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  1. Hi, I am new to this group and had few questions that I wanted to ask. I am someone who used to be overweight and have lost considerable amount of weight recently (34kgs to be exact). I am 6ft tall and weigh about 72kgs now. However, my body is still out of shape and hence why I have decided to follow a work out plan that will help me gain strength, bring my body back in shape and build muscles. However, I cannot go to gym. It's too far way from my home and I have no time to travel that far right now. Does anyone have a specific work out plan that I can follow at home? I do have couple o
  2. 6' 210lbs 25yrs male. Guys/Gals I need help. I'm very interested in getting into the best shape of my life but have what I would call more than average obstacles. I climb cell phone towers for a living which means I travel to a new hotel on a daily basis. In my travels I've learned I can barely count on a treadmill at the hotel. Diet is a struggle due to availability and also needing to store food for up to 12 - 18 hours without spoiling in a cooler. On top of that I'm in college as well. I would like to get the "alright alright alright" phsyique on a koolaid bud
  3. "It is time to stop lurking" - Tippeh, 6/9/16 at 9:53pm Well okay I said that a few times before but this time, I mean it I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of recording my "progress" on scraps of paper I end up losing anyways. I'm tired of starting over multiple times and being just as confused as before. I used to do full body HIIT workouts mainly doing calisthenics 2-3 times a week during the start of my college years and I remember just how AMAZING I felt and looked everyday. Then family issues, changing majors, not eating enough, and life happened. Therefore I fell
  4. Over the last two weeks I've been planning and charting my exercise and diet, and I would really appreciate any advice or comments at all about what I could do to improve how I'm exercising or what I'm eating, or any comments or suggestions of any kind! Thank you!
  5. Hello, everyone! Wow, what an usual post for this part of the forum, no? I thought I'd do so here, though, not as a means of picking myself back up after failure, per se, but to really become reacquainted with the forums, and to state where I'm at personally. When I first signed up several months ago, I was not in good shape. Digestion was a wreck; turns out I had a case of S.mall I.ntestinal.B.acterial.O.vergrowth. I was still fighting my past as a former vegan, trying to push away ANY opportunity to eat animal foods, and eating soy from tempeh and tofu, which it turns out my body absolutel
  6. Hi! I was wondering if it was better to exercise every other day, or to exercise everyday. Also, if one exercises every other day, would it be better to stick to the schedule or workout on off days if one feels like it. Thanks for reading!
  7. 6 week Challenge · Try something new – pole dancing, silks [depending on budget] o Use up existing Groupons, Living Social Coupons I already have · Take a new group fitness class offered at gym. o Go to the gym o Make a fitness plan [incorporate more strength, body weight exercises] § At least 2x/week · Make frugal weekly date nights o Find, fun ways to connect – leave phones at home · Meal plan – Paleo centered meals o Create a shopping list and stick to it o Keep track of food expenses and then create a realistic budget · Family hikes â
  8. Hey everyone, My first post here after I stumbled on this website while looking for advice on a few things. I'm recently getting into lifting more weights, I've never massively been into weighs but I am OK cardio-wise. Playing football (soccer) regularly for years kept me in shape, but since I gave it up 6 years ago (due to my job and shift patterns) my shape has become a little more like a pear shape. I'm 30 in a few weeks or so, I'm 5'11 - 6'0" and I probably weigh anything between 80kg - 90kg (don't have scales at home). I devised a workout plan based on a few exercises I like, and a few I
  9. Mon, Wed and Fri: Lifting, yoga and martial art drills. Tues and Thurs: Martial arts class and long distance running. Sat and Sun: Rest I've been doing this for a while and notice I get quite tired after lifting. But I can't find anywhere else to fit in drills. I want to keep the weekend as fully rest days. So unless you people have any idea on where I could fit in drills instead? And is my exercise workout OK? Thanks.
