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  1. I am a long time fan of the Assassin's Creed game (I got Origins for Christmas!!!!) and I've been keen on exploring more Parkour although there isn't an easily accessible class or group that I can attend, so I've found a workout that focuses on the exercises needed for Parkour as a starting point. I'm also still keen on the acrobatics side of things, and my two big focuses for the year are handstands and splits. Now rather than taking the challenges on the fly one at a time I've put together a 2018 Challenge tracker for myself (link for accountability) and each challenge throughout the year I shall try to tailor towards the overall goal. So to break it down: Overarching 2018 goal: Follow the Creed - increase strength and flexibility like an assassin. Current Challenge Goals 1. Cardio: complete 350,000 steps and cover 25km in "deliberate" distance (i.e. go for a walk or a run). I'd also like to see my resting heart rate decrease from 65 to 61 (where it was at in December before the holiday slump hit) 2. Strength: Complete 1x beginner bodyweight workout per week, and 2x parkour strength workouts per week. Make progress on all the specific movement goals in my challenge tracker. 3. Good eating: Eat veggies every day and say no to dessert/sugar/chocolate 15 times when I would normally have said yes. For those interested, the Parkour workout I found is this one:
  2. Here I am. I said there would not be a challenge thread this time, but things went otherwise and I have to start my streak over, so I might as well start a new thread There will be another attempt to get a 100 days streak on my everyday tasks, with a modified list. I've learnt some things on my first 26 days and I have perfected my approach (see previous challenge). I would also like to retake two goals that do a lot for my well-being: going out, and sitting pauses. Lately I've been spending too much time inside the house, and worst, most of that time was sitting time. And the way you live your days is the way you live your life, remember? 100 days challenge · 10 minutes meditation · at least 1 vegetable in every meal · 10 minutes of reading · 10 minutes of icelandic · 10 minutes of cleaning/decluttering · teeth brush and floss twice a day · 1 kegel exercise · 1 relaxing moment (aside from meditation): breathing, laying down, Feldenkrais, working on jaw tension... · spend some moments upside-down to help with handstands practice · stress thread. This is the only task that is not a daily one, but that must be done at least 3 times a week 100% achievement on 65 days: C ------ reward: a necklace 100% achievement on 85 days: B ------ reward: a nerdy t-shirt 100% achievement on 100 days: A ------ Ástríkur og Kleópatra Rewards are accumulative, so I may get only the C reward if the streak is short, but if my streak is long enough I can win all the rewards as I go through the different stages. Sitting pauses Not many surprises here. Just getting up from the chair at least once every 20-30 minutes when I'm reading, doing computer work, etc. to do something that implies movement: going upstairs, stretching for a while, going on an errand... Go out I said it before: "there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing". Days are shorter, and getting sunlight and going outside the house becomes more important as winter approaches. If I want to avoid winter blues, the best thing to do is to spend time outdoors being active. I'll start easy: two walks a week, four a week by the end of the challenge. I might as well spend some time in the terrace (reading, meditation, relaxing moments...). By the way, my 30 minutes - 30 days Doppler challenge is still on (16 days so far) and getting results. Points 100 days challenge. 1, 2 or 3 WIS points, depending on how long the streak. If/when I get to achieve the 100 days streak, I immediately go up TWO levels (aside from the level I might be going up from the challenge going on at that moment). Sitting pauses. 1 CON point. Go out. 2 CON points. Attending all my self-defence and acrobatics lessons: 2 STR, 2 STA and 2 DEX points max. Special points for meditation: 1, 2 or 3 WIS points depending on the streak.
