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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all. I am back this year for the second month! Yeah!!! However, this time. I am simplifying my quests. With my demands on work and writing rising, I cannot focus very well on measurement and strict exercise routines. I would just try the spontaneous ways. Exercise with friends. Have fun with it, and be as flexible as possible. Here is my challenge Exercise 100 push ups a day. 5 days of any exercises a week including: lifting, muay thai, tricking, body weight workouts, soccer, basketball, badminton, etc. 10 mi of rangering a week including: running, swimming, walking Diet less than 10 sweets this challenge Eat Greens everyday Intermittent fasting 3 days a week Life Creative writing 3 days a week. (Helpful that I have a writing competition going.) 3 comments to fellow NF at least 4 days a week. Sleep more than 7 hours everynight. Work on dissertation/ papers at least 4.5 hours a day 4 days a week There you go. Keep it simple is the best!!!
  2. "The man in black fled accross the desert, and the gunslinger followed" The desert was the apotheosis of all deserts, huge, standing to the sky for what looked like eternity in all directions. It was white and blinding and waterless and without feature save for the faint, cloudy haze of the mountains which sketched themselves on the horizon and the devil-grass which brought sweet dreams, nightmares, death. SUMMARY In order to become who I want to be, I need to up my game. My fourth challenge posed a couple of obstacles, but it still could not take me down. After nerdwarts (last's 6wc assassins' kickass mini theme) I feel like I can claim I've got my fitness base level conquered. But I'm still far from where I need to go. “Let the word and the legend go before you. There are those who will carry both. Fools, perchance. Let the world go before you. Let your shadow grow. Let it grow hair on its face. Let it become dark. Given time, words may even enchant an enchanter. Do you take my meaning, gunslinger?†Once again, the only constant in my life is change: Found myself without a job by the end of the challenge, so I've gone back to freelancing which I LOVE, because I am not made to go by schedules, but which I HATE because I get so easily distracted that I end up not working as much as I am supposed to at the end of the day. And while family can get by without extra money (because my girl is awesome and earns plenty), I don't want to rely on her. I am the Ka-Dihn dammit! I want to be the one serving as an inspiration. GOALS Walk through the dessert - Its tedious, its boring, its hard and a drag and it needs to be done to catch up to the man in black on my road to the Dark tower. Work at least 5 hours a day. I mean work, none of that watch youtube for 5 minutes then work nonsense... we all know where that road leads. +2 WIS if avg of 5 hours a day +1 CON if at least avg of 3 hours on weekends +1 STA if avg of more hours per day Battle of Tull - When a whole town attacks you you must do all you can to stay alive. Even when at the edge of your capacity. Exercise to become stronger, using my body (when walking through the desert you can't carry extra weight - also, lose weight for same reasons) and running to prepare for what's coming (Training with my girl to run a half marathon in the future, date to be decided, but probably by January next year). +1 STR, +1 STA, +1 DEX if 3 sessions of BWW per week, plus some running +2 CHA if 2 kg lost Find supplies in the way station - Training the body can only go so far, you also need to fuel it properly. Buy and cook clean healthy food most of the time (you can't be too picky when foraging for survival, so an occasional meal that is not exactly paleo is fine). Try to cook as much as possible. +1 WIS for buying almost only healthy food during this challenge +2 CON for eating paleo 80%+ of the time Talk around the campfire - Roland sat down with Walter and talked for an endless night about what is and what will be on the road to the Dark tower. Visions of the future and of reality itself came to Roland. I too need to review my current position in life, and decide what is and what will be. In short, reorganize life (yet again). +2 WIS for finding ways to better life by organizing it or planning for future +1 CHA if changes reduced stress even further MOTIVATION LGN MINIQUESTS none yet.
