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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings, Nerds! There is a hint of fall in the air in Pennsylvania today, and I'm thinking about what sort of fitness goals I'm going to set for myself this winter to stay active once my summer adventures come to an end. And so I proudly reveal to you, my quest to master Middle Earth: On September 1st I will be starting my Walk to Mordor. Here is Steve's article on walking, including walking to Mordor with a document to track if you want to follow along: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/walking/. Once the Chin Up Challenge is done, I'll tackle the Lord of the Rings workout, which is awesome, and can be found here: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/the-lord-of-the-rings-workout-one-plan-to-rule-them-all/. The workout is designed to be done in three super sets, which looks insane to me. I'll be doing them as three separate workouts. Lastly, once I'm in a routine with the above two goals, I'll think about adding in some ring work to start working towards a L-Sit and truly become THE LORD OF THE RINGS! Thanks for following along, looking forward to saving Middle Earth with you all!
  2. Hey yall! I'm new to nerdfitness and I jus gotta say, this is amazing! Anyways... I just made myself an at home workout plan and I have no idea if it's any good or what I need to add/remove. ANY advice would be so helpful! Im doing resistance band and 5&10 pound dumbells for equipment. -4 workouts per week. -Plank& yoga challenge everyday. I have two different workouts and my plan is to alternate them. Circuit A: Tricrp extension Seated calf raises Reverse crunch Donkey kick Chest fly Standing abduction Kneeling crunch Lying hamstring curl Elevated glute bridge Pull apart Wall squat Russian twists Lying pullover Lying hip abduction Circuit B: Glute kickbacks Seated clam Bicycle Superman Tricep dips Pull-through Lying windshield wipers Bent over row Bent over reverse fly Sumo squat calf raise Lying oblique crunch Front/side raise Fire hydrants Bicep curl Is that too many exercises?? Should I split it into 3 separate circuits? Im planning to do repetition circuit and going to go off of my first workout to see where I am physically. Pleaseeeee if anyone has some advice I would so appreciate it. I can't wait to get this started and get back into shape.
  3. Hi all, I am New here and finding ways to keep me motivated, and you guys look like the people I need! I am using fizzup an app that you can get on phones etc I did start originally back in late September last year but my partner got a bad kidney infection so had to help look after my 2 daughters, so stopped but then I had that drive come back to start again 21 April, so far been going for 6 weeks on average 3 times a week. The app updated and I started the demigod program that builds up muscle by doing body weight strength training and on Wednesday last week completed part 1 of 3 of the program but pulled my knee so took 3 days off and got back into it this morning my knee still aching a bit but hopefully will get better soon. looking forward to sharing my journey with you all and hopefully I can find some motivation too keep me going through you guys. Andy
  4. Challenge Number 4!!! And no Firefly reference in the title because I ran out of decent quotes I thought could apply, bummer. Main Goal: Lose 10-15 pounds and/or 2-3 inches from arms/waist/hips/thigh/calves. I would love to do have this accomplished by New Year’s Eve. That gives me 3 ½ months - 1 pound per week for the 15 pounds goal. What’s going to make this challenge interesting, though, is that I have challenged myself not to weigh or measure myself until the end of the year. The numbers make me depressed. I’ve gone into one too many tailspins because of the scale or tape measure not showing what I want. So, to make sure I continue this year on a good note (because I sure as hell need it), I’m not going to step on the scale or pull out the measuring tape. I'm just going to focus on working out and cleaning up my diet (yet again). Main 3 goals: Do cardio 3x a week Strength train 1x week Swim 1x a week (with a 1 week exception)Mini goals: Track food 5 days a week Practice Swedish 30 minutes a weekNot to be confused with a mini challenge. These are goals I want to accomplish throughout the entire challenge, but aren’t as important as my main three. I will not be grading my mini goals. Just a yay or nay each week if completed. Scoring: Each Main Goal will be graded on a scale of A-F. Fully completed will get an A while never even attempted will get an F. Partially completed or half assed attempted will get somewhere in the B-D range. I did get overwhelmed last challenge with keeping up with my thread and with others. So I apologize in advance if I go ghost for a week or two. I also may be on vacation the last week of the challenge, but still determining my vacation days for the rest of the year, so of that I'm not yet sure. Let's get this started!!! <---(more energy than I'm feeling)
  5. Heya Nerdly People! My name is Rachel, code name "Spaerrow" because if I could have an awesome ninja alter-ego, that is what it would be. This is what I've been up to so far and who I am: I am 22 years old and I'm on my last year of school to be a High School/ Middle School English teacher. However, I'm a multi-faceted nerd. My students have been pleasantly surprised that I catch their Zelda references and can brag about my bow-aiming skills in Oblivion. I can beat my fiance' and his friends in Super Smash Brothers any day (not bad for a girl,) and I love books and all things literature. (Check out the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, you won't be disappointed.) I am also obsessed with getting healthy. I used to be a big girl. I got skinny the wrong way after discovering that I could control my weight. I got so excited and carried away with it that I was nothing but skin and bone with no muscle to my name. I took two jobs where I had tons of heavy lifting to do, therefore I became Wonder Woman. One job consisted of lifting furniture and the other consisted of lifting boxes and boxes of costumes (Halloween Store.) With a combination of malnutrition and lifting I developed a dehydrated disc that became cracked/torn and I was unable to walk for two weeks. My back has never been the same since. It's been over two years of daily pain and maintenance. I gained about 20lbs after transferring to the University and dropping my second job. It hurt to exercise so I didn't, and we all know how college eating goes. This happened for about a year. This June I became engaged to my best friend. He thinks I'm beautiful at any size (truly, not just him trying to help out my ego) but I want to look great for my wedding in less than 10 months. I began exercising, reading Nerd Fitness, eating Paleo (mostly) and I have lost a significant amount of inches and I actually have muscle!!! I am not where I want to be. I will never be stick-thin. I have wide hips and short legs and I'm ok with that, but I want to transform myself into the butt-kicking ninja I have always wanted to be. I know weight will fluctuate and if I keep on truckin' like I have then I will get to the body I've dreamed of, but I do NOT know how to help my back injury. It is better than it has been, but I really need advice on how to eradicate this persistent pain. I want to go hiking on our honeymoon in Colorado, I want to have kids, I want to play with them, I want to do handstands and jump over stuff, I want to help people move into new homes, and I want to grow old without being tied to a chair or a bed because my back won't allow me to live. So if you stayed long enough to read my story and you have some advice on how to heal this rusty old back of mine, or you want to talk about how awesome Zelda is, be my friend and talk to me! Peace out-- or whatever the kids say these days.