  3. This challenge has been inspired by a quote I keep seeing in @Briniel's threads and that resonates deeply with me: the way you live your days is the way you live your life. I want a healthier, happier and more active life, so I'll try to have healthier, happier and more active days. At the same time, and as I said in my last challenge, I feel like I need a break, and the way I've found best to combine these two sensations (improving how I live my days and yet not feeling drained) is not skipping the challenge but reducing the number of goals and being less demanding on the results. The challenge is a two-part challenge. Part 1 This part is made of a list of small actions that will be taken everyday to improve my life in one or other way. The list is long, but I've chosen actions that are short and can be done in minutes if not in seconds. The whole list shouldn't take much more than 1 hour of my daily time. However, it can make a huge difference if I manage to do everything everyday, because the effect will be accumulative. This is why I'm aiming for a 100 days streak. The goal won't start until we come back from our trip to the Pyrenees, because I don't think I could manage to keep the streak there, and it feels like cheating to start next week and then interrupt it. List of actions: · 10 minutes meditation. · Choose one inspiring quote for the day. · Anxiety helping supplements: B, C, o-3. Coconut oil tablespoon. · At least one type of vegetable in every meal. · 10 minutes of reading. · 10 minutes of cleaning or decluttering. · Teeth cleaning and floss. · 1 Kegel exercise. · 2 breathing exercises along the day. · Jaw relaxing exercise or some other Feldenkrais exercise. · Spend a few moments upside down. · Write down on a journal how I feel about the way I spent my day. 100% achievement on 65 days: C 100% achievement on 85 days: B 100% achievement on 100 days: A This 100 days challenge includes mostly things I'm always lazy with. I know the huge benefit I get from them when I do them regularly, and yet, it is always hard to do the work. So, on one side, with this 100 days streak I will try to make an habit of most of them, and, on the other side, I will offer myself some rewards to encourage the process. C reward: a book I might be interested at that moment nerdy t-shirt B reward: some beautiful earrings (I had chosen the ones I wanted and put the link but they seem to have disappeared between last night and today?) nerdy t-shirt A reward: Ástríkur og Kleópatra + nerdy t-shirt (yes, you've noticed, I'm in need of new clothes) The prizes are also accumulative, so I may get only the C reward if the streak is short, but if my streak is long enough I can win all the rewards as I go through the different stages. Part 2 I'm keeping 2 goals from these last months. They relate to my motto for the challenge because they contribute to a great extent to a healthy, happy and active life. Go out! There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing. Going out 2 or 3 times a week will be enough to pass the challenge. As I said, I want it to be a light challenge, so I won't put much pressure on how much I do as long as I do something. 2-3 times a week: C 4 times a week: B 5 or more times a week: A Have fun! Includes self-defense, parallettes, acrobatics, or any other type of workout, provided that I have fun with it. I won't be too demanding here, either. I just want to keep some activity going on. Unfortunately, acrobatics lessons won't start until september the 5th, so I'll focus on the other things in the meantime. 1 workout a week: C 2 workouts a week: B 3 or more workouts a week: A About acrobatics and self-defense, I would like to add some mental practice on my rest days, or later in the day after a lesson. Mental practice does wonders with music technique, and I guess it can help even more with bigger moves. There's no obligation of doing it, but I would like to give it a try. Points: 100 challenge. 1, 2 or 3 WIS points, depending on how long the streak. If/when I get to achieve the 100 days streak, I immediately go up TWO levels (aside from the level I might be going up from the challenge going on at that moment). Go out. 2 CON points. Have fun! 1 STR and 1 STA points. Special points for meditation: 1, 2 or 3 WIS points depending on the streak.
