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Found 7 results

  1. So far this year, I have accomplished the following: Current KH's KH1- Exercise daily - Missed once twice since Dec 27, 2015 KH2 - Salad 6 days/wk - Missed three times since Dec 28, 2015 KH3 - Protein shake every morning - Never missed since Dec 28, 2015 KH4 - OE1 - Office efficiency 1 - Create daily to do list at work. Missed twice since Jan 22, 2016 KH5 - M-less - Never missed since Jan 31, 2016 KH6 - NOS - NO Smoking, Never missed since Mar 11, 2016 2016 achievements: 1) Counting the 3 KH's started in the last 3 days of 2015, I created 6 new habits, including NOS, in the last 4 months. 2) Increased bench press strength from about 2-3 reps at 135lb to 10 reps at 135lb (although need improvement on form). Also 145lb was my 1rm at start of year and have increased that to 175lb. 3) Got started w/ Dynasty training 2016 disappointments: 1) Weight is too high. Started year at 176, dropped to around 166, now currently around 174. 2) Pullups are not where I'd hoped. I can do 3-4 if I don't go all the way down, and the 4th is pretty sloppy. 3) NOS has created some bad side effects. May - a complicated month May is going to be rather complicated challenge/schedule wise. There is a 5 day vacation with family, prepping for daughter to move out , prepping for son to start college away in the fall , and a host of son and daughters HS and college graduating functions. Also, although I'm getting close to 2 months of NOS, it's still a struggle at times. I don't want to get overwhelmed and create an environment of so much stress that I give in to smoking. Disturbances in the force: NOS has created some issues in my life which desperately need resolved. 1) Web surfing too much at work to distract myself from thoughts of smoking. 2) Wt has gone from 165 around the start of NOS (Mar 11) to 175lb today. I've been eating more crap food, with an especially large amount at night. Nicotene is an appetite suppressant and I can really tell the difference in my food cravings w/o it. 3) I'm not getting many projects done at home. This is partially due to NOS as I've been watching more TV than usual, especially right after I get home when I take a nap and watch some TV. My challenge is on the next post.
  2. Brutal Bears Needs Some Druid Healing Introduction Quest log: Feral Form -Average 20 miles walked a week-let's get one step closer to Mordor! Week 1: 32.2 miles Week 2: 41.3 miles Week 3: 28.9 miles Week 4: 21.9 miles Week 5: 24.2 miles Week 6: 25.5 miles Restoration -Do at least two 30 minute yoga sessions a week Total Done: 3 -Meditate at least 3 times a week Total done: 10 Moonkin -Get all my school work done each week Weeks Complete: 6 -Finish at least one book Breaking the Worgen Curse -It's time to quit smoking. I am using my e-cig to try and drop down systematically drop in nicotine (30/30 days) -Attend at least one AA meeting a week Meeting attended: 3 Tank Bear The Bear Returns! 4 Strength workouts a week. I had been struggling a lot with my schedule, and weeks being consistent with working out, so I'm going to try working out 4 days in a row-since they are the only 4 I can commit to, my plan will go as follows Upper Body Workouts done: 11 Lower Body Workouts done: 9 The Cenarion Circle Keep up with the NF community, and post to at least two other peoples challenges a day Druid Lore -I've always wanted to write a book, and I have started and failed several times. So, -Participate in NanoWrimo and let's write a book this MONTH! (50,000 words!) (23,503/50,000) 47%47%
  3. I am jazzed to be starting my 4th challenge. I love being here with all of the support I get. On this go around I will once again attempt to quit smoking. I made a pretty good go of it on my last challenge and plan to continue this endeavor until I am a non smoker I found in my last attempt that I did not want to leave my house. This led to a huge lack of exercise and a feeling of depression. I gained about 10 pounds and I find myself seeking out people who smoke so I can bum one from them. I have not relapsed into full on smoking again but I am really battling this. What a head game it has been but I have a plan, and it is as follows Main quest: Quit smoking Quest 1: Get out of the house to avoid depression and constant eating. A - I purchased a 1 month gym membership and I must go Monday-Saturday. This membership is almost like having a personal trainer. The 6 am session is just my best friend and I. B - I will ride my bike to the gym as often as is possible. It is only 4 miles round trip so when time allows I will go for a longer ride after my workout. C - I will volunteer at the food bank Tues. Wed. and Thurs. Quest 2: Not eat everything within reach. A - I will have things to do with my hands. Such as floss my teeth and start a new craft project. B - Complete 1 item from my long TO DO list each day. C - Do deep breathing exercises when I feel that anxious feeling. Maybe walk outside to get the fresh air. Quest 3: Reward myself A - For each day I go with out a cigarette, I will give myself $3 in a "buy something cool fund"
  4. This is my first six week challenge. I am excited to get started! Level 0 · Main Quest (Six Week Challenge) o Lose a total of 20 LBS: CHA – 1 DEX – 1 § Eating fresh vegetables EVERY DAY § Drinking 64 ounces of water per day § NO fast food/junk food o Do 25 consecutive pushups: STR – 3 DEX – 2 § BBWW three times per week · Progressively increasing count o Run an 8 minute mile: STA – 2 § Run/Jog/Walk 3 days per week o 60 second (consecutive) front plank: STR – 3 § BBWW three times per week · Progressively increasing time o Quit Smoking: WIS – 1 STA – 1 CON – 1 § Nicotine replacement is OK, but smoking once is an immediate failure § First day of quit is 2/24/14 · Life Quest (Six Week Challenge) o Study for and take the CCNP Switching Practice exam § Schedule the actual test I will update my progress at least once per week.
