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  1. Well today is special for 2 reasons. Well probably lots of more reasons than that. Today is essentially 2 months since I started and I have lost 40 lbs since then. I've fallen through on my challenge this time in the spirit of what I started. I have not been consistent at all, but I feel pretty accomplished in other ways. I am not going to give myself a grade on this one or probably post any more updates in this thread. My avoidance of screen time has really taken hold and I've not been on the computer much (outside work) this whole challenge. My workouts are still pathetic and inconsistent sadly will keep working on this. Other habits are doing well in that they are actually almost habits now. Still a little work needed, but alot of it is becoming routine. Eating habits have been less than amazing, but still trending towards healthy. My trip to Portland that I just got back from (spontaneous adventure! Check!) had some unfortunate meals, but was a blast regardless. We went crabbing and limited out. That meal was on target lol. Just ate fresh crab till I was stuffed lol. I'm gonna try to figure out how to add more images and post my 2 month progress pic. I'm definitely seeing changes and feelign it too.
  2. Been having a pretty rough week. Barely getting anything done. My "workouts" if you can call them that have been pathetic. 30 pushups and squats is all I managed Mon/Wed and probably today. The scheduled plan for this week fell through, but not because of me. The 2 people I was going with canceled this time. The theater here was showing spirited away and we were going to go see it. Next week they are showing Howel's Moving Castle and I hope to see that and the week after that is Princess Mononoke. Should be fun. It's been like 6 years since I watched these movies. I remember enjoying them but not that many details. Meh. I weighed in yesterday at 261. I am on call for work this week so it really limits what I can go out and do, but I'll try to find something. Been eating fairly well and mostly keeping up with habits. Not as well as I'd like. Ok honestly its about 50/50 this week. My head just isn't in the game. Gonna try and shake it off this weekend and come back strong Monday.
  3. Glacier park was incredible!!!! if you ever get a chance to see it in your life I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was even smoky from summer forest fires (late summer in MT is usually just smoky regardless), but the views were still just breathtaking. THe weekend consisted of about 20 miles of hikes, 190 floors climbed (according to fitbit), jumping into glacial waterfalls, seeing big horn sheep and mountain goats within 5 feet of each other and a couple herds of each, a giant golden eagle, a mink and lots of incredible memories. I want to go back very soon! Challenge was so-so. 1. Definitively followed through on my adventure! 2. First scheduled workout is today and I'm already dealing with serious DOMS from the weekend lol. 3. My 'Other Habits' went well. I meditated each day (and OMG. the views! the waterfalls! the mountain tops whipped by the wind. It was incredible), making bed is tricky but I rearranged my sleeping bag nicely lol, brushed teeth while I was there, drank easily 3 liters of water a day if not double. 7 hours of sleep was a little tricky but I think I came in pretty close to 7 hours. I wasn't tracking it super close. 4. Yeah, I was totally off the grid. Mission accomplished. 5. I didn't eat very well on the trip. Tried to stick to almonds, jerky, and dried fruits for my trail mix, but ended up eating a couple sandwiches, a burger, and drinking a Dr. Pepper and Cappuccino (bad because dairy) as well. The drinks were for the drive home as I was quite tired and still had 3 hours on the road ahead of me. I will post again this afternoon or tomorrow with pics of the trip and confirmation that I met my workout schedule today.
  4. Well with the challenge starting tomorrow I think I'm going to be off to a great start! I'm leaving after work today for a 3 day camping trip in Glacier National Park!!! I'm super excited. I've been visiting MT all my life but have never been to Glacier! Start the challenge well on all points! #1, Following through on my adventure plan! #2, This trip won't interfere with workout plan, if anything it's a nice supplement. Lots of hiking planned! #3, I'll keep up with as many of my other daily habits as possible while out there. Shouldn't be a problem. #4 Limiting screen time shouldn't be a problem lol. And #5, diet: which is probably going to be the hardest to keep up with. I plan to take my fishing gear so maybe some fresh trout can supplement/replace the non-diet food options that we're gonna have. Anyone have suggestions for hardy trail/camping food that travels well for a couple days? I plan to get some fruit and nuts, but am trying to think of other things that'd be good to take. Thanks and I'll check back in next week. Good luck to everyone starting their challenges tomorrow!
