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  1. Terra

    Under the Bridge 3.0

    I was just gonna say this ^^ Hi!
  2. Terra

    Terra changes tactics and heals up

    LOL - I am so punny and I didn't even know it. Last night was rough physically. I really wanted to get back into BJJ class and move more... But halfway through class the pain kicked in and I was done. I was just done. I came home and took a bath and went to bed early. Today the pain levels are low but present, which sucks because they weren't there yesterday. Frustration is kicking in and I am feeling super fluffy these days. I know I need to take a deep breath and take it easy, but I just want to get moving again. I am grateful for the upcoming three day weekend with my girls. We have some fun things planned. I am grateful to have found new opportunities at work, they make me happy. I am grateful for my hubby because when I start hurting again he steps in and takes care of everything!!! Habit building Veggies: 18 points in 10 days. Water: 9 points for 10 days. Gratitude: 5 for 5 posts.
  3. Terra

    Raxie Has Goals

    It looks yummy but it sounds fantastic!!! How was the venison cooked in the sous vide? Was it cooked as steaks or a roast? Can I get details???
  4. Terra

    Terra changes tactics and heals up

    I wasn't able to do BJJ class on Monday night, I was just exhausted. Tonight I think I am strong enough to give class a go. I cant wait!!!! Habit building Veggies: 16 points in 9 days. Water: 8 points for 9 days. Gratitude: 4 for 4 posts. The last couple of days have been going great. My body is ejecting the inflammation, I'm getting stronger and the pain is almost gone. 95% pain free today. Wahoo! So now I have got to get back to life and do my thing. I missed some water on Tuesday but I am going to get back into that groove today! I'm excited about class tonight and I am planning a three day weekend with my girls! It all makes me want to sing the theme song to this show .... and Oh, boy! Those gif's make me feel OLD but I they sure make me smile!
  5. I am finally evicting the cooties. I might even have the energy to attend BJJ class tonight. I can't wait -> Captain Marvel (March), Avengers (April) and then Spider-man all this spring/summer!!! Not to mention John Wick 3, Dark Phoenix, Aladdin and the Lion King (I'm a diehard Disney fan!). It going to be amazing! I love seeing Mysterio, but I'm not sold on Gyllenhaal... Convince me?
  6. Tea and knitting sounds fantastic!!! I keep walking by my crochet book and think of picking it up and trying something new.... It makes me think of you! Onward to week 2 - you got this!
  7. Terra

    Let’s Begin Again! Doe, You Must Carry On

    Dropping in to say hello and welcome back!
  8. Terra

    Terra changes tactics and heals up

    Thank you! My pain levels have finally started to drop and I am becoming a functional human being once again!!! We had another snow storm that dropped about 8 inches of snow on Sunday and work/kids school were delayed today. But I made it to work and my pain levels are manageable today. I am resisting this only because I can't do it just yet, but it is on my list of things to do this spring! I'm close to my water intake for today and I have more water in the works. I did good with hydration this weekend! I did good with the veggies over the weekend too. I'll pre-post my eating results for today so I have to eat my salad tonight at dinner!!! I need to have my gratitude goal changed to a point for every post. I'm going to go to BJJ tonight but I don't know how much I will be able to do... The hubby has a hammer finger injury (possible torn ligament) right now so he wants to work with me. And I don't think I have it in me to do the strength/conditioning class tonight. I'm hopeful that I can do that class by Friday! Habit building Veggies: 13 points in 7 days. Water: 7 points for 7 days. Gratitude: 3 for 3 posts. Edited to add my gratitude! I'm a dork and forgot. I'm grateful for lots of choices of tea. I love drinking tea in the winter and lots of options make me happy! I am grateful for things to begin moving forward with my new opportunities at work. Someone who got a mini promotion last month over me in my current job is hating life right now. She is stressed and overwhelmed. I'm not and I'm so VERY grateful!!!
  9. I’m going to try something different… Simply I going to focus on habits and building one or two at a time. My first habit is eating more veggies. I have had a distinct lack of veggies in my food choices and that isn’t good. So I will start with a salad most every day for either lunch or dinner and a solid veggie side dish at the other meals. I will award myself one point for each salad and each veggie side that I eat. At first I will aim for 2 points per day with the hope that I am up to 4 points per day by the end of the challenge. Today, Jan 2nd I mean the 7th, I went in to the doctor for nasty abdominal pains. After a CT scan it was determined that I have epiploic appendagitis which is an inflammation of the intestine. It has no know causes, no know treatment (other than pain management) and will last 1-2 weeks. The pain isn’t constant but things like stretching, coughing and deep breaths can make it worse. UGH! So my original habit isn’t one that I can not do for at least two weeks. My second habit is stretching/yoga. I am stiff which it makes me feel old and that just SUCKS! I refuse to grow old gracefully (F-that shit!) I have lost lots of flexibility in the pat few years and my hips are tight. This isn’t a good thing and I want to reverse this loss of mobility. I have access to the NF yoga, I own the Supple Leopard book, I like the youdoyoga.com website and I have my physical therapy exercises from the last couple of years. I will aim for two yoga/stretching/mobility workouts per week. One point per workout so eight points for the challenge. My original second habit for this challenge will be postponed to a future challenge. In liu of stretching/yoga, I will focus on keeping hydrated for my second habit. I will drink at least 50oz, more if possible, of water every day. I have been feeling dehydration lately because I have gotten out of the habit for drinking enough water. This is a good alternative habit for me to work on right now. My third habit is to get back to practicing gratitude daily. I will post the things in life that I am most grateful for every time I post here. I will get a point for every gratitude post. I will treat myself to a massage if I get at least 55 veggie points, doing that water 24 or more days and 20 gratitude points. Life will go on with other things when I am able to do more. Its funny/ironic that I wrote this challenge before I got sick but it really fits what I need for the next little while. Brazilian Jui-jitsu and conditioning classes will still happen. I want to lift more and my kettlebells are lonely! My decluttering and minimization goals around my home still are there and I might work on them this month. My work situation is improving and I’m looking forward to learning how to safely blow things up!!! But these aren’t my goals. I need to loose weight yet I no longer care what the scale says! I feel so much relief in letting go of the many (too many) goals that I have been trying to achieve each challenge. If I focus on a couple small habits each challenge perhaps I can rebuild my health and fitness while not driving myself crazy or damaging my self esteem. My last three challenges of 2018 and a whole lot of introspection over my holiday break has brought me to these changes. Oh and @Maurader provided some much needed inspiration. I love it!