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Found 8 results

  1. Well another challenge (awesome!). My third challenge in a row! (out of 4), since I discovered NF back in July. Well after watching many people having themes, and me wishing for a better way at seeing my own progress and finding fun it it. This challenge I'm giving a trial to see my goal be found within the world of MINECRAFT! (yeah probably figured that already). I personally found in games that are 'sandbox' like, I find challenges for the game to give it "more of a meaning". Well that's kind of how my real life is! (However, my rules are at least a little less restrictive then how I get in games). So yeah tons of interesting rules to share but totally understandable! Main goal: Achieve my goals one block at a time! Kind of main idea from Steve's blog post from last year. Thought I would mix my real life goals (as they are clearer and more straight forward and very possible to get done) with my MC goals (take over a world with my awesomeness). In MC I'm a single player, but many pics will be on here (will try to spoiler them to slow down loading time). So rules: First challenge, have to start building at the place I spawned. Goals are all in "streak" mode. Meaning I should be doing them daily. Sadly goal stories are not in "game mode", but their progress does control my game play in game. Goals: (South) - Bat Cave: Finish 6 chores daily in my apartment I'm still unemployed but also need to figure things out in my apartment... Varies by day, but each day I will post what my goal tasks are or what I had done for tasks (anything outside of 6 is seen as good bonus days). A - 100%, on chart I have every day from 2/26 - 3/25 stickered or say *free pass* (+2 STA, +1 WIS, +1 CON ) B - 85 - 99.99% (+1 STA, +1 WIS, +1 CON) C - 61% - 84% (+1 WIS, +1 CON) D - 40 - 60% (+1 WIS) (East) - Pedometer (walk to Mordor) I have the hang of wearing a pedometer, and averaged last month to 4,000 steps a day. So my hope is to be able to hit that daily A - Hit 4,000 every single day (+2 DEX, +2 STA) B - Don't hit 4,000 up to 7 days, but still average the month (+1 WIS, +1 DEX, +2 STA) C- Average every week at 4,000, but don't reach it 8-10 days (+1 STR, +1 WIS) D - More then 10 days don't reach, still average 4,000 (+1 WIS) F - Not able to reach any goals (+0 Stats ) (West) - Physical Therapy Exercises: Strength & Stretch Upper body exercise plan Jan. started therapy, ended therapy this week on strengthening my upper body. Need to really work on it this month, because I see my specialist on April 8th and want to be able to tell her 100% true fully how I'm doing. While personally want to see if I can add in planks for the next challenge (goal is to get to push ups) A - 100%, on chart I have every day from 2/26 - 3/25 stickered or say *free pass* (+2 STR, +2 CON) B - 85 - 99.99% (+2 STR, +1 CON) C - 61% - 84% (+2 STR) D - 40 - 60% (+1 STR) (North) - Steps Toward Career: Do 1 "task" daily toward my Career (school/work) Compared to how I was a month ago, I'm more then ready to take job searching and getting my plans for fall figured out. Need to work on them daily, especially since last week I figured out my "dream'' job right now is to be part of the Minnesota Historical Society. Which requires research. While also I need to figure out my plan to get my four year degree one way or another by this fall, working on this month mainly because I don't have a job in the way and perfect time to tour campuses. A - 100%, on chart I have every day from 2/26 - 3/25 stickered or say *free pass* (+2 STA, +1 CHA, +1 WIS ) B - 85 - 99.99% (+1 STA, +1 CHA, +1 WIS ) C - 61% - 84% ( +1 CHA, +1 WIS ) D - 40 - 60% ( +1 WIS ) Minecraft Gaming Rules: Beginning of this challenge, my starting point will be the spot where I "spawn". (Where I arrive, see next post for those coordinates) In each direction I designated a goal, the goal will have its own road made out in that direction (3 across, with wooden blanks at this time). Each road's length is the "max streak count" of each goal. The road lengths of the road show how far I can mine/build from spawn point (doesn't matter how deep or high I go though). This will hopefully not drive me crazy, hopefully will just help me push on forward with my goals. Each "daily streak" will also equal to 10 blocks out for each day (gives me a bit of breathing room). Road I will build will follow the topography as best as I can make (no going through mountains... or under oceans). I can play as many in game days, per every 1,000 steps I walked (starting 2/26). (Trying to get me to"live the adventure" a bit more). I can also only place as many blocks of how many "tasks" I get done (broke down pieces of daily chores and goals). I've been already able to track these to help me get moving since high school, or get homework done. Now its going to represent all the "blocks or items I place". (Does not count items that stay in inventories: like food or tools. Will not count how much I mine, can estimate how much I place (reasonable of course)). However, if I save up to 1,000 tasks (unused). I can turn those in for a real life 24 hours not having to worry how much I build. Can not go over days that I walked, but can play less stressful. (Kind of to help if I have quite a few busy days, but save up what I need to do for a game day). Spawn point 20 blocks above, during 2nd day (a creeper welcomed me to the lands) (Also sorry Debug pic on all just for my sanity...)