  3. My name is Raxie Coricofallapatorius. Prepare to d.... uhhh... I mean. Hi. Soooo I figured it's time to start a battle log of my very own. I've been kind of using my challenge threads as that, but I hate clogging them all with all the specifics. My next challenge is going to be very work out centric so especially for that I'd like to just put all that here. I'll probably also put all my cleaning tasks here, since now that they're a habit I won't be incorporating them into my challenges any more... but I still want to track it somewhere so I can look back at my progress. That's about it
  4. Right to business, fellow assassins! The Mission: Lose 40 pounds by May 25 (sister's graduation). 5/40 Quest 1: Dare You to Move Attend boot camp/body weight workout at least 2x a week. Walk at least 2 of the off days. Stretch at least 1 of the off days. Quest 2: Food, Glorious Food Meal prep on Sudays. Eat like I've got some sense during the week. Post meal prep for extra accountability. Quest 3: Rise Get up and moving. No hitting snooze; no weekend all-day naps. Keep my body on a schedule.
  5. Okay going to try this again! Last time I started a challenge I found out I was pregnant which majorly set me back. I am basically at the same place that I was then (read here if you like), only now I'm almost 30 and have 2 kids (aged 4 and 2 now). I dream of going on adventures and discovering the world with my kids but I know that I need to be in shape to keep up with them and my Mongol Ranger of a husband! Challenge Fitness/Health Goals: 1) Reintroduce foods but continue to eat Paleo. My first very successful Whole30 ends Sunday, but I feel great and it was relatively easy so I want to keep the momentum going with Paleo. 2) Do the NF Beginner Body Weight Workout 3 times a week. I can currently do one cycle. By the end of 6 weeks I hope to be able to do the full 3 cycles. 3) Do intense cardio 2 times a week. Biking while in my 180s, Elliptical while in my 170s, Jogging in my 160s (this is what I've found works best with my knee health). Challenge Personal Goal: Make progress towards Babystep 3. I would like to conservatively aim for saving $1000 in the next 6 weeks.
  6. "Fall seven times, stand eight." - Miyasaki Main Quest - Become something more Mission 1 - Beginner Body Weight Workout 2 to 3 times a week Mission 2 - Walk/run for 2 miles once a week Mission 3 - Stop eating junk food. Life Quest - Start practicing Archery.
  7. Hi awesome human beings, superheroes, and beastfolks I am back! I am fighting a big boss in this game-- been busy with work that slowly, I skip workouts one by one. Then I start eating desserts again. But it's national respawn day. (3 minutes left) so I am bouncing back! I promise to get back in the commitment and make health my priority. 7 hours sleep, 4 times of work out a week, and less than 3 desserts a week. I also promise that I will get all the work done on time, before new year! Thanks everyone in advance for supporting.
  8. Quick intro I am Maddie (or Hatter, or Madness). And my Rebel Intro is >> here <<. This quest is part of a chain quest to reach the weight goal of 115lbs sometime within the non-determined time from my first weighing at 130something. A part of the chain quest is getting back into running/jogging, but one thing at a time. The motivation is heavy focus on moving to lose the cushion and improve the mind. Main Quest: The Asylum The voices... the voices! So many voices... I know what they are... they are my demons... I must prepare for them. I must. I must. Not this time you demons. Not this time. Goal 1: Build mental shields Must build mental shields so the voices do not effect me... the many voices. Angry voices. Sad voices. Violent voices. Must stop them before they start. Empathy, the ability to feel another individuals emotions as if their own. It is interesting at times but also a burden. I have the ability to control myself when it comes to sadness or high stake emotions, but when stuck with certain people who harvested negative energy, it is draining and I end up in an angered state. Anger leads to destructive behavior. So to battle this, I am going to meditate at least once a day (more if in a state). Meditation (CON/CHA)Weekly GradingA: 7 - + out of 7 DaysB: 6 - 5 out of 7 DaysC: 4 - 3 