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  1. 20m version of Literal Immortality - Mobility and Spatial Awareness This felt good. Prep → Modified Pigeon Stretch → A-Frame → Kneeling Back Flexion to Prone Lying Back Extension → Single Leg Deadlift → Hand Clench Push → Low Backward Break Fall: This feels awkward and uncoordinated but I can do it. Haven't tried it from the squat yet, but from a few inches off ground it isn't bad. → Reverse Hamstring Walks: My mobility is pretty good in this ROM so I had to bend forward quite far to feel a stretch. → Pronated Drop And Grab: So much work to be done on coordination! I dropped Beowulf at least four times. → Prone Crawls → Back Hand Weight Shifts: I can feel it, but not as much of a stretch as I expected given my history of elbow problems. I will try putting more weight on it next time.
  2. 15m Low Intensity version of Elements - Crab Walk Went with the LI version today because the DOMS from Saturday's siding work is still bad, and I can't shake this headache. Really love having this option available. R wrist still twingy in Monkey, but only when I am moving to the right. Fingers pointed outward helps. Prep → Walk Into Squat → Quadruped Spinal Circles → Quadruped Twist → Wrists - Palms Down, Fingers Facing Knees Play → Crab Walk R&L → Basic Frogger → Basic Monkey → Bear Push → Standing Straight Leg Hip Circles → General Kneeling Lunge → Wrist Circles
  3. 20m version of Literal Immortality - Strength and Balance Toe lunges are the hardest thing I have tried to do in a very long time, wow. Pick it up put it down was also really hard, I was working from a toe squat position and my balance still needs so much work. Prep → Frog Stretch → Quadruped Twist → General Kneeling Lunge → Egg Roll → Prone Bent Arm Chest Stretch Push → Hop Stop Drop → Toe Lunges → Pick It Up Put It Down → Wrist Flexor Plyometrics
  4. 30m version of Elements - Floating Table Top That was the best that the Floating Table Top Pull to Squat has ever felt. I don't often notice when I am getting stronger until I try something that used to be very very difficult and find that it is now only moderately difficult Prep → Supine Hip Circles → Walk Into Squat → Quadruped Spinal Circles → Quadruped Shoulder Circles → Wrists - Palms Down, Fingers Facing Knees Practice → Floating Table Top Pull To Squat → Floating Table Top Play → Monkey Prep Push → 3-Point Bridge → General Kneeling Lunge → Seated Clasped Hands Extension → Kneeling Back Flexion to Prone Lying Back Extension
  5. I may be kicked out of the Traditional American's Club for this, but I have never had a green bean casserole that didn't make me want to yak. #unpopularopinions. My mom and I always bring a spinach casserole if we are charged with dessert for a group thing, and it is really similar except I like it. Chopped spinach instead of beans, obvs, and the bonus points come from the addition of cream cheese. On the other hand your sweet potato casserole sounds awesome!!! NaNoGratulations to you!!!
  6. Let's go destroy another game!!! (I love that movie ) Me too. That one was rough, but I am so grateful that it was a short-term pain. Apparently it is symbolic of perseverance. All the theme stuff this year was based on symbolic plants, and the art was derived from old botanical drawings. The participant badges had "wood sorrel for joy" and they sent me a silicone bracelet with "a yellow rose for gratitude" as a thank-you gift for a donation. This has been one of my best years ever with this. Challenge wrap-up: Walking proved unsustainable at my current bandwidth. Once the time change hit I just was not up for going out in the dark and the cold after a long day's work, and <insert various excuses here> I did manage to do semi-regular GMB workouts, though, which I often don't during NaNoWriMo. And as stated above - Best NaNo Ever, and I've been playing this game since 2010. I firmly decided to be a NaNoRebel and focus on short stories this year, instead of trying to slog through an entire novel front to back. Because what usually happens is I start a "novel" - with or without an outline, or an idea, or anything. And then between day 10 and 14, I lose steam. I don't know where this plot is going, I should have written in third person instead of first (or vice versa), I have another idea and this one is much better ... Sometimes I quit, sometimes I push on through and 'win,' but I've never gotten to the end of the month with anything I was super proud of or wanted to go back and do all the work to edit and revise. By calling it "short stories" I basically gave myself permission to change horses in mid stream whenever I got bored or lost on whatever I was working on, so what I came out with was three finished short stories, several beginnings that haven't gone anywhere yet, and several thousand words on old novel attempts that I hadn't finished but that I am now excited about again. So now I'm completely re-booting a cozy mystery series that I started in a Camp NaNo back in 2016. I'm happier with this than with anything I've done for twelve Novembers. Continuing to work on the cozies, while also revising and editing the short stories, and taking time off to work on a solarpunk fairy tale or a low fantasy whenever I feel like it feels sustainable. I'm continuing to write at least 1667 words a day until the end of November, and I'm shooting for at least 400 a day after that for as long as I can keep this energy going.
  7. Yes, my ice pack was my friend for a few days there. I'm doing much better now, thank you! It is still purple and a little swollen, but it barely hurts at all now and I can type fine. In fact, this just happened.