  10. Hi everyone! I've recently decided to take a brave step to the weights room at the gym and my only regret is that I didn't do this sooner. I've absolutely fallen in love with free weights However, I'm not sure if I'm overdoing it. I initially started on the road to fitness by doing lots of cardio and using MFP for logging macros. This was a fantastic start to my journey as I was continually encouraged to keep at it when I could see a steep progression to how long or how fast I could run for. In addition to the progress in terms of fitness, this method also instilled a sense of discipl
  11. Okay so, I've been struggling so hard with losing weight like, ever since I was 10 years old (and my mum kept on saying that i was too fat and i had to lose weight even though i was only 2 or 3 kg above average)? Now, 8 years, 2 eating disorders, loads of therapy and a few food intolerances later, I feel determined (actually more like desperate) to lose 7 kg. I am still incredibly struggling with the way I see myself and find it hard to respect my own body. I still have bruises on my legs, arms, hips, etc from times I just couldn't bear feeling my body move and when I see myself in the mirror
  12. The entire month of January is going to suck harder than usual. February is going to be interesting because hopefully there will finally be a steady pattern. I think that I'm mostly going to plan and do some preliminary work, hopefully be ready to start developing habits I can live with during the challenge after this one. For this challenge, I'm going to try different things at-whim. Basically here I'm going to take a quick note of what I did during the day or any troubles I had. This is the area of the house I need to attack. The attic storage and hubby's office aren't going to be
  13. Hi am 25 years old.............My weight is 60 and height is 154....... Can anyone say my bmi........and i am under which category????? underweight, normal or overweight................????????
  14. I only have a single 20lb dumbbell and a single 15lb dumbbell. I also only have about 5ft by 10ft of floor space due to the fact I live in student accommodation. I can nowhere near afford a gym membership nor have the time in the day, so I workout at home. There are plenty of workout routines online, however none I have found which can be done with my limited resources. Here is my current workout. I've been doing this or slight variations of this for about 2 months, and I am starting to see my beginner gains. day 1 - biceps, triceps, chest 3 sets, 12 reps, dumbbell curls 3 sets, 12 reps, t
  15. Hey everyone, my name is Ryan and I´m new here and to fitness in general. I´m 22, have always been fairly active (I ride my bicycle often and walk a lot) but didn´t take too much thought into what I was putting in my body...until now. I´ve wound up living on an organic tea garden on a volcano in Ecuador. (The volcano part isn´t really relevant, just think it´s kinda cool). With how cheap produce is ($1 for 40 tomatoes), the plethora of mountains, and amount of sunny days, I figured there´s no reason to not spend these four weeks getting in shape. It will take longer, for sure, but I
  16. I am pretty good at getting a 20 min weight work out in a week but I am just kind of doing variations of the same thing everyday and feel like I should have a more structured plan in order to get results efficiently. I am 5'5", 115-120 lb, 23 year old female. I want to work on gaining muscle and strength in my arms, abs and legs. (shoulders, back and butt would be good too). I am trying to eat 2500 calories a day, mostly clean (1 sugary or fat or processed treat a day). I am trying to get a lot of protein so I can build muscle and have been getting around 130g. So what should my workout
  17. Hi all, I'm a pretty scrawny guy at 5'7 and 148 pounds. I'd like to bulk up a bit as I hear a good weight for my height is at least 155 pounds. Trying to get on a good meal/workout plan and looking for good suggestions/resources. I'm looking for a healthy (possibly Paleo) bulk up meal plan. I thought the NF Academy had a bulk up meal plan, but I can only find their slim down plan. Does anyone have a good resource for this type of meal plan? And how long should I be on a eating plan like this? I'm thinking of doing the bodyweight brigade as a work out plan while eating more than I burn off. Wou