out of 7 DaysD: 2 - 1 out of 7 Days Goal 2: Prepare for demons Creating mental barriers will not be enough. Some demons will manifest into the ones I love. The ones I hate. With my mental preparation I will be able to distinguish one from another. The ones that are to do harm, I will have to fight them! So I must prepare. Yes I must. I did not do well last challenge in keeping up with working out. Maybe it was the combination of oral surgery and just listening to the blerch, but I ended up not working out as much as I wanted to. This time, I have a plan that I will not ignore. BW Workout, BW Solitaire, Yoga, Gym Equipment (STR/DEX)​Weekly GradeA: 4 - + out of 7 DaysB: 3 out of 7 DaysC: 2 out of 7 DaysD: 1 out of 7 DaysGoal 3: Run from demons Sometimes you cannot beat madness with madness. Sometimes you cannot beat the demons with all the preparation and training. Can't fight them all. Can't win all the time. Going to have to run from them. Outrun them. Run. Like last challenge, as much as I would like to run all the time to get back into running - this is to be taken at dosages due to location and condition. While the goal say's run - I include any cardio form to this goal at no less then 30 minutes. Jogging/Running, Swimming, Elliptical (STA)Weekly GradeA: 4 - + out of 7 DaysB: 3 out of 7 DaysC: 2 out of 7 DaysD: 1 out of 7 DaysBonus Goal: Recording Whispers Maddie has kept a journal for many months since her arrival, but has slowed down in writing to the point she believes the journal is property of another person. To encourage writing, we have told her to write stories as the orderly and doctors. -H.L. M.D. I have a blog... that I don't do anything with really. In addition to that, I write but I fear sharing it. So to break this, I am adding this as a bonus goal. To write with the assistance of a prompt. In addition to the blog, I will also count writing within my FanFic as an acceptable solution. Blog Prompt Writing (WIS)Weekly GradeA: 4 - + out of 6 WeeksB: 3 out of 6 WeeksC: 2 out of 6 WeeksD: 1 out of 6 WeeksWeekly and Final Grading Every week, an orderly will provide feedback on the recording of patient Maddie and how well she has been. At the end of six weeks, the doctor will review the feedback and grade accordingly on how well Maddie has performed in her recovery to wellness. You can't fix madness with madness. - H.L. M.D. PVP Participant The No Soda PVP ChallengeAccountabilibuddies TBPMotivation That is my Motto seen at Home A (and the same at Home B: Do it for the dress (& the health). My motivation is for me and the hopes that my effort in getting better will also influence those around me. While my wedding is not until late 2015, a close family member is getting married this late 2014. So, hence the motto.
  9. NF Challenge #6 JenniferStark In: Wonder Woman Gets an Allowance When I was around 8 or 9 years old my parents gave us an allowance for completing our chores. The parentally subsidized program was a short lived, but the idea was a good one. I need these chores done, you like money, lets trade. Lately my inner child has been complaining loudly about working and training and doing all the stuff I should. Fight fire with water, fight anger with love, fight lazy inner child with… you guessed it! Bribery! Instead of trying to fight against it, I have decided to bribe my inner child instead. I want to buy supplies for my helmet painting project. For completing workouts and other challenge tasks $ goes into my Helmet fund. Any missed workouts or tasks $ leaves the Helmet fund. If I stay focused I’ll have plenty of cash for my supplies. Challenge Goals: 1) Obey the Almighty Calendar- When I adhere to my google calendar I have plenty of time to work and play. When I don’t, all I have time for is farting around and complaining about not having time. Compliance will be measured thusly: a. Training Schedule: I have workouts or active rest planned for each day. Completed Workout/active rest +2 Missed task -4 b. Slide Board Training: I need to use my slide board once a week. If I do +2 2) Successful Pull Up- My pushups are coming along nicely and I want to add to my arsenal of arm awesomeness. I will follow Steve’s suggested progression, and will hopefully be able to complete a real live pull up by the end of the