  4. Hi everybody and welcome! This challenge is going to be similar to my last one, but with an added focus on healthy eating. I'll try to keep my previous goals running: · Sitting pauses -includes FF amongst other things. · Go out! -city, country, terrace. · Have fun! -acrobatics, jeet kune do and P1. · Side quest: small actions towards excellence -includes cleaning, pedagogical project, icelandic and Feldenkrais. And will add a Take care of yourself new goal, which will contain several parts: 1) Meditation. I've taken a break from it last challenge, but it'll do me good to come back to it. 2) Supplements. I take breaks every now and then, and this last one was a long one. These last weeks I've noticed several things that show I need them back. It is not a difficult thing to do, I just have to remember to take them. 3) Food. I'm going to take the gentle approach, and be positive. No forbidden foods, instead, will focus on points that help: · Protein in every meal. · Fat in every meal. Of different types. · No fruit at breakfast. The only exceptions accepted can be those that are less sweet like berries. · No home-made smoothies or ice creams unless they have avocados, coconut milk/butter or eggs in them. · Plenty of fermented, raw and cooked vegetables for gut health. · Never, ever, leave the table hungry. This drives to lots of trouble. · I won't push myself out of cravings by guilt. If I want something sweet in the afternoon or in the evening, I can have it, at least on the first stages of my plan, but I can't allow myself to feel guilty or bad about it. This is also a psychological battle and I know guilt drives to defeat. I'll let my body to regulate itself by doing all this above and will let the cravings disappear by themselves. The Untamed will be listened and taken into account. I don't want everything to be fixed right now. Changes in diet will develop themselves challenge after challenge. By now, these first two weeks (0&1) I am going to track whether I actually eat protein, fat and vegetables in every meal, how much fruit and fermented vegetables I consume, and whether I leave the table full or hungry (as I said, leaving the table hungry leads to much trouble). I will also track sugar and bread intake. I will pay special attention not to criticize myself for what I eat, whatever it is, and I will do my best to listen to and understand The Untamed. Week 0 will be taken easy anyway, because I must have eaten some spoiled food and thus my gut is definitively not ok since yesterday and I feel drained. So a few slower days won't hurt. This challenge will include at least a short trip to the coast, at the end of this week (no tenants in the appartment right now, so I'll be spending a few days there with my boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend), and later -I hope- some camping, hiking or another type of short trip. So I'll try to meet my food goals but it won't be bad if I can't due to lack of options. Points: Sitting pauses 1DEX Go out! 1CON Have fun! 1STR 1DEX 1STA Excellence 1CHA 1WIS Meditation 2WIS Tracking food 0.5 WIS More points might be added later during the challenge for specific tasks regarding this goal. On your marks, get set... GO!
  5. Hi everybody! For those of you who don't know me, brief introduction: I've been here for 2 years and a half now, trying to change my life after almost 30 years of sedentary lifestyle. I began my journey with Steve's "one mile a day", and I've slowly built up from there. I've spent many challenges in other guilds (mainly adventurers and druids) but as my main focus has slowly shifted to mobility and bodyweight I feel this is the place to be. Here are my goals for the challenge: Sitting pauses – move all day long I'm keeping this goal from my last challenge because I'm liking it a lot. It does lots for my back and also my productivity (less sitting=less internet). The only rule is that every time I work on something that requires sitting for long, I'll get up every 20-30 minutes and use the pause to move for a short while. Same as last challenge, there will be assorted pauses to choose from: neck stretch short/long routine hip mobility routine shoulder mobility routine self-defense practice any stretch/routine from focused flexibility drinking water going upstairs and downstairs short errands short chores gmb inspired movements: frogger, monkey, bear squatting/squats push-ups feet, shoulders or neck trigger points whatever floats my boat Go out! Same as last challenge too. I want to expose to sun and light everyday. It doesn't matter whether I go for a walk or I just sit to read in the patio. What counts is to spend time outside (time spent going to work and back doesn't count). Have fun! Parallettes! Acrobatics! Jeet kune do! The goal is to strengthen myself and to get more control over my body, but above everything, to have fun. I have to assist to every lesson planned and to do at least one parallettes workout a week, better if two (unless I get to go twice to self-defense). Side quest Small everyday actions towards excellence There are several areas of my life that need attention. But I always get overwhelmed or stole time from other activities for this, the result being that I quit, because of saturation or because of guilt (when stealing time from anything else). So I am going to adopt the approach I took last summer with my music practice and that revealed itself so productive: 10 minutes periods, not more. Not even everyday, but will try to make it frequent. · Cleaning. I am pretty good at keeping my kitchen clean and ranged, and laundry is usually at bay, but since I abandoned my 15 minutes of everyday cleaning/declutter, the house is not ok and I'm forced to suffer long cleaning workouts when I don't want to. So I am back to it, but with 10 minutes this time (at least until holidays). · Pedagogical project. There are several books I want to read and take notes from, one course at coursera I want to follow, and a new homework notebook I want to prepare for the youngest. There are many new things I want to apply to my teaching for the next year. Also, students had fun with the technique competition I organized this year, and are eager to know which game will they be playing next year, so I have to start planning something. · Feldenkrais. I've recently bought a guide book with a whole month plan to follow and that's what I intend to do to make my practice a bit more organized and to learn new exercises. I've skimmed through the book and it seems there is a different activity for each day, but also recommends to stay for a few days on it if it is difficult, interesting or there's need to go deeper, so there is no pressure to end the book with the end of the challenge. · Icelandic. I don't think I'd be able to say more than "hvað er þetta?" right now, so I'll better retake it. There is no pressure on this side goal. It's just that it would be nice and I could get extra points. I think that 10 minutes now and then are totally doable and really worthy. Let's do this!
