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  1. Hello!!!! I'm here and following! Back from being a lurker. hehe.
  2. Konichiwa! Hello everyone! I am back and starting on my challenge. First, I want to give an update on a few things that have happened in the past few months. About a month ago I got really sick with a stomach flu. I could barely keep water down. Once I started being able to eat again, I was eating just light foods. I took advantage of this and decided not to go back to eating and drinking the way I had been. I stopped drinking soda altogether, I started cooking more at home, I started eating healthier and taking my lunch to work. It was going great and I was getting results! I had
  3. Oh man! I'm so excited for you that you're FINALLY going to get to take your exam! Good for you, man! Best of luck on it! Yoga is hard. I used to do a night time yoga routine for relaxation before bed, and that helped a lot to get started. I couldn't do all the poses perfectly, but I did what I could. I should get back into that... but that's another challenge.
  4. Week ? Update: 2/22/2021 Oh man... what week is it? Week 2? Week 3? I have no idea. The last week suuuuuuuuuuucked. It was so bad. I didn't go to work all week, partly because of the snow/ice storms we had... but also because of my mental health. Due to the snow storms, I couldn't get refills on my prescription medications. So I was without my antidepressant for over a week. I could barely get out of bed. I slept more than I was awake. I had mood swings from hell. It was horrible. I couldn't go anywhere, couldn't do anything, and the only thing that kept me sane was pl
  5. So far I've been enjoying it. I haven't had a lot of time to play it though. I've been addicted to this other game, 7 Days to Die, that I've been playing with my friends. Right now for my mental health, I need the social aspect of playing games with my friends. If it was only getting down into the 20s, I wouldn't have worried. She and her cat could get under blankets and figure it out. However, it was in the negatives for several days. I'm not entirely sure of her situation either. I'm not sure where you are from either. In Oklahoma it's very difficult to fi
  6. Wooooo! Loving these wins, man! Keep eating well and getting swole! Do eeeeeeet!!!!
  7. Oh man, I'm a wuss when it comes to cold weather. I'm not doing well with this AT ALL. Then again... we didn't have a 100+ car pileup!!!! I heard on the news that happened near Ft. Worth, TX. Good lord! We DID have a 26 car pile up the other day though... Here's a good gif for Southerners VS Northerners:
  8. Oh man, I feel you on the cold weather. It's 14 degrees Fahrenheit this morning and I'm not ok with it. We're supposed to get a blizzard this weekend too! Ugh... There's a reason I don't live further north. Oh, I've already read the whole Dark Tower series. I've also read IT twice (I didn't really find it that scary. I was more interested in the relationship of the children than I was scared of Pennywise.) I also read Doctor Sleep. It was an interesting book... definitely different from The Shining. Not as scary. Now the Shining, THAT I found scary.
  9. Week 0 Update: 2/12/2021 Yesterday was rather difficult for me. On top of my normal energy issues, I didn't sleep well the night before. I was struggle bussing it all day. I'm going to put something in the spoiler below that is causing me significant stress. It involves mental health issues, anxiety, and some other stuff that I'm not sure everyone will want to read, so it's in a spoiler. So, I'm pretty stressed and tired. I'm really glad it's friday. We're supposed to get a blizzard this weekend (almost unheard of where I live) so tonight after work I'm
  10. Yeah, that's what was happening before. I had sleep apnea and it was really affecting my life. Well, now I feel like I don't even have a CPAP. I'm having the same trouble again. Going to keep trying stuff and see what sticks. Hopefully I can figure it out and get better sleep so I can better tackle the day to day! I started playing WoW during the Burning Crusade expansion and then it was really fun! I enjoyed the lore and interactions. I think my favorite expansion was Wrath of the Lich King. Then when it got to Cataclysm I just started getting bored and losing interest.
  11. I've heard nothing but good things. That it's one of his best works. So far I think my favorite has been The Shining. I'm definitely on a Stephen King kick right now.
  12. Here to cheer you on, man! How's the Whole 30 going? I see you got +16 Vitality from last challenge! Definitely improvements there! Let's get it!!!!
  13. The Stand is on my TBR list. I want to read the actual book rather than listening to it on audiobook. I'm not sure why, but that one I'm compelled to read myself.
  14. I'm so excited for you to be able to see Sunshine!!!! It's been a while, hasn't it? You two have fun this weekend!
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