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  1. Rhovaniel

    Under the Bridge 3.0

    Yes! Go lift ALL THE THINGS! Though I am sad it means we'll be down a ranger for our epic Ranger Meet-Up!
  2. Rhovaniel

    Inazea's Road to Recovery

    Sounds like you've bossed this week! Good job on your goals. I hope you get an appointment soon
  3. Rhovaniel

    Do You Even Work Here? Tanktimus' New Year Challenge

    I'm waay behind Tank, I'm so sorry I missed all the sucky stuff happening and couldn't lend my voice of support until now. I really, really hope that it'll work out for you. And that your good lady is okay and gets her car back soon.
  4. Rhovaniel

    jstanlick attempts to heal and carry on

    Glad you seem to be healing well and are working out again! But do still exercise caution. I say that from someone who had to bring her physio appointment forward after going too hard on a run. My legs need to catch up to my ambition!
  5. Rhovaniel

    The Silver Archer: Imperfect

    I'm so happy you're working Sky! Yay! I'm confident that you'll get back into the swing of work days again soon. How are you doing?
  6. I did the things! I went in to my box's coffee house and chatted with Lee, who runs it (there wasn't anyone else in until later). But I also saw someone in the box with a Nuclear Races hoodie on (Nuclear run Oblivion, Rush, Blackout, Blast and Fallout) so I braved striking up a chat to him about races. It was brief small talk, but hey, I count that as a win. @Rurik Harrgath I'll post some pics of the coffee house once I figure out how to without Instagram. Agility - the painful calves when running somewhat helped this goal. I found a YouTube video of a Yin yoga 'snack' for calves and hamstrings and gave that a go. I'll be continuing that one, I think. it doesn't take long to do. Courage and Strength - hmm. This will need some thought.
  7. Rhovaniel

    Rhovaniel: A year of Questing, part I

    Thanks Sal! I'm feeling a lot better now Thanks! Yeah, my energy levels really took a hit. I'm on it! Thanks CQ. Its so easy to lose perspective sometimes It is! I've had to get used to the idea that under-eating isn't a fluke, but something I need to manage (when I'm not eating 600+ calories worth of flapjack... but that's a different story! Thanks for checking in Sal. Update below! So, on Friday, my hip was really achy and painful when I stood/sat and niggled on a lunchtime walk. So, the death by burpees WOD had to be subbed for death by assault bike. That thing was HARD. But it was also weirdly fun. On Saturday, I travelled up to Birmingham to go to the National Running show at the NEC. @Charlie_Quinn couldn't make it, so it ended up being myself and @jonfirestar roving around like kids in a sweet shop. I'm not even joking about that part. We found the Gu gel stand. Gu is my favourite brand of race gels, they are just so yummy. I got a little self-conscious trying ALL THE FLAVOURS but hey, that is kinda the point. They also had half price of the expensive kind of gel and a deal on a mega pouch of gel and little refillable flask. My bank account emptied a little, my bag got a little fuller It wasn't even my first purchase. Right by the entrance was the 2XU stand, and they also had really good deals. I got me a new pair of leggings with a dark green strip down the sides. I love them! Other purchases during the day included an overpriced square of cake, a book on injury prevention, and a buddy pouch, which has magnets to hold the pouch onto your leggings whilst you run. I tested it out yesterday and the best endorsement I can give is that I forgot all about it. It had my phone in it (it has a side zip for the headphone wire) and a emergency gel in the other pocket. It sat really comfortably. I may even use it for non running events where I don't want to have to faff with a bag. We also tried on a lot of shoes. I really liked a pair of trail running HOKAS, the speedgoat 3 but I do not like the price tag . I gotta wait them to have been out a while, I think. Or see what the older version feels like. Jon and I both tried on Saucony shoes, and I don't think either of us particularly liked them. On running have a weird looking shoe, but I quite liked the feel. I'm a little sceptical of how they'd hold up, comfort wise, as my runs get longer. I also hovered over a camelback trail pack for a bit before ultimately deciding it lacked pockets that I wanted, and Jon and I both spent a long time waiting in a disorganised queue at an injury fix place. But I got my calves looked at, and whilst I didn't feel any different afterwards, my run on Sunday was ALOT more comfortable, so I think it helped. The one thing I forgot to factor in, amidst my run show excitement, was the crowds. It was rammed, and at times, I really felt uncomfortable with it. I think Jon did too. Crowds are no good for nerdy introverts! But we survived. We escaped the crowds for a little while in Wetherspoons, where we found a table at the back and ate lunch. Whilst waiting, I decided to pull the trigger on a salomon pack that was on offer and some innov 8 x claws online. I've heard really good things about both, and I felt more comfortable having ruled out other options. If I don't get on with the pack, I can at least send it back. After lunch, we saw a talk on DNFs, and tried on more things. Oh, and bought flapjacks! They had a 3 for £10 deal,. so I opted for a banana and raspberry one, a fudge topped one and a millionaires topped one. ALL THE CALORIES AND CARBS! The fudge one became dinner on the train home. It. Was. Delicious. The big event of the day, however, was right at the end, and I randomly decided to try a pull up as I walked into the living room for something and the crazy thing happened. I got up! I did one!! Then a couple more which I took videos of because I couldn't believe it. (okay, they were actually a chin up as I have now learned, but still!!) Yesteday, I tried pull ups. I got a couple inches short, so I'm close!! I was so excited. I had the banana and raspberry jam one as a post-run fuel before heading out for my 8 miles yesterday. It took a while to get myself going, but once I was out the door, I was fine. It was a really good run actually. My calves and hips were fine, it felt comfortable. And no kids got in my way! The route I use is popular with cyclists, dog walkers and sunday family strolls. All fo which are fine, but small humans run around a lot, in a haphazard, get under your feet way and they also don't look behind them before they move. It makes for an interesting case of dodge 'ems, at least it did last week, but this week was smoother. Even if one kid was cycling away from her parents, turned round and just stared at me running towards her. If it wasn't broad daylight, she'd have been kinda creepy. Then in the afternoon, my long hair went. I've been toying with the idea of a pixie cut for ages, but yesterday I took the plunge and had it done. I love it. It was an actual weight lifting as the plait was cut off. I'll probably post some pictures soon. It should make training easier too. No more horrible knots!
  8. Rhovaniel

