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  1. We are thinking of moving to Kentucky.
  2. Here are s one, and here is the other. You can scroll around to see the bears & bunnies if you like. I’ll be doing yoga with Adrienne.
  3. So. Here I am. Earlier this year I just couldn’t. Couldn’t believe what was being said. Couldn’t believe……..just couldn’t. Peoples attitudes and comments were very distressing and quite unreal. This no longer felt like a safe place. A welcoming place. A tribe. I had to leave. Honestly I don’t know if I’ll stay. I have had a hellacious couple of years. Been very low. Had to admit how dark I really was to someone, while trying to be there for my 18 yr old, who was in just as dark a place. This admission didn’t help. They couldn’t give me what I needed. Im reconciled to the fact that I won’t get it. Because they don’t get it. And I can’t make them understand. I have to save myself. Somehow. I have gained 20 pounds. I’ve not been active. At all. This needs to change. Knitting has been my only…….refuge. I did knit 7 bunnies/bears/unicorns for charity. It gave me a purpose. The plan, subject to change and/or outright abandonment: -keep knitting. Don’t hurt anyone when feeling stabby. (No worries. I just hold it all in until heartburn or a migraine sets in.) -actually start and hopefully complete 30 days of yoga -do something. Maybe aerobics or a workout video. -maybe start tracking calories. I dunno, sorta feels like too much. We’ll see. -start a Christmas advent daily devotional, and invite friends to participate. Onward, to the corner. No lights please.
  4. I think I was in high school? Wouldn’t have stayed up that late to see it. But really, I just don’t remember I guess. And some of those later ones we probably watched on AFN/AFRTS, who showed things at odd times. (SNL came on at noon)
  5. What about these guys? I’m surprised it made it onto prime time. This was before sweating and naked butts on regular tv.........at least as I remember it.
  6. My mom instead of 1 week on, 4 weeks off, would be the opposite, 4 on 1 off (if lucky). Unfortunate splooging episodes out of nowhere. When they finally offered her a hysterectomy they found that her uterus was inverted/retroverted (something like that) basically folded in half backwards. My point is, it wasn’t the giant badness she was afraid of
  7. The same Madness that strikes whenever a new platform comes out around the holidays. Or any *new* thing. Cabbage Patch Kids (someone actually did a song to the tune of satisfaction by the Stones about it), the first Wii. There were fights and such over the wii. Neighbor only got one cuz he was a cop, and “knew” somebody. Had to literally sneak it out the back so as to avoid the crazy.
  8. Damn straight it is. I found that listening to a good podcast helped me in the beginning. And/or music.
  9. It works. That’s what I do. When I first started the route I do, it look me 1 1/2 hours. Now it takes 47 minutes. My knees would hurt so bad, I would almost be in tears by the end. But now, they don’t hurt nearly as much. And I’ve lost 32 lbs over 2 years. (Granted, my weight has gone up & down, up & down. But it’s staying down so far.)
  10. You should try fried apples. Omg they are to die for.
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