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  1. The challenges generally offer a range of options. 50km and 25km are usually there (with a pinch of salt, my total distance yesterday was 33.8 miles, or just over 54km. The '100' I want to do next year is actually 106km). Some have 10km options, usually on day 2 of weekend events. They do not allow dogs on the route though, only in supporter areas at rest stops. Safety wise, many of the paths we go down are narrow, and dogs covering that kind of distance may not be safe for them either, probably. But you can absolutely do one if you set your mind to it. Do work up to it slowly though. No such thing as embarrassingly unfit. You are where you are, and we all start where we are. Ultra walking is one of those beautiful events where you will see people of all different sizes doing it. And thank you!
  2. Thanks for checking in on me guys. I'm okay, just got a little bit overwhelmed Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. I got a little snowed under various things and sort of let things slip. Not all of it is worth going over now, but I am trying to pull it all back together. Slowly. Just over a week ago, I remembered (okay, I got sent a reminder email) that I had the last ultra walk of the season this weekend, 50km. It was in the Chiltern Hills, so quite hilly, and I have not trained longer distances since... Yorkshire's 50km in July. I was nervous, but decided to do it anyway. I am very glad I did. Yes, the hills were hard. But manageable. The scenery was incredible. Rolling hills, green fields, lots and lots of woodland and tree tunnels to walk through. The miles just flew by. I walked with my friend Helen, who I met doing my first ever walk, the Winter Walk back in January. We had a blast, she's a great walking companion, and a good mix of talking and just striding along to your own tempo. I didn't even listen to music aside from a small stetch along the last 6km, where the wind was picking up and my energy levels had gone through the first, second, third and fourth winds to flag again. Howard Shore never fails me (Lord of the Rings soundtrack) and I picked up. One of the marshals even commented how we were still cheerful and going strong on the last 2km! I saw a lot of broken people. Encouraged those we passed, including one poor guy using his trekking poles as walking sticks and all but shuffling with a painful gait. He was 3km from the end, and made it. I remember seeing him back at the showground where the base camp was after and congratulated him on finishing. He looked at me blankly, sort of recognised me and said 'I feel destroyed' I finished with NO new blisters (an absolute first for me), no toenails hanging off or black and even able to walk properly. I mean, my hip and knee ached, my feet were sore but honestly, much better than I though I would feel after 9 hours 50 minutes moving time (11 hours 31 total, we spent quite a while at the 2nd rest stop (lunch) to sort out kit and feet and prepare for the longest stretch (17km). Making it in 11 hours 31 also means it is the fastest I've ever completed a 50km challenge, and alllmost my first sub 12 hour. I finished Yorkshire in 11 hours 59 minutes and 7 seconds according to strava! The finishers food was BBQ, I went for chicken and wedges and salad, propped my legs up on a spare seat (don't worry, feet were not touching anything but air) and rested up for a bit before heading home. It gave me the mental boost I didn't think it would (I was very nervous about it actually) but so so needed. Today, I am surprisingly alive. I'm stiff, but no where near as bad as I was after Yorkshire. Is this - progress? Am I getting fitter?? I sure hope so, but I suspect I just got lucky. That, and I didn't set myself a time target, or tell myself I wanted to be out of rest stops in a certain time or even look at the time of day much. It is by far the most fun way to improve and keep the love for it. I want to do 100km next year, but that is only if I train better. There is no way I can do double distance and wing it. So yeah. That's me. Updating and hoping to keep updating now....
  3. Second this. Honestly, managers can say all they like. As soon as they know you're staying, they'll slip right into the old ways.
  4. Hey Mia. Sorry to hear on the nightmares. Angry as heck on your behalf about the driver's license thing. You are handling it alot better than I would, tbh. Really hope things upswing for you soon!
  5. Here to cheer you on and here's to eating real food! Also, OHMYGOSHYOURDOGISSOCUTEARRRRGH. I used to have a German Shephard. Wonderful, wonderful dogs. Mine was half family pet, 100% my guard dog and woe be to anyone who tried to get to her tiny hooman without her permission!
  6. This is awesome! Breathing exercises are deceptively hard, kudos for for doing it whilst walking.
  7. That is an awful lot to bear, I'm sorry Starpuck. I truly hope all goes well with both and treatment is successful
  8. I couldn't help myself! I'm incognito this time around with a Doctor Who challenge theme lol Yeah. She's been a constant of British life for well over 70 years, even before her ascension to the throne. One of the few, good public figures. No scandal ever involved her, she did her best and honestly, the most admirable thing I find about her was how she embraced change. She changed her own views at times (concerning divorce for instance) and to be that public, and show that kind of growth and changing of views, in the public eye, says alot about her strength. I hope King Charles follows well in her footsteps. He's making a good impression so far. OOH YES. That would be awesome. Not to mention the elves. Elves wouldn't even consider it odd, just like - oh yeah, that's an old coin. had it for a few centuries. Still got the same monarch, so no big deal. It is oddly comforting to know that such mishaps appear to be normal!
