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Found 14 results

  1. I am a long time fan of the Assassin's Creed game (I got Origins for Christmas!!!!) and I've been keen on exploring more Parkour although there isn't an easily accessible class or group that I can attend, so I've found a workout that focuses on the exercises needed for Parkour as a starting point. I'm also still keen on the acrobatics side of things, and my two big focuses for the year are handstands and splits. Now rather than taking the challenges on the fly one at a time I've put together a 2018 Challenge tracker for myself (link for accountability) and each challenge throughou
  2. Here I am. I said there would not be a challenge thread this time, but things went otherwise and I have to start my streak over, so I might as well start a new thread There will be another attempt to get a 100 days streak on my everyday tasks, with a modified list. I've learnt some things on my first 26 days and I have perfected my approach (see previous challenge). I would also like to retake two goals that do a lot for my well-being: going out, and sitting pauses. Lately I've been spending too much time inside the house, and worst, most of that time was sitting time. And the way yo
  3. This challenge has been inspired by a quote I keep seeing in @Briniel's threads and that resonates deeply with me: the way you live your days is the way you live your life. I want a healthier, happier and more active life, so I'll try to have healthier, happier and more active days. At the same time, and as I said in my last challenge, I feel like I need a break, and the way I've found best to combine these two sensations (improving how I live my days and yet not feeling drained) is not skipping the challenge but reducing the number of goals and being less demanding on the results.
  4. Hi everybody and welcome! This challenge is going to be similar to my last one, but with an added focus on healthy eating. I'll try to keep my previous goals running: · Sitting pauses -includes FF amongst other things. · Go out! -city, country, terrace. · Have fun! -acrobatics, jeet kune do and P1. · Side quest: small actions towards excellence -includes cleaning, pedagogical project, icelandic and Feldenkrais. And will add a Take care of yourself new goal, which will contain several parts: 1) Meditation. I've taken a break from it
  5. Hi everybody! For those of you who don't know me, brief introduction: I've been here for 2 years and a half now, trying to change my life after almost 30 years of sedentary lifestyle. I began my journey with Steve's "one mile a day", and I've slowly built up from there. I've spent many challenges in other guilds (mainly adventurers and druids) but as my main focus has slowly shifted to mobility and bodyweight I feel this is the place to be. Here are my goals for the challenge: Sitting pauses – move all day long I'm keepi
  6. DinoBytes returns to reclaim victory in a thrilling adventure of pacing, trial and error. It's been a minute folks, and let's be honest here, I'm not the most consistent person on the planet with keeping everyone updated. so for all of you just tuning in, here is a heaping generous serving of info; I moved from hawaii, to italy, to florida, and now I am coming to you live from sunny San Diego! putting all of the emotions and struggles that came with the following, I'll try to keep it down to just fitness facts; moving from hawaii also meant
  7. Hi, I'm Mad Hatter, a dabbler and explorer of the circus arts as well as a climber and all-round messer-arounderer. And this is my battle log, where I'll be tracking some of the fun skills I'd like to learn this year (current level in brackets): Handbalancing 10s consistent freestanding handstand (extremely inconsistent handstand kickups, but can occasionally catch long holds 15+ seconds) Make shapes in forearm stand (need the wall to stabilise me) Flying crow (solid crow and ok flying pigeon) Crane (can sometimes hold it for a split second) Crocodile
  8. DinoBytes here once again for a fourth challenge. I may have taken a hiatus from posting results to the community for a few months, but I have not at all reduced my activity level. Just for an all around update on my progress; I have successfully attained a press to handstand (working on making it a straight arm press right now it is bent arms only), I have developed a silks routine for performances which I would like to improve upon, I have taken many leaps and bounds in learning to perform in the Roue Cyr wheel (I will make a post about my personal growth, difficulties and other technical
  9. Main Quest - Do my homework! I have about 10 hours of aerial, contortion and acrobatics classes scheduled per week during this challenge so I think it’s fair to say I’m doing ok on the exercise front. But as fun as it is, in all honesty I’m studying too many subjects and I’m probably not necessarily progressing as well as I could. Especially since while I love attending the lectures, I’m a huge slacker when it comes to homework... This challenge I’m going to focus on simple things I can do to improve my work in the classroom. There will be a lot of homework, and I will
  10. It seems it is time for Dinobytes to begin her journey. The youth whose destiny is to lead Hyrule and save the princess of destiny. *Quest: lift acro partner and build routines* The time has come to test thy courage...The Great Deku tree has been cursed... The Great Deku Tree needs help to break the curse by:scaling the spider's webs and vines*goal 1: improving silks skills/acro: practicing each move thrice, thrice/week and creating/attempting one new acro move per week.just because it is so unstructured, I'm going to make a silks log shortly and post my progress there*A = complete ful
  11. Mad Hatter's MasterChef Challenge This challenge is all about food. Delicious, yummy food. I love cooking but having lived in too many hotels to count in the last half year I'm badly stuck in a cooking rut. In this challenge I will battle against myself to come up with creative and scrumptious new dishes. Yes, yes, there will be pictures. Main Quest - Become a masterchef Goal #1 Food porn (+3 CHA +2 WIS) Every week I will complete the following 3 challenges: The Mystery Box - in which I have to cook something using ingredients of YOUR choosing*^. The Skill Test - in which I wi
  12. Hi! I am looking to be a better aerialist and acrobat and I need help with my workouts! Right now I'm doing a lot of cardio (because it's easy and easy to get started with) and I recently added some core and shoulder workouts under the guidance of my SO. He is more of a ranger/warrior, however and doesn't really have a lot of expertise on flexibility. So I know in order to improve as an aerialist/acrobat I really need to improve my core strength for a bajillion reasons, but I'm not sure what the best way to tackle my flexibility is. Starting stats: Above the waist I am pretty damn flexi
  13. Come join in an AcroYoga session in Porter Square in Cambridge on June 16th from 9AM - 5PM for a full day. For event info check here - http://www.eventbrite.com/event/6677475509 For AcroYoga info start here - http://www.acroyoga.org/ Fun and intense yoga with multiple people. You get to be a base, fly, and spot others in this fun style of yoga. Not only do you get to do some fun yoga, but you get a nice gentle Thai massage at the end. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will try to get answers from the main host for the day. Here are some pictures of a few p
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