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  1. Terra

    Terra finds her inner Foodie! Its Remy!!!

    I could swear that I had followed this group earlier, but it looks like I did not. I have now, THANKS! ABQ = Albuquerque Mickey had a great birthday and got extra money for walking into Sephora without crutches. At the last minute my hubby found a way to go to the seminar!!! So I spent the weekend doing things around the house that he would normally do as a birthday gift to him (his love language is doing things for others, so doing stuff for him is the perfect gift.) I'm not sure I got all the paint off of me but I spent all Sunday painting (and I hurt now!) I made a budgeting mistake and I'm struggling right now... I think I'll have to put myself on a budget challenge for next month!!! The timing sucks with spring break happening next week but I paid for parts of the trip ahead of time so it works out OK. I made sesame chicken for dinner one night this weekend. I will use a different pan for the chicken next time but it was really good. I have a recipe for orange chicken that I might try this week. I ate chocolate fondue for Mickey's birthday, and caved into pizza for dinner last night. This week will be a clean out the fridge type of week as we leave next Monday for Spring break in Anaheim, CA. We are driving and those will be my most challenging food days! BJJ class is tonight but I don't know if we are going. Its hubby's 50th birthday and he is flying home as I type... He got a great workout yesterday with Royce Gracie and so he may just want to spend time with his girls tonight. My right shoulder and right glute are killing me from all the painting yesterday and I may need to rest the shoulder for a day or two. (I just hurt!!!) I kind of feel like this today...
  2. Terra

    TGP starts in a rough place...

    Yeah for help with plumbing!!! Following!
  3. Terra

    Darkfoxx 55: Throwing More Spaghetti

    And there she is!!! I kind of miss the 2016 version of me too. Following for your return to greatness!
  4. Terra

    Tzippi Becomes a Waterbender

    I love that you are back. I'm sorry to hear about what kept you away. I'm here to support ya!!! (i'm always sporadic but I'll do my best to break out of the Ranger ranks and find you here!) Not to mention I should try to visit the Monks more often...
  5. Terra

    Terra finds her inner Foodie! Its Remy!!!

    OMG such weird weather here! Lots of trees down and power outages. It changed my work plans for the week, but I'm trying to be flexible. Its Titanium Mickey's 14th birthday today! We are going to ABQ for dinner tonight and shopping tomorrow. Bonus $$ for her when she walks into Sephora with out crutches! My hubby got caught in the 737 grounding mess and his trip to the Royce Gracie seminar has been canceled. He is totally bummed and shopping with teenage girls will not help him tomorrow. I was going to take the girls shopping after we put him on the plane. Now I have to really do something big for him because his 50th birthday is Monday and the seminar was his gift. Perimenapause sucks! Just saying. Went to BJJ class last night. Worked with a young lady who is tiny (but not kid sized). I was the only other female in class and one of the smaller people too. Going to BJJ class in 30 minutes too. Food choices have been better the last few days. Making good food choices while not a home is my weekend challenge!
  6. Terra

    Nymeria quits her whinging and pays her debts

    Funny! When I have crafty things in my hands I usually have the TV on watching sports or some crazy show. I watch a lot less TV these days... However I can totally tune out the entire world when I have a book in my hands. (its not good to tune out the family all the time!!!)
  7. Terra

    MR_Willes is losing it!

    And all is right in the world!!! Love this!!! Remember I have two who are a little older, but it still applies!!! And I'll chime in 5th, or so, no KCAL counting is good!
  8. Terra

    Terra finds her inner Foodie! Its Remy!!!

    Last night I was frustrated and I ate my feelings. Poor choices were made. Today is a new day. Today is a mess too. We have high winds that are blowing down power lines, with a few inches of snow and bitter cold. I almost got blown over walking into work. So its a good day to keep my head down get some work done (save often!!!) . Tonight I will make better choices for food. I really don't have any problems making good choices during the daytime, only at night. BJJ class might happen, depends on the road conditions later today. Like this but 60 MPH gusts!
  9. Terra

    Nymeria quits her whinging and pays her debts

    There are lots of us making simple challenges to get back on track and I love yours. Its all about moving. Please show us your crochet projects/practice! I need to get motivated to do something like that (crafty with my hands) to get my nose out of books all the time... Hope the kiddo's head is OK!!!
  10. Terra

    EricMN drops the robes

    Simplicity is wonderful!! And IT IS ENOUGH. I'm doing something similar with one major goal this challenge month.
  11. Terra

    Terra finds her inner Foodie! Its Remy!!!

    Week 0 Monday recap - Too much coffee and not enough water left me light headed at BJJ class so I went home to load up on water instead of the conditioning class. I ate a slice of cheese and a small dish of ice cream. hmmm... Not a great start but I am staying more aware of my eating habits and cravings. Trying to work two different jobs with a 50/50 split is getting hard, but being busy is good! Today's plan - eat protein & fruit for lunch, carrots for a snack. Healthy dinner of chicken and veggies at home. Do some stretching with Titanium Mickey. Hug both my girls. Plan tomorrow's dinner (ground beef) and precook if necessary. Work on outlining and tasking of the new project that we are getting and finish some old stuff before next week (next week will be SUPER BUSY at work) Re-write procedures for the other job! No time to rest or relax, yet. however, I am looking forward to Titanium Mickey's birthday on Friday (14!!!) and a day spent playing/shopping with my girls. And then us girls are going to paint a room while my hubby is out of town this weekend! So the goal is to keep myself moving forward!!!!
  12. Terra

    Atrytone's Triumphant Return to the Gym

    Love the simplicity of this challenge!!!
  13. Terra

    Xena will be Under Pressure

    I'm here to get my dose of "get out of the house and move" motivation!!!
  14. Terra

    MR_Willes is losing it!

    No seconds is always a good choice!
  15. Terra

    RuthixCube Trains her Dragons

    Looking forward to your updates!!!