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  1. Another 1.5 pounds gone...I'm quite happy with that. The Royce Gracie seminar was good but it was so hot and humid that I almost puked. Eldest Spawn is graduated! My parents came to graduation and we had a garden party. Started packing for vacation and my following work training trip. Its been a crazy month. And now we get vacation!!!
  2. Despite the stress and relief of a graduating kiddo I found myself down another 1.5 pounds! This is likely my last update for the challenge. We go on vacation at the end of this week and then I have a few days of travel for work.
  3. Scale said down another 1.5 pounds this week. Stretching and bike riding are not happening but BJJ classes have been attended.
  4. I'm always looking for good engineers, but you would have to move to New Mexico. Send me a message if you are ever interested! According to my doctor my weight has been stable for the last three months. The scale at home says the same thing. That is both good and frustrating. I keep trying...
  5. Quick and dirty check in... I jumped on the scale yesterday after breakfast and with a wet head of hair (which can be a significant amount of added weight) and was down .5 pounds. That was exciting!!!
  6. Craziness continues! I am making progress on good food choices. Getting up to ride the bike or stretch isn't happening yet... I'm not sure how we got here either! My daughters are doing good. The oldest is getting better and stronger everyday. The best thing that we have done for her was getting her a service dog-in-training. Youngest isn't happy that the oldest is going to a local community college for one year, she wanted to have home (meaning the bathroom) all to herself. Otherwise she is going amazing!!!! I know, right? No idea how I got here 🤷‍♀️
  7. Honestly, I'm not quite sure how I got to 50. I sure don't feel like I am this old and I sure don't ever want to feel like I thought 50 should feel like. I'm doing good and getting better every day. This will be a short challenge for me as vacation starts on June 3rd. And the challenges of this month's schedule will be hefty!!! That being said, I do have some short term fitness & health goals for the next few weeks: Work on a slightly earlier wake up time so I can start the day with 15 -20 minutes on the stationary bike. This also means an earlier bedtime would be needed Continue with the healthier food and slight calorie deficit Stretch!!! I will continue with BJJ and walking/training the service dog as much as possible. This is a crazy month with my daughter's high school graduation (so many things to do for graduation!), a local Royce Gracie seminar and preparation for our big vacation. I also am struggling with another little nagging injury that I am trying to take care of! Work is crazy as always and I have a crown that just won't stay in place. and then +
  8. I can't remember the last time I checked in and I just randomly remember to jump on the scales. Last week sometime, later in the week, I weighed in at 193 pounds, still. So no change. Drat! I now have less than a month till my daughter's graduation and our vacation/my birthday. Time to buckle down and drop a few more pounds!!! With the hubby back in town I should have more time to workout and get prepared for the craziness of life that will happen in 20-ish days! We got this!
  9. The family is doing good. We added a service dog in training to my daughter's health care and she has been a godsend! It helps that she is also adorable. But my daughter is getting so much stronger and happier since we brought Zelda home. The hubby has recovered from all the tumor drama of last year and is thriving! The other kiddo is plugging along at school and is doing good. Still doing the BJJ and we are now under Royce Gracie. I've met him a couple of times and he is coming out for a seminar in May. He makes me a little nervous!!! All is going well! I try to checkup on the wolf pack when I jump on facebook but I don't play there much anymore. Miss you guys!
  10. Quick update for my first week: down two pounds and staying on track. Nothing too interesting going on in my life right now except helping the kids get through the end of school and getting eldest spawn graduated from high school. My big task for this week is to hem her prom dress.. Given all the drama and issue ya'll have been through I am seeing some really great focus and results!!!
  11. I'm more than a little late but I'd like to join in! Since January I've managed to lose about 8 pounds with my doctor's help and we are aiming for another 40-50 pounds total. I'll weigh in tomorrow morning and track though June 2nd (vacation starts on the 3rd) My goal for the next 8 weeks is 5 pounds. I'll focus on protein and veggies with limited sweets (with a focus on paleo foods) Exercise will be jui-jitsu, walking, with some strength and yoga too. My goal it to do something active every day, no matter how little or simple. Congratulations @Shello on your upcoming wedding!!!!
  12. It's good to see you being so consistent. Hope you Easter was lovely!
  13. Happy to see you back! Wahoo! My daughter's new service-dog-in-training is named Zelda and we are excited for the new game in our house too!
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