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  1. In the last challenge I did one thing. Eat more veggies. In the challenge before that I did one thing. Track food. In this challenge I am going to continue to to these two things. That is it. I'm currently on crutches and will be for a couple more weeks, physical therapy is happening but exercise other than that is not allowed. So I am going to focus on the basics until I get my doctor's approval to do more. <sigh> Its hard to be good and not run out and exercise right now. I am being good.
  2. I absolutely love this criteria!!! I laughed out loud and then shared with my 16 year old (yeah I'm that parent) The travel bug is alive with me too, but much less exotic. We are planning a week in Boston and then a long weekend in the mountains for my parent's 50th Anniversary. I'm excited to see where you can figure out to escape to....
  3. Some good days, some bad days.... Overall I'll call this challenge a success. On to the next challenge!
  4. I am being very careful right now with my food choices because it is the only thing I can do right now. Getting on Noom was the perfect choice for me right now! Between the easy tracking and the daily psychology tidbits I am keeping a positive outlook and motivation is steady! I think my oldest is struggling with her medication levels so we aren't 100% steady when it comes to school. I think one of her medications is causing some wonky side effects. But we are working towards a solid and steady attendance at school, it's just a process right now. Thank
  5. Fully vaccinated here! PT is still kicking my butt. Sleep sucks right now, I think it is because I am so inactive right now. I am craving veggies. This is a good craving. I'm off to stand up a bit and ride the stationary bike for a few minutes.
  6. I could swear I posted a few days ago. Oh well - I'll try again! Hip surgery was on the 16th. I'm not in a lot of pain, but I have to be careful while the bone heals and my ligaments recover from being stretched out so much during surgery. I'm trying to keep only 50% weight bering on my right side (ie: I'm on crutches for a month) and no movement beyond a 90 degree flex at my hip joint. The struggle of being good while I really don't hurt much is very real!!! And to contrast PT is actually exhausting. Its such a weird place physically. The hardest part about all
  7. Oh wow! This week has been tough with school starting back up, panic attacks, ADHD meltdowns, the hubby is off getting more medical tests in Denver, and trying to do my job from home while taking care of everyone else. I won't go into any more details but its been a doozy! I know I have been stress eating and being at home, working in the kitchen its helping either. I am missing my veggies and overshooting my calorie goals this week. Checking in here has been a good reminder of what I wanted to focus on... Tonight is my last week of BJJ for the next 6 m
  8. A month to focus on green-therapy sounds so lovely!!!! Hope all is going amazingly for you right now. Can't wait to see you garden lot photos!
  9. I like the idea of getting out to help reset the circadian rhythms like you have been. I might have to steal that idea for myself and the kiddos! Simple Mills has so many amazing mixes! They do crackers and cookies too, but their cheddar cracker are my least favorite. Maybe I just got an overcooked batch but they sure tasted burnt. I keep pancake, pumpkin muffin and chocolate cake mixes in my pantry! So excited for you... sticking with you plan and you saw positive results. Its hard when the scale (or strength gains) doesn't line up with your actions. One of
  10. Weird weather always throws me off. I hope you can adjust and keep kicking ass! And because I miss you...
  11. Doing OK. We have been out on vacation. Airplanes, theme parks, amazing food... the whole nine yards! We had fun and enjoyed the warmth of Florida. I tracked via Noom and increased my fruit & veggie intake! However, the part that has me struggling... I got to see more panic attacks and the OCD/ADHD that my girls have in high def. On Monday they go back to in person school for the first time in a whole year. My oldest is having panic attacks on an increasing basis as school approaches and she has developed a tick. The youngest is a royal terror when something triggers
  12. What a great challenge! I love that you are completely focused on the one thing that is your biggest struggle. I did something similar last challenge and it helps, so I'm doing it again! Evenings are such a hard time to find willpower as it is all gone by 9pm.
  13. I made it though Part 3... I'm looking forward to watching the rest. I like your challenge but picking @spezzy for the challenge was adorable yet insane. Good luck my friend!
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