  8. 30m version of Elements - Squat and Monkey I cannot believe how much my squat has improved since my first round of Elements. I can get to an ATG squat from standing, never thought that would be possible for me. Even crazier, I can stand UP from an ATG squat without a prop! Sometimes my R knee gets a little bit twingy when I stand up, but if I start off going just past parallel thighs and then work downward from there until the knee is warmer, it's just fine. Who even am I? Monkey Prep felt pretty good, wrists still get achy but nowhere near as bad as they used to so I must be building some measure of forearm strength. I didn't bother turning around when I got to the end of the space with Bear, just went forward then backward. Five minutes is a long time in Bear and there was some definite fatigue building up before I stopped to rest, but overall this felt really, really good. Prep → Supine Hip Circles → Walk Into Squat → Quadruped Spinal Circles → Quadruped Shoulder Circles → Wrists - Palms Down, Fingers Facing Knees Practice → Monkey Prep → Basic Squat Plus Prop Play → Bear Push → 3-Point Bridge → General Kneeling Lunge → Seated Clasped Hands Extension → Kneeling Back Flexion to Prone Lying Back Extension
  9. Ouch. I hurt my finger. Spoilered, but it's not particularly gruesome or anything, just a really bad bruise ... It's really not that bad and will be perfectly fine in a few days, but it is massively slowing down my typing speed.
  10. Yesterday was a good day. Ran a lot of errands, including taking a box of books to the used bookshop in town. I had enough credit from the last batch of books they took off my hands that I was able to pick up four Joan Hess mysteries, two Arly Hanks/ Maggoty and two Claire Malloy, for 94 cents Hubs was home early (always on Wednesday) so we went out and walked the doggos well before it got dark, and there were leftovers for dinner so no one had to cook. I made a huge slow-cooker batch of chicken noodle soup with sweet potatoes on Monday, so we polished off the last of that. - 5,009, and I squeezed in a 30 min. Elements workout. I feel about a million times better when I move a lot, and I know this, and yet it is still really easy to lay on the couch with my laptop all day and really hard to get up and do the things I know will feel great. Being human is weird. I'd love to see the wiring diagram, I bet it's spaghetti. - 2,180; I will cross the 40k mark today, and I'm actually still interested in some of my stories. Usually I hate whatever it is I'm writing about by this point, just want to toss it in the bin and start something new, so having other things to jump over to whenever I get bored is Brain™ friendly. Of course it means I probably won't finish most of them by the 30th, but I'm cool with that. They'll still be there.
  11. 20m version of Literal Immortality - Control and Spatial Awareness That was tough. Balance is still unbalanced. My upper body strength is even less than I thought it was; those Plank Walk-Ups were *tough*! Clearly I need all of this, so I'm glad I have it. Prep → Supine Knee Circles → Supine Ankle Circles → Extended Side Angle Pose → Standing Straight Leg Hip Circles → Full Body Vibrations Push → Inch Worm Toe Touches → Low Side Break Fall → Side Crawls → Front and Back Scales Leg Swing → Plank Walk-Up
  12. I posted this in the NFNaNo Discord yesterday, but it fits here too. I was comparing it to my writing process, but upon further reflection it describes much more than that about my life. Also I really love watching it just because it's beautiful.
  13. I've done NaNo for twelve years now and never once got that badge or even close - I'm generally more inclined to repetitive 'fall behind, catch up, sprint ahead' cycles. I know, that specific badge didn't exist until the new website in ... 2019?... but still, I've never been that consistent. About anything, really.
  14. Writing is going great. Walking is ... not. I've let the time change get to me. I can totally walk Cassie in the dark, and safely - she has an LED lighted harness, I have a reflective vest, we live in a subdivision where most people don't speed. But once the sun goes down my inner "okay, day's over, time to sit on my butt" demon takes the upper hand and keeps it. It doesn't help that the hubs is also experiencing the donwannas about walking Apollo (no, I'm not lame enough to blame him for my slacking, but I am lame enough to know that if he stood up off the couch and grabbed a leash I would too, because I'm easy to guilt.) Current status: Nov 14 - 1,404 (super couch intensive day! I did get a lot of writing done though? But my back was horribly stiff and sore from all the sitting.) Yesterday - 1,831 (at least I did work out, a 20 minute Literal Immortality session, so my back hurt a lot less) Nov 14 - 1,833 Yesterday - 2,028 Today is looking promising. Need to run errands so I can't spend the whole day in the living room, and I had a weird dream last night that gave me the basis for a new story to start.
  15. Haha, yep. That one is by far my weakest muscle! 30m version of Elements - A-Frame and Bear I really do like it when I can arrange my life to do the slightly longer sessions. This felt great! Still have to turn my R hand out so the thumb doesn't hurt, arthritis sucks, but with just that slight turnout it doesn't bother me at all Prep → Supine Hip Circles → Walk Into Squat → Quadruped Spinal Circles → Quadruped Shoulder Circles → Wrists - Palms Down, Fingers Facing Knees Practice → Bear → A-Frame Example for Beginners Push → 3-Point Bridge → General Kneeling Lunge → Seated Clasped Hands Extension → Kneeling Back Flexion to Prone Lying Back Extension
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