challenge. a. Hooray I just did a pull up!: +50 b. Boo-urns, I cannot do a pull up…yet: 0 3) Productitude- a simplified version of what I’ve done in previous challenges. Work more. I usually leave work a bit early on Monday for hockey and Friday because Friday but never end up working more in the middle of the week to make up for it. Less work = less $$ = L a. 40 hours: +5 b. 45 or more hours: +10 c. Less than 40: -5 Side Questing: Last summer I swore I was going to resurface our deck, but that never happened. So, I decided to steal the ‘Dreaded to do list’ idea from other Rebels and incorporate it into my challenge. Any items completed from the list will earn me bonus cash for the Helmet Fund. The list includes but is not limited to: · Patio weeding and weed killer treatment +10 · Dig out patio border and put down rocks +25 · Paint basement +25 · Power wash deck +15 · Resurface deck +25 · Get shower fixed +25 RPG notes: I got rather discombobulated when trying to start my character and assign attribute points when I was a brand new NF Rebel so I have decided to start over. If I am successful in this challenge I will gain the following points: Calendar: 90% of training schedule complete +2 STR, +2 STA, +2 DEX (less than 90% = ½ points) Productitude: 5 out of 6 weeks at 40 +3 CHA 3 or more weeks = 1 CHA Pull Up: Yes! +2 STR No… 0 points Home List: 3 items completed +1 WIS 6 items complete +2 WIS 9 Items completed +3 WIS (and someone should check for signs of the imperious curse.)
  10. Welcome to my humble thread, friends. Main quest: survive a semester in Rome! The adventure begins in late August, so I have to be ready. My semester ends in just three weeks. Beginning May 2, I’ll have all the time in the world to train—so no excuses! Goal 1: Move. Weeks 1-3, only three sessions a week are required; weeks 4-6, six sessions a week. I’ll probably introduce interval training or sprints here. A stamina session can be walking, biking, or swimming (read: excuses to finally enjoy the spring weather). I’ll start off with 15 minutes a day and increase it to forty-five minutes by the end of the challenge. I can earn one extra credit point for every extra five minutes during a session, and five extra credit points if I get up to an hour by week six! +3 STA, +1 DEX. Goal 2: Muscle. For weeks 1-3, only two workouts per week are required. For weeks 4-6, three per week. A workout can be a beginner body weight workout, Angry Birds, yoga*—anything that makes me sore! I’d like to strengthen my back (through table pull-ups, which are at zero right now) and arms/chest (through pushups; I can do three sets of eight at a 2.5 foot incline). I can earn an extra credit point for every additional workout. *I found a few yoga routines that don't put pressure on my carpal tunnel-y wrists! Yay! +4 STR. Goal 3: Morning. Current wake-up time: 7:00a or later. Goal: 6:15a by end of challenge. 7:00a every morning. I’m allowing myself one free pass per week to be used in emergencies. Late nights happen. +1 CON, +1 WIS. EDIT: I'm probably overloading myself. Goal 4: Mind. I get to write my history capstone paper in the fall! Yay! But I’m a semester behind—boo. I should have been researching my topic for the “research class†this spring, but I changed my topic a month in. Now, I don’t have a topic at all. (Oops). Anyway, I have to pick my topic before school ends and do my research over the summer. So, the goal is to create an end-of-semester and summer “schedule†and stick to it. The schedule is really just a loosely structured doodad to make sure I’m not slacking off, which I’m prone to do. I have 12 weeks in summer to do all my research, which leaves three weeks to visit Stephen/get ready for Rome/study at a Goethe institute/etc. +4 WIS, +1 CHA. Side quest: ...Mouth? I'm running out of alliterative titles. Thirty minutes of daily Italian practice. I'm allowed four free passes. Extra credit for extra sessions, work, or time. +1 WIS. EDIT: Striking this goal. I tend to overload myself and get depressed when I inevitably fail everything. All goals will be graded on total percentage, with one extra credit point awarded for every extra workout. For the fourth goal, I get two points for every day I work ahead (i.e. complete at least one of the next day's subgoals). Let's get going!