  9. Day Three. I have yet to actually figure out how to add a schedule to here, but I am tracking in my paper notebook. Yesterday actually went very well. I completed my scheduling tasks with work and edits and even dinner. I did knit my swatch test, enough to figure out I needed to do another with a larger needle. I then belatedly realised that because I have a skein of yarn in the fancy twist, I needed to ball it up before working with it. I spend alot of my evening doing that, and undoing a few knots. Strangely meditative, and I learned a new skill - winding a ball of wool to have a centre pull. Keeps it neater and I'm hoping knot free. This morning, I went up a needle size and got the gauge I needed, though I haven't washed it yet. Mostly because I just finished it, and I haven't got any wool safe detergent atm. Today - I got up with my alarm! Rewarded the effort with a slow start to the day. I made loose leaf tea, settled in with a book on the sofa and read until birdsong outside the window drew me out for my walk earlier than I usually go. Loved the quiet, and the peace. I am finding myself longing for the countryside more and more lately, so it was just what I needed really. I also booked a doctor appointment, saw said doctor and got my medication, which was loosely on my schedule (dependant on whether I could actually get in to see the doc). I ate lunch, and did prep for my D&D session tonight. Finished off the knit swatch. Feels like a quiet yet productive day and I am actually feeling very content right now. Oh, I pick up my prescriptions at a supermarket (grocery store) so whilst I waited for it to be ready, I also picked up a rhubarb pie and a cartoon of custard. Had some as an afternoon treat and damn if it doesn't make me wish I was better in the kitchen. Which reminds me. @Sovalis, I don't suppose there are any recipes in that book you were kind enough to show me a challenge or two back of hearty one-pot meals was there? I'm thinking I might try to source a copy of it
  10. Alright, let's see how Day 1 went: 5.45am: alarm goes off, I snooze for 15 minutes (Frodo is clever and has learned that alarm = I am awake and available for snuggles) 6am: Up, shower, get ready for work. Fell back to sleep, got up 20 minutes before due to leave. Bad Rho!! 7:30am : work day starts (You are here on the map ) 6pm: Work finishes, I go home. 6.30 - 7pm ish: eat dinner, clean the kitchen (giving myself Amber as whilst I did clean the kitchen, snacking does not count as dinner) 7.15pm - late: D&D (no d&d but I watched a bunch of YT videos that made me want to run away to the countryside so.... eh. Coulda been worse I can and must be better Day Two! I did not get up on time and I have decided that not only do I hate it, it feels me with a sharp pang of self-hate when I do get up and have to rush to get ready and this morning Frodo was still sound asleep on the windowsill so there isn't even that excuse. And I didn't go to bed late (no D&D, but we have rescheduled to Friday). I gotta do something. I think I might change my sunrise alarm for an actual lamp. It will be brighter and less gentle and I will hopefully not fall back to sleep. I can fall back to sleep with a full bladder, so drinking plenty of water before bed isn'y going to solve things either. My alarm is by my bed, but I'm thinking I might try to find somewhere else to charge my phone and set a couple of alarms on that. Ideally, I want to get to the point where I wake up naturally around the same time and just... get up. I just don't know how to do that, especially when Frodo wants cuddles in the morning. Anyway, lets not dwell. Today I have three tasks. I am practising taking baby steps to where I want to go, so: 1. Go to work 8 - 6 ( I mean, I have to do this anyway, but it's part of my schedule and I might as well make it a goal 2. Go over my supervisor's notes on my draft and do the first edits 3. Research knitting gauges and knit a swatch (I am trying to make myself a cardigan before Winter's End, but the wool I had to get isn't an exact match, so I need to figure out this swatch thing) So, lets give this another go: 6am: Get up, shower, slow cup of tea to start the morning (this did not happen but it's important to know it was my schedule) 7am: leave for work (I was a little late for this) 8am: work till 6pm During Work: work on edits in downtime 6pm: Home 6.30pm: Dinner, clean kitchen 7.30pm: Knit swatches, figure out what I need to do in order to start this cardigan
  11. It's also known as the 'oh dammit' part of the cooky place when you accidently light the wrong flat-make-hot-on-one-side circle and your hand gets an ouchy because it was over the front one and you wanted to light the back one. Tricksy place is the food room!
  12. The beer was excellent as usual, barkeep. But perhaps a nice hot tea this time please. I'll be tipsy with too many of those! *turns to the wood elf on the stool next to her and notices the mud* "Looks like you had some fun adventures this weekend, Jarric. How was it?" Hope everyone had a great weekend?
  13. It worked! Yay! I don't suppose there is any way to tell whether Phantom or Potato is the proud father yet - are they very different in colouring to tell when the kittens are born perhaps? Congratulations to the expectant mother
  14. Eh, we're British. Complaining about the weather is like our national hobby. Please do not overdo it on this. Gentle stretches (I mean gentle) and if it gets worse or doesn't go away, do battle with the Gatekeepers of Care (receptionists) and call your GP.
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