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Found 6 results

  1. 2018 marks the year that I came back. I came back to the NerdFitness challenges, and I came back to be a much healthier version of myself. My biggest failure, was to gain all my weight back so fast. October 7th, 2014 I was 257.3 lbs (my lightest). September 21st, 2015 I was 385.2 lbs. 127.9 lbs gained in less then a year's time. I floundered over the next 2 1/2 years or so, only getting to 367.6 lbs at the beginning of 2018. My Day 1 back at it. I wanted this to me my defining year. The year to help erase that horrible failure of a year. So far, I am doing it. I haven't
  2. Volki

    Volki One Punch

    Hey everyone I am back for round 2 of Juggernaut. Last challenge went really well and I hope to keep that momentum going (lol Juggernaut pun). This time I am going to use the anime One Punch Man as my inspiration. For those who haven't seen it, it is about an average guy who just happens to be the strongest person in the known universe so inevitably he destroys every monster and villain he comes across with one enormously powerful punch. The show is hilariously ridiculous but I like the way Saitama handles himself and is always one the lookout to find harder villains to f
  3. So this 4WC I am coming over from the Rangers to become a Warrior. I feel that I need to focus on just simply lifting and chilling out more. I am going to use the strict determination and self control that a samurai displays for motivation this time. The samurai were strong, intelligent and precise in their movements as well as grounded through Zen to make a well rounded warrior. Anyway here are my goals for this 4WC: Lifting 3X a week: I only have access to a rack of DBs still so my routines will revolve around this fact. Day 1: Squat 5
  4. I actually have a techie question; as part of my 'reward' for reaching a couple of my fitness goals I purchased (via eBay auction) a new-to-me Acer laptop. She isn't the newest, but she isn't the oldest either. Nice machine, some decent upgrades and 4GB memory with room to expand. I'm thinking of loading up Linux on her. Any of you have experience with it? Thoughts? Impressions? Which Linux should I try working with first?
  5. Do we have any Linux wizards among us? I've been handed a work project and I really need someone to talk to about this, who could answer a few basic questions and provide me with a "go that way" nudge. Help a dragon out?
  6. besides me, of course. i have been using it avidly at home since 2008, but i know very few other people who do the same. i figured that, since this is a forum for nerds, there must be at least a Linux user or two lurking here somewhere. that said, if you use Linux, reply to this post with your distro of choice and why you like it.
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