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  1. There is so much here, and I am so far behind on everything, that I am not going to try to capture, quote, and respond to ALL of the things. I adore Neil Gaiman, but thank you very very much to ALL of you who have been spoilering conversation about AG, because I haven't read it yet. I started with Stardust, have read tons, but he just has SO MUCH, I've fallen behind. Good Omens was fabulous, though. I'm working through the Sandman series now, and holy WOW. Just put Snow, Glass, Apples on my list to order from Amazon next month. Neverwhere is my current ranking "favorite" but that's like saying I prefer strawberries to other berries when I truly love 'em all. Excited to follow along with your prep for upcoming competitions! I stressed about sleepz for years and years and years. I finally had to change the metric I was tracking - I used to really pay attention to how long it took me to fall asleep and how many times I woke up in the middle of the night (LOTS. Menopause sucks.) I finally started giving myself credit if I was taking an appropriate wind down period from the time I logged off the computer until lights out, having lights out by target time, and being intentional about praying/meditating/controlled breathing during the wait time to fall asleep, no matter how long that took. Your mental health is important, proud of you for intentionally prioritizing it over All The Goalz. This is beautiful.
  2. Hey, hi, everyone! I continue to exist. Yoga is actually going quite well and I am enjoying it. It begins to feel as though even when I can get back to the barbells and such, yoga will likely remain as a regular part of my existence, which I would have never foreseen for myself. I've lived for five decades with a somewhat negative yogattitude, for reasons that I knew to be unfair but which persisted nonetheless. The major stressor in my life currently is an injured animal friend. The other stuff - pending inspection at work, followed by business travel to the middle of NOWHERE (Twentynine Palms California, specifically), possible pending in-law visit - it's all still there, but the wounded animal is the very very worst of it all just now. My beloved companion and CBFF, Peace (a.k.a. Princess DivaPants) is a ten year old blue pit bull. Just before Christmas she tore her CCL/ACL on her left hind leg. She was scheduled for surgery on January 7. On January 5 she injured the right leg in the same way. New plan, one surgery now, and another in 3-4 months. Nearly a year of rehab. Again, she is 10 years old. Realistically she will probably be with me with acceptable quality of life for another 3-5 years. So a full year of pain and rehab is not ideal, but it seemed worth it to us. For reasons that probably are only of interest to medical personnel, she cannot have surgery. So now we are going back next Monday to explore the possibility of leg braces. But in the meantime, she is in pain and having a great deal of difficulty walking. We are assisting her with a hip sling, and the hubs is carrying her up and down the stairs (it would break her heart to be left alone downstairs when we go up to bed!) but just seeing her in pain and distress is breaking me. Medical explanation for no surgery in spoiler:
  3. Namaste, Druids, I'm Gemma, your basic 53 year old mother of three, grandmother of two, writer, dogmom, and educator. I normally challenge with the Warriors, and do I very much love the picking up and setting down of various iron things. I've been absent from the forums (and the gym) for the past two months because <insert long list of work/life stuff here>. But my physical self needs movement, and my mental self needs accountability partners, so I am making space for this in my life again. The work/life craziness is not scheduled to abate until the end of February, so I have chosen to not kid myself with unrealistic promises about getting back in the gym. And I am not falling for the one about working out at home - which I have oft promised and oft failed in times past. It simply does not work for me and I have yet to figure out why. What I do believe I can realistically be consistent with is yoga, so that is what I am doing. I have a good track record of Sun Salutations in my morning routine, so I know that is possible. I just signed up for Yoga With Adriene's 30 day January program titled "Home," to see if I can realistically do more without dreading it and/or seeking excuses to skip "just this one day." So that is it. That is the whole of my goal for this challenge. Yoga every day. I may not do the full program every day (they vary from 18 minutes all the way up to 45-ish, some days I will simply not have time for that) but I will show up and do what I can do.