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  1. I so tried to convince my oldest child that taking an online independent study physics class was a bad idea. I spend most of Sunday trying to help her, while at the same time trying to get my husband to not nag her about it. She got so anxious about it she is now physically sick. She has one last assignment and the final to finish by Thursday. I am so tired of helping her with physics and trying to figure out her anxiety. No exercise happened yesterday. Food choices, other than a few chips, were all very good. Today I am making good choices, rode the bike for 33 minutes thi
  2. Echo showed no damage to my heart. My breathing has slowly improved this week. Food has been more paleo and I am focusing on portion sizes. I have ridden the bike twice this week. I have done my hip stretching twice this week and today I did over an hour of BJJ. So many good thing happened this week!!! The new orthopedic was awesome. They took new x-rays because my old ones were almost a year old. The new images showed a possible bone chip. I have the MRI that shows the labrum tear. So I am going to take the time between now and March 4th to get moving again (post-cov
  3. Quick update. I had the echo on Monday, no data yet (my doctor's office uploaded a blank report). I am trying to move more even though sometimes it is hard to breathe. Food is OK. I see the new orthopedic dr tomorrow. Reading of non-fiction had been slow, but I will read more this week. And I'm off running as usual!
  4. I should not have googled "covid heart damage" The meds I got this week are making a difference. My throat is less clogged, coughing is reduced and I am far more comfortable. But I am still struggling when I try to move more or faster. And I got a bloody nose last night. I expected to get them at some point, but not day two of the medicine. 😢 I attended core class via zoom on wednesday night. It was so hard! I had to take a few breaks to just catch my breath. No bike or anything really since then. I'm trying to be kind to myself and just let it go but I
  5. A free weekend sounds lovely! Yeah for the counselor, vaccines and trying new foods. Sending you positive vibes and hugs!
  6. The doctor is trying a lot of different things. I have lots of new meds but I can already feel some improvement this afternoon. I will get a echo catrograham next week to check my heart, because sometimes covid can leave some heart damage and that can in turn cause some breathing problems. Just trying to cover all the bases. I didn't sleep well last night so I didn't get up in time to ride the bike. Tonight I really need to stretch!!! Food has been OK, but I just realized that I forgot lunch. I wondered why my stomach was growling. No drinking. Still r
  7. I have been trying to get my old fella with poor mobility/flexibility into yoga for years. Yoga for BJJ is helping me have some success now!!! 😜
  8. Yeah that is right. My hubby caught it first and we really don't know where he got it from. Our best guess is from an eye doctor appointment. He got better and is feeling fine now. December was a total loss for me. I see the doctor in two hours to discuss my longer term treatment. But since I am no longer contagious and feeling mostly better, I'm back to most of my normal scheduled life. Today I see the doctor to discuss longer term stuff. I'm looking forward to the conversation. I rode the bike for over 30 minutes today. My speed was slow, in the 7-8
  9. Trying to catch up today but hearing that you are feeling better (both mentally and physically) makes me happy!!! 🥰 So happy for you!!!
  10. Kishi - Thank you for rooting me on! I need more people in my corner. I don't follow the BJ crowd like my hubby does but I'll have to look up Kron Gracie for some inspiration! I'm so glad you are loitering! 🥰 I am hopeful for something more helpful from this doctor. Thank you for your support! Hi -I got lost for a bit... Last week was my first full week back to work, although it was work from home and it was exhausting. I'm still here and I'll be more active over the next four weeks! Not dea
  11. Here because you remind my dumb brain that portion size is important. (though you should know that it helps!!!)
  12. Big crazy projects and running all the damm time! Yep, its a Xena challenge! 😜
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