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  1. Rinna

    The Dude(ette) abides.....Rinna does things.

    Why does the weather not cooperate? Storms just have to roll in right when it’s time for walking......dammit. Been a rough week. Boy-o came down with some unspecified virus. Took to Dr, as he had some unusual symptoms. Been running 99.9-102.8 all week. Feels like shite. My poor baby. I hate it when there’s nothing you can do. Not to mention it’s exhausting taking care of a sick teenager. So basically this week is a bust. At least it’s zero week.
  2. Rinna

    Salinger's twenty first challenge!

    Oohhh. Wales! I got to visit Betws y Coed a long time ago. It was so cool. Absolutely beautiful country. Have fun!
  3. And I just learned (as I slog my way through Return of the King, book not movie) that some of his healing ability is directly related to him being the True King.......who knew?
  4. Rinna

    The Dude(ette) abides.....Rinna does things.

    So heartbroken at what’s happening in Paris. I had the honor and privilege of visiting Notre Dame 21 years ago. It was so beautiful. Now this gorgeous piece of history is broken. And some.....people, horrible people.....are rejoicing at it’s demise. That’s just wrong. It makes me want to weep.
  5. Rinna

    Fitbit Challenge anyone...?

    Awesome, thanks!
  6. Rinna

    [Keeper of the Flame] Protector

    At least your missed call wasn’t “I’m at the airport, where are you?” Have a good visit. Remember, she’ll be going back home, so all you have to do is power through.
  7. Rinna

    Fitbit Challenge anyone...?

    I think I sent an invite......
  8. Rinna

    Fitbit Challenge anyone...?

    How would one do that? My fitbit is in my signature.......
  9. Rinna

    Walk to Mordor and Back Again (2019)

    So I’m nearing Rivendell. 140ish miles to go......
  10. Rinna

    Fitbit Challenge anyone...?

    Is this still open?
  11. There will be self care. There will be movement. There will be IF again. There will NOT be joints or white russians. I'll be working, how much is yet to be seen. Depends on how psycho psychobitch is being. I haven't been IFing. Being sick, I've just been trying to eat enough lately. And I started on another unfinished project that I hope to finish. Maybe not this challenge, but who knows. Hubby and I hope to start walking this week, but with the weather, who knows. I just gotta keep trying.