  2. Jothra opened his eyes, immediately regretted it, and closed them again. His head felt a pain unlike any known form of pain. He decided to just lie here and hope he didn't get eaten while he waited for the thudding headache to subside. He heard a weird snorting noise nearby. It didn't sound like any of the slurpasaurs or dromeosaurs he had been getting used to. Despite his aching everything, he took a look. He blinked once or twice to make sure he wasn't seeing things. "Oh, great," he moaned. "Just great." Was it some kind of zombie? It was green and disgusting, wearing tattered clothing, and grunting angrily. It walked towards Jothra with a surprisingly smooth gait, it's arms outstretched for either a hug or a face-rending. "Quick question!" Jothra asked groggily. "Hug or face-rending?" "Grunt!" "Friend or foe?" "Grunt!" "Fair enough. That's a false dichotomy. Can I count on your utter ambivalence?" "Grunt!" "Alright. I'll just run then," said Jothra, staggering to his feet. He wasn't very fast, but he managed to drop the zombie thing soon enough. "Great, then," he gasped for breath. "Hungry now." * * * * A short time later, Jothra found what he had been looking for: food. There was only one problem: zombies. Jothra could plainly see a pile of bread sitting on the ground, but it was, just as clearly, surrounded by zombies. What was an aspiring world-saving hero to do? Just then, a large hand clamped down on his shoulder. Jothra was roughly turned around to stare into an ugly, ogre-like face. It's owner had clearly never brushed its teeth, or its hair, or any of the weird bristles growing out of its nose, ears, and other nose. "You bin sent to work the mines," the creature growled. "Stay still while I tag ye 'nd scan ye." The creature took a small sevice from its belt, and scanned Jothra from top to bottom. From this it built a profile, and saved the information to the central Mine Escapee database, just in case Jothra was crazy enough to try to escape. "Now, ye belongs tuh me, Ye et when I say you et. Ye rest when I say ye rest. Ye..." He didn't finish the thought. It had taken the creature some time to realize that something was amiss, and some more time to realize that the amiss thing was that it no longer had a hold of Jothra. It took even longer to realize that Jothra had stolen its sword, taken care of the knot of zombies, taken the bread, made a torch from a handy branch and some charcoal, and taken off into the darkening night. "Aw well. The naight will finish 'im off," shrugged the creature, shuffling back to the safety of its evil mines. How will Jothra survive in the Far Lands? Well, by livin' the Minecraft life, of course! 1.) Main Fitness Quest My three goal-achieving-type-little-goals-that-add-up-to-a-bigger-goal-goals: i.) Mine, shovel, chop, and hoe except on S Days (Saturdays, Sundays, and Special Days). Shovelglove! I'll be mimicking most every Minecraft action at some point in the 14 minute daily Shovelglove routine. To keep myself from overdoing, I will also get a point for each S Day I rest, and lose one for each S Day I Shovelglove. Easy scoring: __/42. [+3 STR | +2 STA] ii.) Run everywhere because that's what I do in Minecraft. It means going through more food in-game, but it sure makes survival easier. Follow the Three Weeks to 30 Minutes running program. If I feel like I need to repeat some days, I will. When through the program, I will do a check-in to see how I'm faring, and decide how to continue the running part of the challenge from there. Again, points for taking my rest days, Easy scoring: __/42. [+2 STA | +2 DEX | +1 CHA] iii.) Don't just stand and get et, and don't starve to death, moron. No Adjective Dieting for me. I'll meet a Fitbit Charge HR-recorded 10,000 steps a day and maintain a calorie deficit. __/42. [+2 CON | +1 WIS] 2) LIFE SIDE QUEST Read every day. Internet doesn't count. [Reading at school still doesn't count.] __/42. [+1 WIS | +1 CHA] I'm going to determine scores based on percentage ranges, more or less like on my childhood report cards: A = 86-100% | B = 73-85% | C = 66-72% | D = 51-65% | F = 0-50% 3) MOTIVATION I know it isn't as Minecrafty as the rest of the challenge, but... Run. ...I do own a shocking number of Flash logo technical shirts. Good luck, everyone!
