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  1. Terra

    Wolfie, what have you done? [A Wolfpool Chapter]

    dressed as Yara (thus the photos!) and yeah it was really rushed to tell the story and wrap things up. Judo is pretty awesome, but all those throws can be hard on a body, so be careful. You are young so go for it!!!
  2. Terra

    Tzippi Longstockings at the Wall - Autumn is coming

    I love your theme and motivation! I'm here for the Watch...
  3. Terra

    TGP changes!

    Life is busy! Can't wait to hear all about your big hike!
  5. I'm working on some goals for the summer but first lets geek out with a little chemistry! So I need to find enzymes to help make change easier! And this too! Look at the energy use after activation?!?!? This is where habits kick in and energy use is reduced. TaDa!
  6. Terra

    Terra creates Activation Energy!!!

    Overall a weirdly OK challenge. I am liking some of the food changes I have made. I'm listening to my body and trying to treat it with care, although it pisses me off sometimes. And I'm tired of feeling old, so I have plans to fix it as best as I can. I have 1.5 weeks left of elementary school for my girls. And I'm not ready to have a high schooler, but it is what it is... I'm not sure if I will finish my studying before our summer vacation. I got sidetracked by some research into hormonal/perimenopause stuff. Overall I am happy and ready for another challenge where I can do some more good things for me!!! I have no idea how I did aligning this with my original goals... I'll go look now.
  7. Terra

    RuthixCube and the Dirty 30

    When things settle down I'd love to hear how things are going. Sounds like you are doing great!!!
  8. Activation Energy is the energy needed to start something new. I really need to get myself moving in the right direction again so what will it take??? Something big needs to happen to get me motivated and moving... But a few things have happened to provide motivation and I know that I am not happy with my fitness levels, strength levels and my clothes are getting tight. THIS MUST CHANGE!!! I need a BIG goal, something explosive, something exciting!!!