  6. It's my third challenge and I'm still flying! If you've been with me since the beginning, Welcome back! If this is your first time stopping in, Welcome and I hope you get a chuckle from all my typos and odd sentences. I apparently have a thing against proof reading before I hit post, lol. I've decided to focus my third challenge around whole body well being. This means I will be focusing on body, mind, and dental (nothing gross I promise). Main Quest Lose 10 pounds/ 2-3 inches by Columbus Day weekend (October). My doctor wants 20 something, but I've looked at the calendar and that's just not possible for me. This gives me roughly 1 pound per week. If I don't reach it, well, that's okay because right now even 5 pounds will make me happy. And while I am obsessed with the number on the scale it's actually the inches that really matter. If my clothes continue to fit better all the better! Challenge 3 Goals 1) Do my strength training DVD 1x a week 2) Practice my Swedish 30 minutes a week 3) Wear my retainer at least 3x a week To help move along my weight loss I know I need to get into strength training. Last challenge I failed with the BBWW. Half of it was due to injury and the other half was because it's just not my style of working out. I need a DVD or personal trainer to follow. Since right now I can't afford a personal trainer I will do my DVDs that I've collected over the year. I will complete one workout at least once a week. I'm going to be an auntie!! And my future niece/nephew is going to be speaking Swedish along with English. And knowing my brother's child, it will speak Swedish when it's trying to say something bad to us thinking we don't understand. Also, it will also be really nice to talk to my sister-in-law and her family in their language, so I'm attempting to learn. I've bought Rosetta Stone and will complete at least one lesson a week. My retainers, the bane of my existence. Okay, not really, but I've become really lax as of late with wearing them. I went through years of wearing braces and got my teeth so nice and straight. Not so much anymore. I've already had to get a new bottom retainer a handful years ago last time I got lax. Now the teeth are on the move again. I need to get them back in line. So, I must wear my retainers three times a week. I can't let my parents money go to complete waste. As with last challenge, I will reward myself by getting my cartilage re-pierced if I can drop my weight back into the 170s (only 4 pounds away). I've been wanting to do this for years, but haven't. This gives me some nice motivation. I can do this!
  7. Hello! I am completely lost. My name is Kricken , and I am brand new to all of this. I'm 5'3 and about 140lbs. I started dieting about a year ago, and doing treadmill workouts about six months ago. I've lost a total of 20-30lbs over all. The problem is, I absolutely dread it . I recently read Staci's article about lifting, and I really identified with it. I would LOVE to start weight training. The problem is, I have no clue where to start, what weights to pick up, or what exercises to even do. I'm not trying to walk in anywhere and hurt myself because I don't know what i'm doing. I would be grateful for any kind of help! Thanks!
  8. Hey Guys, I've spent the last week reading hundreds of posts and responses here. This place is pretty incredible and I'm loving it. I've educated myself more in the last week than I have in years of reading exercise books and magazines. My mind was blown by many of the things I've read here. So I signed up! I've struggled with my weight since I was about 12 yrs old. Hit puberty and like a swtich went on by body just started putting on weight. Over the years I've tried all kinds of diets and exercise schemes. I've seen personal trainers and belonged to mutiple gyms. I've played all kinds of sports: baseball (my favorite), football, tennis, swimming, wrestling, etc. So I was always active. But nothing has really worked for me. Today, I'm 30yrs old, 6'3" tall and weigh 255lbs. Approx. BF is 31%. Most of the fat on my body is centrally located in my midsection and chest. For years this made me incredibly self-conscious and I hated taking off my shirt. I've since become comfortable in my own skin and generally I don't mind hitting the pool or the beach though I still suck in the belly. I'm pretty healthy otherwise, yearly physical is always good and I have no real concerns. It looks like most people here are on board with the SL5x5 or SS3x5. I've never seen anything like these programs and I'm definitely wanting to give it a go. I think I'm going to try PL5x5 and see how it works for me. There's a small kink in the all this though: I work on a ship. I'm currently the third officer on the navigation bridge of a seagoing ship. The ship I'm on does not have a gym on board. So I do my best to do body weight exercises when I can. We've got heavy lines on the ship so I do battle ropes too. But there is not a formal gym on board. Some ships have them, mine doesn't. I've been most unlucky throughout my career to work on ships that don't have a gym. Its maddening. My work schedule is 28 days on the ship and 28 days off the ship. In my off time, I have 28 days to do whatever I want (I usually end up running errands for the wife). But I get to the gym every morning when I'm home. I really want to try SL5x5 but my fear is in the month I'm gone I'm going to lose any gains I may make in my month home. Is there anything I can do to curb losing those gains? Will my gains just take longer bc my time is split? Should I just forgo even trying SL5x5? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts and suggestions! -SailorJay
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