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  1. Gemma

    Minimal Gemma

    Catching up on my (days old) backlog of e-mail got me to this Nia Shanks article, which further affirms my decision to keep going to the gym as scheduled even when I can only do a very few exercises. Also, forgot to answer @Mike Wazowski's question about moon salutations. Yes, it is different from sun salutation - but similar, in that there are a MILLION different variations. The one I am doing, and liking, is this one. Unrelated but awesome, when I went to YouTube to find that, I saw that the Sidh has released a new video and I am in love all over again: ETA: Rapid flashing lights warning!
  2. Gemma

    Minimal Gemma

    I feel like I am not understanding the concept of a retainer. In my teenage life, it was a thing like this* that I could put in and take out myself, that I was supposed to wear all the time except when eating (but didn't.) What you are describing sounds like something permanently installed in the mouth. So I googled 'permanent retainers' and realized that technology has changed a lot since the last time I had a professional relationship with an orthodontist. Now I have a new question to ask next time I visit, because I have no idea what the plan is for my retention (or if that gets decided later near the end of treatment.) *I'm a bit disturbed that this is a thing you can buy on eBay. Call me a Luddite, but ... Challenge update: Thursday was a crazy-busy day at work, but I managed to do all of the things I was committed to do Friday I did most of the things early in the day, but didn't write. Then the hubs and I went out for dinner - our favorite restaurant, which is about an hour and a half away, was doing a V-day 'ribeye for two' special ... and yes, I can in fact chew steak. As long as I cut off small bites and take my time. And have interdental brushes in my purse! So - medium rare ribeye, salad with mandarin oranges, goat cheese, and citrus dressing, garlic 'n herb mashed potatoes, and raspberry chocolate cheesecake. Was I in a food coma and unable to write by the time we got home? You bet. Did I sleep restlessly while trying to digest all that? Of course I did. Was my jaw sore? Sure. Was it worth it? In home-tidying/possession reduction news, I struggle with getting rid of things if they are still good and I can't find a good home for them. Regular clothes/shoes/handbags are easy, I have several local thrift shops that I respect. Things that are too worn out to be of use to anyone I can throw away and it doesn't bother me. But I have changed my body composition enough that my bra size changed, and that is not the sort of thing that thrift shops normally deal in, so ... what to do? Ask (the Google machine) and you shall receive! I sent a box off to this organization today. This may be the nerdiest KonMari project ever - NaNoWriMo staff find Viking Helmet Valhalla. Everything about this video sparks joy for me. Total Thursday points - 4 Total Friday points - 3 Running Total - 18
  3. Gemma

    Scalyfreak clears a boss fight

    I don't know how I managed to not be following this until now, but congrats on the PR!!!
  4. Gemma

    Harriet's Year of Transformation: Act V

    Just getting caught up, but a) sweater - GORGEOUS! Very impressed. My mom is an avid knitter and I own some beautiful sweaters, but I have never taken the time to learn. I am a skilled crocheter but hardly ever take time for it anymore. b) TKD sounds fabulous, I think it is wonderful that you have found something new to enjoy! I adore (and miss) martial arts, I am waiting for a less-busy season to find a way to fit krav back into my life.
  5. Gemma

    Mike Wazowski tries some process goals

    Trying desperately to be (slender/pretty/charming/sexy/smart/fun/nice/accomplished/likable) "enough" (for who? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) pretty much cost me 90% of the potential enjoyment of my teens, 20s, and early 30s, while also granting me all of the baggage that came with two reallybad marriages -> divorces. In other words, I took a hella long time to figure out that I'm a bloody decent human being without making any efforts whatever to be something other than who I actually am, and I heartily applaud all of you who are doing this work at an earlier life-stage than I managed. Or the same life-stage. Or really whenever you are right now. Bravo! Through the magic of social media, I have reconnected with the three people from high school who liked me for who I was then, and they all turned out to be pretty awesome humans in the now. As for the ones that I was so desperate to impress back then - I mostly don't remember their names. (Context - I'm 52 and have severe ADHD and a TBI, so I have to be sorta selective about what I even try to remember ) There is nothing about this that does not sound AWESOME! I love this a few different ways - your description of the benefits is exactly why I love BuJo, not excessive pre-planning, what is delta today, and a visual of what I have accomplished. Also, I am glad that people are still teaching and using kanban boards, I haven't heard or thought of those since my early professional certifications days but they are a good tool. And I don't think I have ever heard the phrase 'work mom' before, but I love it and am stealing adopting it - I am older, in some cases considerably older, than all of my coshirkers, but I do have close mentor/mentee or just mutual support relationships with a few of them, and 'work mom' describes it better than 'work husband/wife' (because eww, most of them really are the same age as my kids or even younger!)
  6. Gemma

