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  1. Sounds like Mexican Spanish vs Spain Spanish (I’ve heard). Or Northern Germany vs Southern Germany (Ran into that one personally).
  2. Pepsi is just plain nasty. Ummm. No. But cherish those kisses. Soon those toddlers become teenagers who no longer want kisses & snuggles. (Granted it would be weird)
  3. I Also live in CO. I love it (except shoveling snow. That sucks). There’s a lot to see. Cripple creek is cool, but very tourist-y (gambling town) but the drive in is pretty. Royal Gorge is fun, Phantom Canyon Road if your vehicle can do unimproved........it’s absolutely gorgeous. Woodland Park, Manitou Springs (legal pit here if that’s your thang). Lots of backroads to get from Co Springs & Denver if you aren’t in a hurry. Some of those drives have random (for me) hiking trails. My 2 cents. Sorry/not sorry 😁
  4. Interview was pushed back a day due to interviewer dropping the drive shaft on her car......so we bonded over car issues. (My clutch shattered halfway to work once) Had it today. It went well I think. We’ll see what happens. If they can give me a minimum of 30/week and more than $12.25........... 🤷‍♀️
  5. Pottery Barn I got my honey the you’re my lobster one..... Well, it depends on if you going to do it or eat it. But we always said cook out. Lawd, I actually remember this happening to me. I ordered a coke in Utah. They gave me a coke. 🤪 I wanted a Dr. Pepper. In Texas, when I was young, you ordered a coke, and they asked what kind. But dammit , do not ask me is Pepsi is okay. It’s so.....not okay. 🤢 Amen.
  6. fortune favors the brave Going with that meaning. It’s what John Wick’s tat says. Wait, you nerds know that already 😆. I am not brave. I want to be. I think I’m broken. I don’t want to be. But how to put humpty dumpy back together? Goal. Yes you read that correctly. Goal. Walk. 5 days a week. Unless I get a job, then things will change. I am looking, sort of. Benefits would be nice.. Have an interview tomorrow. We’ll see what we see. Sadly, since I only have a Mrs. degree (🤪), I’m not qualified for much. No one counts raising your children as work experience. Weight has held steady (ish) at about 132.4. Which is surprising since who has a f#*@ to give about calories. Will still be minimal. Stop by if you want to chat. I’ll likely only be lurking in other threads.