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  1. Gemma

    Gemma ReVamps her life (again)

    Hey, hi! The cut glass bottle was a ball gift one year (U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball, one of the traditional elements is a gift at each place setting. I have so many USMC beer mugs no one looking in my china hutch would ever believe that I don't drink beer for a living.) The first few levels of the NF Handstands program are all about wrist, hand, and shoulder mobility, so I'm just rolling with that. Hi! I hope your mom enjoys (enjoyed) that, I love the way Nia writes. Like, hilarious, but also "look, girlfriend, not tryna be harsh but this is truth. Deal." I'm currently reading Rachel Hollis' "Girl, Wash Your Face!" for more of that same snarky-but-true life advice. 33.9 inches between Thursday afternoon and Sunday night, and we've had more showers since. My part of town is superficially dried out now, but the ground is still so saturated that every time it sprinkles the water stands on the ground. We are used to heavy rainfall and have great drainage, but still, it just has nowhere to go. Not only alive and well but I HAVE INTERNET ACCESS AGAIN Y'ALL!!! I will regale, I promise - there are lots of stories, and a soundtrack to go with them. I'll come back and add challenge goals later too. For right now, though, I just want to report that the following groups of persons, in no particular order, are my heroes, and I am so very grateful to them all for doing what they do. So many people worked so very very hard, and in many cases traveled here from very far away, to make this disaster less like a disaster and more like an inconvenience - as much as could humanly possibly be done (and I think maybe a little bit more than that): Law enforcement professionals Firefighters Medical first responders Electric lineman Cell tower repairmen Cable internet service teams Fuel truck drivers National Guard Construction professionals inc. general contractors, roofers, fence companies Emergency shelter managers I know I'm leaving heroes out, but frankly I'm still a bit overwhelmed. Time to drink water and maybe take a little nap.
  2. Gemma

    Gemma ReVamps her life (again)

    Short form - I just bought a new program, a 12-week recomp by Nia Shanks called "ReVamp." It's 4-day/week strength training + simple (almostnotquite intuitive-ish) nutrition advice + 30 minutes of "intentional movement" on non-lifty days. So I'm doing that, and this challenge will involve tracking my intentional movement for sure - because I have a bad habit of dividing life into Gym Dayz and SitOnMyButt Dayz. I also will be setting some sort of goal for wrist and shoulder mobility work, because I just got sucked into bought the NF Handstands course and I need to work hand and wrist mobility like a LOT before I even try anything beyond that, my hands are a mobility mess and I never even knew it. ***Insert Actual Goals Here*** But for right now, I am focused more on this: Because of - see where the little red line crosses onto land? That's pretty much the exact location of my house. We are sheltering in place. Not too terribly worried, we are enough inland and on high enough ground to feel relatively secure, we've plenty of food, water, and plywood for the windows - but I will probably lose power and internet again for a few days, so I'll just have to get caught up on challenge-y thingies when Miss Flo has done had her way with us. Whichever Flo is appropriate to your generation: