery for a week - Cook. Just, whatever. Cook it. Goal Number 4: Sunday Funday Who could be a better teacher to become a party animal than a pug? So much to learn from them. I like fun. I like being busy and never home and just out there. I also like my list of dares that I've not yet completed. There's a lot going on in my life that I could focus on, but as most of those things aren't really a challenge, I just love doing them, and I don't want to overburden myself and set myself up for failure, I'm going to keep this simple. No achievements to be unlocked (currently, I might work on something) but feel very free to dare me. My past sundays have been awesome. Truly awesome. Filled with adventures and amazingness and fun. I want to keep that streak going. Rest days are for the weak. It doesn't matter what sort of fun I'll have on sundays, I just want to use them and not let them slide by. There are too many things to be seen and done. Do you have any other achievements that would work well with my goal? Please share them with me and I'll make sure to add them! No grading. No stat points earned. No rewards. Actually, I might re-think that whole rewards thing. I like rewards.
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