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  1. Damn this is a good challenge set up! Following of course! If you feel like you need a test audience for those carols again, we'd love to see more YT videos posted here!
  2. ohmygosh I made it to a Tank thread on the 1st page! This are great goals. I will also be doing a simple challenge this time around I think. Just for momentum purposes
  3. I did at that... to be honest, the soreness was extreme because it was a hero workout - they're designed to be tough! Hey Sal, thanks for checking in. I had a pretty good Sunday! So, somehow it's been a week since my last update AND the end of the challenge? Oops. Work was - slightly less busy. I got to the gym twice I think, which was good. One session I went an hour or so early so I could do some heavy lifting and stretching before the arm heavy (bench hips, plate ground to overhead and pull ups) workout. I did Cleans and front squats. It was wonderful. In case I ever doubted it, I love heavy lifting. Overall, things are ticking over. So So. It's - okay. For now. Work will continue to present challenges until I find a suitable replacement for said job, which leads me to... goals# Eek. I did not apply to jobs. Okay, I applied to one, but that was because it was a easy 'send over your CV via the app' deal. I don't know why, but I have a block in this area. I hate application forms, I hate personal statements, I despise interviews... the whole thing gives me a massive whack of anxiety. I need to figure out what I am going to do here. Fitness... a partial win, I think. I reaffirmed some things, I made my Epic Quest out of my love for walking a reality finally. I affirmed that lifting heavy makes me a happier person. Jury is still out on CrossFit as a whole. Like many things, it is not perfect, but - its okay, it works for me most of the time and the best thing, honestly, is that I do not get mansplained to. No one comes up to me to offer unsolicited advice unless they happen to be a coach (and actively coaching a class I'm in), I don't have to fight off groups of bros hanging around squat racks for hours and hogging equipment they're not actively using and no one tries to make f*****g suggestions mid-workout, because a girl in the weight room is clearly in need of some pointers, right? Globo gyms are icky places for females, in my own personal experience. I don't know where that leaves me, goal wise. Get my shit together is a little vague. But - essentially, that's what needs to happen. But, to end on a positive note - I almost disappeared again, but here I am, still (just about) checking in. Woo!
  4. Thanks! It was exactly what I needed, and the best start to the Quest! The weekend flew by. Zip lined right past. But I feel like I accomplished alot. I got my first couple of walks in for my Epic Quest, baked a massive freaking cake, socialized, did minimal housework (hey, I changed the sheets, that counts right?) and today at work the clinical lead for the hospital, who knew how absolutely insane Friday was, gave me and the other 3 staff in that day a massive bar of chocolate. Problem was, it contains hazelnut and one of my colleagues (luckily not one who was in on Friday) is allergic, so I had to wait to eat it! Short update again because its D&D night! Woo!
  5. https://www.facebook.com/groups/322339062686325 This is the FB group btw I shall probably post it on insta. It used old measurements so I had no idea that a cake with a total of 2lbs 14oz of fruit was going to be that flipping huge. It weighs an absolute ton - essentially it's a rich fruit cake but I'm gonna stick some marzipan on it and ice it and that makes it Christmas Cake lol
  6. Ah, I'm sorry. If you add me, I'll happily accept. I was just getting too many weirdos in my DMs... I do, however, also have a FB page/group thing up so I can photo dump and update there. Invite only (because it feels weird just having it totally open to people who don't know me, but again - happy to add anyone from here. Yesterday, I did another 4.25 miles before spending the rest of the day baking the heaviest darned cake I've ever made. It's a Christmas Cake, and I have to remember to keep feeding it rum every week now!
  7. Checking in every day isn't necessary. I mean, your GIF commenting output might suffer, but I'm sure we can cope Glad your family are getting through the COVID stuff and you're all safe. That's what matters most.
  8. Hey now, I wouldn't have invited you if I didn't think you would be awesome! Eh, I don't think healthcare is for me, honestly. Watching surgeries is fascinating, but not something I feel is a career path for me. And I value time to get to the gym and play D&D in the evenings far more than I value an extra day off in the week and working long hours. Not sure what's next for me, really. So, the week is almost over and thank goodness for that! It was a week of stresses, frustrations and teamwork - occasionally. Often, not so much. We seemed to pull together really well yesterday, despite the Inept one finally realising the hard way that people's jobs are more complex than they seem and not everyone can just 'do it'. After giving the anesthetist a panic (she was very clearly out of her depth) someone qualified came in and all went well. I mean, sort of well. We ended up staying an hour and a half late, on an already long day, Friday. Because the Inept One allowed the notoriously slow surgeon to book in the largest number of patients he's ever had after a full morning list of shoulder surgeries and hernia repairs... I've been feeling out of sorts and down this week, something I am chalking up to the work issue. I didn't get to the gym once. The one day I was off this week was the day after my CHAD workout - and my legs are still not 100% over that. Monday they were too painful just walking in a straight line. But THIS HAS TO CHANGE. My mental health needs the gym more so than my physical well being I think, though that also needs looking after, especially with this challenge and all it represents for me. On that note - I have begun! I hiked 7 miles with my friend Charlie (who I actually met, many years ago, on this forum!) and had a beautiful pub lunch at the end. It was a hilly walk filled with the most incredible late autumn colours, and woodland that just fills my imagination and makes me feel so... peacefully happy. The pub - ahh, we are 100% going there again. It was super dog friendly, food was delicious and it had a working fireplace. It was - I'm going to go ahead and say it. It was as damn close to a perfect day as it gets. The perfect antidote to the week. I should be exhausted. I'm not. I'm excited and reinvigorated!