  6. DinoBytes returns to reclaim victory in a thrilling adventure of pacing, trial and error. It's been a minute folks, and let's be honest here, I'm not the most consistent person on the planet with keeping everyone updated. so for all of you just tuning in, here is a heaping generous serving of info; I moved from hawaii, to italy, to florida, and now I am coming to you live from sunny San Diego! putting all of the emotions and struggles that came with the following, I'll try to keep it down to just fitness facts; moving from hawaii also meant leaving my acrobatic friends behind. I made a couple new friends with whom i shared acro and circus with (I even taught a girl how to spin in just 2 months!) but I only got a real dose of circus community from two cons that I attended during this long hiatus time. (divine play and acro love if you're keeping track at home) I started spinning nearly every day for an hour or so alternating my cardio between running 3 miles and swimming 2 so that i would swim three days a week and have one rest day from running. this was all very consistent until I finally landed in San Diego. I began a membership with San Diego circus center and studied hand balancing there (which was tremendously humbling) but I now know where i need to improve. I began working longer hours at work and was unable to attend the handbalancing class... so i quit my expensive membership and began coming home and becoming rather boring, weak, and consequently miserable. so... I've been relatively sedentary for the first time in maybe... my life? (I mean i'm not that old so... it's not saying all that much but it's uncomfortable!) PRESENT DAY: I am currently undergoing a preliminary test to see if I can qualify for rescue swimmer school (search and rescue SAR swimmer) in July. that means I have to attain at minimum the following: run 1.5 miles in under 12 minutes swim 400 meters in under 11 minutes pushups at least 30 situps at least 50 pullups at least 2 I proved this week that I can accomplish these things, however it was a real kick in the teeth to realize how much I've lost in time on the run (or gained rather) and how the pushups didn't feel as easy as they used to. Here is my challenge summary and grading criteria! goal 1: Run faster: current run time is 11:50 for 1.5 miles. I want to shave that down to 9:30 someday, but just "better" for this challenge will satisfy this goal A = run 3 miles 3x per week aiming for a 7:30 pace (if this becomes easy to obtain this will drop) B = 2x per week C = 1x per week F = < 1x per week goal 2: I have very little control of my diet, so I'm going to put stretching in here as it will force me to moderate the quantity A = 7x a week B = 6x a week C = 5x a week D = 4x a week F = 3x a week goal 3: hand balance training = better/stronger upper body for pushups A = 7x a week (an hour minimum focused training session) B = 6x a week C = 5x a week D = 4x a week F = 3x a week Life goal: Circus performance means moar ROUE CYR spinning! A = spun 3x a week (one hour minimum can be cross trained with handbalancing) B = 2x C = 1x F = <1x my starting stats: age: 23 height: 5'3" weight: 141 May 20 I hope to update my page consistently at the very least weekly, however, thanks to my occupation, I will have trouble with contact for loads of weekdays so expect updates mostly on weekends. The best way to be encouraging to me is to simply post a little check up blurb should I be late in posting for a week. Also, ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE!!! I am a true introvert at heart but I love to push my limitations and I am in no way reserved about my love of circus so you can actually HELP me by expressing your curiosity about all the crazy apparatus and things I do! (what a great way to fulfill both objectives) this also will help me be more clear to begin with because all these terms and phrases have become so familiar I sometimes forget what "normal people" understand . I know I'm a bit late hopping onto this challenge but I'm hoping to qualify as a completing member of the assassins guild and one step closer to Search and Rescue Swimming