  5. Well, I've done it. I've spent two whole weeks without taking a single puff from a cigarette. Now to hold on for a month. After that I think I'll be weaned from them. Here's to never taking another puff!
  6. Main quest: Get healthy and lose ~30lbs 6 Week Challenges: 1. Quit smoking by the end of the 6 weeks Each week I will be allowed 1 less cigarette per day, with this week starting at 4 per day. If I stay under the limit every day I get an A, 1-2 days over is a B, 3 days over is a C, and 4 is a D. Going over on more than 4 days is an F for the week. I will average the weeks for my final grade at the end of the challenge. 2. Eat 100g or less of carbs from grains/sugars each day. Carbs from fruits/vegetables won't count for now as I want to concentrate on getting grains and sugar out of my diet. Same grading system as the smoking cessation. 3. Walk the dog 1/2 hour every day. Although I wanted to build some strength and get running last six weeks, I think quitting smoking and cleaning up my diet are more important, so this challenge is just to keep me moving while I focus on those 2 things. Life challenge: Work on programming every day. This can be working on a personal project, or working through tutorials, as ling as in some spare moment I put forth the effort to fit it in. Motivation statement to be posted later
  7. Hi All! I know I'm joining late so I'll really only be here to watch your challenge and then officially join in on the next 6 weeks. I have selected (if I can) both Druid and Scout classes because that is my focus for my 3 most prominent goals. So here's what my stats would be currently: Level 1 Druid/Scout Race: Half-Orc (Wants to look or feel like a Half-Elf at least) Strength: 1 Dexterity: 1 Stamina: 1 Constitution: 2 Wisdom: 5 Charisma: 5 I currently lead a very sedentary life and work in the marketing and development agency for a nonprofit organization focused on HIV/AIDS. I would like to get into at least better shape, but preferably I would like to actually accomplish something for once. Truly accomplish. So I'm going to try and follow these three goals and I'm already a week in! Goal 1: Run a 5k without stopping/walking STA 3/DEX 2 (mostly because I am working on endurance and breathing here; not just speed. Currently I'm at 14:06/mile hope to get down to at least 10!) A = No Walk/Stop at all C= No walk/stop until half-way point of 5k F= Didn't even enter the 5k Goal 2: Implement Yoga on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in between my C25K program training STA 2/Wis 3 A= At least do sun salutation routine on all of these days C=At least do 2 different yoga routines in a week F=Not do any yoga at all in a week Goal 3: (the hardest) Quit Smoking Cigarettes by June 30, 2013 WIS 5 A= Have no cigarettes and maintain the patch before June 30, 2013 C= Have at least half of my original amount per week (20/day) F= Continue smoking at regular amount per week These are my goals! So far I've started the quitting smoking today and it's going well because I've already been off of additive-containing cigarettes for a few months now and have my trusty patches and a small stress ball for my hands. Also, and I may post on this later, I have before this been tallying the amount of cigarettes per day on my arm and writing a word of encouragement each day, but I'll explain later. I'm committing these three things to my life and am not going to berate myself about food yet (though I will slowly start to get back on Paleo) or about my body image. I look the way I do and I am beautiful. I can't wait to Level UP! And I hope you guys are with me!! I'm with you!! Good luck to all of those quitting smoking as well! EDIT: I accidentally posted this in the general forum for the 6 week challenge. But am now re-posting here since this is my class. Sorry! Does anyone know how to cancel/delete the one I posted outside of this sub-forum? Thank you in advance!
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