  9. I have begun! The day has finally arrived. Shaking off the last icky tendrils of an emotionally and physically draining week at work, I pulled on my trusty running vest, filled my water bottles and headed to meet up with my friend Charlie and her dog, Jack, for the first walk. We chose a 7 mile loop that took in a few hills, lots of beautiful woodland that looked simply incredible and beautiful beyond what my old phone camera could capture in all it’s autumnal finery. For a lot of the walk we were kicking up leaves and slipping in mud and it was glorious! I’ll link my Instagram here for pictures, because we took a fair few! I set up a Facebook page too, but I think a ‘group’ might actually fit it better, so I’ll see about migrating that. It’s easier to share multiple photos on facebook, but ugh. I prefer Insta more. Alex Brown on Instagram: “And my Epic Quest to walk, run and row 2,692 miles has begun!! I'm following the journey of Aragorn, from the moment Strider sees the…” Honestly, it was the best start to my challenge I could have asked for. Jack is such a sweetheart, Charlie is amazing company and it was incredibly helpful to have someone else to get mildly lost with when trying to follow vague (and sometimes plain misleading!) route instructions! The weather really held well too! I’m trying not to dwell too much on how unseasonably mild it was for November… The start of this Quest also meant I hit my first milestone – a country walk with a visit to a pub at the end! And what a pub! Finding it was a real stroke of luck. It is on a roadside (hey there Prancing Pony in disguise), is very dog friendly (the staff were fussing Jack a lot and gave him treats!) and the dog-friendly area was so cosy – much cosier than the rest of it, in fact! There was an actual fireplace, beautiful seating – It was perfect! I was indeed seated in a corner, but with good company, a beer and the food was delicious! In all, a damn good day! 7.3 miles complete. 2,684.7 miles to go!
  10. Ah, thank you! It doesn't always feel like a wonderful adventure, especially after tough days that bleed into tough weeks... but it is certainly an adventure! Thank you! It's the product of several weeks thoughts and alot of re-writes Thank you! I'm so nervous, especially as one player is the DM of my Monday group and honestly, he's a large part of the reason why that group is a little slice of magic. Ooh that would be very awesome, but google tells that it would be the middle of the night for you! I'm going to be running it at 7pm - 9.30pm UK time on Tuesdays...
  11. Hey all. A very quick update, exercising that something is better than nothing concept. Work has been frustrating and busy and in between that, legs that are still super painful and going out for M's birthday last night, I have not even got to the gym this week and it's making me cranky and sad. I need to get over my issues with job applications. My workplace is now unbelievably toxic. I am Switzerland no more, since the uppity one decided to interfere with my job and belittle me at the same time. I hope she quits. I'll still leave, but she has now managed to upset, annoy or insult every single person in the department, aside from two who are on annual leave for a couple weeks. Pretty impressive, right? Anyway, just to leave on a little note of positivity, I have at least found time to set up a discord server for my new campaign and it is exciting watching players build their characters and chat D&D. My greatest wish is that everyone gets on as well as the 5 strangers who started a game on Monday nights in March do, and we all have an amazing time. Two are from that Monday group, so I have high hopes. When I actually pull myself out of this shitshow situation and are able to run it, that is!
  12. Thanks Sal! No recipe for the beef stew I'm afraid - I just brown the meat off, chuck it in the slow cooker It's getting more ouchie as the day wears on lol A good day today. Day off work, so I had a later start. Legs very stiff and sore, but I managed to get out to the podiatrist.. years and years of pain from this lump on my little toe... half an hour of filing and drilling on this thing and it's sorted! It went very deep, apparently, but my toe actually looks almost normal for the first time in ages!! I got home, went for my usual walk (around 3 miles), watched a film, and did some work on my research. A nice chilled day, but omg my legs! The walk did some good I think. Now for D&D!
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