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Found 6 results

  1. 2018 marks the year that I came back. I came back to the NerdFitness challenges, and I came back to be a much healthier version of myself. My biggest failure, was to gain all my weight back so fast. October 7th, 2014 I was 257.3 lbs (my lightest). September 21st, 2015 I was 385.2 lbs. 127.9 lbs gained in less then a year's time. I floundered over the next 2 1/2 years or so, only getting to 367.6 lbs at the beginning of 2018. My Day 1 back at it. I wanted this to me my defining year. The year to help erase that horrible failure of a year. So far, I am doing it. I haven't dropped as much as I wanted so far this year, but I am almost to that 100 lbs barrier. I am damn proud of that. It hasn't been easy, and I have struggled with keeping up with my challenge goals. I've let things slip for one reason or another. I looked back at this last year of challenges. Most are very similar. I have tried building some up from a slow start. This challenge, I am going all out. I am bringing my mega challenge in with a bit of everything I have done this year. Only my to do list isn't making a spot on the list. Time management will be key for me here. I've already been mentally planning out the days/hours that I will need to accomplish everything. I really want this challenge to end up being my best of the year. With a little luck, maybe I can get to that lowest weight ever mark. At least by the end of year anyway. I plan on continuing this challenge the rest of the year. Goal #1 - Keto eating, with a deficit Yes, I am once again having a Keto goal. I will be doing IF as well. 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM is my eating window. Last challenge, I played around with hitting deficits. The goal was to hit >500 calories each day. Most days I did this, and a few I did get >1000. So this challenge, I am stepping up to >1000 Calorie deficit. My other goals will work into this. The more work I do, the more I can eat Keto + IF + 1000 calorie deficit = 5 points per day. 35 points per week Goal #2 - Read, and Sleep Yeah, this has been a constant in my threads all year as well. I have struggled, and still struggle to maintain a good balance here still. So this must remain in to help get me going. Computer off at 10:30-45 PM. Then I read. Reading done and off to bed by 11:30-45 PM. I give myself a few minutes for the transitions. Reading by 10:45 PM = 5 points In Bed by 11:45 PM = 5 points. 70 points per week. Goal #3 - Walking with a chance of running Last challenge I really was upping my step goals. The last week I was getting in 10k most days. So this last challenge, the goal is for me to hit 10,000 steps each day. Part two of the challenge is to start my C25k app again. The plan currently is to do runs on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. 10,000 steps each day (Sunday rest day) = 5 points per day. Running done Tue, Thur, Sat = 5 points per day. 45 points per week Goal #4 - Workout! This right here, has been a problem goal all year. Each time I have tried it, I have failed it. I need to try again though. I am going to keep it simple. Squats, Barbell Rows, incline push ups, and door jam negative pull ups. Workout days on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I might throw in some alternate workout at a park. Same basic exercises, just no dumbbell rows there. Next year, I want to be able to do a pull up. So working this in will help me move that direction. Workouts done Mon, Wed, Fri = 20 points per workout. (I really want this done) 60 points per week Goal #5 - Posting to Nerdfitness, and Blogging I have majorly slacked in this department, and I want to get doing it every day. My other times I had this in the life goals and didn't grade it. This time, it gets points. I plan on having some time each day, just so I can post here, and make a blog post each day. NF posts made = 5 points per day Blog posts made = 5 points per day 70 points per week Goal #6 - Take the Linux course Awhile back, I did a partial Linux course. It really sucked, and I didn't finish it. This time, I am doing the free course from edx.org. https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-linux It says 8 weeks to finish. So I don't expect to finish by the end of the challenge. I do however expect that I will work on it some each day. 1 hour per day at least = 5 points 35 points per week. This challenge is kinda nuts. It's against the rules, but I kinda like it. I feel like I really want to try to push this one. To add another wrinkle into this all, I started to apply for some work. Money is tight, so we could use extra income. One place is a 12 hour shift 3 days one week, 4 the next. Not sure what hours, but it will wreak it all haha. If I get a job, and it interferes, I will just have to rework the problem. Must continue forward! Measurements Start/Finish: Weight: 265.1 lbs / Points: Week 1 - (11/26 - 12/02) - 310/315 - 98% Week 2 - (12/03 - 12/09) - 250/315 - 79% Week 3 - (12/10 - 12/16) - 0/315 Week 4 - (12/17 - 12/23) - 0/315 Bonus round! Final week of the year - (12/24 - 12/31) - 0/355
  2. Volki