  18. Hello, I recently resumed going to the gym. I am struggling in building a workout plan presently. While I got my cardio settled, I really don't know what to do with the weight training aspect. My stats: Weight 123 kgs or 271 pounds Height 5 ft 5 inch Workout Time 1 hour Days Monday. Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Here's the workout I presently follow : Day 2 & 4: Cardio 1.Elliptical 5 mins 2.Treadmill 15 mins 3.Recumbent Cycle 5 mins 4.Spinning 10 mins 5.Elliptical 15 mins Day 1: Shoulders, Chest, Triceps Warm Up 1.Elliptical 5 mins 2.Shoulder Press m
  19. Hello everybody, I'm preparing to rejoin gym and resume working out after a gap of almost 6-7 months. My main aim is to lose weight and build muscle. My weight currently is 136 kg's or 299 pounds. And my height is 5 ft. 5 inch. I've prepared a workout plan of my own after I felt the regime that my gym had made me follow was lacking variety and I couldn't stand to do the same exercises again and again. I hope this workout plan I created is enough to aide me in my quest to lose weight and build muscle. Here's the plan: http://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwtMh_crRmAuSU1m
  20. Hey all, Its been quite a while now since I quit gym ( temporarily) because of my studies and since my exams were nearing. Now as I've become free again, I can start concentrating on my health, as it is evident that I've been ignoring that all these years and I'm ashamed of it. But now I've designed for myself a workout plan which I hope is enough to make me reach my goals of losing 2-3 pounds per week. If not I would be happy with any suggestion or advise you guys give me. To speak a li'l bit more about myself I used to go to a gym in the past year but somehow the same set of exe
  21. If some superhero nerd out here has triathlon, half marathon, and strength training experience and could point me on a plan or lend suggestions, I'd be super grateful! Or even just pointing me toward resources that may be useful. My fitness goals, life details, and fitness preferences any plan would have to take into consideration: Fitness Goals: 1.) On Sunday, May 4, 2014 I am running a half marathon through a slightly hilly course. This is my first half marathon I need to build up to the 13.1 miles I am not looking to finish front or even middle of the pack, just finish and enjoy the
  22. To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of TDEE before this morning. After doing some research, I found out that it stands for "Total Daily Energy Expenditure", and is a gage of how many calories your body needs to function based on numerous factors (activity level, age, weight, etc). Subtracting a percentage of that (10-20%) will result in weight loss! Magic! Hooray! Ok, obviously it's not quite that simple, but it seemed like TDEE would be a good gauge for a target calorie consumption. So I ran my numbers and ended up with.... 2,610??? Through some trial and error, I've found that 1800-
  23. I'm so tired of making it a week or two into a new challenge or project or habit or whatever and something comes up and derails it. It might be a legitimate problem that I can't adapt my new routine to, but usually it's more of an incredibly tiny puncture in my puffed up sense of commitment and dedication that instead of easily patching I start playing with until it rips wide open and everything falls apart. (As I write I've been picturing a deflating bouncy castle for some reason). So here we go: for the thousandth time, I am setting goals and am full of motivation and passion to see them
  24. Hi All... Been lifting for a few years but very inconsistently and never got much out of it. I've always struggled with motivation... Anyways, recently I've taken to running and been very consistent and along with an improved diet I've lost around 4 kg and with visible results my motivation is on a high. I've found it hard to loose weight and gain muscle at the same time (Too much to think about) so now I'm doing one and then hopefully the other. Starting weight: 78.5 (now down to 74.5) Aim: 69-70kg Height: 172cm (to put my weight into context) Once I'm down to around 70 I'm planning to star
  25. HI I'm PK. It's a long story and I'm not going to tell it. Last time I weighed myself was 8 days ago and I came in at 90kg / 199 lbs. I'm not looking to lose weight, only lose fat and strengthen (not bodybuild or sculpt) muscles. I've never tried to do pull ups or chin ups, or even dared to bench press. I am young, 16, and therefore not looking to gain "sex appeal" although it would be nice to be noticed. I believe I have terrible form due to spine problems, and I need to start a program for training compound muscles and not relying on machines like tricep extentions and leg press. The
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