  7. Hi, I'm Mad Hatter, a dabbler and explorer of the circus arts as well as a climber and all-round messer-arounderer. And this is my battle log, where I'll be tracking some of the fun skills I'd like to learn this year (current level in brackets): Handbalancing 10s consistent freestanding handstand (extremely inconsistent handstand kickups, but can occasionally catch long holds 15+ seconds) Make shapes in forearm stand (need the wall to stabilise me) Flying crow (solid crow and ok flying pigeon) Crane (can sometimes hold it for a split second) Crocodile (can balance a finger tip supported variation for a short time) Acrobatics Back walkover (have all the prerequisites but have mental hangups) Front walkover (have all the prerequisites but have even more mental hangups) Flexibility Feet to head cobra DONE! New goal: Ankle grab (I'll add pictures for the flexibility goals these are hard to quantify) Left split (can do it with bad form) Right split *almost* as good as left split (I injured my hamstring a really long time ago and it's never been the same since) Middle split Contortion No hands cobra (as soon as I lift both arms I face plant) Cheststand (have the flexibility for it, but not the strength) Press from bridge to forearm stand Bouldering Climb 10 black problems (can climb most red problems, have climbed 1-3 easy black problems this year) Strength Nice push-ups (almost there) Dips (need heavy assist) 5 pull-ups (3 on a good day) Strict toes to bar (can kind of do ugly ones) Dragon flag (negatives are haaard)
  8. DinoBytes here once again for a fourth challenge. I may have taken a hiatus from posting results to the community for a few months, but I have not at all reduced my activity level. Just for an all around update on my progress; I have successfully attained a press to handstand (working on making it a straight arm press right now it is bent arms only), I have developed a silks routine for performances which I would like to improve upon, I have taken many leaps and bounds in learning to perform in the Roue Cyr wheel (I will make a post about my personal growth, difficulties and other technical aspects and frustrations explained in an easily understood format later) My flexibility has improved tremendously (not necesarily immediately apparent to an observer, however I have pushed past many obstacles with this flexibility growth) I will be posting photos and videos for your viewing pleasure and to provide visual for all of these boastful claims as well (have no fear) I hope to update my page consistantly at the very least weekly, however there will always be life to get in the way... the best way to be encouraging to me is to simply post a little check up blurb should I be late in posting for a week. Also, ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS YOU HAVE!!! I am a true introvert at heart but I love to push my limitations and I am in no way reserved about my love of circus so you can actually HELP me by expressing your curiosity about all the crazy apparatus and things I do! (what a great way to fulfill both objectives) this also will help me be more clear to begin with because all these terms and phrases have become so familiar I sometimes forget what "normal people" understand . Here is my challenge summary and grading criteria! goal 1: perfecting Silks routine: Practicing routine and expecially smooth flow and transitions during each practice (thrice per week unless performing) A = complete full set of tricks 3x per week B = 2x per week C = 1x per week F = < 1x per week goal 2: Purchasing all paleo fuel. But free food should never be denied. Especially home cooked/baked A = 7x a week B = 6x a week C = 5x a week D = 4x a week F = 3x a week goal 3: spinning in Cyr, slacklining, and hand balancing practice A = all three elements recieved some attention/practice B = two elements were practiced C = one element was practiced F = none at all Life goal: Become an AFF 'A' licenced skydiver by completing all skydives at or above the safety and control standards of the airfield. A = 1 jump/element passed per week B = attempted C = no practice/jumps due to cancellation F = no practice or jumps my starting stats: age: 21 height: 5'3" weight: 138 Feb 16th body fat percentage: 19.64% Feb 17th (likely to be inaccurate) waistline: 79-83cm Feb 17th (this is flexed-relaxed measurements) (these will be updated later this week) I am so excited about this challenge already! take this journey with me and be inspired!