    Emerald Eagle preps for the 2019 Crossfit Open

    I am so sorry EE. I fully get how all of that must be affecting you. You don't need me to tell you that your emotions and what your feeling is valid, but I'm going to anyway, because sometimes it helps to have someone else say it too. I can't tell you how glad I am that you're going to find a counsellor. I was really uncertain about seeing someone when I needed it, but it did truly help. I hope that it helps you too.
  9. Rhovaniel

    Jarric - Road to Oblivion part 1

    Have all the fun at D&D Jarric! And I really hope you get a physio appointment soon. I ignored my niggle for waay to long.
  10. Rhovaniel

    H3r0. A New Year

    Sometimes nothing days are exactly what's needed! I hope you (and your son) are sleeping better now? Did it help to write out the anxieties? Any way you can exorcise the demons is a win, right?
  11. Rhovaniel

    jedi_mind evolves into a ranger!

    Hey @jedi_mind, how are things going?
  12. Rhovaniel

    elizevdmerwe - There be Dragons

    Glad you got at least one of the boys certificates sorted out.
  13. Rhovaniel

    Echocheanic: The guide

    A lot of us here suffer with 'Ranger Brain', the desire to do all the things! Good job on balancing that. It's something I struggle with, and probably will until an 8th weekday, called Ranger Day, of course, is invented! I am also someone who prefers to exercise later in the day. Luckily, I only need to get up early one day per week.
  14. Rhovaniel

    Rhovaniel: A year of Questing, part I

    Yeah... not till early Feb though! If they continue, I'll push for an on the day appointment. I'll look forward to it!
  15. Rhovaniel

    Rhovaniel: A year of Questing, part I

    I really am so excited for all of these things! Thanks Jon. Mental resilience is going to be huge when it comes to these goals. Thanks Sal. If in any way I help you at all, then it's worth it. Yeah, one of the things I love about these crazy rangers is that we are honest with each other. Excuses will hold little water here! Thanks Sky Thanks Jarric. It's hard to remember sometimes that I'd cling to the top of a wall barely higher than myself in absolute panic. Until something like the bars happen where I freak out about it and then I feel like I'm right back where I started. But I am getting better. And more exposure to the scary things will help. Thanks Echo. The before and after mindset is pretty amazing. I just need to hold onto it a little more when things get scary! Btw - what is your book called? I'll add it to my alphabet list! Thanks. I was kinda impressed that I didn't flake out on at least part of it myself. The friendships I've made here, both online and IRL, are some of the things I treasure most. I am doing... ok. I think that's the best way to put it. I've been getting nosebleeds two, sometimes three times a day since Friday, and it has really shown in my energy levels, although part of that may be because I also underrate on a number of those days. I'm going to be making a conscious effort to change that, because that is at least one thing that is in my control. Goal wise, I have made very little progress with my book. I like the book, but I am struggling to prioritise it. Most nights this week I have collapsed exhaustedly into bed. Yesterday, I managed to get my calories back on track with 1962 (ok, the target on training days is 2200 but I hit around 1600 a couple days so.. progress! Who knew that under-eating could be an issue when you're not getting 500+ calories from junk food?! Training - Hit all my workouts, other than skipping CrossFit yesterday, which I did for tactical reasons and subbed in a on-the-fly workout (CrossFit was sprinting and rowing - not only do I not want to push my hip just yet with all out sprints, I also have my hard run today). Instead, I did my pull up practise, then 5 sets of 10 goblet squats with a 9kg dumbbell, 5 sets of 5 push ups (I'm frustrated that I only managed 2 or 3 full ones per set and will need to work on these more!) then 3 sets of 10 shoulder presses (10 per side) and finished with a minute plank hold. So, that's where I am. Middling, doing ok, but changes need to be made and my focus re-aligned.