  11. Main Quest: Get down to 10% body fat.* How are you going to achieve that? Body weight workouts three times a week (20 Single leg deadlifts, 10 Diamond Pushups, 10 Straight leg reverse crunches, 10 jumps, 10 inverted body weight rows, 15s plank, 20 jumping jacks - 5x). (3 str, 2 dex) 45 minutes of Running/Intervals 3 times a week. 1 hour if I've got it in me. (2 dex, 2 sta) Manage my Diet better (Mainly my Starbucks consumption, bring it down to 2 times a week from 5). (2 Con, 2 Cha) Life Quests Read at least 1 chapter of the book I'm working on directly before bed each night. (2 Wis) (Currently Reading: A Clash of Kings) Metrics Measurements: 70" height, 207 lbs, 15.25" neck, 36.75" Abdomen = 22.13% *Disclaimer: This is a long term goal. I do not expect to hit this in 6 weeks.
  12. I signed up for the nerd fitness academy and it looks wonderful. I'm going to form my goals around some of the first lessons in the course. Goal 1: Charting what you eat isn't for everybody, but it might be for me. In order to find out I'm going to chart calories every day for 6 weeks. A = charting all food on 40+ days B = charting for 30-39 days of the challenge C = charting for 20-29 days D = 10-19 days F = 9- days Goal 2: Get tons of protein. I'm going to try to up my protein intake. A = 90-100g daily B = 80-89g daily C = 70-79g daily D = 60-69g daily F = less than 60g daily Goal 3: 3 body weight workouts weekly. A = 15+ workouts B = 12-14 workouts C = 9-11 workouts D = 6-8 workouts F = 5- workouts My life goal is to log on twice a week to update my progress and encourage others. I dropped off during the last half of the last challenge and didn't even post a summary when I had finished. I'm really proud of how I did in that challenge, but I think it will be more meaningful if I become more a part of the community. A = post on this site 10+ times B = post 8-9 times C = 6-7 times D = 4-5 F = less than 4
  13. So today I did the exercise routine I've been working on for the past few weeks, and I managed to do my first full squat! Fifteen of them! Three times! Just last Sunday going to about sitting position threw me off balance, but today I got to the floor and brought myself up without trouble. It's all thanks to nerdfitness and my yoga class. This feels so great.
  14. Alright! Mini-Challenge Time! Goals: 1: FITNESS!!! Keep hitting BBWW 3x weekly, cardio at least 5x weekly 2: NUTRITION!!! Don't backslide on fitness goals. Continue to avoid processed foods like pasta, bread, and sugar. I've been doing really well with these goals over the last 25 days, with only one day involving processed foods!
  15. Every winter the toughest Starks take to the wilderness for the Winter Trials, a three month long series of challenges designed to test each warrior’s endurance, discipline and work ethic. Only the strongest Starks are selected to compete. Those who are able to endure the elements and successfully complete the grueling trials are bestowed the honorable title ‘Winter Ranger.’ This year Jennifer Stark begins her journey toward becoming a Winter Ranger. Step #1 Get Selected! To be selected for the Winter Trials Starks must display a number of important characteristics: Work ethic-You can’t get anywhere without hard work, so this one is pretty obvious Maintain an average of 50% productivity at work throughout the challenge. Physical Fitness-Winter Rangers must flexible and strong to traverse some of the most inhospitable terrain in Westeros. Continue 2 body weight workouts per week and add 1 Slide Board Workout per week. Endurance-The North is a big place, journeys are often long and grueling. Work up to 2 straight minutes of slide board sliding. Direwolf Compatibility- The key to survival for any Stark. Walk the dog 2 mornings per week Motivation: I am an important part of the family business. I want to level up because I know I can do more to push the business forward and continue to make it a success.
  16. Sidelined by the flu and a pretty nasty bug, I've dropped my efforts on this challenge. I'll be joining again on the next round. Adam
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