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  1. BLECH! We had snow days and my schedule got all messed up. I was also brave and stepped on a scale 🥺. I am making baby steps right now but i need to bump up the intensity. Food choices need to be more low-carb. And I could watch my portion sizes. Damm - this is the worst! I hate diets, i hate tracking and i hate the guilt associated with the first two things. And then the next issue is movement. I didn't get on the bike this morning. But i did ride it a bit over the weekend. And three BJJ classes have been attended since my last post. I need to move more and with more intensity! Something to think about... Work has me stressed and I've been dreaming some about it. I need to figure out what I can do to fix that. I need to stay strong and power through!!!
  2. Sounds like you are doing great with everything. Can't wait to hear about the concert!
  3. It was hard getting up this morning. But I did and rode the bike again. It feels lazy but it is not! I'm habit building. So I will keep riding the bike till it feels comfortable and I can wakeup enough to do something more...
  4. Don't be hard on yourself when the scale isn't moving right now. Stress can factor in and with all the family stuff right now I hope you can be content that the scale isn't moving the wrong direction. I think you are on track, so don't make it too hard right now...
  5. With all that is on your plate these days, it has been a good start to the new year. Squeeze in that running and I think you have got it! Good to see you Master Jedi!
  6. 2020 is my year to become a Goddess, specifically a Norse Goddess. I'm going to separate the year into quarters where I focus on building up some new skill/habit. Quarter one will be focused on getting my weight moving in the downward direction. If I'm working the fields trying to be a good peasant to the viking Jarl I should be hardworking and have stamina, therefore I need to lose weight and move more! Quarter two will be about gaining strength. Every good shield maiden needs the strength to carry the shield and wield a sword. If I'm going to rise up into the ranks of a shield maiden I will need to be stronger! Quarter three will be about combining it all into a position of power. What good leader of the shield maidens doesn't want to become the Jarl? So I will pull it all together and make something more of myself. By this time I will also have been doing some parts of my new job for over a year and that means its time to kick in and step up. I can do that! Quarter four is a continuation of Quarter three but let me set my sights higher. I want to become a Valkyrie! Valkyrie's are the choosers of the slain warriors for Odin. Modern texts shows them to be valiant warriors while in older text they are spirits and choosers of carnage. I choose to see them as strong powerful Norse goddesses and that is my goal. I want to be in a much better place physically and mentally next year. I struggle to put all of these things together and create the whole package. But in my quest to become a the fierce, powerful Norse goddess that I know I can become, it is what I must do. Quarter 1 - Right now I am a sucky viking peasant. I have the first two challenges of 2020 to become a vital and vibrant viking citizen. The timing is perfect as I leave for a spring break vacation right after the second challenge. Currently I weigh more than I have in the last decade, my cardio sucks and my strength has been diminishing. Lets implement some changes that will help me drop some weight and increase my cardio/strength. What worked in the past that I can implement now? First thing in the morning workouts and lower carb eating are what have worked for me, yet I got out of the habit of doing both. Lets fix that so I can be a strong and valued viking peasant. Starting January 2 I will set my alarm to wake me up 30 minute earlier every work day. I will get out of bed and do something every day. My options are: 30 minutes on the bike or treadmill with a HIIT timer, KB swing routine from Simple and Sinister, a 7-minute WOD type workout using an app on my phone, or a >30 minute yoga routine. Starting right now I will reduce my intake of breads, pasta, dairy and sweets. I will focus on gluten free (its a must), low carb eating that is mostly paleo in nature. Most meals will be a combination of protein and vegetables. Being in perimenopause I have been told by my doctor to eat low carb and I have been researching (online and reading ROAR.) All of these resources have pointed me to eating low carb as the way that I need to be eating. As always I will be doing my jui-jitsu classes. My goal is 3 classes every week. I’m gonna be an amazing viking peasant by spring break!!! ^^this^^