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Found 7 results

  1. I'd contemplated starting a Battle Log for some time now, but wasn't sure of the point. The point is here! . ^ yup, right there. I have completed my personal training sessions and have achieved my secondary goal weight. So Chapter 1 is complete. Now I have to learn how to go solo, and what I want to do next. Step 1: Starting Nerd Fitness Academy I joined last month, but I'll be using it as my new path. I was categorized into Level 4, and I want to defeat the previous bosses before I really start progressing. I just hit week 6 emails, so I
  2. Hello fellow Rebels. I am Valkyrie Rising and this will be my second challenge. Im still trying to figure things out, about myself and Nerd Fitness, so I figured this was a good place to start. I'm working hard on preparing for the year ahead but with not a lot of down time between X-Mas and New Years I had some issues trying to decide what my second challenge would be. What are my goals. What am I doing. I keep wanting to do all the things but I have to take it slow and easy due to some health issues I'm still working with and working on. So I'm keeping it simple for one more challenge to try
  3. OH HI. Some of you (probably not a lot) already know me but I'll introduce myself anyway: I'm Virago! I've been a Nerd Fitness reader for a loooong time, I went to CNF 2015, and I even used to post here sometimes - but I'm horrible at forums Anyway, since I'm also the Rebel Support Leader at Nerd Fitness, and since I'm going to be helping Spezzy out with the forums now that she's COACHING FULL TIME FOR NF (AAAAAAHHHH HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!?!), I'm going to take another crack at a battle log. I've always wanted one here, and just been too scared/overwhelmed to do it.
  4. Rangering back up again, due to my incessant need to do all the things all the time. I imagine the main goal in this challenge would be prioritization, time management, and accountability. 1. Weekly Task List Because I've gotten used to [what I perceive as] chaotic and overwhelming schedules, I tend to wing it in life. Not only does it make my schedule even more unmanageable, I tend to miss a lot of important stuff as well. As said in Extreme Ownership, discipline equals freedom. I'll be working on my task list and priorities at the beginning of the week, and do my best to acc
  5. I'm busy, really busy. I have a lot of things that I do and that I want to do well. I'm kind of in a funny exploratory place right now, where I'm trying to figure out how to do all the things I want to do, how to do them well, and how to feel like doing my very best is enough. Maybe I am totally delusional but I'm starting to wonder if maybe it IS possible for me to DO ALL THE THINGS. let's see, ok? I mean, it feels delusional, after I could only barely check in during the last challenge. but I'm up for it. * restrict the calories last challenge remi
  6. Injured ankle, boo. I'm banned from squatting, I can deadlift, but the PT would rather I didn't (so I won't *sigh*), so what does that leave?!?!?!?! BENCH! All the bench Bench in the morning Bench in the evening Bench in a pink tutu?? My last few lifting sessions are some combination of: Bench OHP dumbell stuff core stuff pull up/chin up stuff I should be SO JACKED by the time my ankle is fixed! As far as actual goals go, this shall mainly be a temporary placeholder. I really want to make some zero
  7. In my challenges so far the focus has been on trying to master a narrow choice of skills - handstands, backflips and Spanish. I've had some good progress, but there seem to be a few dangers with focusing too narrowly: even the most well-intentioned training can fail to produce success on a specific skillthere's a risk of overtraining (haha maybe not with Spanish, but seriously I can feel I've stressed out my sternum with excessive handstands this year)adding more variety to a narrow choice of hobbies makes it all extra funTherefore, the theme for this challenge will be variety! My motivation w
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