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  1. Just to clarify, you are talking 22 mile long run? What length of long run are you planning?
  2. Week 2 Progress 1. Run Run 25 miles per week - At 24.6 for the week 49.6/100 Speed work every Tuesday- Done 2/4 Long run 10+ miles- Done 2/2 Trail- 1/2 2. Eat Maintain Keto Diet- Lazed about 2 out of the 7 days but stuck to keto for the most part. MFP every day- 5 days of tracking 12/28 Vegetables with dinner- Made it all the days 14/28 3. Relax Meditate 5 x 10 minutes per week- 6 days, actually, and averaged 15 min/day. 10/20 Attend yoga class once a week- Attended 2! 2/4 Sauna- Definitely. 2/4 4. Learn Continue reading Lean In- Did it. This week, read another 20% Apply for MBA - Drafted a personal statement and submitted transcripts, as planned. Next step- Get a recommendation and submit final draft of personal statement. Learn a little Japanese- Not as much progress as I would have liked, but I did renew my passport. Also started watching Samurai Gourmet and am using it to try to pick up basic vocab around food, which I will definitely need.
  3. Ah well. You just got to pick up where you left up and keep going. Also, it's an opportunity to problem solve. What about this event caused you to cheat on your diet, and how will you prevent it?
  4. Great job on your first week!
  5. Looks like you had a very productive week! Congrats on helmet. I'm Prim3val on MFP if you'd like to pal up.
  6. Week 1 Progress 1. Run Run 25 miles per week - Exactly 25, complete! 25/100 Speed work every Tuesday- Done 1/4 Long run 10+ miles- Done 1/2 Trail- None yet 0/2 2. Eat Maintain Keto Diet- Done for the most part MFP every day- Done! 7/28 Vegetables with dinner- This one too! 7/28 3. Relax Meditate 5 x 10 minutes per week- Progress. 5/20 Attend yoga class once a week- Did not do 0/4 Sauna- Definitely. 1/4 4. Learn Continue reading Lean In- 10% read this week- "Good!" Read an additional 15% this week. Apply for MBA - Yeah, will get that. I need to: Write personal statement and request transcripts this week. Learn a little Japanese- Downloaded 2 apps. Would like to memorize 3 useful phrases this week.
  7. Let's see here... goals. Hmmm Currently at 20.4 miles for the week. Not too bad! Various other things to tick down, but that's my main accomplishment. Yay!
  8. One week! I was thinking of staying a bit longer for personal time, but I think one week away from home is currently my max.
  9. Let's see here, no meat, no carb, no money. Hmmmm.... Eggs, tofu, boca burgers, tempeh. Sure you've thought of all of those, but anyway. This is going to sound weird, but trust me... One cup plain yogurt, one packet water flavoring (like crystal light). IT's AWESOME.
  10. I am inexperienced with PVP forum, so I don't know for sure. One nice thing about starting a new thread every challenge is that it's easier for new people to jump in. I also like changing the theme. Secret garden this time All of that said, PVP could be good...
  11. That's mad cool! Glad to have you around. I'm pretty good around Japanese customs, but may pick your brain about those sometime. More concerned about the cultural differences than the language barrier, if that makes sense.
  12. You have so much win going on here! Sorry about the creeps, headphones work well for me... Your nomadism was cool while it lasted, but glad you found a home. Good luck with your goals!
  13. Ganbatte ne! Sounds cool. How long have you been studying Japanese? Where are you from?
  14. Hah! Okay, definitely will do. I have to go there for work in June, so I have about 3 months to learn a few essential phrases. Also, I need to figure out what your gif means.
  15. This is an awesome goal!!! Also, I am so jealous of you. I love his writing. All the more incentive to learn Japanese...
  16. To enter the Garden answer these questions so we know what your all about! 1. What food/drink are you going to eliminate/control? And Why (What does it do to you mentally? Physically? etc.)? Removing carbs! Trying to eat "lazy keto." 2. What challenges do you think you'll face eliminating the food? Carb cravings 3. How are you planning to avoid these foods/drink? Work out a lot! That seems to take all hunger away. Also planning on doing some batch cooking, so I have plenty of on-diet foods around. 4. What is it that you want to get out of this challenge? In terms of food, I'd like to maintain greater self control.
  17. I see... So you do one continuous thread? That is super rebellious.
  18. @Koaladle You have just described my life
  19. Hmmm, fidget cube. I looked that up. The commercial is hilarious. Does it really work for you?
  20. Goals look good this challenge, Tea time. Glad to have you back!!
  21. Hey! Good luck with your goals! Looks like a lot of great self care.
  22. Hmmm... The scouts feel a bit quiet. Quiet isn't bad, but is there anything we could be doing to get things riled up again?
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