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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to my Challenge thread. I'm not new to NF. If you're a Level 1, then I'm your Guild Leader. My 4 Week Challenge is posted in this Level 1 subforum in the hope that you seeing how I format and organize my Challenge might help give you ideas for your own. What I hope you'll take away from reading my Challenge is how straight-forward my Main Quest is, and how my Support Quests are directly aimed at helping me make progress on my Main Quest. There's great power in simplicity. My Main Quest presently is to... Drop bodyfat. At least 1 lb per week. My Support Quests for this challenge Eat 2400 calories daily. (I'm tracking via MyFitnessPal). Burn off calories jogging for an hour, 6 days per week. Quest Note: In this challenge I'm trying to eat as many calories as I can get away with eating -- while still losing at least 1 lb per week on average. I'll be adjusting my calorie allowance every two weeks (down or up), if needed, based on my rate of weightloss. (Optional, Side Quest) As a side quest, I may start doing some strength training again. But it's optional, and not a priority. If I do it, it'll come after I get my jogging done for the day. About Me My Muggle name is Chris. I'm a 41 yr old sort-of-retired guy happily at home being the primary caregiver for my two-and-three-quarters year old daughter. Which is the Best. Job. Ever. The pay is non-existent, but the benefit package is fantastic and calls me "Daddy." Which is the most awesome word that's ever been invented, and if you disagree, then dishonor on your cow. My recent(ish) fitness journey: For eight months, I did a Walk to Mordor, walking the 1700+ miles it's estimated Frodo and Sam walked from Hobbiton to Mt. Doom. It started off slow, just a couple of miles a day, but as my feet toughened up all Hobbity-like I was able to put in more and more daily distance. That Walk to Mordor became the foundation upon which I've been building up to what I'm doing now. My daughter still slept most of the day back during my Walk to Mordor, which gave me a lot of time to walk. But as she's gotten older, she sleeps less during the day. When she's awake, my focus is on her. Which means as she's gotten older, I've had less and less time for exercising. In order to keep getting those wonderful calorie-burning miles done with less time, I've had to do them faster. To do that, I had to start doing some jogging, and so I transitioned from doing only walking to doing jog/walk intervals. I use an iPad to watch videos while on my treadmill, which keeps me from getting bored. For the last couple of months, I've also entertained myself by doing curls and overhead presses with dumbbells during the walk intervals. Which made me kinda feel like I'm in an action video game, doing my 'attack moves' while on the go. When I first started doing jog/walk intervals, my only intention was to get to the point where I could jog a 5k every day. But jogging was hard! I couldn't jog for very far. And when I did jog, I got out of breath quickly. Plus, it made me sore (my poor knees, ankles, and foot arches!). I kept working at it though, and got to the point where I could do a jog/walk 5k nearly every day. I would jog a little distance, then walk that same distance. Over and over until I finished. I still wanted more though. I wanted to be able to jog the full 5k distance without walking any. In fact, I wanted to be able to jog further than a 5k. I wanted a 5k distance to feel easy, so that I wouldn't have to worry about whether I could complete 5k distance, but instead I'd know I could complete the distance and could focus on getting faster at it. To make a 5k feel easy, I decided to improve my conditioning -- by pushing myself to go further with my jog/walk intervals. Even if I had to do the longer distance at a slower pace. I went from doing jogged/walked 5ks nearly every day, to challenging myself to do jogged/walked 10ks nearly every day. And that quickly turned into me pushing myself even harder, so that I was doing 10 miles (16k) nearly every day. Then, at the beginning of last challenge, I thought to myself... if I'm doing 10 miles regularly, well, that's ooonly 3-ish miles away from a half-Marathon. Could I.... possibly.... maybe...... do half-Marathons every day?!? The thought excited me! And scared me. I had this thought rolling around in my head for several days. Did I really want to try it? I wasn't sure that I could pull it off. 13.1 miles (21.1 km) seemed like such a long distance. People spend time training just to do a half-Marathon once, and here I was thinking about trying to do it every, single, day? That's insane!! So, of course, I did it. Because that's how I roll. *thuglife*. During last challenge, I completed 25 half-Marathons. Not only that, but on one of those days, without taking a single walking step, I actually jogged a complete half-Marathon! Something I've never done before in my life. Achievement Unlocked! But. But, but, but. Doing that much distance takes me a lot of time. I'm slow at it. I was having to wake up very, very early in the morning in order to get all those miles done before my daughter woke up. I was persistently sleep-deprived during last challenge, living off only 5-6 hours of sleep most nights. That was fine for a short-term challenge. But it couldn't continue. I knew I had to make some changes so that I could get better sleep. And, I remembered why I started increasing the distance in the first place. It was just to improve my conditioning. To make jogging a short distance feel easier. I had succeeded. The job I set out to do, was done. It was time to get back to the point of it all. I've had a couple of good months of weightloss. Between the 19+ lbs (8.6+ kg) I lost in January, and the 7+ lbs (3.2+ kg) I lost in February, I've had a fast start to this big "Cut". I'm actually several months ahead of where I expected to be. So it's time to chill a bit, and let my cut settle into something that will be sustainable for the months to come. That's where my Quest goals for this month's challenge come into play. If you got this far, thank you very much for reading. I'd be delighted if you continued to visit my challenge thread, and kept me company throughout this month as I continue along my journey. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to post them. Your comments are appreciated, and your questions are welcome.