    Minimal Gemma

    They actually <frantically knocks on wood> don't hurt at all. They feel weird, of course, and I have bite blocks on my molars so that is odd - and why I am having to learn how to chew all over again. I actually managed a PB&J for dinner, though, so things are looking up. Hubs is concerned that I won't be able to eat steak when we go out for dinner on Friday, so that gives me some incentive and a deadline to get used to this quickly! Current estimate is 12-15 months, wired up, then a retainer for an as-yet-unspecified period of time after. I got full points yesterday. Today I did all of the things except I completely forgot to add sunscreen before leaving for day. Lesson learned: when I do not have a lot of tasks scheduled for a single day, I tend to not look at my BuJo as much - so having a BuJo reminder to re-apply sunscreen does not help. On busy days I look at it all the time. Possible solution: Move the open BuJo to a more central and visually obvious parking spot on my desk. Also, I really like doing the moon salutation in early evening. It's only day 3 and I already feel like my balance issues are improving. Total Tuesday points - 4 Total Wednesday points - 3 Running Total - 11
  7. Gemma

    Minimal Gemma

    So far so good - I got my braces installed today, and am planning to eat soup for dinner. And breakfast. And however long it takes me to re-learn how to chew. I did pretty well with the sunscreen and dental hygiene goals during zero week, except Friday I got busy about an hour before leaving, then left in a hurry and forgot both. But I remembered them yesterday. I'm glad I made keeping up with certain previously established habits a goal for this round, because I actually broke my 4theWords streak on Saturday and would have otherwise been tempted to go with 'oh well, I'm super busy this month anyways, we'll just try to get back to writing sometime in March...' sort of nonsense. But since I had tied that to my scorekeeping, I went ahead and started a new streak and wrote the words. I now have a plan in place for the yoga goal. I love @Defining's idea of making Sun Salutation a part of my morning routine, since that really does guarantee it will happen - but my morning routine is already almost an hour and a half long, and to get to work on time I already have to get up at 0500 - I am currently not willing to push that to 0445 or earlier just to add 'one more thing' to the one place in my day where I already add everything However, I do have some space in my early evening routine, after coming home from work, having the daily storytime with hubs, and getting dinner started, I usually go up and change into loungewear and take my makeup off. This time of year that is usually after dark and just a couple of hours before my (very early, see wakeup time above!) bedtime, so I spent yesterday evening finding and learning one of the myriad variations of Moon Salutation that the internet currently has on offer, and I'm going to work on incorporating this into my evening wind-down with some level of consistency. Total Monday points - 4
  8. Gemma