  3. Hi, I'm Laurie. I'm 32 and I want to start getting into shape. 'Cuz round really isn't the shape I want to be. My Hubby & I did Paleo for a while a couple years ago, but fell off that wagon when finances changed. I've gained a lot sitting at home since I graduated from college last spring, kinda doing the stay-at-home mom thing & wondering how to make use of my shiny new Illustration degree. I've been on the Nerd Fitness mailing list since I found Paleo, but haven't done much with the info. I guess my current "clue" I need to get in shape was I had to go buy new Jeans because I outgrew my old pairs and was tired of wearing yoga pants every day. Nerdy interests: I play WoW. My Hubby plays too, in fact he's played longer than I have, but I'm an alt-aholic so I have LOTS more characters started than he does. I also play Minecraft, mostly solo on my laptop. I was playing on a server, but they changed hosting (again) so I need to ask where they went or find a new server. I was into Gambit and Wolverine in high school, now not really into comics much but I'm enjoying the Avengers movies and Thor. I also enjoy watching anime. Seems to be a lot of the weird psycho-computer ones like DRAMAtical Murder, Chobits, Serial Experiments Lain, and the one where the guy could manifest delusions or something. For the Forum Character Sheet, I picked Orc (with maybe a bit of Ogre belly ;_; ). The character maker quiz gave me troll, but I don't wanna be a troll! :-( And honestly, whith how chunky my calves are (muscle, one of the few not-fat bits of me) I will probably look a lot like a Warcraft Orc Lady once I'm in shape. My Avatar pic is a new Orc character I started recently in WoW. Her name is Risk and she is on Silvermoon. (No lie, her name came up in the randomly generated names. I was surprised it was available!) I named her Worg Pup companion pet Danger. Punny names are great! So, I see I'm arriving in the middle of the current 6-week challenges, but that just gives me 3 weeks to practice- right? I want to start off trying to do the Beginner's Bodyweight (ummm....) thingy, going for 3 times a week, Taking my vitamins every day, and eating less sweets and carby things. I know I'm bad at sticking to things, so I might need help. I even have a tough time staying on forums, I tend to wander off after a while. Thanks for reading!
