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Found 6 results

  1. So here's the deal Nerds! I'm a die hard WoW player. I've been in the game pretty consistently since late in the Burning Crusade expansion and I love this game. With the new expansion Legion coming out at the end of August it just seemed way too punny to pass up the chance to make a Leigh-gion challenge and tie my deep rooted love of this wonderful game into my desire to be even half as awesome as my characters in the game. I have three that I use on a regular basis but I am going to be playing my Paladin almost exclusively for this new expansion with my Warlock and the obvious Dem
  2. Hey, everybody! I'm new here, but I wanted to share an achievement I'm pretty excited about. Tomorrow, I test for my red belt in Tae Kwon Do. Assuming I pass, that means I only have one belt before testing for my black belt. Over ten years ago, my wife talked me in to trying a tae kwon do class at a local school. I wound up dropping out before I took my first promotion test. Years later, I went back when my daughter wanted to start. It has been several years since I went back, and there have been times when I've taken a break for a few months. But I am rea
  3. So this is less of a bucket list/epic quest and more a list of achievements available in my game of life. As with most games, some of these achievements are reached just by playing the game correctly and some require varying degrees of extra work to unlock. I'm sure there will be a lot of creep in the requirements, so if anyone has recommendations feel free to let me know. Master Explorer: Complete the All-American, World Traveler, Full Passport, and all Photo Album achievements All-American: Visit every state (lived 7; visited 25/50 complete)
  4. No sugar junk food since Monday, December 28th! Challenge 21 for me. Need to keep my eye on the prize. The prize is the good feeling I get each day (never quite now when during the day) when I realize I'm living closer to the me I want to be and getting healthier as a result. Will fill in the rest later. WATER PT EXERCISES BETTER FOODS and BETTER BUDGET LISTING ANY AND ALL ACHIEVEMENTS BEING THANKFUL okay, more tomorrow. Good Luck, Scouts!
  5. Ok my friends this is my first ever Woot Room post. In the three months I have been a part of Nerd Fitness, I have lost 3.34% off of my bodyfat percentage. On the 01/12/13 my Bodyfat% was 36.44. Today on the 01/03/14 it is now 33.10%. According to my measurement anyway. That is more than one percent per month. Woohoo! If I keep going at this rate I will reach my target bf% of 17 by August 2015. Alright. I am very happy with my success.
  6. It’s time to turn it up a notch. My last (un-)challenge worked out phenomenally in unexpected ways. Not only have I had a great, awesome, epic time the last few weeks, I’ve also fallen back in love with fitness. Specifically running. God, have I missed running. I’ve spent a long time thinking about how to set up this challenge. I’ve looked at what has worked for me and what hasn’t, and I’ve made a plan! Achievements work for me. They work much better than rules or numbers. My most successful challenges were those that made me go for shit and not do a certain thing X number of
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