    Minimal Gemma

    What is happening in my life in this challenge period: 1) I get braces the day after challenge starts (+27 difficulty on eating x3 days) 2) I travel to Portsmouth on the 21st to sit in the hospital all day on the 22nd while my son has spinal surgery (+10 emotional upheaval, spec. worry). Back home late on the 23rd and then ... 3) I travel to Quantico for a week starting on the 25th for my annual work conference (+15 stress, disadvantage on constitution rolls). Back home March 1. But after that, I ought to be back to "normal." So, I really did not put a lot of priority on either my eating or my lifting goals last challenge period, and am frankly unlikely to do so this time around either. Fortunately my eating habits are not particularly unhealthful right now. I pretty consistently meal prep/plan dinners and lunches for the week, breakfast has been spottier lately but I always manage to get something with protein into my face within the first few hours of waking up. My biggest non-healthy eating lately has been around snacks, I am not putting a lot of emphasis on the willpower to resist when boredom or stress makes a bag of cheddar and sour cream potato chips from the vending machine seem like a really good idea. That happens maybe two or three times a week though so I don't really feel like it's a dealbreaker for my current goals. Gym wise - I am still going, when I can, and doing what I have time and energy to do. Averaging probably twice a week lately. But I'm not being really rigid and controlling about NOT allowing anything else on my calendar on gym mornings or about MAKING myself go when I feel like a melted gummy worm. Not going to stress about that for now, I'll worry about getting back to a consistent 3 or 4 day a week habit after I get back from Quantico. So this challenge is all about looking for the small wins. 1) Dental hygiene. I'm already quite good at this, but braces obviously add a complicating factor. So time to step up my game. Specifically, I have started keeping a spare dental kit at work, I want to form a consistent habit of brushing and flossing after lunch. This will be harder on travel, but my kit does fit in my purse so no excuses there. *1 point per mid-afternoon brush/floss* 2) Sunscreen. Again, I am already very consistent at applying this every morning - what I do not do is re-apply during the day, particularly before I leave the office and go back out into the scorching sunlight. I really need to be good at this, I am having a series of procedures done over the next six months that should really improve the health of my skin but only if I protect it properly, because a side effect is increased photosensitivity. *1 point per re-application* 3) Try to yoga. I'm not getting super rigid with this. But it does make me feel better, and certainly when I am in a hotel with no gym (and no time to myself, because I'll be on someone else's schedule for most of both trips!) doing a few rounds of Sun Salutation or a Yoga with Adriene video is a no-brains easy way to at least have some movement in my life. *1 point per session* 4) Sustain the habits I really like - things that I have added to my life over the past year that have had positive net effects, and that I do not want to lose while on travel or otherwise disrupted: Meditation - seriously a major key to my success Writing 444 words/day - I've sustained my 4theWords streak since the internet came back after Florence. Some days it is stream-of-consciousness junk babble, but some days I am producing fiction that I actually like, so I want to keep it up. Journaling in the 5 year journal - I bought this thing several years ago thinking it was a cool idea, and then I wrote in in for a few months that year, and a week or so in another part of another year, and some random days 4 years later, and ... so far in 2019 I have filled in the bottom of each page with a sentence or two about what happened that day. Nothing fancy, but it is surprisingly fun to look back and see what was happening in my life 'on this date' in 2013. (also useful in self-diagnosing SAD, because I have beat myself up about being 'lazy' or 'unmotivated' or 'a slug' in every single December, January, and February that I bothered to write in the thing at all.) *1 point per day of all three* Loot (because sometimes bribing myself helps): If I can accumulate at least 80 points during this month of habit-disrupting disruption, I will buy myself these earrings - if I can get to 100 points, I get this bracelet. Other things that are not really 'challenge' but that I will probably post about here from time to time for accountability - continue tidying/minimalizing home, especially the parts that still look like an episode of Hoarders threw up (Hobbit Hole post-Florence is a scary, scary place!) continue using full-spectrum light and paying attention to energy, mood, and motivation levels
  9. This is an "expand your usual reading list" challenge - an honor system challenge to read things outside of your box. If you finish all 24 tasks in the year, you can e-mail your completed list to Book Riot for a discount at their store. If you don't finish it, you've still exposed your brain to new reading material, and that counts as a win! The Book Riot site and Goodreads will both have places where people post what they have found for each category, and we will do that here as well, so plenty of places to get suggestions if you have trouble finding something for a task. Direct from the Book Riot site: Just as in years past, there are 24 tasks, averaging two per month over the course of the next 12 months. You may count one book for multiple tasks or read one book per task. I’ve said it the last three four challenges, so it bears repeating: “We encourage you to push yourself, to take advantage of this challenge as a way to explore topics or formats or genres that you otherwise wouldn’t try. But this isn’t a test. No one is keeping score and there are no points to post. We like books because they allow us to see the world from a new perspective, and sometimes we all need help to even know which perspectives to try out. That’s what this is—a perspective shift—but one for which you’ll only be accountable to yourself.” An epistolary novel or collection of letters - An alternate history novel A book by a woman and/or AOC (Author of Color) that won a literary award in 2018 A humor book A book by a journalist or about journalism A book by an AOC set in or about space An #ownvoices book set in Mexico or Central America An #ownvoices book set in Oceania A book published prior to Jan 1 2019 with fewer than 100 reviews on Goodreads A translated book written by and/or translated by a woman A book of manga A book in which an animal or inanimate object is a point-of-view character A book by or about someone who identifies as neurodiverse A cozy mystery A book of mythology or folklore An historical romance by an AOC A business book A book by a trans or nonbinary author A book of nonviolent true crime A book written in prison A comic by an LGBTQIA creator A children's or middle-grade (not YA) book that has won a diversity award since 2009 A self-published book A collection of poetry published since 2014