  4. Hello! This is my first post here on Nerd Fitness, and I wanted to start with a blast, here's my fictional backstory: "Fidel Sebastián is pretty much what you would call a shy guy who doesn't like to talk a lot. He's always reading a book, or playing videogames, Minecraft is his newest videogame addiction. He has a solid group of friends, but overall, he's your typical shy guy. But not all the time! He recently discovered that he can come with an answer to almost anything people ask him. He has a special power to think to a solution to anything possible. Heck, he already tasted the power of justice one time or two! He started discovering a lot of new abilities, and decided to create an alter ego to protect the world: His name is "The Crafter"! But who is exactly The Crafter? Unlike lots of superheroes, or anti-heroes out there, The Crafter doesn't have a dark past. Ok, he has a not-so-dark past, but he has learned from it. His alter-ego (Fidel) is really into computers, though. The Crafter has begun to gain notoriety on his hometown of Tijuana because he will (or as he says, "craft") the perfect solution to many problems in matter of seconds. Strength is not his kind of tea; The Crafter is lighting-bolt fast! His body is adapted to last several hours in long journeys, and because his normal alter-ego is a bookworm, he has a vast knowledge of a lot of things. He has one drawback -he really has troubles controlling his mind (a.k.a his "bad side" (Evil Crafter) gets out of control and The Crafter loses it, delivering justice in a really brutal way. If you meet The Crafter at 3 A.M, he completely loses it, his powers get really out of control, he transforms in "Corrupted Crafter" and he only can think of one thing: destroy.) Recently, evil forces around all Tijuana have emerged. Creepers, skeletons, giant spiders, giant slimes, dragons, Ghasts, even zombies are roaming ALL OVER the place. The Government can't keep up with the pace, Tijuana is crumbling in fear and screams... But who has created this? The Evil Block Leader Herobrine. He wants to take control of Tijuana and use the airplanes this city has to conquer the world. Tijuana is the perfect place to build an evil base of evil blockiness. The weather is out of control. Trees are appearing in unnatural places, caves are being generated out of nowhere, and hills are being populated by bad guys. Structures are appearing out of nowhere, and lots of portals are out there, unleashing lots of hordes of enemies. Can you help The Crafter on his adventure to defeat Herobrine? Two dimensions are in big danger: The Minecraft dimension and our dimension cannot co-exist. Reality is being distorsionated, and both dimensions are in danger of being destroyed! The Crafter has never seen anything like this before (and he's still a newb in this whole superhero thing, he only has defeated two zombies and one Creeper!). Although he can craft a plan to defeat Herobrine, he recognizes he can't do it alone. He needs help. YOUR help! He isn't on the proper shape to tackle the Evil Empire Of Blockiness Herobrine is creating. He needs the help of the Rebellion!" So? Will you help me? I really want to be lighting fast, and parkour is my dream. I'm starting my new lifestyle tomorrow, because I can't exercise in midnight or I will wake up all my family! The really cheesy story I just wrote really pumps me up to get fit. I just wanted to tell you guys that The Crafter has entered the fray, and he won't leave! The Crafter's theme song is "Alpha" by C418. Evil Crafter's theme song is "Twisted Metal Main Theme", the main theme for my favorite PS3 game: Twisted Metal! And Corrupted Crafter's song is "3 A.M" by Eminem. I really hope you guys help me to reach my goals! The Crafter will also gladly assist you in anything he can do, fellow super partner!
  5. Hi nerd fitness buddies! I am not fever, not flyer, but I an Steve, the creeper-killing cuboid! I will fight alongside the iron, lapis, glass, gold,iron, snow, and ice golems of minecraft against Herobrine and the monsters including wither boss and the enderdragon! I will include running, circuits, pull ups, yoga, and Pilates that I do for fun. Points: Running (every week) 4 Stamina Circuits (every week) 3 Dexterity, 1 constitution Pullups (every week) 3 Strength Yoga and Pilates (every 2 weeks) 1 Strength Assassin mini games (every mini game) 3 charisma