  9. Main Quest - Do my homework! I have about 10 hours of aerial, contortion and acrobatics classes scheduled per week during this challenge so I think it’s fair to say I’m doing ok on the exercise front. But as fun as it is, in all honesty I’m studying too many subjects and I’m probably not necessarily progressing as well as I could. Especially since while I love attending the lectures, I’m a huge slacker when it comes to homework... This challenge I’m going to focus on simple things I can do to improve my work in the classroom. There will be a lot of homework, and I will have to make do without a time turner, but it’s the final spurt before school breaks for summer so I need to buckle down and get to work. For each completed homework I score house points for Gryffindor. For each day or week that I miss Slytherin will get the house points instead. Subject: Contortion (+2 DEX, +2 STR) Homework #1: Daily mobility work - This can include foam rolling, easy long hold stretches, hate stretches that I always avoid, extra work for my right (post-strained) hamstring and just playing with different movements. 0.5 HP/day Homework #2: Back strength - 2 additional back workouts per week. My back is bendy but very floppy. And if I’m not strong enough I’ll never be allowed to work on chest stands for example. 1.5 HP/session Bonus shiny goal: Right front split 5 HP ​ Subject: Aerial hoop and pole (+2 STR) Homework #1: Strength - Pull-ups and inverts is the assigned homework. I already do a lot in class, but one extra practice session will only do me good. 3.5 HP/completed session. Bonus shiny goal: Pull-ups 5 HP ​ Subject: Acrobatics and tumbling (+2 CON, +2 DEX) Homework #1: Daily wrist conditioning - I have a niggly wrist and need to make sure it can keep up. Conditioning can be any combination of juggling, stretches and dumbbell exercises, but it should be done daily. 0.5 HP/day Homework #2: Handstands - I’ve regressed a lot in my handstand work lately. I need to get that back on track. 6 days a week of handstand practice. If my wrist gets worse I can work my headstands or forearm stands instead. 0.5 HP/day Bonus shiny goal: 10s elbow stand 5 HP Side Quest - Prepare for OWLs (Ordinary Workout Levels) (+3 WIS) I much prefer training with a teacher and classmates, but soon the summer holidays begin and I will have to train on my own. Before then I’ll need to absorb as much knowledge as I can cross train and practice skills effectively. I will collect all exercises, warmups, stretches, progressions, thoughts and pointers in a separate battle log so I will be well prepared when time comes. Bonus side quest: Make a training montage Life Quest #1 - Plan summer holiday (+2 CHA) I have 9 weeks holiday this year and no clue what to do with it. I know, I know, woe is me. But really, I do need to figure out what to do, where and when and not leave it to the last minute and find I can get the boss’s approval or something silly like that. Bonus life quest: Harry Potter themed food porn. Boom! Challenge!
  10. It seems it is time for Dinobytes to begin her journey. The youth whose destiny is to lead Hyrule and save the princess of destiny. *Quest: lift acro partner and build routines* The time has come to test thy courage...The Great Deku tree has been cursed... The Great Deku Tree needs help to break the curse by:scaling the spider's webs and vines*goal 1: improving silks skills/acro: practicing each move thrice, thrice/week and creating/attempting one new acro move per week.just because it is so unstructured, I'm going to make a silks log shortly and post my progress there*A = complete full set of tricks 9x per week B = 6x per week C = 3x per week D = 2x per week F = < 1x per week gathering health hearts/rupees,*goal 2: fighting the appetite with portion control, purchasing all paleo fuel and, in doing so, saving money by eating out less.Because free food should never be denied. Especially home cooked/baked* A = 7x a week B = 6x a week C = 5x a week D = 4x a week F = 3x a week slaying monsters,*goal 3: working out at the gym 4 days per week*A = 4x a week B = 3x a week C = 2x a week D = 1x a week F = none at all and defeating Queen Gohma *life quest: earn my flight wings by studying each day for at the minimum 1 hour for the three boards (I think only 2 will take place during the challenge timeline right before simulator testing)* A = 7x a week B = 6x a week C = 5x a week D = 4x a week F = 3x a week Dinobytes enters The Great Deku tree bravely... I'm trying out a new format for challenges! let me know how you guys like/hate it! my starting stats: age: 21 height: 5'3" weight: 138 Feb 16th body fat percentage: 19.64% Feb 17th (likely to be inaccurate) waistline: 79-83cm Feb 17th (this is flexed-relaxed measurements)
