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  1. Gemma

    Gemma re-wires a Lamp Post

    Thanks, y'all! Yes, let's. (And I live in a very wet part of the country, so I've had plenty of rain to blame - although today is quite nice out.) Okay, I'm drained. What a week. And a half? Not sure how long the chaos has been ... I rode to work on Tuesday, as scheduled, and ... the bike broke down. <cranky whinging rant +mechanical details for the curious in spoiler> The rest of the week was crazypants busy at work - my job is very "feast or famine." Some days I barely have a minute to breathe, some days I wear my thumbs out from all the twiddling. I have a bad habit of clenching my jaw and holding my shoulders at half-shrug under any tiny little bit of stress at all, so since Friday I've been fighting a wicked muscle spasm in my neck. I still went to the gym Friday morning, but I opted for lowering the weights and going for some extra volume on all lifts. So, basically, I've completely lost sight of my goals for the week. Eating hasn't been too bad, I probably haven't eaten enough but what I have got down has been mostly nourishing and on-plan. I know I haven't been drinking enough water, working on correcting that today. I have been writing, but a lot of it has been throwaway stream-of-consciousness stuff just to keep my streak going and keep the habit alive. I haven't gotten anywhere yet with the writing contest. Aaaaaaaand ... initial submission deadline is Monday. Pressure, much? I took myself out shooting today. Mental health break. Now I need to go write, figure out what the heck I am doing with this short story. Because seriously, right now,
  2. Gemma

    What's everyone reading?

    I just added Pacific Vortex to my TBR - thanks! I am about a third of the way through an audiobook listen of The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers (And Their Muses) and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I don't do contemporary literary fiction very often, but this one is wonderful. I have What You Want to See from the library, this one has been a tough start for me. I'm about a quarter of the way in and still not too invested, but I'm going to give Lepionka a few more chapters to hook me on the strength of the first book in the series (The Last Place You Look). And I finally got around to the second half of the Earthsea Cycle, just started The Other Wind.
  3. Gemma

    Gemma re-wires a Lamp Post

    Near the end of last challenge, I started a course called "The Science of Well-Being." The homework is referred to as "Re-Wirements" - tasks for each week to improve personal happiness and life satisfaction. I did pretty good in week 1, and then fell right down off of that wagon. Also, my eating habits of late have been all like More times than I would like to admit, lately, I've been not feeling exactly well, and I have tried - and failed - to remember the last time I ate a vegetable. I've been not eating enough, but what I have been eating has been mostly crap. Last challenge also made it very clear to me that I don't move enough on my non-gym days. That business of trying to do something - even a very easy something - every day was actually much harder than I expected it to be. So I'm not sure what exactly I will do with that, but sometime during this challenge cycle I want to figure it out. So the plan for this challenge cycle is to go week by week, slowly and steadily building some new habits and re-building some old ones. Re-Wire Zero week - Gratitude and Savoring Week 1 - Random Acts of Kindness and Social Connection Week 2 - Exercise and Sleep Week 3 - Random Acts of Kindness and Social Connection Week 4 - Meditation and Gratitude Letter/Visit Eat Food Zero Week - track food in MFP Week 1 - meal prep breakfast and lunch for entire week (protein pancakes/ ham and swiss on Dave's Killer Bread) Week 2 - meal prep at least two interesting vegetable dishes to eat throughout week (Loaded Cauliflower Bake + ???) Week 3 - log at least 10 gms protein at every meal (5 meals/day ... overall target is 100 gms/day but this is to make sure that even snacks contain some) Week 4 - log at least 2 servings of vegetables/day Move The Bod Zero Week - no action taken (I went to the gym as scheduled, M/W/F, that is all) 00 Week - no action taken (Went to gym on Mon and Fri, skipped Wed, nothing additional) Week 1 - get Apple Watch to log at least 100 calories in the "movement" circle on each of 4 non-gym days by any means necessary: Dance, HITT, walk, prowler push, whatever ... do SOMETHING Week 2 - Increase to 200 calories Week 3 - log a minimum of 10 minutes in the "Exercise" ring on 4 non-gym days Week 4 - increase to 20 minutes I have the ruddy Apple Watch, might as well use it as designed. I don't for a second believe that it's "calories burned" utility is at all accurate, but it's a convenient way for me to at least track that I am doing something beyond a) sitting on the sofa reading a book b ) sitting on the sofa reading the internet or c) sitting on the sofa writing a book which segues nicely to: Write the Book Zero Week - No action taken 00 Week - Re-engage with 4theWords and Camp NaNoWrimo, write min 444 words/ day Week 1 - Complete exercises in Chapter Two: General Sketches from the Outlining Your Novel Workbook Week 2 - Complete Chapter Three: Character Sketches/Backstory Week 3 - Complete Chapter Four: Character Sketches/Interviews and log a "Win" for July Camp (goal was 25,000 words of outline/pre-writing exercise for November NaNo) Week 4 - Complete Chapter Five: Setting Zero Week: Re-wirements - Gratitude and Savoring Pick one experience to truly savor each day; write down things I am grateful for each day (I have tried and failed to start a dedicated gratitude journal before, to keep this simple I am just going to add notes to my BuJo every day.