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Found 7 results

  1. Hey fellas! Ok so here's the situation. I've started the Stronglifts 5x5 program which includes doing a lot of squats. Aaaand... my underwear can't hack it. Sadly several pairs have bit the dust, ripping from the movements. Any suggestions for sturdy underwear that is not too expensive?
  2. Anyone else go for some innocent clothes shopping and find yourself in a clothing war? I find that most/all women's shirt sleeves are way too tight. They fit everywhere else, but they just can't contain my guns! I'm not saying I'm super crazy swole or anything, but I would like some work shirts that don't look like the the sleeves are about to explode off. I know guys have this problem, but seriously, do clothing manufactures expect all women to be afraid of getting any muscle (or fat, for that matter) on their arms?
  3. After looking around a bit I can't find a thread on winter running gear. I don't trust what I find actually searching for stuff in online stores . I thought I'd ask my dozen or so quesitons here. I just moved from the sub-tropical SE united states to the barely above-arctic New England area. I have only run in shorts or track pants. Back home if it was below 40 degrees I didn't go outside and I'm pretty sure following that rule means I won't be running for a very long time in the near future. What do I actually need? Is there special gear that is smarter, stronger, faster, better, an
  4. Hello ladies, so I recently noticed that when I do long runs (which for me are about 5 miles) I get "headlights" (perky nips!) which show through my sports bra AND shirt. When I discovered this during cool down stretches I was mortified. Any recommendations? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm kind of a shy person, so this makes me uncomfortable... :/
  5. The main thing I took away from my first challenge was the absolute importance of knowledge as a facilitator of progression. I set out my goals but as the days and weeks progressed I came to understand that first and foremost you really have to know what you are doing and what you are aiming for, if you want to achieve your goals. I wasn't 100% clear on what I wanted to do or how was best for me to do it, so I fell a little short. This time around, rather than working towards a specific life goal, my plan is to build some foundations with my overall goal to be to increase my general knowledge
  6. Hi everyone! I'm trying to declutter my wardrobe and I've found a huge trouble with the "fitness" module! I don't know how many shorts, T-shirts, shoes... are the "basics". So I've thought that maybe asking here I'd find some inspiration. How many clothes do you have in order to do exercise? Winter/Summer, it doesn't matter!
  7. So, what do we like to work out in? I spent a few years in ROTC so I'm more comfortable getting sweaty in sweatpants and a sweatshirt or BDUs and jungle boots. How about the rest of you.
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