  5. So I think that the next big step to leveling up every aspect of my life right now, is developing consistency. I am not proud of it but I am a total flake. I cancle on people ALL THE TIME! I want to be where I say I'll be, when I say I'll be there, having done what I said I'd do. that sounds like a quote I picked up somewhere but I cannot recall where I heard/saw it. I almost think it may have been last challenge round on someone elses thread. Sorry for not crediting you whoever you were. Be where I say I'll be,: I tend to have great intentions and make plans, but then when it comes down to it the me then does not agree with the me that made the plans. I almost always enjoy the things if I actually go to them, but I tend to let the last remnants of my past social anxiety/agoraphobia get the better of me and not go often. I'm gonna try to take a lesson out of that Jim Carrey movie Yes Man and try to be a little better about being positive about plans all the way through from inception to completion. Say yes to the plans I made for myself. Maybe even hopefully boost my adventurer cred a little. When I say I'll be there,: I procrastinate and tend to run late to things. Not super late (if in that situation, I usually just don't go), but it happens enough that I think that I might be getting a reputation for being a little tardy. Not gonna focus super hard on this, as I feel that by improving the other areas of this challenge will also help with my punctuality. Having done what I said I'd do. Now that I work from home, I have been kinda blowing off some small work tasks. Never huge things, just little busy-work jobs that won't be missed, but I hate having them hang over me, especially when they start to pile up as they have been lately. I need to work out new habits/routines to stay on task at work and improve my productivity. Even when I am on task, I am less productive than I was at the office. I recently started a bullet journal and I really like having the tactile method of tracking tasks. Being able to hold it in my hands and having the write the things with a pen helps me remember much better than digital tracking. I think I'll continue this through the challenge and just observe its effects and determine if it is something that I will carry through or iterate upon. End goal is to be able to close my computer at the end of the day with no guilt, and no past-due tasks hanging over me. I don't have a great way to measure this but I'll think about some way to track change here. I also tend to procrastinate things outside of work, and will endeavor to more consistently get those done in a timely fashion too. As far as other challenge aspects. I am working on consistency. Not just in sticking to plans I make, but also sticking with my new habits. I felt I did pretty well laying the groundwork for my them last challenge, but I think that if I had been more consistent about the routine around them (i.e. alarm, walk, shower, brush teeth, start work instead of "oh well I guess I haven't walked yet today, might as well go now", or "I can still work out tomorrow and get enough in for the week") they would be habit already. I want to be much more strict about not missing workouts etc. this challenge. I am shooting for 75% compliance with the pre-established plan, so I can miss/reschedule 3 workouts during this 4 week challenge. I am going to do my workouts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and walk a mile+ at least 4x a week. I'm also going to shoot for 75% completion of my other daily chores/habits. This includes things like making my bed, logging food, dental hygiene, drinking enough water, journaling, and meditating among others. One thing I think I can do to be better about these other parts of my life is to cut out some of the dead time I waste digitally. I have a bad habit of just becoming couch-locked after work sitting around watching tv, or bumming round on the internet all evening after work. I am finally free to use the computer how i want and I choose to waste that time? I still want to have access to my TV/computer as it is the primary way that I socialize (either with family sitting around and watching shows or keeping in contact with far-away friends) but I want to limit how much of it I consume. Hopefully doing so might actually help me make more local friends so I don't rely on the distant ones (which is good because things are a little rocky there right now anyway). The last thing is just a continuation of the diet. I have definitely felt tempted to just pig out on junkfood and I just want to make it an official part of my challenge for that last little bit of accountability to keep me on track. TLDR: Cultivate integrity and productivity. Be where I said I'd be, when I said I'll be there, having done what I said I'd do. Make and follow through on 1 new adventure (really any sort of activity outside of the house will probably count) each week in addition to sticking with other pre-established plans. 75% of workouts completed on schedule. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 75% completion of other daily habits as tracked in Journal. (Will provide pics at the end) Meditate daily Make bed daily Dental Hygiene 2x daily Drink min of 3 liters of water daily 7+ hours of sleep nightly Limit non-work screen time to less than 2 hours a day. Stick to paleo(ish) diet. No fast-food or soda! I'll update when able, but I think a large portion of this challenge is going to happen on paper for me. Recaps and pics of the written challenge will be included with future updates (on that topic what's the best way to add pics without devouring all of the attachment space allotted by the forums?)
