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  1. Well today is special for 2 reasons. Well probably lots of more reasons than that. Today is essentially 2 months since I started and I have lost 40 lbs since then. I've fallen through on my challenge this time in the spirit of what I started. I have not been consistent at all, but I feel pretty accomplished in other ways. I am not going to give myself a grade on this one or probably post any more updates in this thread. My avoidance of screen time has really taken hold and I've not been on the computer much (outside work) this whole challenge. My workouts are still pathetic and inconsistent sa
  2. Been having a pretty rough week. Barely getting anything done. My "workouts" if you can call them that have been pathetic. 30 pushups and squats is all I managed Mon/Wed and probably today. The scheduled plan for this week fell through, but not because of me. The 2 people I was going with canceled this time. The theater here was showing spirited away and we were going to go see it. Next week they are showing Howel's Moving Castle and I hope to see that and the week after that is Princess Mononoke. Should be fun. It's been like 6 years since I watched these movies. I remember enjoying them but
  3. Glacier park was incredible!!!! if you ever get a chance to see it in your life I cannot recommend it highly enough. It was even smoky from summer forest fires (late summer in MT is usually just smoky regardless), but the views were still just breathtaking. THe weekend consisted of about 20 miles of hikes, 190 floors climbed (according to fitbit), jumping into glacial waterfalls, seeing big horn sheep and mountain goats within 5 feet of each other and a couple herds of each, a giant golden eagle, a mink and lots of incredible memories. I want to go back very soon! Challenge was so
  4. Well with the challenge starting tomorrow I think I'm going to be off to a great start! I'm leaving after work today for a 3 day camping trip in Glacier National Park!!! I'm super excited. I've been visiting MT all my life but have never been to Glacier! Start the challenge well on all points! #1, Following through on my adventure plan! #2, This trip won't interfere with workout plan, if anything it's a nice supplement. Lots of hiking planned! #3, I'll keep up with as many of my other daily habits as possible while out there. Shouldn't be a problem. #4 Limiting screen time shouldn't be a probl
  5. So I think that the next big step to leveling up every aspect of my life right now, is developing consistency. I am not proud of it but I am a total flake. I cancle on people ALL THE TIME! I want to be where I say I'll be, when I say I'll be there, having done what I said I'd do. that sounds like a quote I picked up somewhere but I cannot recall where I heard/saw it. I almost think it may have been last challenge round on someone elses thread. Sorry for not crediting you whoever you were. Be where I say I'll be,: I tend to have great intentions and make plans, but then when it come
  6. Following along. You got this. I'm jealous of the kayaking classes! Mine is the sit-on-top variety. Still totally river worth but not quite whitewater lol. Good Luck!
  7. I like how you are setting up your challenge. Following for support here and your grinding log. You got this!
  8. So I guess I am past due for a full retrospective. Honestly I think this was a success. I definitely could have done better especially with working out consistently, but on the whole it was a great 4 weeks if you compare with where I was before this started. I think a final grade of B- or C+ would be my final grade on my performance. I really only ended up at about 2 workouts a week instead of my goal of 3. Walking isn't a daily thing, but it is a thing I do now. I will just pick up and go for a walk some days. 2-4 times a week now. I've stayed with my diet for the most part. I haven't had fas
  9. So last I checked in was last Thursday. Since then I was out of town at my family reunion in Arkansas. I stayed on diet throughout but on the way to AR got stranded in the airport and had to spend the night in the airport where I'm sure I caught something. I was feeling just generally lousy and lowered appetite for most of the trip. But that may be a chicken and egg scenario. I did start to feel better the last few days and my appetite has come back. I will admit that my sugar intake has climbed in that I have been drinking more fruit juice, but I was still rather low on calories so I haven't
  10. Sorry for the long delay. I got home late last night and will do a full write up after work. Thank you for your continued advice. As far as my goals, #1 is weight loss, but with a view towards using that to propel me into a more active life with more hiking/camping/backpacking/kayaking. I want these activities to be a normal part of my routine and figured that adventurers was where I belonged for that. I have been hiking a bit around here time permitting (well, I guess I just need to prioritize it higher if I'm honest) and plan to keep going. I would like to at least be familiar with weights
  11. Wow! Thanks you for all the advise! (reading that back to myself I can see how it could be interpreted as sarcasm and I want to clarify that I am genuinely grateful) I am currently packing for a flight in about 3 hours, but I want to drill into some of your points. I will get back to you as soon as I have access to a computer again. Just a couple quick thoughts off the top of my head. A more comprehensive post is coming with a recap of the past few days, but at weigh in on Sat, I am at 280!!! Down from 296 where I started all this 7/1/17. I know that is probably a red flag but I feel great. As
  12. Thanks@Ajaxus. I'd love to come check it out. Unfortunately I'm tied up for the next little while with a family reunion and then I'm scheduled on-call for my job the week of your Como trip otherwise I'd love to come. It looks beautiful! I look forward to future outings. I think I could probably keep pace with y'all right now, but this way I can say that it will be a definitely instead of a probably! lol. I'm not a half bad cook myself, but am always eager to learn new flavors and techniques. It's been alot of fun switching my cooking repertoire up with the diet change and I'd welcome any favor
  13. I struggle with this too. I'm curious how you intend to tackle it. I've got a few too many irons in the fire to add this to my list right now, but I think I'll likely use this as a topic for a future challenge or something. Best of luck!
  14. Checking in. Don't let yourself psych yourself out of it. Write up a progress report. Even if it maybe isn't the most favorable. That which gets measured gets improved!
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