    Volki One Punch

    Hey everyone I am back for round 2 of Juggernaut. Last challenge went really well and I hope to keep that momentum going (lol Juggernaut pun). This time I am going to use the anime One Punch Man as my inspiration. For those who haven't seen it, it is about an average guy who just happens to be the strongest person in the known universe so inevitably he destroys every monster and villain he comes across with one enormously powerful punch. The show is hilariously ridiculous but I like the way Saitama handles himself and is always one the lookout to find harder villains to fight. Goals: Strength - Juggernaut Saitama is the world's strongest man, in the show he states that he got that way from regular strength training that he stuck to for years without quitting. I am going to go into the next phase (phase 5) of the Juggernaut PL program. I have been following a 4 times a week routine with 2 major lifts for each day. Training - Linux + Saitama was so busy fighting only the toughest monsters that he never learned the basics of what it means to be a real hero. I have been so focused on just getting through the workday that I have neglected training my mind and skills to move up. I am studying for my Linux + certification. I am currently reading the Linux + study guide (1K pages). I am going to make it a goal of finishing at least 1 chapter a week of reading. Distance - Hiking Not only is Saitama incredibly strong but he can cover vast distances with ease. Last challenge I found myself wanted to hike more so I am going to stick with what I like. the goal is hiking at least 2 times a week. Funds - Budget Heroes receive funding from the hero's association for the deeds they do. My goal is to put a little aside each week to start saving. The goal is $200 by the end of the challenge unless there is an emergency. I am going to try and stow away 50 a week but I might just pull 100 from each larger check. So that's it!
  3. So this 4WC I am coming over from the Rangers to become a Warrior. I feel that I need to focus on just simply lifting and chilling out more. I am going to use the strict determination and self control that a samurai displays for motivation this time. The samurai were strong, intelligent and precise in their movements as well as grounded through Zen to make a well rounded warrior. Anyway here are my goals for this 4WC: Lifting 3X a week: I only have access to a rack of DBs still so my routines will revolve around this fact. Day 1: Squat 5X5 110# Decline situp 5X5 Deadlift 5X5 150# Good mornings 5X5 40# Decline situp 5X5 Day 2: Bench 5x5 OHP 5x5 250#Weighted Pullups(50# backpack) 5x5 Bent over Rows 5x5 250#Weighted Chinups(50# backpack) 5x5 DB Flys 5x5 Day 3 (BW day): 50 Prisoner Squats 50 Pushups 25 Jumps 25 Stability Ball Leg Curls 50 Stability Ball Jackknifes 50 Step-ups 25 Pull-ups 50 Forward Lunges 50 Close-grip Pushups 50 Inverted Rows 50 Squats 25 Chin-ups Swimming 2X a week: I am going to be following these swimming routines here: http://100swimmingworkouts.com/#beginner I would like to finish all 10 by the end but I am shooting for 8 by the end. Zazen Meditation 5X a week at least 10 mins I recently started this meditation and it seems to help with relaxing me and getting me ready for the day. 5am Wake up 5X a week I recently read The Miracle Morning and I really need to work on waking up early enough during the week. If I wake up early then the rest of my day usually falls in line nicely. Linux 3X a week I am working towards getting into Linux and I just started the Linux academy. I need to work on the training videos so that way i can work my way up to getting my Linux + certification. Journaling 5X a week I started using Penzu.com for an online journal. I believe that writing in a journal will help me organize my thoughts alot better and stay focused.
  4. I actually have a techie question; as part of my 'reward' for reaching a couple of my fitness goals I purchased (via eBay auction) a new-to-me Acer laptop. She isn't the newest, but she isn't the oldest either. Nice machine, some decent upgrades and 4GB memory with room to expand. I'm thinking of loading up Linux on her. Any of you have experience with it? Thoughts? Impressions? Which Linux should I try working with first?
  5. Do we have any Linux wizards among us? I've been handed a work project and I really need someone to talk to about this, who could answer a few basic questions and provide me with a "go that way" nudge. Help a dragon out?
  6. besides me, of course. i have been using it avidly at home since 2008, but i know very few other people who do the same. i figured that, since this is a forum for nerds, there must be at least a Linux user or two lurking here somewhere. that said, if you use Linux, reply to this post with your distro of choice and why you like it.
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