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Found 7 results

  1. So far this year, I have accomplished the following: Current KH's KH1- Exercise daily - Missed once twice since Dec 27, 2015 KH2 - Salad 6 days/wk - Missed three times since Dec 28, 2015 KH3 - Protein shake every morning - Never missed since Dec 28, 2015 KH4 - OE1 - Office efficiency 1 - Create daily to do list at work. Missed twice since Jan 22, 2016 KH5 - M-less - Never missed since Jan 31, 2016 KH6 - NOS - NO Smoking, Never missed since Mar 11, 2016 2016 achievements: 1) Counting the 3 KH's started
  2. Brutal Bears Needs Some Druid Healing Introduction Quest log: Feral Form -Average 20 miles walked a week-let's get one step closer to Mordor! Week 1: 32.2 miles Week 2: 41.3 miles Week 3: 28.9 miles Week 4: 21.9 miles Week 5: 24.2 miles Week 6: 25.5 miles Restoration -Do at least two 30 minute yoga sessions a week Total Done: 3 -Meditate at least 3 times a week Total done: 10 Moonkin -Get all my school work done each week Weeks Complete: 6 -Finish at least one book Breaking the Worgen Curse -It's time to quit smoking. I am using my e-cig to try an
  3. I am jazzed to be starting my 4th challenge. I love being here with all of the support I get. On this go around I will once again attempt to quit smoking. I made a pretty good go of it on my last challenge and plan to continue this endeavor until I am a non smoker I found in my last attempt that I did not want to leave my house. This led to a huge lack of exercise and a feeling of depression. I gained about 10 pounds and I find myself seeking out people who smoke so I can bum one from them. I have not relapsed into full on smoking again but I am really battling this. What a head game it has
  4. This is my first six week challenge. I am excited to get started! Level 0 · Main Quest (Six Week Challenge) o Lose a total of 20 LBS: CHA – 1 DEX – 1 § Eating fresh vegetables EVERY DAY § Drinking 64 ounces of water per day § NO fast food/junk food o Do 25 consecutive pushups: STR – 3 DEX – 2 § BBWW three times per week · Progressively increasing count o Run an 8 minute mile: STA – 2 § Run/Jog/Walk 3 days per week o 60 second (consecutive) front plank: STR – 3 § BBWW three times per week · Progressively increasing time o Qui
  5. Well, I've done it. I've spent two whole weeks without taking a single puff from a cigarette. Now to hold on for a month. After that I think I'll be weaned from them. Here's to never taking another puff!
  6. Main quest: Get healthy and lose ~30lbs 6 Week Challenges: 1. Quit smoking by the end of the 6 weeks Each week I will be allowed 1 less cigarette per day, with this week starting at 4 per day. If I stay under the limit every day I get an A, 1-2 days over is a B, 3 days over is a C, and 4 is a D. Going over on more than 4 days is an F for the week. I will average the weeks for my final grade at the end of the challenge. 2. Eat 100g or less of carbs from grains/sugars each day. Carbs from fruits/vegetables won't count for now as I want to concentrate on getting grains and sugar
  7. Hi All! I know I'm joining late so I'll really only be here to watch your challenge and then officially join in on the next 6 weeks. I have selected (if I can) both Druid and Scout classes because that is my focus for my 3 most prominent goals. So here's what my stats would be currently: Level 1 Druid/Scout Race: Half-Orc (Wants to look or feel like a Half-Elf at least) Strength: 1 Dexterity: 1 Stamina: 1 Constitution: 2 Wisdom: 5 Charisma: 5 I currently lead a very sedentary life and work in the marketing and development agency for a nonprofit organization focused on HIV/AIDS
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