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Found 8 results

  1. The only things I drink are sweet tea, 2% regular or chocolate milk, and water. I sparingly drink coke a cola. I hardly ever drink orange juice. Would drinking 40 oz a day of water then 20 oz of anything else, everyday, be ok?
  2. I can't stand milk by itself. But i love chocolate milk! One thing i noticed is that the chocolate milk in the dairy aisle is partly skimmed. Should i instead use whole milk (homogenized) milk+Nesquick chocolate powder or should i just stick to partly skimmed chocolate milk?
  3. Ah hello friendly wanderers I'm 512esposito, a friendly noob that seeks to try out the SIX WEEK CHALLENGE OF AWESOMENESS! Heres a little info about me: I'm around 200 pounds. (Little big, but not obese) 5' 11" Tall Male And I'm a big fan of Homestuck (A webcomic that I wll not go into explaining as it's pretty weird to explain) **QUEST** Main Quest - GAIN MUSCLE Plan: - Only have one can of soda per week - Eat healthy foods and proteins - Do 30 curls and 15 push ups each day If anyone has any advice, feel free to tell me. This is my first time so I'm keeping it simple.
  4. One of my partner's favourite meals has been Chicken and Leek pie since my Mum gave me a recipe book with it in, but since I've started trying to eat paleo I've not been able to find a suitable replacement that didn't involve finding somewhere to get coconut flour or attempting to make paleo pastry, and he's had to go without. Well, I had enough of depriving him of his favourite meal so I just, made it up! It's not really a traditional pie, but it'd damned tasty and I think someone out there will enjoy it. [Paleo] Chicken and Leek Pie-lets. 1x Chicken Breast A handful of spring onions OR 1/2 a Leek Thyme 1 tsp Arrowroot powder 1x 165mL of coconut milk 6x Bacon rashers Olive oil Ghee or butter Almond meal Cook off your chicken breast however you want. The original pie recipe called for poaching, but mine were pre-baked and I just grabbed it out of the fridge. Anyway, cut it up into small parts once it's cooked to your liking. Cut up and cook off your spring onion / leek in some olive oil and ghee (original recipe was butter so go for it if you're not trying to be strict; this can also be left out though I guess.) until it's sauteed nicely. Once it is, tip in some Thyme and your arrowroot powder and make sure it's mixed through your spring onion, then add your coconut milk. The pan doesn't need to be too hot for this because it will bubble up and then thicken quite quickly. Add your chicken breast to the sauce and mix through. That's your pie filling done. Now grab some bacon and a cupcake pan and use the bacon as the pie base. I ripped into the middle of the bacon rasher so I could make it into a cone shape and put it in the cupcake tin. One rasher fits quite nicely. Fill the bases with your filling until you've got none left. Sprinkle a little bit of almond meal and some salt and pepper on top of your pies for a bit of a crust and bake them for around 10 minutes. EAT THEM WITH JOY.
  5. Just found this: http://www.organicvalley.coop/newsroom/press-releases/details/article/organic-valley-presents-lactose-free-whole-milk-and-lactose-free-half-half/ Ive been on paleo for several months and the only dairy I eat is greek yogurt. I have a slight lactose intolerance that I can really tell after drinking full lactose milk. I am having a little trouble getting enough calories so If I were to go primal to include milk, would this be an ok substitute for regular organic whole milk?
  6. Nomolos

    Got milk?

    I'm want to get some perspectives on milk. When I was a globo-gym going person, a surprising amount of my fellow gym rats swore by milk, hailing it as the sweet nectar of recovery and gains. So what do you think the deal is: miracle liquid or dairy industry conspiracy?
  7. Name: Andrew Williams (aka Artinum) Race: Half-elf, half cyborg, half mad. Civilian role: ICT Technical Specialist Motto: "I wonder what happens when I press this button?" This is my sixth challenge, and my third as a Scout. I used to run as a young child and I remember feeling that, if I could just go a little faster, I could take off and fly. When my teenage years started, my running stopped. I discovered I could talk to computers (and far prefer them to people), and my life became more sedentary. I stayed slim, but that merely hid the fact I was actually terribly unfit. About a year ago, while bending over at work, I felt something go in my lower back. I had to be driven home and spent most of the next week in bed on strong painkillers. Back on my feet, walking down the road to the local shop - a five minute stroll that took me ten and left me exhausted - I had a horrible vision of my future. Once I was fully recovered, I started looking into doing something about it... and found Nerd Fitness. Since joining, I've cut out a ton of sugar from my diet, finally mastered the push-up (which I could never do throughout my youth) and rediscovered my love of running. Yesterday I briefly had that feeling again - that I was just on the brink of taking off. Maybe soon I will. FITNESS 1 - Run, run, run! (2 DEX, 3 STA) I am now well into week five of Couch to 5K, due to snow-related setbacks. Can I complete the entire course? This will require commitment, stamina and a healthy dose of insanity. I have at least one of these. Aim - to finish Week 9 of the course by the end of the challenge (4.5 weeks to go over six weeks - I have some leeway). FITNESS 2 - Pull-ups (3 STR, 1 DEX) My arch-nemesis. I will find a way to do these! Now that weather is improving, I hope to do some inverted rows using the pullup bars at work on weekdays. Aim - work on inverted rows at work until I can do ONE pull-up. DIET - Protein Booster (2 CON) I often struggle to get enough protein and calories, which isn't going to help my efforts to improve my pull-up performance. So after every workout, I will consume a pint of whole milk. Aim - maintain this as well as I can throughout the challenge and make it a habit. If whole milk isn't available, alternative dairy products will serve. (It's not quite GOMAD, but I'm not trying to bulk up!) LIFE GOAL - Blogging (4 CHA) I've mentioned once or twice that I've started a blog - The Freedom Muse. I've been inspired by the success of Steve Kamb and Nerd Fitness and I'm starting out the same way - a regular blog designed to inspire and motivate people to improve their lives. I may touch on fitness posts occasionally but mostly I'm interested in two aims: encouraging people to find and live their dreams, and breaking them free of the lies, habits and control systems that keep them in their day to day monotony. It's all genuine - because I'm living what I preach. I've already started, and I'm committed to writing two posts a week - Mondays and Thursdays (Wordpress seems rather sloppy, however, at actually publishing scheduled blogs unless someone refreshes the page, so if they appear later it may not be my fault!). I now need to start to start promoting it! Suggestions on where/how are welcome. Aim - 100 subscribers by the end of challenge. At the moment, that seems hopeless.
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