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  1. I always thought I was being held captive by the black dragon........ I’m starting to think I am the damn dragon.....
  2. Probably. But I have a hard time sharing. I’m pretty private.
  3. knitting, food, reading, food. Sometimes my spouse, if he’s not involved in the why.
  4. So I guess I should update y’all........ zero week was okay. We got 5 days in, 3.2 miles each. Not even watching the food. week one was.....a week. We got 4 days in, 3.2miles each. Not watching the food. First half was a shit show, rest was recovering from said shit show. week 2......started as a shit show once again. These days it doesn’t take much to put Me in the depths of despair. It gets harder to climb out, mentally & emotionally. I’m working on it. Today I skinned my knee & hands. I moved to the edge of our road for a vehicle. The grader came through the other day, so the edge was very loosy goosy and my right foot slid right down into the ditch, left knee hit the gravel. Hands are actually fine, knee is a bit ouchy. Been a hot sec since I skinned anything, and it stings. So much for being nice. Not great, mentally. But I’m trying.
  5. So sorry for your loss. You will be in my thoughts.
  6. One day at a time. It sucks, royally. But there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Spend as much time as you can with him, enjoy the time you still have as much as possible. Grieving will happen, now and after, but don’t let it keep you away.
  7. Its a strange phenomenon. My son just wanted olympic dumbbell bars (we have plates already) and lordy me they were super pricey! Cheaper to just buy an actual dumbbells. And everyone seems to be out of them anyway, so...... Week 2 tomorrow I believe. But time as ceased to have meaning.....
  8. Thought that was from Godsmack’s When Legends Rise. Turns out it’s Wyatt Earp In Tombstone. Go figure. So, it feels like I’m gonna just bleed. I can’t even articulate right now. So: I will keep walking. I may or may not continue to eat my feelings. No promises. So I mean, this could drive me to drink. Stoopid virus. Stoopid rules. Everyone here, all the time. And I can only buy so much new yarn before someone notices. (Seriously, I have a fiber addiction). But, I am up to date on my Traveling Afghan (waiting on the next square) and have thus far “designed” 5 additional squares to make mine bigger. 11 to go (a new one is released approximately every 2 weeks. The current one is late ☹️). AND, I finished the socks I started in March, and started a new pair......2 at a time! Is it sad that that’s my bright side?