  6. Following along. You got this. I'm jealous of the kayaking classes! Mine is the sit-on-top variety. Still totally river worth but not quite whitewater lol. Good Luck!
  7. I like how you are setting up your challenge. Following for support here and your grinding log. You got this!
  8. So I guess I am past due for a full retrospective. Honestly I think this was a success. I definitely could have done better especially with working out consistently, but on the whole it was a great 4 weeks if you compare with where I was before this started. I think a final grade of B- or C+ would be my final grade on my performance. I really only ended up at about 2 workouts a week instead of my goal of 3. Walking isn't a daily thing, but it is a thing I do now. I will just pick up and go for a walk some days. 2-4 times a week now. I've stayed with my diet for the most part. I haven't had fast food or soda for 6 weeks (with one exception, on the 1st to celebrate a solid month of good progress and because I was sick and out of groceries, I ordered pizza delivery. 2 medium pepperonis, cinatwists, parmesan bites, and BBQ wings, and a 2 liter of sprite from Dominoes. I'm not proud of it, but that's what happened. I ate that for a couple days while I recovered). Meditation is kinda in the same place as my walking routine. I meditate now from time to time, but I am not in a daily habit yet. Dental hygiene has improved. I now brush about 1.5 times a day lol. Averaging 3 times every 2 days. Flossing weekly too. So marked improvement there but still has room for work. A big thing about this challenge for me was just getting the weight loss ball rolling. My loss has slowed significantly, but I can now proudly say that I lost 24 lbs! Down from 296 to 272! And I plan to keep losing! Below see my notes in red about each point of my challenge. P.S. - I have joined Rising Heroes and the academy. I'm really liking Rising Heroes but the Academy isn't really doing it for me. I'll keep playing around with it and make mentions about my observations in the next challenge. My next challenge will be focused on developing consistency while continuing to watch my weight drop . Focus on consistent workouts, meal prep for more consistent eating and better knowledge about what exactly each meal contains. A little more precise than just throw several pounds of meat and veggies into a dish and cooking it up. I've enjoyed cooking alot this challenge and plan to keep cooking. Hoping to try several new recipes in the upcoming challenge. I'm still working on the details for the next challenge, but that'll be going up soon. Thanks for following through the challenge if you did. I will endeavor to be more consistent in updating the forums in addition to my other consistency work. (Here's the link to the new challenge post)
  9. So last I checked in was last Thursday. Since then I was out of town at my family reunion in Arkansas. I stayed on diet throughout but on the way to AR got stranded in the airport and had to spend the night in the airport where I'm sure I caught something. I was feeling just generally lousy and lowered appetite for most of the trip. But that may be a chicken and egg scenario. I did start to feel better the last few days and my appetite has come back. I will admit that my sugar intake has climbed in that I have been drinking more fruit juice, but I was still rather low on calories so I haven't stressed too much about it. I didn't set aside as much time for workouts as I probably should have, but I did get my scheduled number in and have been walking daily for at least a mile in the mornings if not more another one in the evenings too. Aside from hiccups of getting stuck in the airports I kept up with teeth brushing and I have meditated every day. I am definitely trying to increase my food intake but doing so is almost a chore. I eat when I'm hungry and then eat til I'm full and with all the veggies being so filling I can't quite seem to eat enough calories without falling back to carb/sugar high drinks that are really just empty calories anyway. My appetite has been better for the last couple days but even so. What are some favorite rebel munchies? I want something crunchy and salty that I can snack on from time to time to increase my intake. Aside from that little bug I caught from the airport I've been feeling pretty good. Maybe just a bit low on energy and endurance, but I attributed that more to being a little sick and the adjustment back to doing things in 100 degree weather when it is crazy humid. I'll be doing my workout at home again today so I'll see how that goes. I'm not expecting to break any records but it should prove a better measure of where I am. Next Weigh in is on Saturday. I don't think that I'll be able to get a walk in today just based on time. I've got to catch up on several hours of work I missed from traveling and I really want to hit the hay early tonight. I know I may have glazed over parts, but if there are any follow up questions you have I'll be honest, I'm trying to preserve and build muscle, but if I lose a little while losing fat I'm ok with that. I want to lose fat and if eggs need be cracked to make the omelet so be it.
