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  1. I am definitely feeling overwhelmed at work. The task load is huge and getting bigger every day. I have got to implement some system for tracking all the tasks that are being asked of me. The trick is finding something that is visual but will be intuitive to my brain! I'm reviewing some of of training/resources on project management and organisation today...
  2. I got a shot in my hip for the bursitis. WOW - I had a 1.5 hour drive home from the doctor. I was so happy to get home to tylenol and an ice pack! I got through the night and today it is tender but not the constant pain of last night. As for the labrum tear, that will be another injection but it has to be guided and that needs insurance approval and scheduled. This injection is a diagnostic for potential surgery to repair the tear. I was also told by the doctor to abuse my hip as much as possible before this injection. He wants the site at a high level of pain/inflamation when the injection occurs. Two reasons: the injection will be easier to do with higher inflammation and I need to see how much the injection is helping so a higher pain level at the time of injection gives me a larger ruler to measure the relief with. If the injection helps it is a good indicator that surgery would be successful in providing relief. UGH! But pain now will help to make a better decision for the future. 🥺 I go see the physical therapists again on Thursday morning to review exercises and plot a path forward. I got to proctor my first physics exam last night. Wahoo! That being said I am going to find gratitude today! The weather here is sunny, warm and beautiful! And this makes me laugh!
  3. Sending positive vibes to you and your mom!!! Take a few minutes to take care of you and your back. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts this week...
  4. So very grateful that we didn't leave the state when we had planned. If we had gone we would be under a 14 day quarantine because of the trip. Our governor freaked out because the states around us had covid spikes leading up to the holiday weekend and she backtracked on opening up here. Her timing was awful. She made ANY visit out of the state or contact with someone from out of the state a 14 day mandatory quarantine - two days before a major travel weekend and many people were already gone when it was implemented. What a mess. I also had to tell my parents they couldn't come visit later this week. It was lovely to have a little extra time off last week, but I have got to get things done now! Today is short due to my doctor's visit. But the rest of the week will be a sprint to get everything ready for next week. I start another round of testing that will last almost two months. So then my 9 hours per day of office work will be reduced to 2-3 hours max. I like the testing part but it's hard to accomplish everything that I need to do in so few hours per week. Today I'm trying to get organized and find my groove for the week. Send me your positive vibes for my visit with the orthopedic doctor... I expect to drive home after getting some kind of shot in my bursa 😧 We have been watching Lucifer (on Netflix) lately and I just love the soundtrack, in part because it has lots of Ellie King! And today I drive past And then this iconic bridge on the low road to Taos!
  5. I'm doing my best but I'm not sure my kids understand what a staycation is suppose to be... We are having fun for the most part. I did my own nails and a face mask on Monday afternoon. eldest spawn joined me for a bit with her glue-on nails. Yesterday we had a painting afternoon. I learned that the paint wasn't a good medium for one of my daughter's artistic friends. I did offer to find her some colored pencils, but she wanted to try the paint. I tried to paint something interesting, but it was not a success. I will be painting over it soon. In one hour my hair stylists will be arriving at my house. She will be spending the most time with eldest spawn, who wants either purple or cherry red hair. I just want my normal color to cover my greys and perk up my color. Like this: We started watching Lucifer on Netflix and my hubby is hooked! He hasn't gotten into the last few shows I have watched, so it's nice to have found something fun for both of us to watch.
  6. I have so much on my plate right now and I feel like I might go nuts somedays. So this challenge will be nothing but doing things to take care of me. But I have no plan, no goals, nothing to cause me guilt or grief. I'll get back to my bad ass self soon... I am going to fill my challenge pages with beautiful things and my favorite music. Please share what makes you happy here! I'll start - I have never grown potatoes before despite growing up in the potato capital of the world (southeastern Idaho!) and right now I have two potato grow bags on my back patio with several plants in each. They make me happy! And I'll leave you with music.