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  1. Rinna

    Rinna claws her way back from the abyss.....

    Today was better. A week now on the meds, and I can tell it’s working. Things are less dark, I’m not *quite* as emotional. Which is good, cause hubby def doesn’t get the tears.
  2. Rinna

    Rinna claws her way back from the abyss.....

    He’s a right bastard, he is. I am slowly sneaking/fighting my way out of his dastardly clutches....... Thanks, Tank. I def need frenz right now.
  3. Apparently, I have been ignoring the warning signs. I found myself back where I began. Sad, weepy, anxious, paranoid, often unreasonable. So I have gone back on my depression meds. It's been a week, and slowly things are becoming less......dark. This challenge is gonna be simple. Or fairly simple anyway. With my mental health in limbo, everything was an effort. I lurked here and there, but didn't participate as much. And I may not this time, but I'm gonna try. I tend to isolate myself from.....things. I am making an effort not to. Challenge goal: Self care - take meds and work toward being healthy mentally. Exercise - 5 days of something is best, but will settle for 4. I will not be tracking. I will not be judging myself (yeah, right. but we're working on this)
  4. Rinna

    Salinger's twenty sixth challenge!

    How about starting small? Every hour, do a thing. Have stairs? Go up & down X number of times (or until your heart rates goes up a bit). Or walk around the outside of the house X times. Or do X squats, pushups, crunches etc. You don’t need a gym, or to leave the house to get started.
  5. Rinna

    Wait, This is a Fitness Site, Isn't It? Tanktimus Gets Back to Work

    I am here for now. We’ll see how long it lasts.
  6. My recent epiphany was while listening to Stabbing Westwards "Save Yourself": ~I know your life is empty And you hate to face this world alone So you're searching for an angel Someone who can make you whole I can not save you I can't even save myself So just save yourself I know that you've been damaged Your soul has suffered such abuse But I am not your savior I am just as fucked as you I can not save you I can't even save myself So just save yourself~ I can't expect others to give me the self esteem I lack, the meaning to my life, the motivation to do the thing. I must look within myself (dorky, I know) and fix what's damaged. It's not like I was abused, because I wasn't. But I was sucked into the world's view of what is pretty/healthy/whatever. I am not skinny (probably won't ever be. That's okay), I wear glasses, I'm a ginger. I can't fix my eyes (neither can the Doctor's, I'm just screwed until cataract time), I won't change my hair (I've learned to love my gingerness, I'm a frickin' unicorn, yo). But I can prioritize my damn health. No fancy diets. No withholding. Just eat normal (not like a jackass) and exercise. Let's try being the Tortoise instead of the Hare. Goalz: Eat. Track. Don't sweat the small stuff. Exercise. Period. DO. THE. THING. (any thing will do Read. Don't slack off on the bible reading. You made 7 months. 5 and you'll have read the whole shebang. Be kind. To others, and most importantly, to yourself.