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  1. OOh, that sounds really cool. I just finished reorganising my bookshelves with a view to culling the ones I either don't like, will not probably ever read or have no more need of (to charity shops, don't worry. I cannot bring myself to throw any book out). Among my discoveries, I found a) I need more bookshelves and a cataloging system would be really useful and b) I have no fewer than 5 separate copies of Lord of the Rings (the whole things, either in 3 volumes or 1 giant volume) and 4, yes 4, copies of Pride and Prejudice. I have no idea why. I knew I had one duplicate because the cover was
  2. Ooh, I've not heard if LibraryThing. Is it an online tracker/app? I tend to use my BuJo. I am really bad need to work on keeping up to date with the rest of the sections, but somehow, getting to colour in a book on my self-drawn chart is weirdly motivating. The next page over is for very simple 1 to 5 star reviews of books. Though the book I just finished makes me think I should have some way to keep track of which ones give me major emotions. I finished that one both angry and sad.
  3. That... is just about the best answer to that question. Sitting down is always good. Except when it isn't. Man, I missed you and that gif. Reminds me of Dirty Weekend. Didn't you buy a a folding chair just so you could do that?
  4. Made it here. Probably not going to set up a challenge this time - I'm leaning towards a battle log as it fits better with the longer-term outlook and quest-setting I'm currently trying to hash out. But it's always nice to sit back and have a (virtual) beer with awesome nerds How is everyone doing?
  5. Just poking my head in to say hi! Here for all the house renovation updates - and to be on your case about foam rolling!
  6. Oof, that is an awful lot of rough to go through with family things, RES, I'm sorry. I really hope things can improve. Looks like you smashed the challenge though. Look at all those rainbows!
  7. So, the last day of the challenge was technically yesterday, but I feel like this needs one last update. I am doing okay. Really, truly doing okay at the moment. I started this week at a very low point, and the broken bits that have been exposed in this latest development are still very much broken, and I am very much aware of them. Some of those things, I honestly don't know if I'll ever fully heal from, but mentally, I am back to feeling like 'me'. The last couple of weeks have shown me that I have even further to go in my journey than I realised, and the paths to justice are so
  8. Thank you. I truly appreciate that. *hugs you right back* thank you! Yeah, right now goals are just not happening right now and I have to accept that. Getting the basics done is helping, thanks. Thank you Sal. You're amazing. Guys, your support is amazing, thank you. The weekend was initally okay, I had a 'okay, gonna keep busy and do all the things', so I went food shopping, I made a sort-of risotto in the slow cooker, did some washing, played D&D. Hell, I even baked cookies and through it all I was managing ju
  9. Hey guys. I'm pretty much crashing out of this challenge. It started as a bit of a slump, but I was kinda managing. I'm still going out for a run, though less frequently. I haven't worked out in a couple days. The problem is that this slump is compounding onto... Stuff. The thing that gave me PTSD, that is still raking its nails through my life and that now seems to be ramping up again. It's been dragging on for so long, and I think that we are perhaps nearing the terrifying end. The thing is, usually when I get updates, they're just that, updates. It sideswipes me for
  10. Super super small update just to check in and not hide away in the shadows. I have done.... nothing. Well, I've finished book 7 and wrote two more pages of notes for the novel, but fitness, yoga.... zilch. I didn't mean to take a week off completely, but it seems to be what happened. Running I will get back to hopefully today or tomorrow, as my calf is feeling a lot less tight. I've been taking a walk at least once a day too, whatever the weather. Strength workouts also NEED to happen. There was no reason for me to not do these, apart from Monday and Tuesday because I got my first
  11. Nice going! Sounds like you're smashing it!
  12. Hey! How are you getting on?
  13. Ooh the ring fit sounds good! I love when you find something fun that gets you moving!
  14. I loved our first session, and I'm actively looking forward to the next. For me, I actually really struggle socially as well. I had no small amount of Anxiety in 'meeting' your brother and just generally playing D&D with someone I didn't know. So, it's doing good for all of us!
  15. Your weekly summary reads like a victorious charge! Well done with the successes!
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