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  1. OH yeah, I forgot to show you guys... I got my second stripe on my purple belt last week!
  2. I'm trying to not bust out laughing... (I'm also trying to not let out the 12 year old brain ... "taint" <snicker...LOL> and there it is) Love the hour+ of Muay Thai!!!
  3. I'm stealing this!!! I love all these little bonuses and I will be trying to do this stuff with my girls over the next couple of months. For a break from work I got out and made a weird loop in the parking lot. It felt nice to get outside in the sunshine. Its VERY warm in my office and the cool breeze outside was wonderful!!! I'll second vitamin D! I increase my intake during the shorter days of the next 3-4 months.
  4. This weekend is about getting some exercise done, preparing for snow and food prep. The brisket is ready to throw on the smoker tonight!!! Laundry, some house clean up and making that table I have the legs for will be a bonus!
  5. Per doctor’s direction I need to make some diet changes (that I always knew I needed to do anyway) and that will be my focus for this challenge. Due to some medical stuff, I will be focused on low glycemic index/low carb eating. I hate tracking food but I need to do a little tracking to ensure that I am eating at the low carb levels that I need to. More veggies need to part of that change. I will use my fitness pal app and report the numbers 1-2 two days per week. Exercise is fairly consistent right now and with any luck I will either start feeling better or schedule surgery for my hip. During the week: Mornings are a bike ride and stretches that support my hip. Evenings are BJJ and core/conditioning class. Weekends I’m a slug. So I will have some weekend exercise goals. I still want to clean my house, crochet more, and support my family. Bottom line are these goals: Eat low carb/low GI Track on random days and report here Increase veggie intake Exercise Maintain the exercise habits I have already established. Do something more each weekend. No more slug! Support the kiddos Become a debate judge to support youngest spawn of mine. Do something for eldest spawn of mine. Do other stuff Crochet some Clean and declutter Fairly simple, straight forward and totally doable! Yes, I want to be a strong powerful viking/valkyrie but the ending of Vikings was such a downer. Maybe I just need to focus on feeling like the strong little powerhouse that I know I can be?!?!?! I'll be looking for my very own avatar/icon/persona...