  11. Mad Hatter's MasterChef Challenge This challenge is all about food. Delicious, yummy food. I love cooking but having lived in too many hotels to count in the last half year I'm badly stuck in a cooking rut. In this challenge I will battle against myself to come up with creative and scrumptious new dishes. Yes, yes, there will be pictures. Main Quest - Become a masterchef Goal #1 Food porn (+3 CHA +2 WIS) Every week I will complete the following 3 challenges: The Mystery Box - in which I have to cook something using ingredients of YOUR choosing*^. The Skill Test - in which I will try a brand new recipe designed to challenge my technical skills.The Copy Cat - in which I will attempt to reproduce a fancy 3 course restaurant meal.*Disclaimer - I eat or at last I'm willing to try most things but I reserving the right to veto any ingredient that don't strike my fancy. ^Current mystery box ingredients: OxtailPig's cheek (if I can get hold of it)MusselsInsectsTurkey + beetsTripe (maybe)Scallops + cabbage + baconEscargotReindeerChicken heartsEggplantCinnamon breadLeekArtichokeSauerkrautFresh sardines (or replacement)Kurkuma (turmeric)AvocadoGinger dessertCinnamon mainChicken breastChocolate souffleYogurt Goal #2 Made from scratch (+3 CON) All food I eat must be as close as possible to single ingredients. If I want curry, pesto or cake it must be made from scratch. One free pass/week is allowed. Work lunches or where social conventions dictate otherwise are exempt from this rule. Goal #3 Tracker (+1 CON) I will loosely track my macros and don't stray too far from my calorie and protein goals and hopefully lose a bit of fat in the process. ... Sidequest #1 Dancer (+3 DEX) I recently started belly dancing and I'm really enjoying it. Even more recently I found out that there will be a student show in May. This will be a great opportunity for me to step outside my comfort zone and get me one step closer to my epic quest. Right now I'm however too caught up in the steps and technique to be able to dance freely so I will add 1 hour of cumulative practice each week. Sidequest #2 Consistency Between acrobatics, dancing and gymnastics I have a full plate right now (ha!), but I still want to find time to focus on strength and stretch. This is what I'd like to do every week, and I'm adding in this goal for maximum accountability. Gymnastics 2x/weekAcrobatics 2x/weekTribal 1x/weekStrength 2x/weekStretch 3x/weekHandbalancing 5 min 6x/week... Life goal - Dressmaker (+3 CHA)I will make at least ONE wearable item. I've been wanting to learn to sew properly (as opposed to stitching stuff together in random cool ways) for a long time. Now that I'm reunited with my sewing machine, it is finally time to make this happen!
  12. Hi! I am looking to be a better aerialist and acrobat and I need help with my workouts! Right now I'm doing a lot of cardio (because it's easy and easy to get started with) and I recently added some core and shoulder workouts under the guidance of my SO. He is more of a ranger/warrior, however and doesn't really have a lot of expertise on flexibility. So I know in order to improve as an aerialist/acrobat I really need to improve my core strength for a bajillion reasons, but I'm not sure what the best way to tackle my flexibility is. Starting stats: Above the waist I am pretty damn flexible. Arms: I can literally touch every inch on my back with either hand. I can press the back of either hand flat against the center of my spine, I can clap my hands behind my back, my arms are pretty flexible. Back: My back is.... eh, okay. I can do a bridge, but it's not perfect. I can do this pose without much discomfort. I could have better back flexibility, but I feel like I'm on par for my level of fitness. Legs: This is where I'm really lacking. I can barely touch my toes from standing, my hamstrings and calves are ALWAYS sore when I work them out and I'm often afraid that I might tear my hamstrings if I over work them. ---Where I'd like to be:--- Back walkover from standing & any form of the splits. If I can get either or both of those by the end of the next six week challenge, I'll be over the moon. I will be performing as an acrobat this summer with my performance company, so if I can get get those two moves into my vocabulary, that really opens up the stuff my partner and I are capable of doing. I have no idea how to get there though! Anyone have a map???
  13. Come join in an AcroYoga session in Porter Square in Cambridge on June 16th from 9AM - 5PM for a full day. For event info check here - http://www.eventbrite.com/event/6677475509 For AcroYoga info start here - http://www.acroyoga.org/ Fun and intense yoga with multiple people. You get to be a base, fly, and spot others in this fun style of yoga. Not only do you get to do some fun yoga, but you get a nice gentle Thai massage at the end. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and I will try to get answers from the main host for the day. Here are some pictures of a few poses. Namaste
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