  6. Yay, new DBL for Evicious! So the Army is now sending me back to Korea for a year. I had been notified that I would be deploying to AFG to take the place of a piece of shit warrant officer who should never have deployed in the first place another member of my unit who was returned for no fucking reason other than the fact that he's a piece of shit minor medical reasons. I was all spun up, packed up, and ready to go, only to end up waiting on orders for the next few weeks that never came. I learned later that was because orders had already been cut to send me back to Korea before the unit tried pulling me to AFG. I'd honestly rather have gone to AFG, too. My first duty station was in Korea, and while I adored the food (KIMCHI!!!!!!!!) and my unit there was... alright... I was really hoping to spend any other time overseas in different locations, rather than revisiting places I'd already been. Also, I can't take my fiance' with me and the timing is seriously screwing up my wedding plans. Obviously I'll make the most of it though. I'm definitely looking forward to the food (KIMCHI!!!!!!!) and I'm making it a goal to spend at least one day every weekend hiking one (of Korea's numerous) mountain trails that will be available to me. Depending on what position I end up filling in the unit, I may also attempt to complete some basic college courses while I'm there (much like I had anticipated doing when I found out I wasn't on the initial deployment roster here in LA). Who knows? I anticipate many open evenings and weekends, since I won't have my man there to keep me busy, and I want/need to stay busy and productive. A lot of what I am and am not able to do will depend on where on the peninsula I end up being stationed. Hopefully, I won't have to fight for every little thing and I can just roll through the year until it's time for me to come home. So that being said, here is what I will be using this DBL for: Tracking my weight Tracking my workouts Tracking my progress in other goals Random babblings
  7. that used to be the name for my autobiography. no, i didn't write it yet. hi. i've always been bookish, unathletic, and not very interested in improving my body, entertaining the foolish notion that i had an excellent mind, and the meat jar in which it was contained didn't matter much. yeah, i know -- not that excellent a mind after all, *snicker*. but now i am just tired of being weak, slow, inflexible, and i want to build a better relationship with my body, get stronger, enjoy physical activities more. 2 years ago i got a wake-up call in the form of a tachycardia attack and was diagnosed as having dangerously high blood pressure and near-diabetic blood glucose levels. i've made a lot of changes since, have drastically modified my way of eating from SAD (standard american diet, and best acronym ever) to mostly vegetarian (sorry, paleo guys), and started walking a lot. brought my blood pressure down from the 200s to the 130s, my blood glucose into the normal range, dropped all meds along the way, and some poundage. and i am feeling much better. but it wasn't enough. i am still weak. i still have to deal with chronic depression (which is also resistant to anti-depressants). i hate exercise. i tried it (cardio) several times before and i never ever got a runner's high, or any sort of good feeling from it. it exhausted me, and left me feeling weaker than before. and it's always, always, been about weight loss, falsely conflating health and fitness. by this time in my life i couldn't care less about weight loss. the constant yammering about dieting is what caused me to end up at nearly 300 lb, yoyoing all the way. low fat, low carb, all meat, raw veg, a new fad every year; grocery store aisles crammed with highly refined, over-processed junk -- i've concluded that the food, diet, and fitness industries are not actually interested in my well-being, but only in my wallet. no more. i not going on another diet, ever. i am not going to run on an elliptical again either. i'm not gonna balance on a bozo ball with barbie weights, being told by a PT with all the authority of a weekend certificate that my muscles need to be "confused". in mid november i started to lift weights. i picked a 5x5 program and modified it to account for my challenges (impaired mobility and greater than average weakness). i am enjoying myself. i can clearly measure my progress by the plates i put on the bar, and i see it in how my strength for everyday tasks has increased. i'm working on mobility specific to lifting, every day. i'm starting yoga on monday. i'm doing interval walking so i can walk a 5k. one day i'd love to do calisthenics and run parkour. i want to be all-around capable, if not exactly badass -- i just don't have badass in my genes, i think. and i need help. i need to be held accountable, and i need to be cheered on. in my circle of friends this new obsession i have with training my body is a little weird. they're much like i used to be, and while we can still play minecraft together, i'm not getting a whole lot of knowledgeable support. i signed up for the stronglifts forums in the hope for that, but they're totally not my kind of people, if you know what i mean. so, i'm here. the heavy emphasis on paleo and weight loss in the intro pages scared me off the first time i visited. this time i looked inside the forums, and it seems like it could be a good match after all. i have stuff to offer too, because for the most part i do have a good mind, and i love open source in all aspects of life. sharing is caring. my new power rack; i am so proud:
  8. Yes, that crappy blocky pixelated game that'd I'm hopelessly addicted to. Would anyone (North American preferably, for a better connection, because there's more people from NA) host a MC server? Just a vanilla server. I'd be willing to be admin and make sure everything goes by fine
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