  10. Sorry for the long delay. I got home late last night and will do a full write up after work. Thank you for your continued advice. As far as my goals, #1 is weight loss, but with a view towards using that to propel me into a more active life with more hiking/camping/backpacking/kayaking. I want these activities to be a normal part of my routine and figured that adventurers was where I belonged for that. I have been hiking a bit around here time permitting (well, I guess I just need to prioritize it higher if I'm honest) and plan to keep going. I would like to at least be familiar with weights and maybe get into some entry lifting stuff (to start). My step-brother actually has won a few regional strong-man competitions in the past few years. I don't necessarily want to do that but I'd like to understand more about weightlifting in general. Sorry again for my absence while I was out of town. Full writeup incoming after work.
  11. Wow! Thanks you for all the advise! (reading that back to myself I can see how it could be interpreted as sarcasm and I want to clarify that I am genuinely grateful) I am currently packing for a flight in about 3 hours, but I want to drill into some of your points. I will get back to you as soon as I have access to a computer again. Just a couple quick thoughts off the top of my head. A more comprehensive post is coming with a recap of the past few days, but at weigh in on Sat, I am at 280!!! Down from 296 where I started all this 7/1/17. I know that is probably a red flag but I feel great. Aside from just the weight loss, I am getting stronger and adding more and more to each workout (in moderation of course). I am not intentionally starving myself. I just eat when I am hungry. I dislike breakfast as it feels like an inconvenience in my day and I don't necessarily feel better through the day if I eat it so I just kinda extend my fast naturally. I usually eat something for lunch in the way of a large salad with some protein (grilled chicken, bacon, and portobello over a spinach salad mix today) and then I often eat like a king in the evenings. I enjoy cooking so I use it as an excuse to show off a bit. Just tracking my calories with an app on my phone and those were the numbers it spat out. That was at the start. I am usually more around 1500-1800 a day now. I snack on raisins/almonds/fresh fruit if I get hungry or occasionally a freezerpop if it is crazy hot. Idk why the calories are so low, but I really just am not very hungry. Cutting out liquid calories dropped the number a bunch but I'm 100% good with just water for drinking throughout the day now. My diet is basically fruit, veggies, and meats right now. I've read mixed stuff about rice and beans across the internet but with all the info out there that's no surprise, so i've been mostly avoiding them. Gotta run, but again I want to chat more with you about this. Thanks!
  12. Thanks@Ajaxus. I'd love to come check it out. Unfortunately I'm tied up for the next little while with a family reunion and then I'm scheduled on-call for my job the week of your Como trip otherwise I'd love to come. It looks beautiful! I look forward to future outings. I think I could probably keep pace with y'all right now, but this way I can say that it will be a definitely instead of a probably! lol. I'm not a half bad cook myself, but am always eager to learn new flavors and techniques. It's been alot of fun switching my cooking repertoire up with the diet change and I'd welcome any favorite healthy recipes you might have. I'd love the chance to meet "a nerd well into his own journey who lives close to me". I really appreciate you reaching out and regret that I can't come to any of the meetings just yet. @theanne Yeah I just moved here a couple months back. I actually just got my Montana drivers license yesterday. Tell your Missoula friend hi from me I guess lol. Who knows maybe we're neighbors.
  13. I struggle with this too. I'm curious how you intend to tackle it. I've got a few too many irons in the fire to add this to my list right now, but I think I'll likely use this as a topic for a future challenge or something. Best of luck!
  14. Checking in. Don't let yourself psych yourself out of it. Write up a progress report. Even if it maybe isn't the most favorable. That which gets measured gets improved!
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